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I am generally a big fan of Kit Rocha's world-building and find their writing extremely compelling and readable. For some reason, this book did not do the same things for me as their work generally does. Essentially, this book is about a woman who is being forced to wed the Dragon and she's taken her lover as her maid with her. Only both women are actually being sent on a mission to kill the dragon. I loved the way this book maintains the tension of that plot point, even while they are all falling in love with one another because the tension is what kept me moving forward. However, there was something about that pacing that also kept me from ever sinking into their relationship. If the sequel to this book follows the same characters, I think it would be better because this book, to me, does not provide for a satisfactory romantic ARC. And in thinking of it that way, I wonder if perhaps it wasn't entirely the fact that my expectations going in were different than perhaps they should have been. Anyway, if you want a queer normative fantasy book with a dragon and spicy spice, then I would recommend this one. If you're not into explicit sex, skip this one.

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Such a brilliant book, at the beginning I almost DNF (nothing to do with the book, just my mood!) but I am so glad I continued. World-building was great, the characters grow on you and stay with you (I am looking at you, Zayna). The only thing I will say is I hope I get more of Sachi's backstory in the next book as at the moment it feels like I know she from Ash and Zanya's opinions rather than her own story.

Looking forward to the next book!

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I like the concept of this book. A marriage of convenience with a magical dragon god? Sign me up. Also the summary hinted at a throuple, which intrigued me. I didn’t get far enough in the book to see either of these come to pass. The writing was overly descriptive to where my mind was wandering while things were described. One of these scenarios that comes to mind was a character’s room being described as well as what was on the floors below. I zoned out. BUT I could see myself picking up the book again in the future. It just isn’t working for me right now.

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I don’t usually read things other than romance but this book just pulled me into this amazing world and I just want to go back. It was an incredible read and anything I want to share turns into a spoiler but just please if you enjoy a good story, read this book.

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Polyamorous romance has always been hit and miss for me. Loved Liv Zander's Court of Ravens but I'm still kinda still put off given my experience with the Anita Blake series which I read when I was far too young.

I've tended to avoid polyamory because there's always one character who feels like the third wheel. For me, in Consort of Fire that was Zanya. Sachi and Zanya infiltrate the Court of Dreamers with the intention of killing The Dragon.

Ash, the Dragon, is of course not the monster he has been made out to be. Instead, Ash is desperate to be loved and herein lies the problem. It could have been anyone. I fully believed he desired Sachi but no idea why they were supposedly in love.

Sachi and Zanya are lovers from the beginning so we don't see them fall in love but it's clear that there's a lot of history and trauma there. While there seems to be something between Ash and Zanya, it seems that Zan is just going along things to please Sachi and Zanya would be perfectly content if it was just her and Sachi. Given Sachi was Ash's Consort and there was a prophecy about them and the focus was their relationship, Zanya felt like the third wheel. I thought that would slowly change in the last third of the novel but instead events turned more plot focused. I would like to see more development in the Ash-Zan relationship so that things don't seem so lopsided and that might happen in the sequel so I'll read it but in any case, apart from the romance, the world building and mythology are interesting enough and make a nice change from fae fever that sweeping the fantasy romance genre.

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I LOVED THIS BOOK! If you’re looking for a dragon book with some real spice, assassins, gods, secrets, magic, and super hot and steamy queer and poly love you need to pick this book up.. This one follows the princess Sachi and her handmaid, Zanya, when she is sent to be the Dragon’s mortal consort. The thing is she’s trained in the art of seduction, her handmaid is an assassin, and the Dragon is not what he seems. Also, a curse has been put onto Sacohi and Zanya and if they don’t kill the Dragon in 5 weeks, Sachi will die. But the problem is they are all super hot and can’t stop banging and being in love with each other.
There was a lot to love about this book. The side characters were fun and left me wanting more. I also thought the world building was well done; you’re not hit over the head with an info dump, instead given more and more context throughout the story. The pacing was a little off in the beginning but once the book hits its stride it takes off and doesn’t stop!
this book is available now and on kindle unlimited. I can’t wait for the next book in the series which comes out later this year.
Thank you to @netgalley and Montlake for the advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I wanted to love this so badly. The synopsis was so intriguing and I had high hopes from enjoying Deal with the Devil. Instead, I was bored out of my mind and almost put it down permanently multiple times.

There were too many characters with no development. Ash being a dragon was irrelevant to the plot which was so disappointing. Everything moved so slowly, and hardly anything even happened.

I thought there would be angst and action and a ton of smut. Instead, I was let down.

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This book was a dream. Kit Rocha established a fantastic new world with a fascinating history, compelling characters, and a steamy romance. I hope we continue to get new entries in this world, because I couldn't put it down!

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Kit Rocha start a new fantasy romance series--romantasy in modern parlance--with Consort of Fire, a novel about a young woman, her bodyguard/companion and the dragon god she's been sent to marry and murder. If our princess doesn't assassinate the dragon, she'll die.
The romance set-up is a polyam triad and it wasn't successful for me because we don't see much of the romance develop between the two female leads. It felt like the focus was on the new relationships with the dragon and the whole thing didn't gel for me. I was also somewhat adrift with the world-building and while I expected it to be an erotic romance like Kit Rocha's other books, it didn't pick up steam for a long time and wasn't satisfying when it did.
I'm glad this isn't meant to be a stand-alone because things aren't wrapped up at the end, but I recommend waiting until the second is out before diving in.

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As always, another absolute gem from writing team Kit Rocha. The first in a new series (and a genre shift from their recent post-apocalyptic sagas), Consort of Fire is set in a lush fantasy world with dragons, intrigue, and steamy romance. The worldbuilding is phenomenal, easily stepping around the pitfall many authors fall into with infodumping, and I was never confused or bored. This ensemble of characters is a big hit with me, and I can't wait to see what they'll be getting up to in the next installment of Bound to Fire and Steel.

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I received an ARC of this book and I am not going to lie, it took me a long time to read this. The book was good but it took me a while to become invested in the characters because in the beginning there was so much going on. A mortal consort is given to the dragon every hundred years. This year is Sachi and her handmaiden Zanya. Unbeknownst to the dragon the two women are trying to kill him in order to save Sachi's life because a curse was placed on her. Sachi falls for the dragon. The story was well put together and well thought out and the last 15%, I could not put it down because I had to know what was going to happen. It reminded me of From Blood and Ash but reversed.

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It was the title, the cover, and the authors that drew me in. A trifecta of bookish attraction. The author Kit Rocha is a pseudonym of authors Donna Herren and Bree Bridges. My first time reading them, and I’ll be waiting for book two of this new series, “Bound to Fire and Steel.”

The world is well developed and the characters are built on throughout the book, and I think this added to their intriguing personalities and the story. A woman, Sachielle of House Roquebarre, who grew up as an orphan - her handmaid the assassin and she’s cursed….but wait - there’s a dragon, yes a dragon god in fact, with a bad rep. Sachielle is due to become his consort, number 31; numbers 1-30 didn’t make it….

Quite an interesting story, let’s just say it’s not what you expect, it’s a different twist on the paranormal dragon relationship, with some heavy-duty steam on the side.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

All opinions and observations are mine alone. Thank you to Montlake for sharing this ARC.

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Mix a dragon, a princess and her handmaid with magic and you get a new fantasy/romance from Kit Rocha. Sachi and Zanya are sent as Assassins who are tasked with killing the dragon. Strange things happen when you fall in love with your target. Ash the dragon is not what they have been told to expect. Lots of world building and smexy times with all 3 characters.

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My thanks to NetGalley for making an eARC of this book available to me.

While I enjoyed Rocha's "Mercenary Librarians" series quite a bit, I found the world building in this new series to be even better. As the book unfolds we learn more about the conflict between dark and light and how the so-called gods fit into it all. The two female protagonists have a hard time of it, as they are trying to find a way and time to kill their intended victim, a god who can manifest as a dragon. Also, one of the women will die a horrible death if they are not successful in their assassination attempt. As this is a "romantasy", first one of the women actually falls in love with the dragon, then the other treads that same path. And to make things more interesting (and spicier), the two women are in love with each other. They are all on a difficult path.

The only thing keeping me from giving this five stars was that the sex scenes came too often (pun intended) and were a bit overly long, thus taking too much away from the rhythm and advancement of the plotlines. I'm sure that many others would disagree with this, but it's just my opinion for how I personally felt about the plot.

I am looking forward to seeing the next book in the series, which is already scheduled for publication in the next year.

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Thank you to Montlake and Kit Rocha for letting me have an ARC copy of Consort of Fire to give a fair and honest review! From the pages spills an opulent fantasy world full of ancient magic, mighty gods, deadly curses, dangerous secrets and powerful fears to form a devastating fantasy romance racing against a ticking clock. Not to mention, this was one heck of a spicy read! Off the Richter scale for spice and the earth moving events!

The romance angle of this book was a first read for me, with the dynamics of a MFF relationship. I thought the author cultivated a wonderful subtleties of the love and affection between Ash (the dragon), Sachi and Zanya. The original sweet love and tenderness between Sachi and Zanya spills warmly across the page. While the intensity of chemistry brings Ash into this bond, their love strengths to encompass him. If you like your big declarations, you will be swooning over the perfect ways the character exchange ‘I love you’ affirmations. There are some seriously good heart-melting versions.

An exciting romantasy, setting up an incredible world for a series that is definitely going to be a page turning read, full of beautifully developed characters and an incredible world of adventure. I can't await to read the next in the series.

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CONSORT OF FIRE by KIT ROCHA (#1 Bound to Fire and Steel)

From cult-favorite writing duo Kit Rocha comes a fiery novel set in a lush fantasy world brimming with ancient magic, dangerous secrets, and erotic connections.

For three thousand years, an ancient dragon god has protected the borders of the Sheltered Lands. In return, he makes only one demand: every one hundred years, the mortal ruler must send their heir to serve as his consort…for as long as they can survive.

Sachielle of House Roquebarre is the thirty-first consort to be sacrificed to the monster who guards the mountain passes. She is young, beautiful—and she has three secrets.

First: she’s a disposable orphan trained in seduction.

Second: her handmaid, Zanya, is an assassin and the only person she has ever loved.

Third—and most dangerous: she’s cursed. Sachi and Zanya have five weeks to murder the Dragon in his bed. If they fail, the mortal king’s curse will steal not just Sachi’s life, but her very soul.

The Dragon has only one secret: he is nothing like what they have been told. And he will do whatever it takes to possess them both.


I loved this new book by Kit Rocha and first in the series Bound to Fire and Steel. I’m a huge fan of Kit Rocha’s books and when I read about a new paranormal romance with dragons I was thrilled, but I couldn’t imagine how far they could go with the worldbuilding for this series.
I was stunned at first, it’s a mix between paranormal romance, magic, gods and somehow a little like the world of Greek mythology. Perhaps everything at first slow down the story, but it’s worth it, I was enthralled with the plot and the characters.
I loved the journey through the lands of the Dragon, Ash, after he exchanged his vows with Princess Sachielle. With Kit Rocha the romance in their story is never easy, or only between two people. It’s more complicated and this time at first is a slow-burn, then an intriguing game full of passion, erotism, secrets and betrayals, that involves Ash, Sachielle and her handmaid Zanya.
Ash is the character I loved the most, because of his immortal life he’s gone through a lot of pain, losses of loved ones, but his heart still has the strength to love and care, to protect the people he loves and his lands.
Zanya is an amazing character as well, her story, her loyalty and love for Sachielle is unconditional, she’s a fighter and I love her darkside.
I can’t say the same for Sachielle, I didn’t connect with her as the others.
There’s so much more to read about this story, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series, after the little cliffhanger at the end of the book.

**Thanks to Netgalley, ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**


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Disclaimer! This was an ARC from Netgalley (but I have also paid to buy the book myself, after reading it). My opinions are my own.

Every one hundred years, the king of the Sheltered Lands has to send one heir to serve as consort to the ancient dragon god who acts as its protector and guardian. The previous consort went mad with fear not long after bonding with the Dragon, and Ash, the Dragon, worries that history will repeat itself. Ash has lived for over three thousand years, and even with successful unions, his consorts, being mere mortals, grow old and die. Yet the tradition must continue or the protective spells on the land can't be renewed.

The consort is obviously supposed to be of royal blood, but this time, the king has sent an impostor. Sachielle and her handmaiden Zenya were orphans, adopted, and trained to be the perfect weapons. Sachi has been trained to seduce and beguile, Zenya to be a ruthless and highly efficient assassin. Both young women have faced a very harsh and torturous upbringing, with the safety of the other used to keep them under control during training. Their secret mission is to murder the Dragon when he is most vulnerable, and they have only five weeks to complete their task. If they fail, the king's high priest has placed a curse on Sachi. She will die painfully and her soul will be consumed. Zenya has never known love in her life, except from Sachi, and will do anything and everything to keep her safe - even something as impossible as murdering a living god.

Of course, Ash turns out to be nothing like what the young women have been led to expect, nor are the other living gods of the pantheon, all of whom do their best to make the young women feel welcome. The Dragon is not the ruthless tyrant that they feared, he is beloved of his followers and treats both of them with kindness and solicitude. Nor is he even vaguely threatened when he discovers that his bonded bride and her handmaiden are lovers - he just becomes determined to seduce both of them. The more time they spend together, the more willing Sachi is to just give up on the assassination plot, but Zenya isn't going to let her beloved be consumed by the curse, no matter how charming and hot the Dragon is.

I've only read one previous book by Kit Rocha, and while it was entertaining, it was nothing like this. The Mercenary Librarians is a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy, this is pure fantasy. I found the world-building intriguing and loved pretty much all the characters (except the dastardly high priest - but he was clearly supposed to be pond scum). All the living gods were once mortals who did something great and self-sacrificing to protect the land and/or their people, and now they're like a big, vaguely incestuous family who tease each other and hang out at each other's palaces. The other gods are all aware of Ash's melancholy and worries about his new union. Sachi and Zenya are not the first to try to assassinate him either, so none of them are too worried until it becomes clear that if she gets her hands on the right weapon, Zenya could actually present a real threat.

If you are a fan of clean romance, this is not the book for you. This book is so steamy that it should possibly be kept in the freezer when you're not reading it. So many sex scenes, including an actual orgy at one point. Yet as is the case with good writers, every sex scene also furthers the plot in some way.

I wasn't expecting to be so completely engrossed by this. The second I finished the book, I went online to order the sequel, which sadly isn't out until August. I think the series was originally going to be a trilogy, now it looks like it may just be a duology. I'm not complaining, as long as I get more smexy fantasy in this world. I would love sequels featuring others in the pantheon as well.

Judging a book by its cover: As covers go, there is little here to suggest how steamy (and fun) the contents are. The hourglass with the red sand is very central to the plot, however. Each moment of Sachi's remaining life until the curse takes her is shown in a magical hourglass that Sachi and Zenya carry with them. Sachi prefers not to look at it too often, Zenya is almost obsessed with it.

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I've tried to write this review three times but kept getting stuck on how much I loved the dang book.
As a dragon lover I am always going to try anything with dragons and I was SO excited to read another KR masterpiece. This time one that follows Sachielle, a princess who has been sent to fulfill an agreement where every 100 years, the Dragon gets a mortal consort.

Except in this case, Sachi has to kill him or she'll die, and that's not going to go well for her bodyguard/handmaiden/partner Zanya. Following Sachi (and Zanya) as they progress through the lands and meet all of the members of the Court of Dreamers is so much fun and I loved the detail put in the worldbuilding and getting to meet everyone (who we better see in the sequel)! Each character is important and nothing feels like it was just thrown in there, the sign of a good fantasy world. I /want/ to know more about each person that we met, even the bad guys.

The developing romance between Ash, Sachi, and then between Ash and Zanya is absolutely delightful and all of the moments between them feel well-earned especially considering that again, Sachi is gonna die if she doesn't kill him. Yikes!

It's also still so rare to see solid FFM romance and I am always going to be a fan of chaotic bisexuals figuring their ish out. I can't wait to read the sequel! It's also a joy to see that the authors got to find joy in writing this after being in the mind space for a dystopian series that was close to home, whew.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC!

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Lacks plot and pace. The characters are all very charming and the writing had a way of holding my attention, but sadly I grew increasingly bored as the story progressed - or rather didn't progress. This had the speed of an arthritic donkey out on a slow meandering walk to nowhere. I'm pretty sure the 66% or so I've managed to work through - it feels as though I've been reading this book forever - has been one big foreplay scene.

I am DNFing for now. If I do finish this I will update my review accordingly.

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📣 a MFF PNR featuring a dragon god, the Princess who’s sent to bond with him, & her handmaid/secret assassin.

📖 what’s one of your Monday numbers? Mine: 1.5-days until winter break, 3-people I still have to get holiday gifts for, 1-puppy trying to chew my house apart.

(Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the complimentary ARC. All opinions provided are my own.)

Katee Robert writes on the blurb of Consort of Fire by Kit Rocha that this is “a primal scream of queer joy!” It also has a bazillion great reviews on Amazon & Goodreads. But alas, this one falls flat for me.

What I liked: the steam, the basic premise, the unapologetic pleasure the leads find in sex & companionship, the generosity of spirit, the lack of jealousy, the devotion of Princess Sachi & Zanya to each other.

It’s fun seeing where the imaginations of the two writers behind Kit Rocha takes them.

But I had a big problem with the power dynamics in this one between the leads. It doesn’t feel like they are all on equal footing & I get a bit of the ick in one scene.

Not to mention that the relationship between Dragon King Ash & Sachi feels rushed to me.

If you want to try Kit Rocha I totally recommend the first two books in their Mercenary Librarians series (haven’t read the third yet!). A fantastic series. But this one sadly has some big deficits for me.

3 ⭐️. Out now!

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