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The New Masculinity is a brilliant introduction to fourth wave feminism that specifically targets an audience that usually would go nowhere near the topic. This book has infinite empathy for men and the way the patriarchy has raised them. I learnt a lot about the thought processes and logic instilled, and Manley provides a roadmap for unlearning the toxicity both for men and for those who wish to push them towards a new path. I would highly recommend this for people who don't know where to start on this topic, and especially for the "feminism is only for women" crowd, as this book shows in incredible detail why this isn't true.

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found The New Masculinity: A Roadmap for a 21st-Century Definition of Manhood by Alex Manley to be very informative! A must read! I’m not the intended audience for this book but I still learned a lot from it. This book is especially for young men but also for everyone. I loved the format in which each chapter is a “rule” for men of what they should/shouldn’t do. Some adult topics are discussed. It gave me some insight into how men are growing up and navigating life. I enjoyed the casual and humorous tone of the writing. It was nice that Alex included anecdotes from their life.

I’ve read this book twice now and loved it!

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Fantastic! I just loved this book - the way it was set out chapter by chapter. I understand this is more written towards men, but as a woman, I really appreciate how Alex explains certain elements. A compelling & interesting read!

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This audiobook was super approachable! I don't think I am the target audience but I definitely think that this is a valuable resource for those who identify with masculinity. This is a very feminist perspective on masculinity, the patriarchy and men's roles within it! No qualms with the writing, narration or delivery of info.

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Thanks #netgalley for this book in exchange for a review. Interesting and thought provoking. Highly recommend.

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Recommend if you like: being woke, breaking the patriarchy, talking points, butt stuff, being a little bit gay (but there's nothing wrong with that!), non fiction

Really well written and thought out book. The patriarchy is damaging to all, so all should read. <3

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There are some wonderful insights backed up with a ton of good data. Manley did a great job of walking you through how masculinity should be approached without being preachy.

Tom Max did a great job of narrating.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ALC of this audiobook!

I have a lot of thoughts on this book. On one hand, I thought it was great, and much needed in the discourse. On the other hand, there were a few cursed references that made me cringe. But as I did so, I realized I’m not the target audience for this book, it’s specifically and explicitly targeted for young men. So maybe those cursed references (some famous men set as examples to emulate) would still be useful to approach them? I know I need to separate myself somewhat from the pov.

Another note: going into reading this book, I expected a commentary akin to Liz Plank’s “For the Love of Men”. But it was specifically speaking to teenaged and young-adult men. I don’t quite feel like the cover is going to entice the target crowd. It’s beautiful, it just gives off “trendily academic” to me (exactly my cup of tea).

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This book is useful to anyone. It examines a prevalent issue within society and offers solutions to challenge and rethink that. For the most part, the book is simply asking for people to examine their impact on others. I feel like the lack of self awareness in the angry one-star reviews just kinda drives that point home (it reminds me of in Good Omens when Crowley (who arrived at the crucifixion) asks what Jesus said to made everyone so angry and Aziraphale answers, "be kind to each other"). My only complaint is that the imbedded footnotes make the audiobook a bit tedious at times. Other than that I enjoyed the audiobook and Tom Max is a solid narrator. Thank you NetGalley and ECW Press Audio for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I am not the target market for this book as I am not male and I do not identify or present as masculine, however I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a coworker and a friend so I was very interested. Manley is attempting to take their career as a writer for a website that marketed itself to CIS men combined with research to build a guide book to help challenge the version of masculinity that results in toxic behaviors and limits relationships. It was an interesting read, but I have read many of the arguments in this book before, but with a feminine byline… maybe if it has a male name the target males will finally listen.

This book is structured based on what American society has historically told men not to do or not to be, and then pushes back on each of these ideas. Maybe it is because I did not have these pressures as a CIS straight woman, but sometimes the structure felt a little reductive. Manley also chooses to use a lot of bro-language including slurs. The language at first felt like a way to connect and dismantle problematic ideas, however over the course of the book this becomes more and more cringy. There is a line that an author needs to walk when using these phrases and terms. There is an argument that it is highlighting problematic behavior, but because many of these phrases are centered on misogyny and homophobia the original power starts to wear off, leaving only a series of jokes that seem to punch down from the top of the American identity power structure.

This book also heavily focuses on sexuality and sex, which makes sense when discussing the heart of rape culture in the US and how to address it. Except that at points the focus of the authors on physicality seems a little over the top, again, I am not the target market, so I’m not sure if it is my own discomfort or if it is an actual problem. I will leave that up for discussion.

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Wow, this was amazing! I know it's geared to men, but I feel like anyone could pick this up and walk away with something new. Alex does not stray away from difficult or awkward topics, but rather jumps head first into them. It would be a fabulous resources for teens/young adults or parents raising teens/young adults (of any gender).
Showing people you can be wh0 you want regardless of the assumptions made about your gender. In fact, it is said in here, that if more people spoke up/smashed the expectations put on gener, there would be a lot of people following them through the glass.

Favourite quote:
"The enemy isn't men. It's the toxicity that exists within traditional masculinity. Your family members, dating app matches, classmates & coworkers don't want eunuchs' they just want considerate, caring humans that they can feel confident won't ruin their lives. Won't become violent, possessive or cruel."

My only issue was that the foot notes were not available in a companion document so I could refer to them whenever I wanted. Instead they were included at the end of the audio book all in one go.

Much love to NetGalley & ECW Press Audio for my DRC.

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I 100% recommend this book. It’s written for men, which I appreciate. I’m raising 4 boys, and once they’re older I definitely would like to recommend this book to them. This book is much needed in today’s society.

Most books I’ve tried to read on masculinity are from a religious perspective, healing from the religious teachings, or so macho in nature (aka Jordan Peterson) that it leads to unhealthy and damaging masculinity.

He normalizes the spectrum of masculinity. He challenges men to open themselves to embrace parts of themselves that others call feminine. But what are they missing out on by not exploring their full selves? What is the world missing out on by men not being allowed, or allowing themselves, to be their full spectrum selves?

The narration was excellent and engaging. This author is from my home province (Quebec, Canada!), which is a fun side note.

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4.5+ stars

This was an excellent book. I wasn’t entirely sure of the direction it was going at first, but my concerns were quickly assuaged, and the book as well as its organization, collections of anecdotes, and references were intriguing. I always love when I’m reading a new non-fiction text that cites the work of other writers and researchers who I admire; always a good sign. I appreciate what the writer created here and hope they will continue to write more in the future. This book about gender is one that everyone (but especially cis men) should consider exploring.

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