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This was another well written book in this series. It’s very descriptive, I could feel the cold. It has a nice little mystery to solve and keeps you guessing to the end.
Definitely recommend

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This was a fun and delightful cozy mystery set in the mountains of North Carolina during the holiday season. Misty Murphy, owner of the Mountaintop Lodge prides herself on fine and friendly service. She is conflicted in booking the lodge to a resort developer as he pitches his plans to a group of investors. Many of the locals are not happy about the development, but business is business. That is until the developer is found buried under a mound of snow at the bottom of the lodge's hill. That's definitely not good for business. Misty is known to the local constabulary as being observant and helpful on previous investigations and welcomes her assistance. With so many possible suspects, will the right one be found before the potential investors head homeward?

Diane Kelly has a real knack for mystery writing. Her timing is spot on and the red herrings are plentiful. Her writing is engaging and her main characters are likeable. The settings are well laid out and the characters' banter charming and oftentimes amusing. This was definitely a fun and quick read. I look forward to reading the earlier two books and future books in this series.

I am grateful to St. Martin's Press for having provided a complimentary uncorrected digital galley of this book through NetGalley. Their generosity, however, has not influenced this review - the words of which are mine alone.

Anticipated Publication Date: 10/24/2023
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1250816016
No. of pages: 304

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This is #3 in the Mountain Lodge Mystery series, and though it was the first that I've read, I felt comfortable right from the very beginning. It has a perfect cozy wintry vibe, and an interesting mystery that kept me guessing right up until the end. I will read more from this series, both earlier and later books in the series. Looking forward to what comes next! Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the advance digital copy!

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The third book in Diane Kelly's Mountain Lodge mystery series, set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, takes place between Thanksgiving and New Years, so I'd classify it as a holiday treat. Misty Murphy, the lodge's owner, is thrilled to have all her rooms booked by a man who is pitching a new resort concept to wealthy investors. When one of the participants is found frozen to death in the snow, no one can believe it is murder at first but unfortunately it is. Misty is determined to help solve the crime before her guests leave to return to their homes.

This is a well-plotted cozy mystery, with good characterizations and a charming setting. There is enough humor mixed in to keep things light. Very enjoyable! This can definitely be read as a standalone if you are new to the series.

I received an arc of this new mystery from the author and publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and the opinions expressed are my own.

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Misty Murphy is turning a new page in her life. After a recent friendly divorce, Misty has bought a lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where she lives with her cat, Yeti, and a live in handyman Rocky.

It starts with her ex-husband and college aged sons arriving for Thanksgiving. The boys are going to be coming back and spending their winter break working at the lodge. Misty will need the extra help, especially with developer Nigel Goodwin arriving with a party of potential investors in a resort he wants to build nearby. Goodwin and his party arrive but not all the residents of Beach Mountain, NC, are excited about the prospect. Several locals are quite upset about the prospect of a resort being built and ruining the landscape and being a danger to local wildlife. Nigel Goodwin is found dead under a snowbank, and it ends up not being natural causes. There is no shortage of suspects, both local and lodge guests. Misty is thrown in to sleuthing mode to find the sheriff asks for her help.

It was nice to see that Misty is an independent 50-year-old woman who is building a successful business. I also liked that her ex and her are friends and continue to share family gatherings.

I had not read the previous two installments of this series but that did not hinder my enjoyment of this book. I also have to say this is one of the best crafted mysteries I have read in a long time! I read late into the night to finish so I could find out who had killed Nigel and why.

Thank you, St. Martins, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest opinion.

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A winter time visit to the mountains of North Carolina has me wanting to curl up by a warm fire. The murder is chilling, pun intended.
This is the third book in the Mountain Lodge mystery series. I have enjoyed each one. Snow Place for Murder takes place in ski season and we get to meet Misty’s sons. I really like Mitch and JJ.
Misty plays a big role in helping the police solve this murder. Rocky is a great support and handyman.
I encourage readers of cozy mysteries to pick up this series, it’s a new favorite for me.
Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Publishing Group for the opportunity to read this book.

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I really enjoyed the last in this series that I read, so I was really excited to get invited to read this one!

Misty’s idyllic lodge is once again disturbed. First by a realtor mogul’s plans to build a high luxury resort near enough to compete with Misty’s own lodge, then the death of that same mogul! With multiple secrets coming out about his business, there’s no shortage of people who wanted him out of the way.

There was a lot to like about this installment in this series. Misty’s character is once again really enjoyable to read, and I love the depth given to her relationships both romantic and familial. We get to see Misty’s healthy relationship with her ex-husband as well as the rapport she has with her sons.

But the story just loses its steam all the way throughout. With every single action Misty does described, as well as the chapters from the cat’s point of view that don’t really add anything to the story, this book was a lot of pick it up and put it back down. I’d be interested in reading the next one because I love how Kelly paints the scene, and I’m really enjoying the lack of love triangle, but they are slow paced for cozy mysteries.

Thanks NetGalley and St Martin’s Press for the opportunity to review this ARC.

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Returning to Misty's mountain lodge was a nice stay. This mystery worked well for me. Misty is playing hostess to Nigel Goodwin and his investors. He's looking to turn some nearby land into a mega-resort complete with waterpark. Not everyone is thrilled including a local real estate person, a wildlife rehabber and avid hunter/gun nut/anger control issue dude. Even Nigel's investors don't all seem happy, like the pro hockey player there more for the free vacation than anything else.

Hoping she hasn't made an error in allowing them to book out her lodge, Misty tries to keep in the upcoming Christmas spirit with her new boyfriend and handyman Rocky and her two sons home from school and ditto Rocky's daughter.

When Nigel turns up under the sledding hill, frozen to death, the local sheriff asks for Misty's cooperation in solving the case. I like that they're friends (because adversarial law enforcement is a deal breaker for me in cozy mysteries) . Misty's involvement in this doesn't feel like overreach nor does she go around assuming people owe her explanations (because how many times have we seen that in cozies?)

I thought the red herrings were sprinkled in well and I liked the ending. Misty is a fun character as is Rocky. It's a nice setting and I enjoyed the mystery. Thank you to the publisher for making an arc available to me via Netgalley.

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The third Mountain Lodge cozy mystery finds Misty hosting a property developer and his potential clients. The property developer winds up dead and now Misty is yet again hosting suspects.

I really liked the first one in this series, but I thought this one didn't have enough sleuthing. It really felt like most of the sleuthing was in the last third, which is pretty late for a cozy. I also am still unclear about why we have chapters from Yeti the cat's perspective. It doesn't hurt anything or detract, but it doesn't really add either.

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I had read one of the earlier books in the Mountain Lodge trilogy by Diane Kelly. Upon starting to read Snow Place for Murder, it's like coming back to a comfortable old friend, which is exactly the ambiance that Misty Murphy, the lodge proprietor, wants to create. Rocky and Patty round out the regulars as Brynn is off on vacation.

Nigel Goodwin books the resort to entice investors to his proposed resort in the North Carolina hills. Nigel, his wife, and the investors present a colorful array of characters with corresponding personalities. And let's not forget the town's folk too.

Toss together all of the personalities along with an inconvenient murder, and Misty is in the middle again. Yet, she maintains a sense of ... ultimate customer service despite all of the events. This is a good interesting read that will want you wanting to know more about Misty. Ms. Kelly, when will we see the next installment?

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Loved this return trip to the mountains! Misty is hosting her sons and ex husband for Thanksgiving. Rocky and his daughter, Pebble are also around the table. The paying guests arrive a week later for an investment seminar. When the leader is found frozen in the snow pile, Misty tries to figure out who wanted him dead. Well written, good mystery and an interesting ending. Yeti provides her perspective throughout th book.
I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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Snow Place for Murder is the third book in the Mountain Lodge Mystery series. I enjoyed the first two in the series and the third book kept me guessing what had happened.
Misty Murphy owns Mountain Lodge in North Carolina. She has two sons who were home for their winter break. She was so glad they were there with and could enjoy the skiing but when they found a dead man in the snow things got interesting. The body was the realtor who had come to check out the area to put in a resort in the nearby area. This is not something that was wanted by people in the area.
I enjoyed this book as much as the first two. I especially like Yeti – Misty’s cat in the story! The location and all the characters were all a great fit for the story. I liked all the twists and turns – I thought I had figured out who did it, but I was wrong!
Thank you NetGalley, Diane Kelly and St. Martin's Press for the ARC of the book Snow Place for Murder. This is my personal review.

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The third book in the Mountain Lodge Mysteries did not disappoint!

Misty Murphy runs a cozy lodge in a picturesque corner of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. When an international developer rents out her lodge to woo investors for a huge, flashy resort in the area, controversy ensues as locals are at odds over it. Misty jumps into action when the investor is found dead, as many of the suspects are staying under her roof!

I love this series! Descriptive and atmospheric, Kelly makes me feel like I can see and feel the snow, the mountains, and every aspect of the charming world she has created!

These books have a great cast of characters, too. Misty is relatable and intelligent, and I like her a lot--a single mother to two sons, a businesswoman, and a highly competent sleuth. Misty thinks things through, which is enjoyable to read. She works alongside law enforcement, and her romance with Rocky is sweet. The secondary characters are memorable, too, and even though there are several suspects, Kelly ensures all of the characters stand out. Misty's sons are home for the Thanksgiving holidays and bring some lighthearted humor.

The mystery was fun and well-paced, with a few red herrings that kept me guessing. And the way the victim's body was discovered is a crime scene I won't soon forget! I enjoyed this! It's an entertaining, snowy, cozy mystery for your winter tbr. It works as a stand-alone, and I recommend this delightful series!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to review this ARC.

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Misty is fiftyish and has started a new life ... she recently bought a mountain lodge which she'd visited many times with her now ex-husband and their two sons and has fond memories of. Brynn is her assistant, the restaurant across the street provides a buffet breakfast in the mornings and Rocky, a local handyman, lives at the lodge and does maintenance in return for a room. Her sons have a break from college so are working at the lodge while Brynn takes some time holiday time off.

Nigel is a resort developer from England and has invited some potential investors to learn about a property in North Carolina he would like to develop. He invites them to stay nearby at Misty's mountain lodge to learn more and to get to know and enjoy the area. Though Misty is happy to lodge is filled for the week (Nigel is paying for everything), she's not sure she's happy with his plans to knock down the trees to build his resort and is concerned about what will happen to the wildlife that currently lives there. Local people aren't pleased with this either and aren't shy about letting Nigel know. So when Nigel turns up dead and the police determine it's murder, there are a number of people, both local and in his investors' group, who could have wanted him dead.

I've read many books (and series) by this author and I liked this one ... it's the third in the Mountain Lodge Mystery series. I liked the writing style. It is written in first person perspective from Misty's point of view and occasional third person perspective from Yeti, Misty's cat's point of view (the author has done this in other series ... had dogs and cats share their point of view, which as an animal lover I find cute).

It was a quick light read and is a "cozy mystery" so there is no swearing, violence or adult activity. I liked the characters and look forward to reading others in this series. And I liked that Misty is a more mature age (so closer to mine) than a younger woman.

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Snow Place for Murder by Diane Kelly is a charming cozy mystery with terrific characters, not the least of which was the cat, Yeti, who had her own short chapter every now and then, reflecting her own thoughts, usually nothing to do with anyone but herself. Misty was fairly newly divorced and had bought this lodge because it was the life she wanted to live, not because she had any experience. She had a new man, Rocky, who was her handyman and lived at the lodge also. It was nearly Thanksgiving and Jack, her ex-husband, and her two sons were coming for the holiday. Jack discovered she had a new man when he arrived at her room the first night with a bottle of wine. Rocky was already there. It worked out OK but it made me laugh. The lodge was sold out for a week before Christmas, purchased by a man, Nigel Goodwin, who was bringing potential investors, so he could pitch them, both formally and informally. His scheme was to built a mega-resort nearby. Misty was not sure she supported it and she knew some of the locals didn’t as they arrived in her lobby to protest.

Misty is a good character who is growing into her new life. She did not hate her ex, she just didn’t loved him anymore, but she loved her boys fiercely. Rocky had kids, too, all but one were older than her boys and would be there for Christmas. The discovery of the murder came about in an odd way. They boys had been out sledding down the huge pile of snow Rocky had made scrapping the parking lot. There they found an oddly shaped rock and brought it in to show their mother. It wasn’t a rock, it was someone’s nose, and she knew whose. She and Rocky quickly went outside to explore and discovered the body of Nigel Goodwin, sans nose. They called 911 and settled back o wait. The man was beyond helping. He was frozen solid. It took some investigating by both the authorities and Misty to figure this one out. It was a good mystery, with actual forensics a part of it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Snow Place for Murder by St. Martin’s Press, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #Netgalley #StMartinsPress #DianeKelly #SnowPlaceForMurder

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Snow Place For Murder is the wonderful 3rd book in the Mountain Lodge Mystery series. I have read and enjoyed them all and they keep getting even better! The characters are likeable and interesting. The cozy mystery was good. The family and friendships really make this cozy mystery series a winner! Misty Murphy owns a lodge. Her handyman and boyfriend Rocky has a room at the lodge and Brynn is a friend and worker. Misty's two sons and ex-husband are coming to visit along with Rocky's daughter. Surprisingly they all get along well but they do add humor to the story. A new resort is going to be built nearby and the resort developer is bringing in a group of investors to stay at Mountaintop Lodge. The developer ends up dead and the investors, the wife, the assistant and some locals are all suspects. I guessed the culprit but wasn't sure until the end. This is a very enjoyable cozy mystery with a good pace and enough going on to keep my interest. I look forward to more books in this series! #SnowPlaceForMurder #NetGalley #StMartinsPress. #MinataurPublishing

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Another good mystery in this series. It's always the one you least suspect. Misty has her lodge full for a week with people who will potentially be investing in a new resort near her lodge. It would be a beautiful place, but there are those who do not want it built and will do everything in their power to stop it. When the resort developer turns up dead on the property, Misty has to help find the killer. Is it one of the investors or is it one of the locals who are objecting to the project? With Misty's boys visiting and Rocky's daughter also visiting, the place is full. Can they find the killer before everyone checks out of the lodge? They have limited time and have to move fast.

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Snow Place for Murder is book 3 in Diane Kelly’s Mountain Lodge Mystery series, and it is a series that I love. In Beech Mountain, NC lodge owner Misty Murphy is wondering if she should regret allowing Nigel Goodwin to use her lodge to promote his new resort to investors. Along with a couple of rude guests, there is also a group of local business owners and residents who descend on the lodge to voice their complaints against Nigel and his resort. When things get out of hand, Misty calls the police. The next day Misty’s two college -age sons are working at the lodge during their winter holiday and are sledding on the nearby snow pile when they discover an interesting rock. Taking it to their mother, Misty is horrified at what her boys have found. Rocky and Misty rush outside and discover Nigel frozen solid body. Why and how did Nigel die? And who would have done such a thing?

I love this series for so many reasons. One is the descriptions of the mountains and the weather. One paragraph is written as peaceful, but another could make the mountains out as sinister. It's a double-edged sword, but a healthy reminder about reality in those conditions. Another reason is because the author inserts random chapters told from the pet companion’s POV. In this case, it is Baroness Blizzard, a.k.a. Yeti, Misty’s cat. I enjoy the levity Yeti’s chapters bring to the page, but also the fact that animals notice things that humans might not.

Finally, there is Misty herself. I am notoriously known for having pet peeves regarding cozy mysteries. However, Diane Kelly doesn’t touch any of those pet peeves in this series. There is no police officer who automatically dislikes Misty. Instead, they sometimes actively ask her for help and encourage her ideas. There is no love triangle. Instead, Misty and Rocky are very down to earth about their romance. It's also not a distracting point to the story. The last pet peeve is Misty does not put herself in danger. I cannot stand when main characters state they don’t want anyone to get hurt but then do something stupid. Misty does not do that. She always communicates with Rocky, Deputy Hardy, or Deputy Yona Highcloud.

I knew about two-thirds of the way who the killer was, and why. I was a little surprised that Deputy Highcloud didn’t make the suggestion, but there were quite a few more obvious suspects. Though I knew, it didn’t take away from the novel for me. I enjoyed reading as Misty untangled all of the other threads as well.

Overall, I rate this novel 5 out of 5 stars.

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Why have I not been reading the Mountain Lodge Mystery series by Diane Kelly? This is the third in the series of murder and mayhem. After her divorce, Misty Murphy bought a mountain retreat in the North Carolina mountains. Nigel Goodwin rented the whole lodge to pitch a new resort idea for the area. However, with both push back from the locals and grumbles from the potential investors, everyone is a suspect when Nigel is found dead in a snow pile. Who took out the developer? Misty has too many suspects and not enough time. Will she figure out who did it? Or will the murderer get away?
I do love how this author sets her mood for the story. I would love to go and stay at Misty's quaint inn, however, we can hold the murder. The settings are well developed and make you want to curl up with a good book and read or go into town and shop the little shops or hit the slopes. I plan to look into the first two books in the series. I want to thank Netgalley for introducing me to another keeper author. A review was not required.

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This is such a fun little cozy mystery series! We, again, follow Misty as she hosts a private group at her lodge in the mountains of North Carolina. This time, the group is headed by Nigel Goodwin, a man with a plan to build a huge resort in the area but needs investors to get the project going. I like how the author uses a lot of different scuffles and disagreements to throw the reader, and Misty, in different directions trying to figure out whodunnit. This installment was really fun because we get to really meet her two sons who are visiting for the winter break, as well as Rocky's daughter who is doing the same. I liked reading their interactions with each other. It was really fun and wholesome.
If you like this series, this is a good installment! If you like cozies in general, I think this is also a really fun series to get into; especially, since it is still just starting out and each book is relatively short. You wouldn't necessarily need to read it order, but it does provide a little more context for the relationships between the main people in the lodge. As always, I love having the couple little chapters from Yeti the cat's POV. It's really fun!

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