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Hannah Tate, beyond repair was an enjoyable read for me, I absolutely loved the characters and it made me laugh out loud a couple times. The storyline is something I haven't read before and I loved that!

The writing style of this was great aswell, and because of that I was able to really get all the way into this story. Especially the way that River was written made me very curious about the book, I really wanted to get to know him and see the reasons behind his actions. The only thing that bothered me a little about the writing style were the nicknames for Hannah's parents. G-ma & Big Daddy sounded a little cringey after a couple chapters.

This book will make a perfect read if you like reading about:
• small town romance
• finding yourself after a break-up
• being a single mom
• "the boy next door"

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I really enjoyed this romance debut about a bisexual single mom who returns to her small town Georgia home to help her parents renovate their property to start a new air bnb. Funny, heartfelt and steamy, this was grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract perfection with tons of relatable mom moments. I'm excited to read whatever the author writes next. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital and audio copy in exchange for my honest review!

Steam level: some open door scenes

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Hannah Tate was always told she was a mess by her boyfriend. After so long hearing things, they start to feel like the truth. She just had a baby, he was a wanna be rockstar and just when she thinks he is proposing to her, he breaks up with her. Listen, the AUDACITY of this guy. I wanted to punch him frequently and couldn't wait for her to get out of that relationship and into something new.
When she moves out of her apartment with her little one, closer to her mom and step dad, she meets River. River likes her for who she is, he won't try to change her and she won't try to change him. That is all fine and dandy until needing someone to be there for you is met with "why are you trying to change me" fights.
I honestly thought both of these men didn't deserve Hannah Tate. Hannah Tate deserves someone who is selfless and just wants to be there for her no matter what because that is what growing together means. It doesn't mean that you can go on being like you were when you were alone, there is someone else to consider now and if you don't, it is just not going to work out. These men were let off the hook easy, but Hannah is a better person than I am.
Thanks to Union, Laura Piper Lee and Netgalley for an early copy.

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Laura Piper Lee's debut novel, Hanna Tate, Beyond Repair, delivers a heart-wrenching punch from start to end.

At some point in our lives, we can all relate to Hannah Tate's desire to rise above our circumstances and achieve the life we deserve, whether in motherhood or our romantic lives.

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be "relatable". The author did an excellent job creating an emotional bond between the reader and the characters throughout their journey. Their struggles evoked strong emotions in me, which made me feel like embracing and punching them at the same time.

If you're looking for a heartwarming women's fiction book with a touch of romance, I recommend reading Hanna Tate, Beyond Repair by Laura Piper Lee. Follow Hanna Tate as she navigates new motherhood, heartbreak, healing, and unexpected romance.

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I really went on an emotional journey with this book.
I started off thinking I was going to DNF. I don't typically like books with babies, and the writing seemed to be trying too hard to be modern, quirky or relatable. However, I quickly fell in love with Hannah Tate. I loved hating who she hated, and her friends made me smile! Their texts were cute and the format wasn't overdone!
Then we get into her and the cabin. The book did a lot of fast forwarding, which I understand but ultimately hated. I feel like once I got invested in a situation, we skipped to a few weeks later. We got to hear next to nothing about the renovation project or the connection between River and Hannah.
It felt like problems were introduced and resolved so quickly, I didn't have a chance to truly emotionally invest in them before we were onto the next one.

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Such a wonderful read! I could not put this down.

The BEST part of this book! The main character had such a wonderful arc, and even the steretypical jerk ex had charming growth. I found myself wanting to yell at the love interest multiple times, but by the end I found myself rooting for him.

A couple of plot points felt like they were started and then forgotten, or tacked back onto the end. I also would have loved to see more of Big Daddy’s story. Overall a fun plot idea and very easy to follow.

Not my favorite romantic moments. I thought a lot of it was corny, and felt rushed. BUT this was more than made up for with every other aspect of the book. I laughed out loud at multiple points, and had so much fun reading this.

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3/5 stars

I think a lot of readers will feel very seen by "Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair" which is why I am ultimately going to recommend this, especially to readers looking for themes relating to:
- single motherhood
- feeling like you're 'behind' or 'failing' in life
- finding oneself after leaving a relationship
- conscious co-parenting after a breakup

For me, what kept me from enjoying this as much as I wanted to was the character of River. I'm very conflicted about him and his actions, and making him the final love interest rubbed me the wrong way. This is one of those instances where I can't see Hannah and River staying together after the book ends, you know? For a brief second I really thought Hannah and Killian might work it out, and while I am ultimately glad that didn't happen I didn't think River was the best choice for Hannah either. I would have been more happy if she had decided to be single and happy with her parents instead.

Anyway, all this to say, I think a lot of people will like this book and it will make them feel so seen. But for me, there were some character issues I couldn't get past.

*I received a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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This book was both simple and predictable. The idea was cute, and I liked the idea of a young mother trying to find confidence in herself. But that was pretty much the highlight. River was only fine as a hero. I didn’t find him all that interesting or attractive, and that definitely made it hard to get into the book. Also Hannah’s character passed “quirky” and moved into “irritating and unbelievable.” Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the e-arc.

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A great contemporary romance, a true heart felt nostalgia that left me wanting more! It has set me on a mission to read all of her books in as little time possible!

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I had a really good laugh reading this (in a good way) and the supporting characters were fantastic. There was a lot of love in this book and I thought the relationships Hannah had with her friends and her parents were so relatable and sweet. I would have read this book just for the supporting characters, if I’m honest.

I truly think this would have been better being marketed as a journey of self discovery as opposed to a romance. The romance was really not the point of this novel and it didn’t add a lot to the story, in my opinion.

It was fun, sweet and a little bit sexy but it isn’t one I’ll be thinking about and wanting to re-read.

I would recommend it if you love funny, relatable and very sweet characters with wonderful dynamics that you just can’t help but love. Also, babies. If you really love babies.

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rtc when i could calm myself down and regain the ability to form some coherent thoughts.

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This was quite a funny book. Inside Hannah’s mind is complex and interesting. I found myself smiling at a number of her comical thoughts and situations. The supporting characters were good as well and were a good added layer to the storyline. However… I was thoroughly annoyed at the many, many and I mean many, times her political views and social agenda were brought up and shamed those not feeling the same way. Whether I agree with some of them or not, I read books to escape, not this. Because of it I lowered my star rating.

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This was a fun, quick read and it was great to see Hannah (main character) evolve and prioritize her needs and those of her child. Thankfully her loser boyfriend is out of the picture quickly as it was painful to read their interactions. He was just not that into her! This one covers friendship, family, personal growth, and the importance of solid relationships.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for access to this ARC.

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I got an e-arc through Netgalley, this in no way affected my review.

This was such a fun read that made me laugh out loud at certain moments. The writing was so good and it really pulled me in for the entire book. Hannah Tate is such a funny main character and her internal monologue was so relatable at times.

The love interest irked me though. I really liked River for most part of the book. He treated Hannah and Bowie amazingly and also helped Hannah become more like the person she wanted to be, without pushing her in certain directions. But near the end, he started to seem more and more like a grown child?? He literally disappears for a while because he needs ‘time for himself’ and barely seems to be sorry for it??

I also loved how everything played out with her ex, it was so refreshing to see it handled like it was in the book!

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Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair was pretty good. I felt like this should have been marketed more as women's fic instead of a romcom, since it is more about Hannah taking control of her life and doing what's best for herself and her child, and didn't really felt like the romance with River was a key part of the story. Overall I enjoyed it though!

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Hannah Tate is so busy taking care of her and her boyfriend’s baby that one day, she finds an engagement ring! OMG…this is really going to happen!!! She cannot wait and is so excited to see Killian when he comes home. When Killian gets home, he actually has to head to a last minute gig with his band, which really disappoints Hannah. She thought they would be having a romantic night out, so instead, she brings the baby (Bowie) with her to Killian’s gig.

Shortly after, Killian breaks it off with Hannah. He really doesn’t see a future with her. To make matters worse, Hannah loses her job because her boss asks her to work while she’s on maternity leave, but of course, she refuses. So right now, Hannah doesn’t have a place to live or a job, and she has a baby with her. She decides the best thing to do is move back home with her parents, who are struggling with their airbnb.

When she comes home, she meets a man named River, who lives in a treehouse in the woods. He’s a contractor and can really build anything, so she hires him help fix her parents’ airbnb. The one kicker is that River doesn’t want to get paid. He just wants to come to the family’s dinner once a week. Hannah finds it a bit odd, but she goes with it.

There is no denying the chemistry between Hannah and River. He gets along with Hannah’s parents and her baby Bowie. Killian visits Bowie and realizes that it’s just not enough. He misses Bowie and he even misses Hannah. He’s made a huge mistake and wants to make things right with Hannah.

What will Hannah do? Will she pick Killian so that they can be one happy family or will she pick River, who is down to earth and truly appreciates her?

This book was a great read. I enjoyed reading it and I was surprised how much strong emotions this book got out of me while I was reading it. There was anger, frustrations, happiness, and confusion! I highly recommend this book if you want to feel all the emotions.

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This was a solid 2.5/3 star for me - I haven’t read many books with a single mom fmc, so this felt like a first for me!

What I liked about this book: The whimsical mountain/nature setting was fun to read about and I loved the side adventures to the winery, the apple festival, etc. I also truly liked seeing Hannah find confidence in her passion of interior decorating and remodeling. It was great to see her develop into someone that was shamelessly who she is, without fear of judgment from a partner, mom, etc. It was also very sweet to see the bond between Hannah and Bowie and how Hannah was trying her hardest to provide a life for Bowie that Hannah didn’t have growing up!

What I didn’t love about this book: I think my main gripe with this book revolves around the marketing - in my mind, this book should be advertised as women’s fiction as opposed to a romcom. We were on a good path of Hannah growing and finding herself/establishing boundaries, leaving her toxic ex, etc and then it felt like the new love interest just was inserted into the story to be able to call this book a rom com. I really didn’t feel anything for River and felt like the connection between Hannah and River was purely physical, which I don’t always love :/ I also just didn’t fully vibe with the writing style. It felt a little too “trying to be funny and relatable” and just didn’t work for me. This book was NOT bad, but it just wasn’t one that I personally clicked with!

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Union Square & Co. and Laura Piper Lee for providing me with an arc of Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair in exchange for an honest review.

Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair follows Hannah, our titular protagonist, as she breaks up with her son's father to move in with her parents to renovate their Airbnb in the Georgia mountains. Whilst there she slowly finds her footing, a new creative passion, and feelings for her parents' off-the-grid, carpenter neighbour.

I enjoyed this book, I am a big fan of the single-parent trope and I really liked the fact that for once the 'other' parent wasn't an absolute waste of space. It was nice to see Killian actually be a good father, even when his boyfriend skills left a lot to be desired. I also loved seeing Hannah's growth and watching her begin to prioritize her own needs. However, I wasn't completely sold on the romance between Hannah and River, and with this being a romance novel this is quite a significant drawback. To tell the truth, I found River to be pretty unreasonable - literally his dealbreaker was texting! And I'm just not sure why Hannah ended up choosing to be in a relationship with him if he couldn't even be contactable.

So, if you concentrate on this as a work of fiction that solely follows Hannah's journey and figuring her life out. This is a solid read with plenty of great secondary characters and an interesting side plot. As a romance novel though...I'm not so sure.

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Hannah Tate is a new mom, and she's struggling in more ways than one. Despite the trials of having a new-born and a partner who isn't particularly helpful, she's then dumped by the man she thought was going to propose to her, fired, and moves in her mother and step-father, with whom she has a difficult relationship.

And now she has to figure out what's next. Hopefully what's next involves her parents' cute next door neighbor who just so happens to be a contactor that can help her fix up the frightful rental her parents have.

There were many moving parts in the book and it just didn't come together well. River felt like the male version of a manic pixie dream girl; their dialog and interactions were SO stinkin' adorable at first, but it devolved fairly quickly. Not texting your girlfriend isn't quirky, it's ridiculous. Also, how very like a man to not be genuinely scared that he doesn't have a phone - who cares if you can't call for help? Who cares if someone needs you? You won't be pinned down!! Stand on those shaky morals, I guess.

I really enjoyed the first bit of this book despite the fact that everything Killian did and said made my blood boil. The premise is great, but there was something about the book that I just didn't love. I found myself skimming a LOT once I hit the halfway mark. The plot also had more than enough intrigue without adding in someone trying to sabotage Hannah's business.

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I am very excited to read this one! I plan on buying or borrowing it from my local library.

This is not a reflection on the author, the story, or the publisher.

The format the ARC is in makes it very difficult for me to read on my kindle.

Thank you to Union Square & Co. and Sterling Publishing and netgalley the ARC.

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