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everything you hoped you’d never need to know about bowel cancer

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"Everything You Hoped You'd Never Need to Know About Bowel Cancer" by Anisha Patel is a life-saving guide that goes beyond medical facts. Dr. Patel, a cancer survivor, combines personal experience and medical expertise to provide an essential companion for those facing a bowel cancer diagnosis. From diagnosis to treatment and the challenges that follow, the book offers practical advice and emotional support. It's a powerful testament to human resilience, featuring not only Dr. Patel's voice and illustrations but also the experiences of others who have navigated the cancer journey. An invaluable resource, this book is a beacon of hope and a roadmap for thriving beyond a life-changing diagnosis.

Thank you to Nicholas Brealey US, Sheldon Press for the advanced reader copy to review via NetGalley!

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There is so much information that people need to be aware of. I think this should be required reading for adults so they can be aware of the signs. I wish doctors would listen to patients more.

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As someone with a family history of colon cancer, I know how scary it can be. This book is such an important thing to have on hand. I will definitely be reading through and referencing this often as well as sharing with other family members.

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This isn't a club you want to join and this isn't the book I wanted to read, however, my father passed away from colon cancer so I felt like it would be smart to educate myself further on the subject.

Knowing that the author herself has gone through colon cancer made this book all the more meaningful to me. She has great advice on how to cope with the diagnosis, what to expect during treatment and how to live after the treatment is over.

I would recommend this book to anyone that has a family history of colon cancer, anybody caring for someone with colon cancer or for anybody that has been diagnosed with this awful disease.

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A book that I hoped I would never need, but with a bowel cancer scare I was drawn to reading it just in case. I am so glad I did because it was full on helpful hints, tips, moments and explanations that I thankfully did not need, having had the all-clear, but which educates me for any further possibilities of a cancer diagnosis.

Thank you so much for sharing Dr Anisha Patel, a courageous thing to do and I wish you well, thank you.

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A great factual informative read but with the personal element which makes it very relatable!
Fantastic source of information and inspiration for not only those diagnosed with bowel cancer, but anyone with a cancer diagnosis or there loved ones/ carers!
As a cancer patient myself I could relate to much of it and found the personal reflections very moving but uplifting,
Lots of information for self help, information and services which is very useful and not always readily known about!
Thank you netgalley for this enlightening read.

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