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Confessions of a Christmasholic

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if you are looking for single dad/nanny trope this ones for you. Sutton is the cutest FMC ive ever seen and I adored everything about this book. I would love to have an epilogue though because I need to know how the happy little family lives! Only thing I can say is its got some heavier topics but the christmas side of it evens it out. Definitely will be rereading this one for months to come!

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If you put all suspend disbelief then this book works. This book will then be fun and you will enjoy it. Otherwise you probably won't like it.

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Ho ho ho, its time for Christmas books :)

Confessions of a Christmasholic is a short, cute and easy read. Some parts might not be realistic, but chemistry was there, their banter was fine and they have did decide some stuff for themself.

On a spicy level, I would say it’s solid 2.5/5, maybe more 2, but depends on your readings.

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I love Christmas themed books but this one didn’t do it for me and I’m so sad about it! I had a few issues like how quickly they got together and how comfortable Moira was with her so quickly? Like she’s some random drunk who showed up on his lawn?! It was just too unrealistic for me I think.

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This was such a nice, cozy pre-get-me-ready-for-Christmas romance. Set in a very small town CONFESSIONS OF A CHRISTMASHOLIC has everything - Christmas trees, lights, a Santa decoration that gets punched, love, sizzle, twin children, a widower raising his kids and a woman who is a doormat.

Naturally, everything gets solved in the end and we see Sutton and Gus push each other to get over their baggage.

There were a couple of issues I wish had been explored more, but overall this was a solid Christmas romance.

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter for an e-copy of CONFESSIONS OF A CHRISTMASHOLIC to review.

I rate CONFESSIONS OF A CHRISTMASHOLIC four out of five stars.

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This is a sweet, spicy, quick Christmas novel. Sutton and Gus are on fire!
Gus is a sexy single dad who is Mr. Christmas and Sutton is anti-Christmas. It was nice to see the female be more of the anti Christmas in this story, you don't typically see that. Sutton becomes the nanny as Gus is a single dad, and you can feel the heat between these two.
You will fall in love with both Sutton and Gus! Pick up Confessions of a Christmasholic as it is a must read for the holidays!

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Definitely in the mood for a feel good Christmas novel and this did not disappoint. It was fun for a change to see the female be more of the grump as opposed to the man. Loved the single dad aspect and it was a bit spicy as well! I’ll definitely be checking out more Joss Wood in the future.

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my first ARC! thanks to NetGalley for the chance to review.

if you find the small town christmas romance market severely lacking in The Holiday (2006) vibes then you’re in for a treat. not only is there wassailing and mumming but an ancestral english home to boot. our heroine sutton literally barrels into gus’ life and the physical comedy shenanigans of a 2000s romcom ensure. through a series of plot reasons gus decides sutton will be the nanny to his twin four year olds and of course she falls in love with him and them. sutton is trapped for all intents and purposes in england while on vacation from south africa and he takes her in.
sutton and gus have both suffered extreme betrayals from the people that were supposed to be their closest confidants and channel that anger in various ways. the way the plot resolves is a classic example of something that would be so stressful in real life but makes perfect sense here.
ow here’s the things that brought the rating down for me: is the gay couple portrayed as pretty two dimensional? yes. does gus makes some comments about sutton not knowing her own mind that raised my eyebrows? yes. but overall a quick read to put you in the holiday mood.

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This was a fun holiday (or anti-holiday) read. There were some parts that I definitely laughed out loud to. The banter between Sutton and Gus a was decent.

I just reviewed Confessions of a Christmasholic by Joss Wood. #NetGalley

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Spicy, British, single-dad, Christmas romance. Sutton and Gus are great together, and I loved all the supporting characters. A couple heavier topics involved, but a light quick read overall.

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. Watch for Confessions of a Christmasholic to come out October 19, 2023.

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If you are looking for a cute, spicy Christmasy novel, this one will hit the spot. It's funny, its heartwarming, it's silly and it's sexy. Sutton is a hot mess when she meets Mr. Christmas aka Gus Langston after a drunken night out. He gives her his couch to sleep it off and chaos ensues in the morning. From there things start looking up for Sutton and Gus when she agrees to nanny for him over the holidays. It doesn't take long for the sparks to start flying.

This is a short holiday novel that is a must read for the holidays.

Thank you NetGalley HarperCollins UK and Joss Wood for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC!

The premise of this book is a bit silly, but what holiday romcom isn’t?
I can identify with the main character’s loathing of holiday cheer, though wouldn’t take it to the lengths she does. The grumpy sunshine element and forced proximity work wonders, as usual, creating a fun, if predictable, holiday read.

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