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Confessions of a Christmasholic

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This book was a really cute storyline overall and very cute for Christmas time! The length is also perfect for a feel, good RomCom. The characters were also really funny, I loved their banter!

I did have a hard time following the narration style throughout - I think I would have preferred it to be first person/dual POV so it would be easier to follow the characters thoughts!

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2.5 ⭐️
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.
Sutton, broke and down on her luck, drunkenly stumbles across widowed father of twins Gus ”Mr Christmas” beating the crap out of his Christmas decorations and decides to join him. Unfortunately she ends up hitting her head and unloading all her problems on this complete stranger. Gus takes pity on her and lets her sleep on his couch. Thanks in part to a meddling former mother in law and some helpful/ nosy gay neighbors Sutton ends up staying for a month to help take care of the twins. Gus and Sutton eventually end up sleeping together and start a pseudo relationship. All this with Sutton’s friend drama in the background- Layla is pretty much a c*nt.
The book was… fine 🤷🏻‍♀️I found the long blocks of text and exposition annoying. Sutton regularly thinking about her troubles with Layla (and sometimes comparing them to Gus finding out his wife was cheating) seemed unnecessary- we know Layla ditched her, we know she clearly sucks as a friend- no need to remind us repeatedly. Honestly the best person in this whole book was the mother in law. Frankly I never felt the chemistry between Sutton and Gus and the book didn’t necessarily feel like a romance to me. The book kind of just ends- I guess it’s a maybe happy for now type ending but even that seems generous. It was really more like things were still up in the air and they’ll try to see each other when time allows. 🫠 Overall, I thought the premise was cute but didn’t live up to my expectations.

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I liked this book! I went into it blind and was pleasantly surprised. I think that I will definitely be reading more in the future from this author. And this cover is so cute I want it for my shelves.

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Book Review 📚
Confessions of a Christmasholic - 4/5 ⭐

Consider me a Scrooge, it's the best way to describe me at Christmas time. But, I decided to go against my better judgement and read a book (which I have to say was solely based off my best friend because she is a Christmasholic) and get into the Christmas spirit.

Initial thoughts were mixed. I was expecting some sort of Christmas romance - and it's not far off. But the tropes really sold me. Grumpy/sunshine with some spice? Yep. I'm sold. It clearly doesn't take much to please me.

Anyway, the FMC was literally my best friend. Every description of her and I found myself suddenly comparing the two! Now that made her character brilliant for me. She was interesting, connecting and loved her development. But the MMC is who stole the show. My my. I loved him. From the get go. My type of fictional man for sure.

Wood done a fantastic job with this one and I never thought I'd find myself enjoying a Christmas book but Wood succeeded. Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for allowing me to read this ARC - this is an HONEST review from my own personal opinion.

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A spicy, grumpy/sunshine Christmas rom com?! Say less! To be totally honest, the cover is want grabbed my attention with this one. While it did take me a little bit longer than normal to connect with our FMC, I found our MMC to be absolutely charming! Overall it was a fun, festive read.

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Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter for the opportunity to read Joss Wood's short and spicy Christmas story!

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I love a good Christmas, festive holiday village, forced proximity, enemies to lovers one sitting read and I hate to say, this book was not it. A quick read with a single dad, a down on her luck hot mess express turned drunken house guest (she stumbled upon him in his yard dealing with enough christmas decorations) and since sutton has no money, no place to stay (her travel plans fell through), gus takes her in. The next morning, would you look at that he actually needs a nanny. They aren't ever really enemies, just got off on the wrong foot. Forced proximity is a classic for a reason but the FMC and MMC didn't really have any chemistry that we could see and the spicey scenes were both closed and open door in a bizarre way that really didn't work. We didn't really see a lot of growth in the characters through the story or their relationship and the ending resolution, yes, left us with a for now HEA but in a way that things didn't really feel resolved.

Unfortunately the only thing that worked in this story was the relevant christmas aspects.

Thank you Netgalley and HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter for the ARC in exchange for my review!

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Sutton is on the trip she has been planning for since she was 15 years old. Traveling around Europe for 6 months with her best friend culminating in celebrating their birthdays in London at Christmas. But her best friend bailed and borrowed money that she never returned and now Sutton is alone, drunk, and wandering a small village on a cold night trying to find the house an acquaintance suggested she squat in. She finds a house that "looks like Christmas vomited on it" and a man punching the blowup Santa Claus. When she goes to help she face plants and takes out the electricity and some of the decorations. When she finally is coherent she is in the house of the man and his 4 year old twins.

Gus is Mr. Christmas, her runs his dead wife's Christmas store and is in charge of all of the village's Christmas celebrations and he can't stand Christmas. He does it to keep the memory of Kate alive for their twins and the village even though her death left him with unanswered questions. His life is to busy to deal with a drunk stranger even though she is attractive. What Gus needs, but does not want to ask for, is help with the twins during the holidays. What Sutton needs is somewhere to stay and a way to earn money until January when she can apply for the job of her dreams as an occupational therapist. What she doesn't need is to be attracted to Mr Christmas.

Gus gives in and asks for Sutton's help. Sutton finds that she likes the village and the people in it and she forges bonds with them. As Gus and Sutton become closer they become friends and something more. But are they able to move beyond the baggage in the past and create the life they want? Do they trust themselves and each other?

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This is great holiday read with some spice thrown in. I love this time of year and all the different holiday books, but this is a must read. Go grab your copy today!!!

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Where to start with this fab Christmassy romcom?! I loved the humour, romance and spicy moments - the main protagonists were great and the side characters were dare I say it a little better?! I think we all need a Moira, Eli & Will in our lives!! Of course there’s a bit of conflict too and the relationship between Sutton & Layla really resonated with me and understood how heartbroken she felt. I really appreciated all the Christmassy aspects in the book too - Christmas markets, carolling, buying and decorating the Christmas tree and more!

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2.75 ⭐️ It picked up after the 50% mark, but...

This wasn't great. I was looking forward to a nice, lighthearted christmas romcom, but instead I got the hot mess that is Sutton as an fmc, the inconsistent narrative choices, the weird open-door but also closed-door spicy scenes, the extremely gendered/sexist statements...

This was not it. It's a single dad x nanny, small town romance, which wasn't done horribly, and it had forced proximity and the found family trope -which I usually love- but it was still not enough to redeem this book in my eyes.

I did like that it tried to portray the intricacies of heartbreak, grieve and mourning of various kinds of relationships and types of love, but even that felt half-assed at times (especially when it came to Sutton's family). There were so many repeated statements and sentiments that I truly believe this book would benefit from some more editing/ proofreading.

Overall, I don't think I would recommend this book to a friend, even it they were looking for these specific tropes.

*Thank you NetGalley for the eARC* This review has already been uploaded to Goodreads:)

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I love a good Christmas romance, they’re fun, easy to read and leave you feeling good.
While I didn’t love everything about this book, the ending felt a bit unfinished and the romance between Sutton and Gus seemed flat, the side characters were phenomenal. Moira, Will and Eli could have their own novel for sure.

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This was a super cute Christmas rom com that might be my new favourite! It's delightfully sweet, enemies to lovers, but the characters are well rounded and I just devoured this. Like the perfect shortbread!

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I picked this one because I love a nanny romance as well as one where people are on opposite sides about the holiday season (one likes it one doesn't) and I'm really glad I did!

Sutton has always had the world on her shoulders and been really focused on taking care of everyone else. I loved seeing Gus step up and give her someone to rely on. I also love watching Sutton bond with the kids and everyone in the town. She was such a likeable character despite her difficult circumstances.

I also really enjoyed how this story talked about friendship. I value my friends so much but I had to learn to pick friends who support me as much as I support them. Just because you have known someone since high school doesn't mean they should still be in your life. I liked that Sutton had to learn that.

Finally, I really liked the resolution of this one. Sutton got a happily ever after without giving up her own identity. I highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a fun story to pick up around the holidays this year!

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Absolutely loved this book!

The authors writing style is amazing!

I look forward to reading more from them!

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This book was a cute read if you're looking for a dose of Christmas and small-town antics! Definitely a fun season starter.

That being said, I had a really hard time getting into this story. The FMC didn't come off as someone I necessarily wanted to root for, and her antics were often unbelievable. There were also heavy themes of grief and loss of relationships, which felt a bit out of place with the rest of the story. Overall the writing and narration also felt a little choppy - I definitely think this book could have benefited from a first-person telling.

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I'm on the hunt for this year's cozy Christmas read, and unfortunately Confessions of a Christmasholic was not what I was looking for.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC for an honest review.

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rating: 4.5 stars <3

single dad hallmark christmas book literally ALWAYS got me like you can't do wrong with these books i love the cheesiness and the heart that comes with these kind of stories and this one was no different <3

Grumpy meets Sunshine in this hilarious festive romcom that will have you wishing for a HEA!
Sutton Alsop hates Christmas. So much so, when confronted with a house that looks like Santa himself vomited Christmas all over it, she accidentally (drunkenly) destroys every fairy light, fake reindeer and candy cane in sight. Unfortunately for Sutton, this house belongs to none other than Gus Langston, single dad and owner of the village’s year-round Christmas shop – aka Mr Christmas himself.

But Mr Christmas has a secret only Sutton knows…

With the two of them forced together for the holidays, the sparks between them are hot enough to melt even the coldest of hearts!

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This is a cute Christmas read. I enjoyed the parallels that the author drew between Sutton's friendship with Layla and Gus' relationship with his wife. The betrayal and letting go.
I really liked that unlike with so many other romances, Sutton didn't give up her dream job and wasn't afraid to say that she wasn't ready to be a mother. That exploring their relationship would require work for both of them. While this isn't typical in a rom-com it felt refreshing.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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This is a fun holiday read with plenty of Christmas cheer. There are funny aspects, but the majority of the story is a bit uneventful.

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