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You're the Duke That I Want

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I loved this book!! It was fabulous and well done. The characters were on point and I thought the plot was well developed. I would recommend this book to others.

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In true Lenora Bell fashion this story is wonderfully written and the characters are very well developed. It took me a few chapters to feel the magic of Bells characters. To see the depth of Dane like Sandrine did. Dane is a rake to the bone, convinced he’s irredeemable but small town good girl Sandrine sees him like no one else. She comes into her own with a little help and maybe she’s not such a good girl/. Loved this story and it has the feel of a series so I’m really looking forward to the next member of the Thunderbolt Club finding his match.

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Sandrine Oliver is a young women who lives in a country village and is waiting on the vicar to propose marriage to her. She met Lord Dane Walker while he was visiting her village pretending to be Mr. Danny Smith. They became friends but Dane was called back to London after his brother suffered an accident and was not expected to live. When Sandrine is invited to join her friends on a trip to London, she decides to go so that she can speak with the Duke of Rydell and get him to agree to sign over the Manor in Squalton-on-Sea to the historical society so that they could renovate it and use it to attract more visitors to the area. What she finds when she arrives in London is a surprise- Mr. Danny Smith isn't who he said he was when he was visiting them. He was the type of man her mother had warned her to avoid all her life. She now relies on a makeover from her newfound friends and their advise on how to get the Duke of Rydell to sign over the Manor House to the historical society. Once in London and seeing how the other half lives and becoming aware of how repressed her life has been under the guidance of her mother, she discovers that she no longer wishes to live like that.

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“You’re the Duke That I Want” is an exhilarating tale of overwhelming love, playful revenge, and swoon-worthy redemption set against the backdrop of 19th-century England. In this captivating historical romance, the author skillfully weaves a story of two unlikely lovers, each harboring their own struggles and desires.

At the heart of the narrative is the shy and demure heroine, Sandrine, whose tender heart and unwavering strength make her a compelling character from the outset. Despite her reserved nature, Sandrine’s inner fire burns bright as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and yes, a little payback.

Opposite her is the charismatic and enigmatic hero, Dane, a rake like no other, whose roguish charm and playboy persona mask a surprising vulnerability and depth of emotion. As the layers of his personality are peeled away, readers are drawn into his tumultuous spirit, rooting for his redemption and yearning for his salvation, which can only come about through the love of a good woman.

The chemistry between Sandrine and Dane crackles with intensity; their undeniable attraction to one another leaps off the pages at every encounter. Sparks fly as their paths intertwine, igniting a passion that threatens to consume them both—along with the reader.

Against the backdrop of a richly reincarnated historical setting, Bell crafts a tale of will-they-or-won’t-they suspense that will keep readers glued to their seats, ignoring all life’s incessant responsibilities.

"You’re the Duke That I Want” is a triumph of the genre, blending heart-pounding romance with intricate plotting and unforgettable characters. With its captivating narrative and sizzling romantic chemistry, this book is sure to leave readers breathless and longing for more of anything Lenora Bell decides to write next.

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I thought this was a cute romance. It gave me a bit of Grease vibes with the cute bookish girl and the roguishly handsome bad boy meeting at the beach.

The beginning was quite good, it kept me entertained and I enjoyed watching Sandrine and Dane flirting and slowly falling for each other. It lost me a bit in the middle, and I thought the end was fine.
While this wasn't one of my favorite Lenora Bell books I will definitely keep reading from her in the future.

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This was a fun story with lots of crazy side characters. This is the start of a new series and it will be interesting to see whose story will be next. I loved Sandrine ( love the name) her character was a mix of sweetness and naughty. Dane was a bit more complex due to his complex upbringing. There was a bit of mystery as well to make the story interesting.

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I’m such a big fan of Lenora! This new series was so fun and sexy! I loved the characters, the banter, and all the Grease vibes!! I enjoyed how our heroine became more of herself and how our hero was actually so sweet and a good guy! I can’t say enough good things! I can’t wait for the next in this series!

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As a notable Grease fan who ardently defends the existence of Grease 2, I knew Lenora Bell's YOU'RE THE DUKE THAT I WANT would not only meet my expectations, but exceed them!

While this is marketed as a Grease regency retelling, there are elements that ground it in its designated historical period. This is not a direct 1 to 1 retelling either, allowing readers who are unfamiliar with the original source to read it comfortably without issue.

All in all, I loved this novel, and cannot wait for the next!

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I LOVE retellings! And if it is a retelling of a musical, I'm all over it! This book was such an original idea come to life. I had never heard of someone taking a modern musical and giving it a Regency Era spin with memorable characters and the same protagonists we love. I was hopelessly devoted to this book from beginning to end. Bell did a wonderful job adjusting the names of each character to the appropriate time period.

I found myself reacting to certain scenes from the book and connecting them to the film's timeline. There were plenty of creative changes made by the author that I found so well each supporting character had a specific role to play. There's not much else to comment on without giving away more of the story. It's just one of those books you need to pick up and experience for yourself. I cannot wait to see what the next installment of this series will be about, and who it will include.

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Lenora Bell's "You're the Duke That I Want" is a powerful testament to woman empowerment that's sure to leave readers feeling as fierce as Beyoncé. With a storyline that's both captivating and empowering, Bell crafts a narrative that celebrates self-discovery, love, and friendship.

The protagonist's journey from a small-time girl to realizing her own worth is a journey that many can relate to, and her ultimate realization that she deserves the love of her life is both heartwarming and empowering. Through her experiences, readers are reminded of the importance of letting go, appreciating what's in front of them, and living life on their own terms.

While I won't spoil the entire book, I can assure you that "You're the Duke That I Want" is a must-read for anyone seeking a story that's equal parts empowering and romantic. So grab your copy and get ready to be swept away by this tale of self-discovery and love.

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A fun and frothy historical take on Grease that thoughtfully updates it for the modern reader. I have to say that I was actually more interested in the aspects of the story that weren’t lifted from the film, especially the steamier scenes! I would’ve liked to see a little more grovel from Dane too, especially at the end. But overall, a really entertaining read and I’m intrigued by the possibility of who the next book could be about. Roslyn and Kenwick in a second-chance romance? Or maybe one of Sandrine’s cousins in that Mamma Mia situation? Consider me curious!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this edition from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Well, I didn't know that what I was missing in my life was a Regency version of Grease, but here we are. It might be partly nostalgia for the memories of watching Grease at every slumber party growing up, but this book really was fantastic! I loved every minute of it!

Sandrine and Dane were absolutely perfect together, and you could instantly feel their chemistry.

Lenora Bell did a wonderful job of taking elements from the movie and incorporating enough new storyline to make You're the Duke That I Want a superb retelling.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Hopelessly devoted to you.

If you’re a fan of Grease, you might enjoy this! It has some sweet nods to the classic musical. However, I’m a big fan of Grease and I felt like something about this was trying too hard without capturing the characters of the original.
There are some great scenes and I am really excited for the rest of “The Thunderbolt Club” series (is this a series? will we get Grease 2?). Overall it delivers on Lenora Bell’s fun, sweet writing, but it was not my favorite of hers.

Star Rating: 2.5/5
CW: Death, toxic friendship

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This was inspired by Grease, which could have its issues, but this retelling in historical times was funny and cute,

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This was so much fun! I never would have thought Grease would blend so well into a regency romance, but Lenora Bell knocked this out of the park. Delightful from start to finish 🩷

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received a free ARC copy via NetGalley but all my thoughts are my own.

what a fun grease retelling. It made me giddy and I was singing the songs after all the nods to each pivotal scene. grease but with ballgowns and curicle races and sheroots! I loved it.

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When I saw that Lenora Bell had a new Series, couldn't wait to see what she had dreamed up for her readers! You’re the Duke That I Want is the first in her new Thunderbolt Series and it took me a few chapters to figure out that I had fallen into a historical retelling of one of my favorite musicals, Grease! Very ingenious ...choosing a modern story to create a new historical romance. I laughed out loud in so many places and my jaw dropped at the introduction of the Pink Sash Ladies!
However, entertaining it was to identify the Grease references, the heart of the story is the unfolding love story between the main characters, Sandrine and Dane.
I really felt for Sandrine with her limited, confined life in a economically dying sea side village. Every day she rehearses in her head her mother's rules for a proper lady. I love that she finally takes a chance and that leads to her meeting Dane, aka, Danny Smith. Dane is a rake through and through, who after befriending Sandrine and spending time in the quiet village, finds the man he is in his heart. Forced to return home and reunited with his closest friends, the Thunderbolts, Dane, the scandalous rake reappears with a new title, The Duke of Rydell. While falling back into his previous activities, the fascinating Sandrine haunts his thoughts. I loved their chemistry and the ways their association brought out the best in each other including the strength to do what was right for each of them. I am a fan of the element of a mystery and the unsolved puzzle that intertwines Sandrine and Dane love story added an extra element of intrigue.
I found this to a delightful steamy book with quite a few interesting supporting male and female characters.
I hope that I will be able to read their stories as Lenora Bell builds her Thunderbolt world with new additions to the series!
I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and my reviews is voluntary and contains my opinions based on my reading experience.

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Lenora Bell takes interesting inspiration from the movie musical Grease in order to craft her newest novel-You're the Duke That I Want. Bell's plotting follows the beats of the source material while still using her own unique touches. I really enjoyed watching this novel bloom and then reflect back on how it tied back to Bell's inspiration. Bell's writing is engaging, charming and well paced as this romance grows. I adored watching the hero and heroine's meet cute, then their reunion and growth in understanding the other and themselves. This novel really explores embracing ones own body and sensuality in a lovely way, and learning that those things are not bad or wrong. As in most of Bell's historicals, this novel also follows the tradition of a slow build but full of steamy kisses and sensual chemistry leading up to the moment of physical express loved. I enjoyed that the romance builds steadily and that falling in love is tested more from outside conflict than inner relationship building. If you love Lenora Bell than I am sure you will enjoy this novel. I would definitely recommend it for the fun uniqueness in the inspiration.

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I really love Lenora Bell and her historical romances–which is why I skipped right over the blurb and just hit the request now button when the ARC became available. I really wish I had read the blurb and some of the early reviews.

This is a historical romance based loosely (not really) on the movie Grease. I had my suspicions with the title, the first several chapters, and the introduction of the male main protagonist who is involved with a group of men who race carriages for sport, The Thunderbolt Club. It was confirmed when the female main protagonist goes to London and befriends a group of women known as THE PINK LADIES. Seriously.

From that point on I kind of gave this book the side eye, while comparing every word and action to the movie it was based on. It was SO HARD for me not to cringe at some of the ridiculous dialogue between both the male and female friends’ groups. There is a secondary plot of some blackmail and the new Duke’s brother being involved in a secret society, but by that point I really didn’t follow along to closely. I skimmed to the end.

I’m assuming since the name of the series is The Thunderbolt Club that that the next several books will be about the rest of its members and The Pink Ladies. As much as I love this author, I think I’ll skip this series. This is 100% a me thing. If you love Grease retellings, then this might be something you would enjoy.

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A fun homage to the movie Grease. Sandrine meets "Danny" at the seashore of her small village. She falls for him, but he leaves town unexpectedly. Later, she convinces her overprotective mother to let her go to London for a fortnight. Good, sweet, innocent, Sandrine runs into Dane, the presumptive Duke of Rydell, and realizes he had lied to her. Dane is a scandalous rake with a bad reputation. Sandrine's new friends, the Pink Ladies, are determined she make Dane fall in love with her and then make him grovel. Having seen the movie Grease a million times, I pictured each scene as I was reading. Their unexpected meeting, the dance off, the curricle race... Sandrine is hopelessly devoted and convinced Dane is good and decent deep down. I don't know, Mrs. Oliver might have been right about the evils of London. Sandrine does let go! Now help me stop singing Hopelessly Devoted to you. I can't stop!

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