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The Price of Humanity

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Much food for thought about both American philanthropy and capitalism. I do work in the nonprofit world, so this book was of particular interest to me. Well organized and articulated.

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The Price of Humanity is a conversational academic work that grounds us in history and mirrors the present. I found myself highlighting many passages of definitions and can see me using this book as a reference for future articles and analysis.

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In The Price of Humanity, Amy Schiller does a fantastic job at describing the current state of philanthropy (especially that which starts in the United States), its historical roots, the problems inherent in modern philanthropy, and how we can better move forward.

Schiller's voice and chosen examples take this potentially dry topic to something easily readable and relatable. Did it help that I work in the non-profit space? Maybe! But I think this book is something that everyone who's ever donated money to a cause can get into- and get something out of. Some lines made me laugh out loud, and many of the examples situate the concepts in a very accessible space.

I really appreciate the lessons taught in this book. It approaches current methods of philanthropy with a very critical eye, reinforcing my beliefs and challenging me to expand how and why I may think the way I do about philanthropy/charity. I will definitely be recommending this to folks in my life--and not just those who typically read nonfiction!!

Note for the publisher--there were definitely some misspellings/missing or added letters in this eARC. I felt that it needed another round of copyediting.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a copy of this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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