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Mistletoe Magic in Tahiti

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This was a fantastic holiday romance. I liked the plot and the characters were a lot of fun. Very much recommend this book.

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A wonderful tale for the holidays! This is one of my favorite Harlequin lines and I would buy from this author again.

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Good book. When Sienna and her sisters discover that their parents are going on a cruise instead of doing their traditional Christmas family celebration, they make a pact to do something bold for Christmas themselves. Each will go on a two-week Christmas adventure alone to a surprise destination her other two sisters picked. They will know where they are going once they get to the airport - which sounds like a great adventure!

Sienna's sisters, Thea and Eliza, send her to Tahiti's Bora Bora. After a bitter divorce from her cheating husband, Sienna looks forward to rediscovering who she is. She has a bucket list of things she wants to do and adds kite surfing when she witnesses a hot instructor teaching two young girls. She gathers her courage to approach the instructor to inquire about lessons.

Kai isn't really a kite surfing instructor, but something about Sienna has him offering to teach her anyway. Kai is a former surfing champion with a billion-dollar business making surfboards, other sporting equipment, and clothing. I liked that he was honest with her about not being a professional instructor and that he wanted to teach her anyway. He is also the single father of a little girl, whom he is very protective of. He decides to keep quiet about Kinny until he knows Sienna better.

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Kai and Sienna develop. Their attraction is off the charts, but each is wary about doing anything about it. I liked how Kai made a point of helping Sienna check items off her bucket list. Their connection strengthens the more time they spend with each other. It doesn't take Kai long to realize that Sienna is the one for him, but there are obstacles to overcome. Sierra is wary of getting involved with anyone after her ex's betrayal, and Kai needs to earn her trust. She also has a full life back in London as an interior designer and influencer, so leaving it all behind isn't likely.

I loved the vivid descriptions of the places Sienna and Kai went and the things they did. I frequently felt as though I was there with them. I also enjoyed seeing how Kai's family embraced and made her feel welcome, including her connection with little Kinny. But when Kai makes a boneheaded move, it sends Sienna back to London, believing she'd misjudged his understanding of what is essential to her. It takes some time and a little pointed advice from his grandmother for Kai to understand what he did wrong. I loved seeing what he did about it. His big moment at the end was sweet and romantic, and the epilogue was a nice update on their relationship.

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This delightful meet-cute is sure to please! The first book in The Christmas Pact trilogy introduces us to the Kendall sisters who find themselves striking out for a holiday on their own chosen by the other two siblings. I was quickly hooked on the premise of the story and once Kai came onto the scene to interact with Sienna, I was sold. Their chemistry is adorable and their fast paced, endearing story held my attention throughout. I can’t wait for Thea and Eliza’s stories!

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Thank you to Harlequin Romance for the ARC. I could not put this book down. I loved Sienna story and am excited to read her sisters stories as well. Sienna is spending Christmas on a Tahitian beach when she meets Kai and sparks fly. Can you fall in love in ten days? YES!!!

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After a painful divorce, Sienna seeks solace on a Tahitian beach for Christmas. She takes surfing lessons from Kai, a handsome tycoon. When she falls for this caring single dad and his sweet daughter, will she give up her life in London?

I love the tropical paradise setting of this sweet romance. Sienna and Kai are likable and relatable.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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Two weeks in Bora Bora...

Sienna Kendall, recently divorced and learning to be herself again after a bad marriage, makes a Christmas Pact with her two sisters. They plan each other's destination Christmas vacations without their knowledge and only find out at the airport. On Bora Bora, Sienna meets Kai Hunter (these two have perfect book names). and she asks him for kite boarding lessons. They have chemistry and a connection. Kai, at 35, has a daughter, Kinny, he's raising alone. and Sienna, at 32 is just recently divorced. They are both packing some emotional baggage but have great bodies are attractive and have chemistry to spare. But they really have a connection. Who doesn't love a Bora Bora escape?

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This book was absolutely wonderful. I really love holiday romances, especially ones that have a tropical location. It was sweet and swoony, with a lovely holiday twist. I recommend for any romance lover.

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