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As a lover of Danielle Steel's books, this one was not a favorite. I enjoyed reading the book, there definitely is a comfort in the story, but really a long drawn out story which I knew the ending long before the last page. Again, a comforting, familiar read, but not exciting.

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Sabrina had a lonely childhood and after two failed marriages, she confines herself to the Berkshires of Massachusetts and becomes a successful writer. She is content in her life until she gets notification that she had inherited her late Uncle's manor house outside of London. She goes there and meets Gray, the lawyer who notified her about her inheritance. She starts to fall in love with him, only to discover that he is in a loveless, in name only marriage, He wants to fight for her, and asks his current wife for a divorce. Unmoved, Sabrina goes back to the States and starts to write her next book. Gray visits her in the Berkshires and the two decide to be more than friends. After meeting her mother, Sabrina decides that she is the people who raised her had the issues, and not her. Sabrina must define happiness for herself and not count on anyone to give it to her.

A good Danielle Steel. Interesting, well developed characters that all have flaws that humanize them.

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"Happiness is a choice, not a gift." Sabrina is a novelist who had a distant father and. mother that abandoned her. After two failed marriages, she finally finds happiness with her dogs in a converted barn in the the Berkshires. When her father's brother dies (who she never knew) and leaves her an estate in England she is shocked. Her plan is to sell it until she visits and also meets the handsome barrister who is handling the estate. Sabrina goes through a journey where she learns more about why her father was the way he was and also finds her mother.

I enjoyed following Sabrina as she finds love again and makes amends with her family. Though I was surprised by how many assumptions she makes about her mother after only briefly meeting and talking to her.

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As always, Danielle Steel gives us a heartfelt and warm story about choosing love and happiness. Her books are like comfort food to me. Many thanks to the publisher and netgalley for this early copy for review

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"Happiness" is about author Sabrina who finds out she inherited an estate in London. She ends up falling in love with her estate attorney, but he's unhappily married and Sabrina has a hard time getting over the fact that he's not single. Some of this book felt repetitive but I enjoyed the overall story.

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This book was such an amazing story, Sabrina did not have an easy childhood, her mom left when she was little, her father was there but never showed her any affection, 1 horrible marriage that she finally escapes from and she is on her own, she becomes a best selling author who writes psycho thrillers but always wonders why her mother left and why her father was so cut off from everyone.

After her father passes away, she finds out she has inherited property/home in England, which she doesn't even want. She goes to meet with the attorney and to view the property and is immediately smitten with the handsome lawyer, there are some thing revealed and she does get answers about her father, she decides to go back to the US but fate has other plans.

Once she has answers about her father, she decides she needs answers from her mother, then makes some big decisions in her life. She was a strong woman who wouldn't let herself settle for less than she deserved, she takes a huge leap of faith and gets everything she wished for.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC,

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The story isn’t long, 256 pages and it is compelling. Sabrina Brooks was brought up in an environment that did not generate much, or any love. Her mother left when she was six years old, and her English father was an English literature professor at Boston University who wrote biographies of famous British and American writers. Sabrina's only other family is an uncle she did not know existed. The uncle, Alistair lives in England on the family estate, he passes away and leaves everything to Sabrina. There is instant connection with Grayson Abbott, the lawyer, who is handling the estate matters, and Sabrina, who is crushed when she realizes he isn’t free to be involved. His obstacle is will he divorce his wife when it will cost a lot of money and it really isn’t done in their social circles. the reader is provided additional information on Sabrina as well as her getting some answers about her parents and upbringing. A modern-day Cinderella story transfers without fairy dust into embracing her family tree.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Delacorte Press

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This book by Danielle Steel was a little different than her normal books and I have to say that I loved it all just the same. The characters were complex but not too complex that you felt like you couldn't connect with them. They dealt with everyday issues that we all do.

Sabrina Brooks is a young lady that has not been dealt the best hand in life with her parents, but she has never wanted for anything either. When her mother left her at an early age, her father took on the role of both mom and dad. He couldn't even be bothered with an affectionate role as her dad, so you know he is not going to be more affectionate just because her mom decided to leave them. Sabrina and her dad have always had a strained relationship and she has learned to be on her own and not to expect anything from her dad.

Sabrina has a couple of bad marriages, actually just one bad marriage. Sabrina doesn't even like to count the first marriage as anything, but her second marriage was abusive and controlling. As soon as she could figure out a way to get out of that marriage she did. The only thing good that came out of that marriage is that she got good writing material for when she became an author.

Sabrina's father passed away at a young age and she had never meet any of her other family so she was pretty much on her own. Imagine the shock when Sabrina got a phone call saying that her father's brother had passed and left her the house that he lived in and that she was now a "Lady". Sabrina immediately knew she had to fly to the estate and see what was hers now. Why would she want to keep a house in the states and in England? She just wanted to get a feel for it or at least see it before she decided to sell it.

Sabrina never thought that the lawyer handling the estate for her uncle would be a handsome man that was the neighbor to her uncle's house's son. Grey was such a nice man and he and Sabrina hit it off almost immediately. With Grey being a lawyer, he is not out for Sabrina's money so that is not why he is so nice to her, it is truly because he feels as much at ease with Sabrina as she does with him.

Sabrina and Grey have things they have to work through, but Grey is at a point in his life where he needs to deal with some lingering problems that he has let go on for too long. Sabrina is in a position to wait so they have to feel each other out and make sure they are going to do what they say. I feel in love with Sabrina and Grey. I was also happy with how the book ended. Sabrina deserved to be loved since she had no resemblance of any affection towards her in her childhood and earlier life. This is a great read and I know you will enjoy it just as I did.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and all opinions are my own. Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for an advanced copy. Great read!

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Danielle Steel novels are like a warm blanket, there is a layer of comfort knowing that no matter how complicated the story is, there will be a happy ending - even if it is not exactly what you initially expect. I didn’t find this novel as engaging as some of her other novels, but it was still a well written and the storyline moves right along which I appreciate. It is not steamy like some of her books, so I found it to be appropriate for most readers but still leans more towards a more mature audience since the characters are a little older. I’ve never been disappointed by a D.S. novel and more often than not I use them as a reset after some of the more emotionally heavy books I read.

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Happiness is the newest Danielle Steel novel. I enjoy Steel for a quick easy read and Happiness continues that trend with its focus on Sabrina. Sabrina is an author who has not had a lot of happiness or love in her life. The early part of the story is a recitation of her early life and the rest of the story shows how she has lived in adulthood and how her life evolves as she gains understanding of her past and what might make her happy in the future. As Steel novels go it's not the best but it is an enjoyable quick read.
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange of an honest review. Happiness is on sale now.

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As I read Danielle Steel's latest novel, Happiness, I thought what happiness meant to me: is it having your family and friends close by, is it having a home that is paid for, or being able to travel anywhere you wish to go. I must stay it is all three for me. I would not like to have grown up knowing my mother just left me at 6 years . Even though my closeness to my father was similar to the character in this book, it was my fault for not inquiring more of his childhood and relatives. If you inherited a manor in a foreign country what would you do? Also, finding yourself in a love life that is quick and then shattered by your partner's dishonesty, do you continue with the affair and change your morals? This novel brings up a lot of questions about what happiness is and how the character defines her interpretation of it. Read Happiness to think what would you do in Sabrina's situation.

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I want to be Sabrina when I grow up (I'm 70). She has been thru fire and come out into sunlight. And Grayson, wooo! Their romance/love was very heart warming and in the end perfect. I haven't read Danielle Steel in a while so I am glad to have read this. You should too.

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Sabrina is a proclaimed auther. Who is set in her ways. When Sabrina unexpectedly inherits an estate from an uncle she has never met outside London, she is determined to sell the estate quickly and return home to the states. But she ends up surprised by how much she loves roaming the gardens and exploring the historic manor. As she spends more time there, learning about the family history and talking with the handsome estate attorney, Grayson Abbott, Sabrina begins to wonder about the life and stability that she has worked so hard for. Her thinking is going places she has never been before. Danielle Steel has wrote another page turner novel for us.

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I have not read a couple of chapters of this book and that is all I will be able to read. I have read several Danielle Steel books in the past and normally they have captured my attention from the first page. That did not happen with this book. It almost seems to me like this book was written by someone different. There were so many things about the book that seemed to make it read like it was written by an amateur. I really did want to like this, but in the end couldn’t even finish it.

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I enjoyed this book. It was heartfelt and romantic. It was about a woman finding love again after everything she's been through. I'm grateful that netgalley And the publishers let me read this in exchange for an honest review.

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Loved!! This was a great story about finding happiness in every situation, good or bad.

Sabrina Brooks is a best selling novelist of thrillers. When she was a child, her mother abandoned her and her father when she was just 6 years old. Leaving her with her emotionally absent dad who never showered her with love or affection. He was a non-fiction writer, his work came first. He provided for her: food, clothing, education, but not love or warmth. He saw her as a nuisance. He became a recluse when she went away to college. He died when he was only 51 years old from cancer.

Her first marriage was to a friend, so he could obtain his green card. Her second marriage to an ER doctor turned emotionally abusive once they were married. She escaped by running to a woman's shelter, then moving across the country to escape from him. Since then, single life was for her. She became a best selling novelist when she wrote a book resembling her controlling husband; sociopaths. Every book just gets better than the last one.

When she gets a phone call from an attorney in England telling her that she inherited a 300 year old estate along with a title from her Uncle, Sabrina flies out to see it. Immediately the chemistry between her attorney, Gray Abbott, is explosive. But Gray fails to tell her that he's married.

Gray's marriage ended 10 years ago when he found out that his cold English wife was cheating on him. But falling in love with Sabrina at first sight, has him wanting to be with her forever. But he doesn't come clean with her in time and she's introduced to his wife at a party. Now she wants nothing to do with the estate nor Gray.

This puts in motion Gray's need for a divorce so he can be with Sabrina forever. Only his ex is fighting him the whole way.

A great, fast read!

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Bestselling-author Sabrina Brooks appears to have a charmed life. Her thrilling career continues to keep readers on the edge of their seats while her converted barn provides a secluded oasis in the Berkshires. Adding in a sprinkling of friends, she's content with her surroundings.

When a letter arrives penning that she's inherited an estate in London, Sabrina is shocked and saddened that her family held her at arm's length throughout their life. Only in death did they provide clues to her ancestry.

Sabrina's first response was to sell the sprawling estate but friends and a handsome new acquaintance in London convince Sabrina she owes it to herself to tour the ancestorial home. What starts off as a way to say goodbye to her past awakens a longing for a family she's always wanted.

Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for the early edition of #Happiness in exchange for an honest review. A modern-day Cinderella story transfors without fairy dust into embracing her family tree. Will Sabrina allow her UK roots to sprout or is she firmly planed in the comfort of her US cabin?

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Another feel good book from Danielle that includes family or lack thereof, love, relationships and friendships. While I enjoyed this heartwarming story about an Author who writes thrillers, I thought I'd enjoy it more. It read very slow throughout. A genuine nice read. a slight bonus for a Wizard of Oz mention.
Thank you to Netgalley, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Delacorte Press and the Author Danielle Steel for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Happiness is one of of the best Danielle Steel books I’ve read so far.
Sabrina is a writer who loves the life she has built for herself over the years . She had a rough childhood and a couple unsuccessful marriages but she is perfectly happy with her career, her dogs, and the home she has created for herself . She soon finds out her estranged uncle left her an inheritance and isn’t sure how to deal with it or if she even wants to .
This is a wonderful story of family history, love and heartache.
Thank you NetGalley and publisher for a copy for my opinion.

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Danielle Steel posits that happiness is a choice, and Sabrina Brooks is her proof. Deserted by her mother, raised by a cold and distant father, she has become a wildly successful thriller writer. She is content with an insular life, with her dogs and a few close friends.

When she is left an English estate by an uncle she didn't know, she travels to see it and put it on the market, but falls in love with it -- and with the charming British lawyer who is handling it. But the course of love isn't always easy, and she must stand on her values and choose happiness in the face of great pain.

Steel's narrative style and emotional stories have brought her millions of avid readers, and Happiness will be sure to bring her new fans. #Happiness #NetGalley #SaltMarshAuthorSeries.

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