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Nature Lovers' Word Search Puzzles

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There are so many word search puzzle books available, but I found this one particularly interesting. It focuses on nature, with a variety of puzzle themes. There are puzzles focused on particular groups of animals (e.g., amphibians, mountain animals) or plants (e.g., night-blooming flowers, state trees). Then there are also topics relating to nature, such as nature museums, gardening equipment, or volcanoes. The letters in a puzzle are large and are spaced such that it is easy on the eyes.
This puzzle book is unique in that one can actually learn quite a bit from these puzzles. The list of words in a puzzle usually contains extra information (not in all caps, so it's easy to see it's not part of the puzzle). For example, the puzzle about world glaciers included the location of each glacier in parentheses. I also appreciated that indigenous names were given top billing whenever appropriate (e.g., Uluru instead of Ayers Rock). I also found myself wanting to look up any names that I didn't recognize (another good learning experience.
I would highly recommend this book for word search lovers. It's reasonably priced and you'll enjoy working the puzzles. Thanks to Dover Publications and NetGalley for providing a copy for review.

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This crossword puzzle book was a lot of fun for me. The puzzles contain a great selection of nature related words: plants, animals, geographic locations, etc. As a gardening nerd, I had a particular fondness for the “Cruciferous Plants” puzzle.

Good fun for individuals or for a classroom setting.

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