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Elinor Wonders Why: The Seed of an Idea

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This is a fun book based on a show. Youngsters would know the characters. The story is all about velcro and how a watch bad words. It focuses on problem/solution in a scientific way.

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I know this is based on a TV show, but what I like about these books is that they don’t feel like a TV show rehashed on paper. In this book, the kids wonder why a watch strap works and discover the wonder that is Velcro. This is a fun series of kids going I won’t wonder why something and then finding and looking for the answer. It just all works together well.

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Me and my children enjoyed this story with all the characters within. It's about Elinor and her friends that are in school. While in class Elinor see a friend watch band that has velcro and she want to know how it sticks together. So they go on an adventure to find out why.

This was an fun story to read. It had action, adventure and surprises. It had a few giggles within. The illustrations went well woth the story and were colorful.

I received a complimentary copy via Netgalley. This is my honest unbiased opinions.

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A delightful story about a curious girl who uses scientific methods to learn about her world. I can’t wait to read the other books in this series. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Kids Can Press for my honest review.

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Elinor and her friends discover Velcro on a watch band and wonder how it sticks the way it does. The gang sets out to figure out why and how it does what it does. This is a great story for kids and it teaches them so much. Instead of just learning about Velcro, the kids learn how to problem solve and test different things out to find a solution. I found this to be a fun, educational book for kids and am glad I got the chance to read it to my son.

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A great addition to the world of Elinor Wonders Why.

The curious rabbit is at it again, trying to solve the mystery of why velcro works the way it does.

Perfect for kids to get interested in nature and the basic science of objects.

This story encourages children to ask the whys while also appreciating the natural world.

Perfect for both a classroom and home library.

Thank you to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest opinion.

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Elinor Wonders Why: The Seed of an Idea is a lovely children's book full of nature, wonder and excitement.
The illustrations are delightful and help young readers visualise the story as its being read.

The story follows Elinor and her 2 friends, Olive and Ari, as they try to discover how the velcro on Ari's watch works. They experiment with different objects making observations about what the velcro will stick to and what it will slide off. This allows the young reader to discuss their own ideas of what velcro may stick to, encouraging critical thinking and early science ideas.
When they come across a bur seed they realise it sticks to the same objects as the velcro. Upon closer inspection of the seed and the velcro they notice small loops, which help the the two things stick.
Full of excitement they rush to tell their teacher about their discovery and she tells them about an inventor who had used the bur seed as inspiration for making velcro.

I would recommend this book to children aged 4-8 years.

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My son and I watch Elinor Wonders Why on PBS, and then I take him to our local nature centers in order to experience different aspects of nature (Vernal Ponds are a favorite now because of the series).

I am also an educator who is home schooling him. So when I saw this book on Net Galley (where I got it to review for a limited time) I knew I had to check it out.

It’s an excellent reader, and very timely for the fall when burs will be out in full force! I am going to read it to him in our nightly rotation regularly.

I love Elinor, and this book is no exception. The art is well done, and the story is great.

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Elinor and her school friends discover that great inventions have been inspired by nature. Ari comes to school with a new watch that makes a noise when it strapped to his wrist. The friends try to discover why this happens and if they can find other things that do the same thing.

Another adventure with Elinor and her friends that will encourage critical thinking and wonder.

A great resource for young readers.

A special thank you to Kids Can Press and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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Childrens book, approximately 30 pages. Explains how velcro works and how it was invented. Good illustrations to explain the topic to children.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing the opportunity to review the advance read copy of Elinor Wonders Why: The Seed of an Idea in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to authors and illustrators Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson. Thank you to Kids Can Press for approving my advance read request.

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I read this book with my daughter.

This book was so informational. My daughter is a curious girl, just like the animals in this children’s book. She’s always asking “why” and try’s her best to always find an answer. This book wasn’t just a book for fun, it can teach your kids some things about science as well!

We both really enjoyed this book and all the information it contained.

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Elinor Wonders Why: The Seed of an Idea is the story of a young girl (rabbit) and her two friends Olive and Ari. Olive is an elephant who never forgets, and Ari is a bat who is a joker and makes everyone laugh.

Ari gets a new watch, and is fascinated by the velcro straps. The three friends try to understand how the velcro works, they do a lot of hands-on observations and experiments, and eventually discover that the velcro is much like a bur in nature. They look into the history of velcro, and find that the person who invented it was inspired by how sticky burs were!

I love this story, how curious the kids are about how things work, and the scientific ways they went about trying to understand this interesting thing! Children should always be encouraged to ask questions and learn about the things around them. This book shows how fun and satisfying it can be to find answers to your questions!

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this eARC in exchange for my honest review on the book!

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My five year old loves Elinor Wonders Why, so we were so excited to see it here! On par with the show and other books, this was as great as we expected. Pictures were vibrant and fun. Thanks for the chance!

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A cute little gem of a book of science. This book is about science experimenting and making hypotheses and testing. Kids will love to read and hear this book and learn science without being immersed in textbook learning! A beautiful book to read for a science unit and learning about the process of science.

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