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Sons Of Valor III: War Machine

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Andrews & Wilson are individually two of the best writers working today, but combined they're unstoppable. The Sons of Valor III and Tier One universe is one of the most authentic and engaging fictional worlds I've ever read. Can't wait to see where takes us next.

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Chunk, Riker, and Watts are baa-aak as is Nadar, and Nadar is hell bent on his perverted revenge. Andrews and Wilson continue pumping out great plots and engaging characters with excellent writing that will keep you turning pages into the wee hours. War Machine is great read.

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I love military action books like this one. I also appreciate seeing the same characters book after book and some even in a couple series. It’s easier to get into the action when you’re not starting from square one. I have always liked Chunk and Heels. Their interactions together are intense. I wish some things had ended differently for them but it makes for an interesting build up for the next book.

I thought it was great to see Watts/Heels taking a bigger role. She’s not as seasoned as the tier one men and seems more vulnerable yet still strong. It’s an interesting combination.

This was an exciting book full of danger. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who likes military fiction. Thank you to Blackstone Publishing for providing me with a free e-copy of this book. All opinions are my own

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A continuation of the story of Chunk and Heels as they fight to bring down Nadar in his attempted Jihad. This one becomes quite personal when Heels is kidnapped and Chunk sets out to rescue her before Nadar blows up London. Chunk and his SEAL team must find a way to save Heels while trying to find a stealth drone. It ends up with Heels being the key to it all. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read.

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This entry in the Sons of Valor series is great; the character development over the course of the series of books have made these books really enjoyable. The plot was a believable one with the advance in technology happening rapidly, what would happen if terrorists got a hold of an advanced drone? Also, this book wraps up the overarching storyline of Nadar. Will be interesting to see what comes next in story for Chunk, Watts and the gang.. The authors have quickly become my favorites!

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War Machine is the third book in the Sons of Valor series, and Andrews and Wilson don’t disappoint.

In this latest installment, Chunk and the rest of the Tier One SEAL team find themselves back in action, facing what everyone had assumed was a defeated foe—everyone, that is, except Whitney Watts and her MI6 counterpart, Lucy Kim.

Although the British government has closed the book on al Qadar, the women launch their own mission to prove the terror group is still very much a clear and present danger.

Sons of Valor proves to be a suspenseful thrill ride from beginning to end, with Whitney having to go toe to toe with a terrorist mastermind and his cohorts. As Chunk and her other Tier One brothers race to intervene, the counter-terrorism analyst must draw on everything she’s learned from her team to both survive and stop a jihadist lunatic in his tracts.

Thanks to NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for allowing me to review this advanced reader copy of War Machine.

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Following the events in Dubai that killed terror mastermind Hamza al-Saud, Qasim Nadar is a national hero back home in England. The aeronautical engineer is the brains of Britain's newest unmanned stealth drone with A.I. as well as the new leader of al Qadar as a side gig. Political pressure and a lack of intestinal fortitude has resulted in all investigations into Nadar being dropped due to his hero status. Nadar uses his new fame to help further his plan of using Britain's newest weapon of war against itself. Chunk, Whitney and the rest of the team join up with MI-6 to stop Nadar from exacting his revenge that's been decades in the making.

The definition of automatic in the dictionary is just a picture of Andrews & Wilson's smiling faces. It's absurd how good these guys are and they don't appear to be slowing down any time soon. A&W aren't afraid to take risks and push the bounds of not-- only the story-- but their characters as well. I enjoy the growth of the characters and their interactions as much as the action.

If you've never read any of their work, Sons of Valor III: War :Machine is a great place to start. All of their work has my highest recommendation.

Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Sons of Valor III: War Machine.

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Book 3 in the Sons of Valor series.
I was so excited to read this book, yet it fell short of 5 stars. It was a good book, but not enough Tier One action for me. Great plot, the usual cast of characters, and some tense storylines.
Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson co-author this and other series,
which I highly recommend.
Thanks to Netgalley and Blackstone Publishing for the ARC of this novel.

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Suspenseful, agonizing and packed with non-stop action, Sons of Valor III: War Machine ramps the intensity levels to such lofty levels that you can’t stop your blood pressure from increasing or your heart rate from spiking.

Many believe the threat from terrorist organization al Qadar ended with the death of it’s leader Hamza al-Saud. But Whitney “Heels” Watts knows better, suspecting that British Aero executive Qasim Nadar is leading a double life that includes being the new leader of this terrorist group. Finding an ally in British Intelligence, Whitney jumps at the chance to pursue her hunch, but when they get too close to the truth Whitney ends up in grave danger with her Tier One teammates powerless to rescue her. However, “Chunk” Redman won’t give up and will do everything in his power, including setting back diplomatic relations between the US and the UK by decades, to help Whitney and see that Qasim pay for his evil machinations. And with stealth drone technology now in the wind and a potentially catastrophic attack in the works, Chunk and team better hurry…and pray they get lucky before time runs out.

Andrews and Wilson once again deliver their trademark brand of violent action accompanied by distressing anxiety as they put their characters through the wringer. And this time it’s Whitney Watts battling for her life, attempting to survive a harrowing experience better suited for her Tier One Operator teammates. But the connection she has cultivated with them in conjunction with her brilliant intellect results in heightened abilities that might just see her through to a reunion with the team. Meanwhile, Chunk is forced to play a waiting game, yearning to take the fight to the enemy but unable to be let off the leash until the proper intelligence is provided. And being patient is something he’s ill-suited for as a man of action who feels the pain of a teammate in harm's way. But if they can both survive the circumstances and the terrorist threat in front of them, they could come out the other side stronger and with a closer bond than ever before.

Unsurprisingly, Sons of Valor III: War Machine is another hit by the dynamic duo of Andrews & Wilson. And with the multi-book al Qadar terrorism storyline seemingly reaching its conclusion, it’ll be exciting to see where the authors take this series next. With great characters and limitless potential operations, the future is bright for Chunk, Heels and team.

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This was just as action packed as every Andrews and Wilson book is and should be. Tier One adventures are always fun whether it is Dempsey or the protagonist of this series Chunk. I would highly recommend this for fans of the series.

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War Machine is an action-packed military thriller and book three in the Sons of Valor series. While this can be read as a standalone, the events and characters are established in the first two books which should be read to really understand what is happening here.

Chunk, the leader of a Tier One SEAL team, is everything you would want in that kind of character - smart, capable, determined. He is a man with good instincts and excellent strategic thinking skills. He is loyal to his team, and they would walk through fire for him. This includes Whitney, the intelligence analyst Chunk and his team work with. When she and an MI-6 handler go missing, Chunk and team are on the hunt. It is so nice to see a group of alpha males who treat a female co-worker with respect and admiration. She is neither a sex object nor an ice queen. She is a fully capable analyst who is trusted and listened to. Our villain has depth, and his wife is placed in a tough position and must make hard decisions. My only quibble has to do with the actions of the captors. No spoilers here. I'll just say that I found some bits unlikely.

I enjoyed this book and this series. Fans of this genre and this writing duo will enjoy it too. If you haven't read anything by Andrews and Wilson, this series is a great place to start though they are introduced in the Tier One series which I highly recommend.

Not family friendly due to language and violence.

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I have read several books by these authors and keep coming back because they are really good. This story involves Whitney Watts going to tug on a thread that only her and a few others believe. Here is where the story begins. Lots of action and Chunk works hard to unravel the mystery. A fun book that keeps the pages turning. Some really good action sequences and tense storylines.

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Andrews & Wilson have done it again!! Of the three Sons of Valor series this one has more depth and intrigue and explores the personalities of the lead characters. The reader will learn so much more about Chunk, Heels, and we got Lucy again in this book. The bravery and determination that the characters display is very profound and the reader will cheer them on. The language and situations are so true to life that the reader is immersed into the story. I cannot wait for the next Andrews & Wilson book!!

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AWESOME!!! What a brilliant read!
This series is just getting better and better!
This is the 3rd book in the Tier One spin-off series Sons of Valor by 2 of my favourite authors.

What I love about their books is the attention to detail and I always learn something new.
If you love action/military thrillers, The Sons of Valor series, as well as the Tier One Series are must-reads.

Whitney aka Heels Watts was convinced Qasim Nadar had something to do with the Al-Qadar attacks a few months back but the CIA and JSOC considered the case closed and Nadar was hailed a hero by the British public and government.
When she gets a call from Lucy Kim who assisted a few months back with the Hamza al-Saud case, she decides to go to the UK with the blessing of Chunk Redman to see if they can find any evidence against Nadar. Are these 2 women able to bring down 1 of the most dangerous men since Bin Laden? Soon they are in grave danger and Chunk and his team of merry men from the Tier One Seals must dash to the UK to try and save the day. Will they be able to do it this time because Nadar is willing to play the long game.....

LOVED it!!
Thank you to Netgalley and Blackstone Publishing for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion

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Whitney Watts and "Chunk" Redman is back in Sons Of Valor III: War Machine and it's another masterpiece by writer duo Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson. I think this is one of the best books in this series and due to what happens in this story I wonder what will this group of defenders encounter next? This book is as always well written and full of action and suspense and it deals with some of the troubles with working internationally as well as politically. I really recommend that you try this series and I give a big thanks to Blackstone Publishing and Netgalley for giving me an advance copy of this great book.

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Chunk is the man! Great series continues. Every chapter feels like a cliffhanger—-couldn’t put this one down because every time I tried to stop I needed to know what would happen in the next chapter. Alongside Dempsey, two amazing series that I cannot wait for the next title!

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