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This is a captivating, opposites attract romance between heiress Scarlett and former boy band star Tate. These incredible characters are easy to fall for. The sparks, chemistry, tension and emotions really zing back and forth between them. The storyline offers an addicting combination of feels, swoon, laughter, heart, drama and twists, with stellar secondary characters. What starts out as a fake relationship turns into something more. Funny, sweet, insightful and inspiring, you won’t want to miss this love story!

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

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4/5 stars with 2/5 steam.

- Rockstar Romance
- Fake Dating
- Upper YA
- NYC Heiress
- Troubled Bad Boy
- Slow Burn
- Unrequited Love
- Coming of Age

Scarlett Lancaster is the NYC heiress to the Lancaster family. With just graduating high school & everyone having her eyes on her to what she does next, she finds herself kissing a has been rockstar at her 18th birthday party. She doesn’t know what came upon her, especially with her everlasting crush on Ian - The son of her family lawyer.

Tate Ramsay is the “has been” singer of a boy band that broke up after a short reign on the US music charts. After finding his high school sweetheart in his best mates & band member bed, Tate turned to drugs & alcohol to numb his pain. Now he is a 21YO with no music future. Until he’s hired to sing at the social media star Scarlett’s 18th birthday party. Until he finds himself in a position with her that he doesn’t want to end.

When Tate finds his breakout after Scarlett’s 18th, he needs to keep it going to keep his public image from tanking again. This is when he asks Scarlett to be his fake girlfriend with a 2 month stint in LA while he records music for a new album. Scarlett feeling lost with her future agrees, hoping it will make Ian jealous. But what spires between both ends up being a lot more than fake.

I enjoyed this story. I did feel it was quite juvenile compared to Monica’s usual writing. I did miss her spice, however I did enjoy the story with it being a very easy Sunday afternoon read.

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So in love... 😍
This book is just so sweet, and cute, and swoony... sigh
Tate is just perfectly imperfect, and flawed, that makes you just want to hug him tight and tell him that everything is going to be alright.
And Scarlet, is just scared to shine.
This book is the story of Tate Ramsey, an ex-boy band member that, in the past, fell in disgrace due to drüg and @lcohol abuse. But he is given a second chance when is hired to perform at Scarlet's 18th birthday party.
Things happen at the party, kisses are shared and one thing leads to another... Oh, wait that in the way you think... It leads to a fake dating situation, of course, duhhh.
But what starts fake, we all know, so it' turns very very real, and that's exactly what happens.

This book it's very different from the others in the series, it's very light and cute, it's a slow burn.
It is angsty especially towards the end, and you just want the heartache to stop, because you feel bad for them, and you want them to be ok and find their happy ending.
It has a lot of character building, and you see their changes happening and their fears conquered and you struggle with them.

The only thing that disappointed me was that you don't have an epilogue. I always love to know how the characters are in the future.

I hope that you can enjoy this book as much as I did and swoon for Tate. 😍❤️

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This is the story of Scarlett and Tate. She is a socialite and one of the Lancaster's. Their family is super close, but her dad is kind of the black sheep of the family and would do anything for his little girl. When she was a teen Scarlett was nuts about Fire Car Pile Up. A band that all the teen girls were crazy about until they crashed and burned. Tate Ramsey was their lead singer and took a nose dive into fame and fortune and ended up going down the wrong path. So you can imagine Scarletts shock and disappointment when her father at her party tells her that Tate Ramsey will be performing. However has the time of his life and sounds better than he ever has but when he sees the little princess in the crowd and brings her on stage to wish her Happy Birthday he is attracted to her. How could he not be. Scarlett is beautiful but when the pap's show up at the party one kiss leads to way more adventure and life changing moments than either of them could have expected. I loved these characters. I loved that we got the real moments with Tate when he was struggling to not drink. His struggles to deal with fame again. He and Scarlett together might not start out the best but i loved watching them build their relationship and turning into two people who looked after each other and supported each other. I will go ahead and warn you that you're not going to be able to lay this book down once you pick it up. I loved every single second of it. This is a beauty of a love story that you do not want to miss.

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Scarlett is the goody too shoes in the family and she wants to be independent and not reliant on her last name.

Tate used to be in a boy band member and he is ready to re-launch his career. He ends up being the performer at Scarlett's 18th birthday party.

Scarlett has always had a crush on Tate and after a kiss that goes viral she is surprised that she ends up in a fake relationship with him.

I loved this story so much!

I am always a sucker for a bad boy/good girl book and I just found Tate and Scarlett perfect for each other.

It would be the dream to be the muse of a musician so I loved that for Scarlett!

I loved how much Scarlett just wanted to be her own person and not in the shadow of her family.

I also loved how Tate reformed from his old ways and was the best version of himself for Scarlett.

Overall a great book by Monica and I cannot wait to see what she has coming next.

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eARC Review✨
Rating: 3.5/5⭐️
Spice: 1.5/5🌶

Thank you to Monica Murphy and Valentine PR for the opportunity to read and review this book.

This is a of age story between Tate and Scarlett. Scarlett Lancaster is the innocent heiress that is trying to grow her social media following and find her independence. Tate Ramsey is the disgraced boy band heartthrob sending out birthday messages to make ends meet. The two met when Tate is hired to sing at Scarletts 18th birthday party. Little did they know, one kiss between them would spark life changing events for both of them.

I loved the balance between these two characters. Tate has a self depreciating streak that Scarlett won't allow. She continues to express her belief in him and it inspires him. Tate doesn't feel worthy of Scarlett's belief but he is willing to do whatever it takes to be worth her faith in him.

This was a sweet story! I loved the dynamic between Scarlett and Tate. It wasn't my favorite from Monica but I still enjoyed it. I felt something was missing from the story to make it a 4 star read.

-Enemies to lovers
-Bad boy x Good girl
-Forced proximity
-Fake dating

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Monica Murphy has done it again with another incredible book. I don't know where she gets her incredible ideas from but she never ceases to impress me

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Omg I love this book!!

It's definitely my favourite that I've read by Monica!

There's just something amazing about Tate and Scarletts connection 😍.

I love fake dating books! They're my absolute favourite and this one was just great!!

I do wish that we had another couple of chapters at the end though, the ending felt a tad cut off? I don't know!

I still loved it though 😍

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Lonely for You Only is an addictive relationship of convenience story set in Monica Murphy's Lancaster Prep world and is Scarlett and Tate's incredible story.
Tate Ramsey used to have it all, he was the lead singer of one of the biggest boy bands Five Car Pileup, but all that came crashing down when Tate's alcohol and drug addictions got too big to manage, the pop star he once was and the lavish lifestyle he once lived is long gone. So when Fitzy Lancaster requests him to perform at his daughter's 18th birthday party at first Tate thinks it's a joke, why would somebody want an ex boyband member who hasn't been popular in years to sing at their party but when Fitzy says he'll pay him 1 million dollars, Tate cannot turn down this opportunity.
Scarlett Lancaster is finally eighteen, she has been waiting for this day for whats seems like forever, you see Scarlett has the biggest crush on a family friend's son Ian, who has always kept things platonic between them because of Scarlett's age but now she's eighteen she thinks Ian will finally make a move at her birthday party.
But neither Tate or Scarlett could have predicted how much their lives would change from just one party!
It's the night of Scarlett's party and she couldn't be more excited, if things go according to plan she'll be in Ian's arms by the end of the night!
However things didn't go the way Scarlett hoped, Ian dismissed her and left her party early leaving Scarlett devastated, which is how she ends up kissing Tate Ramsey in a darkened corner.
The next day there is a new scandal everyone is talking about, pictures of Tate and Scarlett have been leaked with the headline the Lancaster Heiress is in a relationship with ex pop star Tate Ramsey! But even though this isn't the kind of attention Scarlett wants and surely it's going to make Ian retract from her even more, it has had the opposite effect on Tate, he is back in the public eye for a good reason this time and everyone is loving his performance from the party and he ends up being offered a record deal!
But there is a big problem/stipulation with his record deal, they only want to sign him if he is in a relationship with Scarlett. Which is how Tate ends up in a fake relationship with the Lancaster Heiress. Is it wise being in a fake relationship with someone your extremely attracted to? Probably not but this is a second chance to be back creating music that Tate never thought he'd get.
"for whatever reason, I'm being given a second chance. They want me again. My manager. My record label. This is big, and I don't want to screw this up now. All because they want me to have a girlfriend who isn't actually mine."
With every day Tate and Scarlett play pretend it's making it harder and harder to deny the chemistry between them, especially when they head to L.A so Tate can record his album and it's just the two of them in a big secluded house away from all of the reasons they shouldn't cross the line.
"We are complete opposites in every way I can think of. This man shouldn't be interested in me-and I shouldn't be interested in him either. Not at all. Yet there's something about him...
Something about the two of us. Together. A magnetic pull I can't help but feel when I'm with him."
Being together is even better than either Tate or Scarlett could have imagined and it's making them question whether what they are doing is for show or just for them. When they are alone of course it feels real but there is still that doubt in the back of Scarlett's mind that is questioning whether Tate is calling her his muse just to keep her around so he can become a star again.
Can you really create a real and meaningful relationship when you started "dating" because of a contract? And how can you tell what's fake and what's real between you when your relationship started out as a lie?
Read Lonely for You Only now to find out!
I loved Lonely for You Only, I couldn't put it down it was incredibly addictive! I absolutely loved Scarlett and Tate, they are great characters who you can't help fall in love with! Lonely for You Only is now my favourite Monica Murphy book it was truly incredible, a part of me was sad when I read The End I wasn't ready to leave Scarlett and Tate behind! I also cannot wait for what Monica does next, I'll be eagerly waiting!

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I loved the tropes on this Landcaster book! Fake dating, enemies to lovers, boy obsessed, girl obsessed, rockstar/heiress, opposites attract, bad boy/good girl. So many! Scarlett and Tate were fun to read about and totally different from the other Landcaster books. I do think it was a little too rushed for me.. I wanted more!

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This book was so beautifully written. This had solid plot and great tropes. Wouldn’t expect anything but from Monica Murphy!

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The Lancaster family are back. Lonely For You Only by Monica Murphy is a new adult contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone. This is Scarlett Lancaster and Tate Ramsey's story. Rich heiress and reformed bad boy rockstar in a fake romance, what more could you want?
Imagine getting all excited because your father has told you he has hired the top pop star to sing at your eighteenth birthday party. On the day you find out the singer is a has-been and go to have a few words with him only to get caught kissing. It goes viral and everyone on social media think you are both dating now. You both come to an agreement to continue the charade, only after a lines become blurred and you can't tell what's fake and what's real any more.
This was one heck of a slow-burn story. If you love reading Monica Murphy and new adult, then definitely give this book a go.

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A wonderful and inspiring romance. Two people one living in the shadow of her family name and fame and the other living in the shadow of a disgraced carer in the spotlight. Both trying to be free of the chains they feel hold them back. This is their chance to take things in the direction they want and have every thing they ever wished for and more.
Monica’s characters speak to me and these two battling and winning over their personal issues and finding a happiness is the kind of book I love to read. It speaks to the dreams I have for myself and my daughter. Tate and his eagerness to protect Scarlett while still trying to make his career take off is inspiring. Despite his past he is working to make it right not only for himself but for her as well. Ensure that he is sober not because she asked him to but because he knows that being so is healthier for him and his success in life. His strength is inspiring. Scarlett was the girl I see as coming into her own. A young woman blossoming into the woman she hoped she would always be, while learning that you have to value yourself above others in order to get it.
A beautiful story of growth and love. Just my cup of tea!

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I really enjoyed the vibes of this book and how
easy it was to read, I haven’t read a ‘‘pop star
romance’ in a while and this has got me looking
for recs.

the only thing I didn’t particularly like was how
similar it was to a very big boy band… including the managers vibe

however this was a very small part and apart from that I ate this up

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I listened to this as an audio book in the car and I have to say I liked the audio in terms of the narrators and the adaptation.

It’s the storyline where I struggled and full disclosure rock star romances seem to be a bit hit and miss for me, so maybe that was it.

I struggled with Scarlett’s depiction -‘a couldn’t connect with that poor little rich girl story, wanting to go out on her own and instead latching on to the jaded (?) former rockstar. I love a fake dating trope but I struggled with these characters, even trying to imagine Harry Styles or Joe Jonas wannabes. Wasn’t happening.

The plot was pretty slow moving as Scarlett went along for the ride, heading to LA very quickly with Tate after being babied by her parents for so long. Nope, not buying it.

And then falling in love - there was nothing that could convince me this was a HEA. I just didn’t buy it and needed more.

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"You drive me fucking crazy. Your laugh. Your smile. The way you look at me." I tilt my head back, my eyelids falling closed as he kisses and licks his way down my neck. "H-how do I look at you?" "Like you believe in me."
MY FREAKING HEART! this was such a cute story! The girl who wanted to been seen, and the boy who just wanted a second chance. I really enjoyed this one!

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Scarlett Lancaster is the youngest of the Lancaster's siblings. When her father hires pop star Tate Ramsey to perform at eighteenth birthday. However, she's disappointed it's not Harry Styles. Tate, a reformed party boy, wows the audience and shares a surprising kiss with Scarlett. Tate is more outgoing, while Scarlett is more reserved. He brings out a more feisty side of her, while she seems to ground him. Tate’s life as a teen heartthrob had spiraled out of control, but he has successfully been through rehab and has been clean for three years. Now at twenty-one, he is ready for a comeback. After a steamy kiss at the party is caught by others and goes viral, Scarlett and Tate decide to start a fake relationship to both get what they want out of life.

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Tate and Scarlett story was another great one by Monica.
I was hooked from the first few chapters and didn't put it down till I was finished.
The way they ended up together was definitely a fun start.
I hated the way Ian acted. He only wanted the attention Scarlett gave him and not her. He was such a spinless guy it proves just what kind of a man he is when he lets his mother control him like that.
I absolutely loved Scarlett's parents, her dad especially. They were great parents to her and believed in her more than she believed in herself.
Her friend Rachel was great, she needed a friend like her to push her out of her comfort zones.
Tate and Scarlett became each other's muses and their story was another great love story.

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This story was perfection! Tate and Scar’s story definitely had me wanting to yell and hug them at the same time. I couldn’t put this book down.

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Lonely For You Only is perfect for anybody who have once loved a boy band that ultimately broke up leaving all who loved them in some form, heart broken and every girl (or boy!), but still pining for that one band member they would have done anything to date. Now, some may say that this is Harry Styles fan fiction, but for this instance, I'll say this for myself would be more along the lines of N'Sync fan fiction, because who didn't want to date and or marry one of their members and who wasn't broken when they broke up?

What Scarlett Lancaster's dad hires a famous pop star to perform at her 18th birthday party, the last one she expected was has been Tate Ramsey who used to be a member of her favorite band, Five Care Pileup. When the two share an unexpected kiss that makes headlines across the world, they decide that fake dating will do both of them good, by earning Scarlett social media followers and Tate a bigger and better reputation, re-jump starting his career. Nothing good comes from fake dating and they both start catching feelings for one another. Can they put their business deal behind them and truly be together or will something come between them?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the free copy of Lonely For You Only by Monica Murphy in exchange for my honest review.

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