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Animal Rescue Friends: Learning New Tricks

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Me and my children enjoyed this story with all the characters within. It about an animal rescue place and what is happening there. You meet the young people that help out at the rescue place and also that animals that have been rescued.

This was a fun story to read it had little stories throughout. All the short stories had action. Plus they had a few giggles within. The illustrations want well with the story and were colorful.

I received a complimentary copy via Netgalley. This is my honest unbiased opinions.

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In the next instalment of "Animal Rescue Friends" the team learn to count on one another's strengths to help both the animals and each other. As with the previous book, this is a graphic novel/comic style, with ten short stories, each featuring different children and animals. Each of the stories focuses on a different animal, what makes them special, and how to care for them. From the tripod Clover to the mischevious cockatoo Fred, from from beehives to apartment-proofing rabbits, this book gives a good introduction to animal care for children. Many of the stories also have an underlying theme of acceptance, and reserving judgement that can be applied to people as well as the animals in the book.

My kids really enjoyed this one. Aimed at kids 6 or 7+

~Many thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review~

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Well, I certainly didn't expect such varied content from this third book in this series – we're dumping the longer works and dramas for really short, bitty ones, probably due to some e-comic origin and the success of shorter-form pieces. We also plough through no end of different creatives on these pages, with someone new behind the script and art almost each time. Initially we have a rat for a girl to help out – her first time with said critter in this sanctuary she volunteers at. Then, while she bosses the place, a lad proves he has perfect transferable skills when a particular family comes in checking out the pets to go. We see a dog with three legs face the array of potential adopters, a sheepdog ends up caring for the ducklings with an escape habit, a third dog goes missing, a parrot provides mixed messages, someone seems too keen to see the cats, and so on.

What the shorter pieces all ultimately mean is that there is little time left for the worthy wokeness to turn up, as the fictions have to be grab-and-go. Beyond the obvious morals you can pin on these, such as making rash assumptions, stifling someone when their skills count the same as yours, and so on, we just have the drama – oh, and a lesson about bees dressed up as a drama. We gain a little variety when a rabbit features, away from the shelter, but generally still we have the welcomely worthy kids volunteering there and all that that entails. They can speak in unrealistically mature ways, they face a disproportionate amount of same-sex adult couples, but they show the variety of the pet world and the jobs that shelters have to think about on a round-the-clock basis. To that end, this serves a good purpose beyond being quickly entertaining. But I think the entertainment is enough alone to earn four stars.

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I really love these stories! The characters are great role models and there are facts about animals sprinkled in. I was so impressed as I was reading, each kid was kind and helpful throughout the story. It centers around volunteering at an animal shelter and due to that we also get to know the animals. I like stories where I would be happy that my kid was emulating their behaviors and how they treat others. This book is that!

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This was such a cute read! As an animal rescue volunteer I think this book is a great kid-level intro into the the importance and fun of volunteering at a rescue. The illustrations are amazing and the stories are cute and engaging. I would recommend this book to any middle schoolers who love animals.

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Thank you NetGalley, for providing me with this arc, in exchange for my honest review.

If your kid loves animals, they’re going to love this book!!

I read this in one go because it was just so good! But you can easily read 1 story at a time, as this book holds ten seperate stories.

The cover and all the illustrations are so cute, colorful and fun!

This is a graphic novel, so perfect for kids who like to read them or to change things up. I love to read graphic novels in between regular books.

While all the stories are cute, fun and heartwarming, they’re also educational. They teach you a lot about many different animals and their abilities and even disabilities. There’s so much to takeaway from these stories. Like Bell learning a lot about several animals that made her uncomfortable or affraid. By getting used to them and/or learning (more) about them, she stopped being scared and even started loving them. She also learned that it’s okay and sometimes even better, to be less controling and accepting help. Several characters experienced that pets can bring out the best in people and that humans and pets aren’t always how you think they are at first sight.

There are so many clever and hilarious moments, and all the stories have happy endings.

The adoption charts of all the animals, were such a great way to end this amazing graphic novel for all animal loving kids!

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This graphic novel is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! If your child has read the other Animal Rescue Friends, they will love this one too! It is so, so beautiful, the artwork is just perfect and the story is great, and this is the cutest way to teach kids all about kindness, friendship, responsibility, and taking care of those who need help.

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This is another great installment in the Animal Rescue Friends series from Epic books! My eight year old daughter absolute loves this series, and this book is a fantastic addition to the others. I’ve already preordered a hard copy of it for her home library! The colorful, positive nature of this book and graphic novel layout make it a winner for us!

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Such a cute little book about friends rallying together and helping animals. It is awesome that epic! original books are being published as physical copies, there are some really amazing books that the public will now be able to explore.

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As a fan of this series my daughter was excited to read this book. It is a graphic novel told in short stories. The animals are adorable and the book is perfect for ages 8-12. The favorite story was with the cats and how they can knock things over. It was really cute and completely relatable.

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My daughter is a 4th grader and she read this book in one sitting. She has loved everyone of these graphic novel. We have the entire set at home, and I have the entire set in my classroom. Every kid that reads this series loves it.

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Thank you, Net Galley gifting me, this book and exchange for my honest review.

In this case, the honest review is from my nine-year-old son, who wrote the book with me:

This is a lovely book of 10 short stories about animal rescue in pet care. Really liked that it focus on all types of animals and not just standard cats and dogs and it showed that you can take care of and love and bridge friendships to all sorts of creatures and people.

The illustrations were really nice, and it was a great and quick read for young readers.

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I like that this book features non-conventional animals and pets, like tripods or ducks.
Daphne and the Ducklings was my favorite story it was adorable.
I do with it was one complete story instead of several short stories. That was not indicated on the cover or in the description.
Thank you Andrew McNeel and NetGalley for the lovely digital review copy.

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An enjoyable work to read. The plot was interesting and entertaining, and the characters had a strong and will stick with you for a long time. I can't remember the last time I read a children's book that made me laugh so much. I plan to read this a second time because I enjoyed it so much. It's a great work for any kid to read. My one issue would be that there were points I felt lagged, but even though I thought it moved slowly at points, I still believe that it is a wonderful and entertaining work that you should get for your children if they are looking for a new book to read. It had an endearing quality that kept me reading and left me wanting more.

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Review to come November 1st on my blog/goodreads/amazon.

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

The newest Animal Rescue Friends and of course I had to click the request button! For some reason I apparently didn't see book 2 when it was there, but thankfully you don't need to read these books in order. While the stories have some continuity it isn't that big if you miss something. I love that!

In this one we get ten sweet new tales taking place at the Animal Rescue Friends centre! Featuring the characters on the cover + more! I really enjoyed each of the stories and I loved the big variety of animals that the centre gets! From a missing rat who is really missing her buddy and also teaches one of the kids in the centre that rats aren't scary to a collie who will be getting a special job to a bird giving order and all the hilarity that ensues to even a story about bees! Yep, there is something for everyone and I just was looking forward to each story and see what would be next in this centre. What kind of animal would we get to meet next? And how adorable will they be?

I also love that while the focus is of course on the animals it is also about friendship, about people working together (like the second story), about facing your fears (like with the first story, but also in other stories and not just the kids working at the centre), and making sure that the animals find their home or find a home. Each story is positive and each one makes me smile.

The pages just flew by and I had oodles of fun! I really need to see if I can find book 2 somewhere because I want to read that one as well! And I will be looking forward to more books in this series! Bring me the next one! I would recommend this one to all, if you love animals and fun stories this one is for you!

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This book was so adorable!!! It's perfect for children to learn appreciation and the importance of pet care. There are individual stories combined with beautiful illustration that are guaranteed to keep children fully engaged. I highly recommend!!!!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to write a favorable review. All opinions are my own.

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The illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and eye-catching, making it a pleasure to read. Each chapter contains not only a great story but a teachable moment, as well. The ARF crew makes this a fun and interesting book. It contains characters from diverse backgrounds and even another language. I found myself smiling from the first page to the last. Anyone who loves animals will find great pleasure in reading this book. I am looking forward to seeing what the ARF crew will be up to next. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for allowing me to review this ARC.

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Review from my 8 year old daughter:

I really like this book because it's 10 different stories put together about the Rescue Friends helping out animals. Each story is nice and has lots of cute animals in it. Even some that aren't cute but that's okay, it helps kids like me learn that all creatures should be treated with kindness. It's an amazing graphic novel for all kids!

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to let my graphic-novel-loving 8 year old read this and provide her thoughts to me. She quickly read it in one sitting and is perfect for young readers ages 6-10, especially animal lovers!

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