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This is a great book for curious kids! With wonderful explanations and great illustrations; I really enjoyed this book. The activities were well explained plus nothing was too difficult to find making it very accessible for a family to partake in the activities. I can't wait to do some of these with my kids and I do think that they are explained well enough that my 8 year old could read and do them on his own as well.

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I like how this book’s experiments used common, household items. I also appreciated the scientific terminology in the explanation of why and how these experiments all work. My kids love rainbows and I expected it would be fun to give them new ways of exploring them besides the few they have figured out on their own already. They are ages four and six. And, while some of the explanations and terminology will go over their heads, I still think this will be a great book for that age. However, we tried a couple of the experiments and they didn't work. I tried them on my own a few times and still couldn't get it.

I received a temporary e-arc of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

A fun rainbow/color science book that is very user friendly. The experiments are mostly made of things found around the house and pretty simple to make.

I would give a warning for the rainbow volcano as a potential staining project., so cover up with a lab coat.

It really contains everything, experiments, detailex explanations with examples, lab questions and little rainbow jokes.

I'm a fan

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The book was a short and fun read. Meant to be a guidebook for at-home experiments, the experiments are easy to do for kids and are enjoyable for both the kids and adults.
Books like these restore the wonder in science and nature for grown-ups. Highly recommended!

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“Rainbow Science” is a brilliant book by Artemis Roehrig.
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Amazing book of science introduction for little lovers of rainbows or science. My 3-year-old was very excited about all the experiments we did at home creating rainbows out of nowhere. Full of activities for little ones to do at home or in class and learn through a creative approach.

I am 1000% recommending this book to anyone with young kids, school teachers and librarians. It has so many things to learn and get inspiration for activities. In my opinion is a must-have for every bookshelf and I am definitely getting a copy for my daughter's library!

My special thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for my early copy.

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A delightful science book for kids, using rainbows as the introduction to talk to young students about light waves, color spectrums, eye cones, color blindness and refraction. It jams quite a lot in there in less than 50 pages! yet all of it is explained well without feeling like to much or an overwhelming about of info dumps. Plus, fun activities for a rainy - or sunny - day.

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I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a fantastic book. It's such a fun way to teach children about the science behind rainbows! The pictures are also adorable!

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What a gorgeous non-fiction picture book, full of facts and rainbow-tastic activities.

A stunningly illustrated KS1 book explaining all about the science of rainbows, light and colour.

Completely engaging and accessible for young readers, we highly recommend this colourful companion to any early STEM lessons (in school or at home) and full of age appropriate activities and experiments to try.

We have yet to meet a child who doesn't want to make their own kaleidoscope and if we are honest, we can't wait to make one too!

Thank you to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for sending this eBook for review consideration. All opinions are our own.

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This book has so much to offer, much more than you’d expect!

The fun filled explanations and the engaging activities are so well done. It’s perfect for the reading age group and it will require minimal effort/help from the adults. The materials needed are not extensive and easily available at home and school.

The cover, the presentation, the instructions and the illustrations are just perfect.

The book does what it’s meant to teach: all about rainbows, colours and easy explanations for the mixture of colours we see around us.

Thank you, Storey Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

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Such a beautiful book. I will be buying this for all my kids' friend's birthdays.

Beautiful colourful illustrations that grab the attention of parents and children alike. It's full of facts and experiments all about rainbows - I couldn't wait to try them out with my 3 and 6 year old. I've learnt things myself - I didn't know the space between a double rainbow is called Alexander's band.

I've had a look through with my six year old and she loves it, I'll buy her a copy when it comes out and enjoy the rainbow glasses that come with it.

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This colorful book would be great tool for children to engage with science concepts in a fun way. Most of the activities can be performed with common household items, and independently or with minimal supervision/assistance. On the other hand, I found the “what’s the science” page to be very dense, and not written with children in mind. Even as an adult I had a hard time digesting already familiar information.

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A great science book all about rainbows.

My girls love rainbows and this picture book is full of information and interesting facts.

How rainbows are made and how they can create their own was a lot of fun.

There are small projects to play around with some of the information taught.

The illustrations are a nice accompaniment.

We used this as part of our homeschool science lesson.

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This was a great book. There were many positive qualities. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange of review.

Balanced Learning:
I loved the mixture of scientific explanation and activity in this book. It was a great ratio, and I felt that neither one took center stage.

Great Illustrations:
Easy to understand, helpful. Adorable. It had it all.

Enough Activities to Feel Complete:
Read like a book I would consider using throughout the year for home schooling my son when he is older (he is 3). I could see his with ages 6-10 specifically.

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This colorful science book would be great for a science STEM book bin. It’s great for an elementary audience with its short text and bright colors.

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This is a great book. It’s colourful, educational and entertaining. My son loved the pictures. I can see this being read at home and in school, would be great in the book corner. I think it’ll work far better as a paper copy, rather than an ebook. I would highly recommend this.

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I love a book that makes science both interesting and approachable. Rainbow Science by Artemis Roehrig does both. Full of colorful, informative illustrations, this book explains complex concepts, like refraction of light, wavelength, and vision in simple, yet accurate terms. Even better, it is full of experiments that are actually simple enough for children to execute at home using common things that are already in most homes, like plastic baggies, flashlights, paper plates, and crayons or markers. In fact, this may be the only children’s science book that I’ve ever read where I’m pretty sure I already have all of the materials in my own house. Making a kaleidoscope out of a reused cereal box and chip bag, may be the highlight. I’m excited to share this book with kids who love rainbows!

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Wow this book is amazing! As a homeschool mom I can see a whole semester of science around this book. The projects are very accessible. It’s so nice when you can do things with practical items around the home. My 11 year old daughter took a look and has already done 3 activities on her own. Making a rainbow with a CD, a kaleidoscope and a color wheel spinner and has been able to explain how they all work to me. I’m very impressed and will be recommending his book to everyone.

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Rainbow Science is a book every school must have in their libraries. It is full of experiments, riddles, explanations and colour quest. Author uses easy language to explain concept with images which is required to cater all kinds of learners.

How our eyes see colours, how we can mix primary colours to make new colour, how we can engage kids in home to make rainbows - Rainbow Science is the answer to all these questions.

Rainbow in bubbles, Rainbow volcano and double Rainbow are my favourite concepts in this book because these concepts can develop inquiry-based learners. This book is perfect for all primary grades.

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This book gives a great perspective on the science behind everyones favourite, Rainbows! There are diagrams and facts throughout this book to help children learn how and why rainbows are formed, as well as activities galore on how children can do their own experiments to create rainbows. This book is a must have for anyone working with young children, as I’m sure we all know at least one child who is OBSESSED with them.
The facts in this book are definitely aimed a little bit older towards the 8-10 mark, however with some minor adapting by the adult reading I’m sure that it can be used with children in preschool. The activities within the book are age appropriate and easy to follow, the materials used seem easy to source. I definitely want to buy a copy of this book for my preschool class and I think we will get hours upon hours of enjoyment from it. I also love that the physical copy comes with a pair of rainbow glasses so that children can see even more rainbows in their life.

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Rainbow Science is a book primarily aimed at a younger audience, all about the science behind rainbows and why they look the way they do and where/how they appear. I always loved science as a child and am especially fascinated by rainbows even now, so I had a lot of fun reading this. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful and really added to the story, and the text was clear and well laid-out so this would likely be quite an easy book for young children to read once they are more confident with reading. I loved reading the different fact sections and the small jokes sprinkled throughout, and learned a few things I didn’t already know about rainbows which was definitely a bonus! I would recommend this to people of all ages looking for a fun and easy read on the science behind rainbows, as everything was clearly explained in a great way and the illustrations were very nice to look at.

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