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Another story that will touch your heart - filled with tangible character

When I first started reading The Fearless One by Lori Foster, I knew I would love this book.

“You know how to make an entrance, Jedidiah Stephens, I’ll give you that.” If he wanted to converse, she’d need a little more time. She concentrated on getting her lungs to function properly. “First you sneak in and watch me shower—” “Didn’t sneak.” She couldn’t deny the watching part. Immediately, she got another visual of him standing there tall and strong, his skin slick with water and soap, and she felt her face go warm. “— and then you do a belly flop off a moving golf cart. You could have broken your neck.”
“I tried to grab the leash.” And lost her balance.

I already loved Memphis from the first book of the series, and couldn't have been more excited about learning more about him. I was pleasantly surprised by some of his quirks, I was devouring every little detail about the younger Owborn Brother.

Then came Diah, and that was it for me. (Plus tuff, I mean, who doesn't love a loving and protective good boy!!). Diah is fierce, and courageous (even if she doesn't believe so), but also undeniably human. She is a bit clumsy and all over the place. I loved that the main love interest was flawed just enough to make her tangible.

Their story was perfect from the beginning to the end. Not too fast or too slow, just enough of burning and spice, exactly the type of fictional romance I could read over and over again. Lori Foster is easily in my top 3 favorite authors of all time, and I couldn't recommend this novel enough.

Happy Reading xx

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This is a good book. The two main characters are Dinah and Memphis. Dinah is trying to find employment, when she hears Memphis is hiring at his new campgrounds. She goes to see him and he hires her as maintenance. She wants to work there because she thinks there is evidence hidden about a family fire. Memphis helps her look for it. Her stepbrother comes to the campground he supposed to be dead. Dish and Memphis fight to capture her stepbrother. Dish and Memphis fall in love.

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Looking to find the truth about her past and her family Diah lands a job at a wilderness vacation retreat where her family lived in the past. The danger becomes apparent when she is noticed by a killer from the past who killed her family and is now out to kill her and finish the job he started. Suspenseful with interesting characters it is an enjoyable read.

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5 star

The story has suspense, secrets, and heartbreak.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first:
The Dangerous One (Osborn Brothers #1)

This is Jedidiah and Memphis's story. She is in town to uncover the whole truth behind the fire that killed her family. She is determined to get all the answers. She went through the clues and knew what she needed to do next. She needs Memphis to hire her. He can see things she is hiding but agrees to hire her. But when she really starts to get to the truth someone wants to make sure she does not find out. Can she figure out everything before she loses someone else? Or will she dig to deep and lose Memphis along the way to the truth?

I highly recommend this book.

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Diah is a resourceful and independent woman, capable of just about anything. She's on a mission to uncover secrets from her past. Her search leads her to a campground under new ownership and undergoing some renovations before it reopens. It's owned by Memphis but his reasons for purchasing it aren't what you'd assume. Diah gets hired as a handy woman and while she thinks Memphis hasn't noticed her and figured out she's up to something, she's quite mistaken. Memphis gives her some room to explore so he can have a better understanding of what she's up to, at the same time he's drawn to her and becomes very protective of her. While Diah doesn't like to depend on anyone, she comes to depend on Memphis and finds herself thinking about what ifs. These two really are great together and with the help of Memphis' family and friends the answers to Diah's past are uncovered. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review

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This was so good. Diah and Memphis are awesome! Diah is trying to figure out what happened with the fire that killed her family and Memphis is trying to protect her while at the same time falling for her. I love their chemistry and Memphis is such a great guy. I absolutely loved the book. Lori always knows what I want in a story.

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Lori Foster is an author whose romantic suspense stories and characters pull me. She delivers perfect escapism reads. The Fearless One shares Memphis Osborn’s romance when he meets Jedidiah “Diah” Stephens and her faithful dog. You’ll want to snuggle up for this story of romance, suspense and new found friendships.

While The Fearless One is the second novel in the Osborn Brothers series and contains its own suspenseful story & romance, it could technically be read on its own. You’ll get minor spoilers about previous characters/couples and villains. I, however, recommend reading them in order, since I enjoyed them both.

Memphis has bought a camp ground and has a plan to clean up the area, so he is shocked to find Jedidiah “Diah” Stephens and her dog staring at him while he uses the outdoor shower. Even more so when he discovers his brother & his new wife sent Diah for a job. I adored the meet cute and was already grinning as Memphis accepted his fate and showed her to a cabin.

Diah has nothing but the backpack she carries, her dog, and a lot of secrets. She isn’t her just for the job. This campground might hold the answers to why her family was killed. Of course, Memphis has his own share of secrets, like the reason he opened this campground and what he intends to catch with it.

The tale that unfolded delivered a slow-burning, pretend couple romance with plenty of suspense, new and old characters. Some from the first Osborn book and some from the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series. (one of my favorite series by Foster)

As Diah and Memphis get to know each other, they slowly open up, but they’ll need to be more forthcoming for their relationship to grow and to stop the danger that is closer than they think.

Secondary characters added to the tale from humor to suspense. There were also hints of a second romance and I hope Foster explores it. As is true of all the Foster books I’ve read, I closed this book with a smile.

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I’ll tell you up front, this is a little bit spicier of a romance than I normally read. And it felt a bit like an insta-romance, which isn’t my favorite. They meet, they dance around each other for a minute, they realize they’re falling hard and fast, and bam. They’re a couple. But still, it was a lot of fun!

The book starts off with a bang, as the way Diah and Memphis meet is pretty entertaining. A lot of women would have turned and run at that kind of introduction, but Diah doesn’t, and the sparks start flying then and there. Memphis knows she’s not being totally upfront with him. He gives her the job she’s asking for, but keeps an eye on her to try to figure out what she’s really up to.

It doesn’t take long before Diah’s past comes to catch up with her. When it does, both Diah and Memphis realize how they feel about each other, and what they stand to lose if she can’t break free of it.

What works: Memphis and Diah are both strong, well-written characters. Diah has a streak of sass a mile wide, and she can hold her own with Memphis. And she does. She’s a hard worker, too, jumping in and doing what needs to be done, both to help get the campground back into good order and to unravel the mystery in her past. I liked that Memphis wants to protect Diah, but he also isn’t intimidated by the fact that she is pretty self-reliant. He takes action when he needs to, but he doesn’t try to wrap her in bubble wrap and shelter her from everything. Their back-and-forth banter is a treat. They can joke and snark, but they can also have a serious conversation when they need to.

What didn’t: It felt like it took way too long to understand why Memphis bought the campground. When that came out, it still didn’t make a lot of sense. Is he law enforcement? A former bad guy gone good who wants to do what he can to help? That was never really clear to me. And if he’s investing in this rundown facility, where is the money coming from for that? Family money? Good investments? Ill-gotten gain now being put to good use? I realize this is the second book in a series, and perhaps some of that information on the Osborn family is revealed in the first book. But that always niggled at the back of my mind. Why is he doing this and where’s the money coming from?

Overall, this was a quick read that held my attention, and I do love a good happily ever after ending! If you like romance with a little heat, a lot of action, and characters you can’t help but cheer for, you’ll enjoy The Fearless One.

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What a fabulous storyteller this author is. I was engrossed from the beginning and highly invested in the characters, especially 'Diah'. From a rough beginning her life was traumatic. This story touches on her past with brings her to the present day at 24.
On the run for most of her life, but just who is after her?
Memphis's brother sends her to his camping ground for a job. Determined to work there she worms her way into his life and heart. Along with 'Tuff' her dog, a protector and yet total mush.
This wasn't a story full of excitement, but an emotional one. The lives of these people and their relationships, learning to trust and the discovery of secrets...however you just know something is coming, will they all survive>
"That dog is a cock-blocker"...yep the funniest quote :)

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I have read stories by Lori Foster for years and her books never get old with exciting adventures and wonderful characters to read about. I truly enjoy her stories every time.

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Jedidiah 'Diah' Stephens grew up on the run. After her guardian dies, she is determined to find answers in hopes of finally feeling safe again. She's a jack-of-all-trades, determined to secure a job at the campgrounds that might give her the answers she's looking for, along with her adopted Lab, Tuff. She has a lot of fears and insecurities but doesn't let them stop her from her mission.

Memphis Osborn a tech expert who bought a rundown campground with a mission in mind, but things take a sideways curve when Diah arrives and demands he give her a job.

These two are both keeping secrets about their past and their true motives for being at the campground even as their slow burn attraction draws them together. Memphis knows she's up to something, he wants to help. As his attraction and admiration grow, he hopes to convince her to stay, while she keeps one foot ready to go out the door.

While there are great characters and cameos from characters from previous books, the story and the relationship move very slowly. I love Lori Foster and usually get comfy and prepare for a sweet, comfy, gooey, suspense but I struggled with this one. It had a great opening scene when they first met but then the story fizzled out for me and it was difficult to stay in the story. I had a hard time connecting to these characters and their relationship. The story didn't really pick up again until Remmy and other characters came on the scene, then everything felt rushed to finish.

I definitely had mixed feelings on this installment in the series but I hope Remmy will be next in the series.

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3.5 Stars

I enjoyed The Fearless One. I love romantic suspense and I liked the suspenseful elements here, like trying to find out why Diah was intent on getting a job at the campground. Diah is alone in the world after losing her family in a fire. The man who rescued her and was a surrogate father is now dead as well, so she’s out searching for answers.

Memphis Osborn is revamping the campground, hoping to open soon. I wondered what his motivations were since it was clear it wasn’t just financial/business considerations. Memphis and Diah’s plans intersect. He hires her for handywork and they dance around their mutual attraction.

I wish it didn’t take so long to unravel the whys of what was driving Memphis and Diah. I feel like I would’ve been more invested if I knew sooner. I think most of the focus was on their romance, and I was more interested in the mystery.

Still, it was an entertaining mystery, heavy on the romance, and I enjoyed how it all worked out.

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Romantic suspense fans will be glued to the pages of Lori Foster’s latest page-turner, The Fearless One.

Jedidiah Stephens has come to the Colorado Rockies for one single reason: to uncover the truth behind the fire that had killed her entire family. Nothing will deter Diah from getting to the bottom of this mystery and her investigation has led her to an isolated campground where she plans to get a job and investigate who comes and goes. Romance is the very last thing on her mind – until she meets her boss Memphis Osborn, who immediately gets under her skin…

Memphis immediately senses Diah is hiding something, but despite his better judgment, something compels him to give her a job. As they begin to work side by side, the chemistry between them quickly ignites and giving into temptation quickly proves inevitable. However, Memphis cannot shake off this feeling that the woman he has fallen head over heels in love with is keeping something from him. Something that could turn his whole world upside down.

As Diah begins to get closer to uncovering the truth about her family’s past, the more frightened she becomes. But what happened that fateful night could put Memphis in danger – and she will never forgive herself if she ends up losing the man who has come to mean everything to her.

Much-loved reader favorite Lori Foster hits the jackpot yet again with The Fearless One. Dark, sensuous and captivating, The Fearless One is a nail-biting tale of desire, jeopardy and passion packed with twists and turns, tension, emotion and drama that will keep readers turning the pages late into the night.

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THE FEARLESS ONE (Osborne Brothers Book #2) by Lori Foster is a gripping, fast paced romantic suspense featuring another Osborne brother fighting injustice. While this story can easily be read as a standalone, there are carryover characters from the first book, and I enjoyed it more by reading The Dangerous One first.

Jedidiah “Diah” Osborne and her dog, Tuff arrive at the Colorado campgrounds Memphis Osborne has purchased to rehab and use in his plans. Diah is qualified in all the trades and really needs the job, but she also has her own reasons for showing up at this particular campground. When Diah begins sneaking around, she does not realize Memphis knows her every move.

Diah and Memphis feel a powerful attraction to each other, but they are both hiding secrets. When they warily agree to work together, Memphis’ protective instincts are on full alert, but Diah begins to fear her past may come back to take Memphis from her, too.

I have enjoyed this entire fictional world of vigilante characters from The McKenzie Series and then this offshoot of books with The Osborne Brothers. Diah’s past was heartbreaking and yet she was so strong and determined through it all even when she believed she was always afraid. Memphis was an excellent hero who was protective, smart, and sexy. I loved the witty back and forth dialogue between them before and after their secrets are revealed. The sex scenes are super-hot and explicit, but not gratuitous. The suspense plot in this book has a lot of set-up and you do not find out Diah’s background until half way through which made it drag a bit for me in the first half, but the second half takes off at a fast pace to the climax.

Overall, an exciting romantic suspense with wonderful main characters.

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I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book, but I can say that it exceeded any expectations I may have had.

Memphis was introduced in previous books, but you never really knew much about him. Diah is a totally new character in this book. The way they just "click" from the beginning makes for a very enjoyable book. There's plenty of banter and "bickering" as well as both characters second guessing things a lot, but Foster is adept and making it all work for a great story.

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This book didn't grab me as others in this, and prior series, have, but I still enjoyed it.

Memphis Osborn has recently relocated to Colorado, to be near his brother, and pitch in with his brother and sister-in-law's endeavors. He's bought a campground and plans to fix it up just enough to lure people there who are up to no good, and get them caught. Everything is going to plan until a woman shows up, all but ordering him to hire her on.

Jedediah Stephens, Diah to her friends, is hunting for the truth about the fire that killed her family when she was a teenager. She comes to the campground to get a job so she can easily snoop around, but she didn't count on Memphis. He's so compelling, and their chemistry is such that it's throwing her off her game completely.

Memphis and Diah expertly dance around each other's secrets until they can't anymore, and then their chemistry and connection take over. The delay in their admissions to each other went on a little too long for me, to be honest. Also, the villain of this piece, and their motives, were pretty apparent to me from early on too, while that's not typically the case in this author's stories. So the suspense part of the story fell a bit flat for me this time.

I really enjoyed both main characters in the book, and their connection was strong and palpable, but the storyline wasn't really a hit for me. I did enjoy the peek of Madison from the McKenzies series, who is Memphis' BFF. I also loved getting a closer look at the side character of Remmy, who is clearly going to be a future hero. I am looking forward to his story with the newest campground employee, Lane.

So, overall this one didn't hit for me the way this author usually does, but I will gladly try again with Remmy's story!

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I've been reading Lori Foster's books for years and they never disappoint! They're filled with romance, suspense, and strong yet compassionate characters. There are always adorable animals, too. This book is a great example of her talent!
Memphis and Diah are one of my favorite couples. Their chemistry is off the charts and they're people I'd love to get to know in real life. It's great to get to see some of the characters from her previous books, like Jodi and Madison.
If you haven't read Lori Foster's books then this series is a good one to start with! The Osborn brothers are awesome!
I received an ARC of this story and this is my honest opinion.

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The Fearless One is set in the same universe as The Road to Love series, and I absolutely loved it! Diah is my kind of heroine for sure. She's a survivor, and she does what's necessary to keep on going. Her life has been anything but easy, but now, on Memphis' campground, she has a fragile hope for some peace.

Memphis has bought the campground with ulterior motives, but he's not ready to share those with his new employee. At the same time, Diah is looking for something important, but she's not sure what it is.

Love is in the air, as it's practically crackling whenever Diah and Memphis are close to each other physically. The pace is rather slow at first, so I got to know the characters well. Then, it sped up with the suspense parts, and other characters showing up on the campground who were definitely not there to have a good time.

Foster masters romantic suspense, and The Fearless One is well written with strong, well-rounded characters, hot looks and amazing chemistry.

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3.5 stars

Jedidiah has an interesting backstory that pulled me into this book. She’s prickly and very independent, but that’s to be expected. Memphis has so much caring and patience for her once he gets over his initial introduction to this stranger.

As much as I respected Diah and could see a level of maturity and common sense beyond her years, there were many times in this story when I found myself imagining her as a teenager. Which, considering her eventual relationship with Memphis and his thoughts about her, was icky. I had to keep reminding myself she was a full-grown adult well into her 20s. I don’t know if it was intentional since she did not have much experience in socializing while growing up. Luckily, when Memphis and Diah shared flirty banter and eventually more, she didn’t come across as that young. It was more of her inner dialogue while trying to figure her life out.

There is a character that was introduced as a bit of a sleaze in the first book, The Dangerous One, who had a lot of growth in this book. By the middle of this story, I adored Remmy and I’m now hoping he gets his own HEA eventually. He’s kind and intuitive as well as protective and canny. He will make someone a fine romantic partner.

While I found Diah’s story intriguing, the build-up to the action felt long. Especially for how quickly things were wrapped up in the end. Overall, I enjoyed the story, but it felt a bit uneven.

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I love plots like this, where the FMC is alone and has a secret and the MMC seems like a “Boy Scout” and she just needs his help/a job/etc…

Now Diah gets sent to Memphis’ new campground by his brother, and nobody but she knows how badly she needs to be there. And of course, he’s not just what he appears, although she first meets him when he’s singing in the outdoor shower, thinking he’s alone, so she gets a COMPLETE picture…

But as with the other Osborne book, there’s a mystery, maybe more than 1, afoot, and you’re in for a ride.

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