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This is what I would place into the “old-school” type of romantic suspense. The premise is instalove, and a strong alpha-male protective type. Diah is a complete contradiction…she is written as independent in many ways, but totally clueless in others. The story moved quickly, and there’s enough intrigue and mystery to keep the story moving forward. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to provide my honest review.

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Foster knows how to put together a thrilling story. Unique characters and situations are Foster’s specialty. “Diah” lives a wandering lifestyle in hiding from someone who killed her family years ago. She has manual labor skills, a dog, camping gear, and persistence. Memphis owns the non-functional campsite where “Diah” wants to work so she can look for evidence against the killer. However, Memphis is running an investigation of a different type, trying to lure in criminals.

In many Foster stories, the chemistry and heat sizzles. This felt more of a meet-up turns friendship, which is appropriate for the story. Deeper feelings develop, of course (this is romance).

This is a me problem: A name is a just a name, but Jedidiah as the name for a female character took me out of the story numerous times (mental image interruption), and calling her “Diah” didn't help. It’s hard jeeping an image of a female character looking a certain way in my “character bank brain” when another mental image flashes and says nope- beard, beanie, brawny (That’s what Jedidiah sounds like to me lol - probably leftover from another book). To be fair, I looked it up on a baby name list and about 4,000 female babies were named Jedidiah last year.

This story is part two of a trilogy, and it relies on events from book one. I found myself filling in gaps by inferring and taking big leaps. I think this probably affected my grasp of the nuances of the mystery/suspense. I figured it out though, Foster is good at giving readers what we need.

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This is the type of book that fits perfectly into the romantic suspense category. Attraction between the characters was there from the start. Jedediah came to town on a mission, and Memphis found themselves attracted to her, but also intrigued. It was hard to see who the villains were, and it was a surprise at the end. All in all I was at the edge of my seat, highly entertained by the romance throughout the book

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3.5 stars

Book 2 of the Osborn brothers, focusing on previous secondary character Memphis. Timeline wise, this connected stand alone takes place after Hunter’s book. We get to know more of Memphis and his place in the McKenzie world. He is paired with Diah, who has her own baggage and concerns.

I feel like there are two parts to this book. The Memphis/Diah budding friendship to more piece which was excellent and the intrigue story line. The Memphis/Diah was a winner and I really enjoyed these two together.

The intrigue story line (for me) relied a bit too much on previous storylines - including pulling in previous main characters that newer readers may not really know. These were nice tidbits for loyal readers, but may leave new followers a bit confused. This portion of the story line seemed to unfold almost at the last minute.

Overall, I found this book entertaining. I especially loved Tuff the dog! I am a bit curious if Remy has a story soon.

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Terrific blend of action, suspense, and romance. It can be easily read as a standalone, but reading the first book will fill in some of the gaps regarding the secondary characters in this book.

Memphis is a tech geek who purchases a rundown campground notorious for the shady characters who used it. He secretly plans to use his over-the-top security to identify and stop illegal activity. The site was still under renovation when Jedediah (Diah) showed up looking for a job. He's reluctant to hire her, but his brother insists she's perfect for the job. I loved that conversation between the two men. Memphis appears to be a laid-back guy, but there are moments where an unexpected intensity shines through.

Diah has been on the run for ten years and on her own for two, always looking over her shoulder for the danger she left behind. She is looking for the truth about the deaths of her family, and that search leads to Memphis's campground. All she needs is to get hired so she has the opportunity to search for it. I liked Diah a lot. She is much stronger and braver than she thinks she is. She is also intelligent and intuitive.

I loved the first meeting between Memphis and Diah. Memphis is unflustered at being caught in the outdoor shower while Diah brazens her way through her surprise. The banter between them was funny as each tried to hide their immediate attraction. Neither trusts easily, and I enjoyed watching them get to know each other. Memphis senses that Diah is hiding something but he's willing to give her the space and time she needs. From the start, he feels protective of her, and that protectiveness doesn't always sit well with the very independent Diah.

I liked the slow building of Memphis and Diah's feelings for each other. The chemistry is there and acknowledged, but there needs to be trust before they are ready to do anything about it. I loved their interactions, from arguing over Memphis's protectiveness to Diah needling him about the way they met. But once they've earned each other's trust, there is no holding back.

The suspense of the story was good. Diah is looking for information about the fire that killed her family. Unfortunately, she doesn't know exactly what she is looking for. At the same time, the local crime boss has plans for the campground. This guy is seriously creepy and evil in how he runs his business in town. The tension builds slowly until it explodes in a nail-biting confrontation at the end.

My favorite secondary character is Diah's dog, Tuff. Like Diah, he is wary of strangers and is as protective of her as she is of him. He has excellent instincts and takes to Memphis right away. Tuff's trust in Memphis is sweet and helps Diah trust him, too. Remmy runs a close second as a favorite. He is a former thug, so he still gives off bad-guy vibes but tries to live a better life. I liked the growing friendship between him and Memphis and his surprise that Memphis trusts him. After getting off to a rough start, Remmy and Diah also become friends. I laughed out loud at Diah and Remmy's conversation about her relationship with Memphis.

I liked seeing Hunter, Jodi, and Madison from the first book. Hunter and Memphis have a terrific relationship as brothers, and I liked their mutual respect. I liked the teasing between Jodi and Memphis. Madison fascinates me. I need to find that series and read it.

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This is a brilliant romantic suspense novel and crime thriller, too,
With Jedidiah Stephens seeking to uncover what's true.
She knows the clues are hidden on a camp ground
But she's unsure just where they are to be found.

She demands a job working at the camp site
Memphis Osborn wonders why but gives in to her plight.
Then the fun starts as he has his own secret agenda, too,
When attractions builds what should they do?

A gripping, edge of your seat read,
With great characters all endeavouring to succeed.
But with plots and schemes, danger and romance
This story is definitely worth giving more than a chance!

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.

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Another great book by Lori Foster. Memphis, Hunter's brother, is up for his story to be told. This one had me right from the beginning and I didn't want it to end. I mean Diah and Memphis' first meeting is quite memorable. Diah hasn't had the easiest life and learning her backstory broke my heart. Memphis is reopening the campground for more then it's intended use. He wants to help do the work his BBF and her family do. Along side his brother as well. We get some more of Remmy to my delight. Diah and Remmy create an unlikely bond, but one you could easily see happen. Watching Memphis be a supporting pillar for Diah enough to make her and her dog feel safe really warmed my heart. This book also has the romantic suspense elements to the book and boy do they cause twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. Diah will realize how much inner strength she does have when secrets of her past some to light. It's so good!!! We also get a visit from Memphis' BBF Madison and her family. That made me giddy. This is a book I highly recommend. It has the perfect combination of heat, heart, humor, and suspense.

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Jedidiah has come to the Colorado Rockies in search of answers. She wants the truth behind the fire that killed her family. She gets a job at the new campground owned by Memphis Osborn and sparks fly! But the more she investigates her family’s deaths, the more dangerous it becomes for Jedidiah and she just might lose Memphis in the process.

Jedidiah is a fabulous character. And I swear, I laughed out loud when she met Memphis! He is naked in the shower so you can just imagine how well this goes! And their chemistry just keeps getting better and better. And Memphis is very protective and you just can’t help but love this couple.

I have not read a Lori Foster book in FOREVER! And no idea why?? She is a solid writer with real characters and real situations. This book checks all those boxes. I did feel it was a bit long and could have been shortened a little bit.

Need an all around good romance…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today n

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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Jedidiah Stephens (aka Diah) and Memphis Osborn are wonderful characters, but Lori Foster has put wonderful characters throughout this entire story! It was great seeing some familiar faces again too.

Diah, and her faithful companion, Tuff, are looking for clues as to what really happened to her family. Her search has taken her to Memphis’s campground that is about to be reopened for business. Unbeknownst to Diah, Memphis has purchased the low budget campground with the intent to catch less reputable individuals doing illegal activities. I knew immediately I would fall in love with Memphis when Diah stumbles across him singing in an outdoor shower, naked! Instead of being embarrassed, he just continues showering, insisting he has no appointments for that day!!

Memphis quickly recognizes that Diah has had a trouble life, hires her as a handywoman around the campground and the sparks fly! He calls her “The Fearless One,” though she often denies it.

This story is full of chemistry, humor, great sex, and what true family is all about! Lori Foster always delivers. I received this ARC from NetGalley, and this is my honest review.

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The Fearless One is the second book in the Osborne Brothers series. This one is Memphis and Diah's story. Like his brother Hunter, Memphis has a plan and never counted on a woman to be a part of it. Diah has been moving all her life and now she is back at a familiar camp site to try to figure out why her family died in a fire. This one works well as a stand alone. Characters from the previous book do show up in this one, but you won't be lost.

It's been a pretty busy December, so this will probably be the last book I finish reading this year. What a way to end the year. I always love Lori's books and this one was no exception. She always writes strong heroes who fall for strong women. The chemistry between Memphis and Diah was intense. I loved watching them fall for each other. Diah's story was heart breaking, but she landed in just the right place. There is a little bit of a mystery with a twist at the end. As I said before, characters from the first book, The Dangerous One, and the series before this one (The Mackenzie's of Ridge Trail) show up here. I love Memphis's "BFF", Madison. She is just so much fun. I highly recommend this one. I can't wait to see what comes next. I hope that Remy gets his own story!

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Another great read by Lori Foster. Memphis Osborn and Jedidiah Stephens get their own story in The Fearless One. I loved the characters, and I also enjoyed the reappearance of Hunter and Jodi from The Dangerous One as well as Madison McKenzie from the McKenzies of Ridge Trail Series.
The Fearless One offers a great mixture of romance and suspense. It is sure to please avid readers of romantic suspense. I hope to see Remmy and Lane get their own story in the next book in the Osborn Brothers series!

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Jedidiah was a wandering woman. She had been on the move for so long she didn’t know how to function without complete uncertainty. Grabbing her dog Tuff, and jumping off the back of a strangers truck at her newest job was the latest greatest adventure. Except this one should help clear up her tragic past. Now to just get hired.

Memphis set to reopen the campgrounds in a more honest way than the previous owner had run things. He knows that trouble would surely follow as soon as he was up and running. He just didn’t know how quickly it would find him, and bet set behind piercing aqua eyes.

Diah and Memphis have their hands fun, trying to each keep secrets from one another and stop themselves from falling in love, all while dodging bad guys and former bad guys turned goodish.

Another great story from Lori Foster in the Osborn Brothers series. Book one was titled The Dangerous One but you don’t need to have read it to follow along. They both read as standalone but do yourself a favor a read it anyway, you won’t regret it.

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Memphis Osborn is a smart computer whiz. He bought a campground and is working on getting it fixed up. When Diah Stephens arrives, he is suspicious, but she needs a job and is insisting on staying. Diah is alone in the world and looking for something at the campground tied to her past. Memphis knows she is there for something, he doesn't want to scare her off by asking, but he is also growing fond of Diah and doesn't want her to leave.

Diah shows up with Tuff, who is a great protector dog and who immediately takes to Memphis. There were times that it seemed like Tuff would answer questions but would always go back to his nap. Diah is leery of new people but is a good judge of character, she hides behind her glasses and has a tendency to stare. However, her eyes, according to Memphis, has a way of giving her away.

I really enjoyed this book, I felt that there was a hidden second story line. Diah has a way of pulling at your heart strings, you don't really get to see her strength until everything comes to a head. I loved seeing Hunter and Jodi and Madison again. They really added to the story. I loved how the story continued to build and made you want to start biting your nails to find out what happens next. I really am enjoying the Osborn Brothers series, and I cannot wait to see more of Remmy. He seems like a very interesting guy.

Received ARC in exchange for voluntary honest review from NetGalley and Lori Foster.

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If you’ve read a Lori Foster romance/thriller before, you know what you’re getting. The heroine is spunky and independent and the hero is protective. They are instantly attracted to one another, but you’re going to have to wait a bit before they take action on all their silent, heated looks at one another. There is some vague mystery threatening our heroine and soon you meet the evil baddies. As the book goes on, the bad guys start getting closer to our hero and heroine. Then it all comes to a head and gets resolved within a couple of pages. That’s what happens here.

The heroine, strangely named Jedediah, has come to this remote campground in Colorado and gets hired by the hunky Memphis. He is fixing up the abandoned campground for some barely explained reasons. Apparently, he is going to all this work and money so that he can catch the bad guys who used to use the campground. That is never explained all that well. We finally get the story of Jedediah’s sad history and what brought her to this campground. She’s looking for something, but doesn’t know what it is. It’s all rather vague. But Memphis is a good guy and her dog is very sweet and cute.

If you like Foster’s previous novels, you’ll enjoy this one. If you’re looking for a believable romance with realistic characters, this might not be your cup of tea.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.

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Diah and Memphis’ love story in by Lori Foster, book two in the Osborn Brothers series, is an emotional, non-stop action, twists and turns, emotional, touching, gripping, intense, and riveting tale; one I struggled to put down. Jedidiah (Diah) Stephens is a woman on a mission; arriving in the Colorado Rockies with one plan, to find out what happened to her family; the details about their deaths has bothered her for years. Looking for answers, she applies to work at a campground, left as a clue for her. While she's working she can do her own investigating and see what she can find. It’s the perfect way to find the answers she needs; except she never expected to also find love.

While Diah, and her dog Tuff, searches for clues about her family, she befriends her boss Memphis Osborn; a man she could easily fall for. Her life does not have room for love in it, as she is always on the run; never feeling safe, or settled, enough to put down roots. Then again, she has never met a man like Memphis; he could be the one to finally make her want to stay. These two share a sizzling chemistry and a magnetic attraction draws them to each other. Memphis knows that Diah is hiding something.

Ms. Foster once again has given us a well written and emotionally rich tale to get lost in, and characters we don't want to let go of when the last page comes. The intrigue is exciting, the characters are good-hearted and well-developed and the adventure brings familiar faces and high octane danger. I loved every minute of Memphis and Diah. I highly recommend The Fearless One to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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THE FEARLESS ONE by Lori Foster brings two people together that really deserve some happiness.

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

Complete review:

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From beginning to end this book had me turning the page and hoping it wasn’t coming to an end! Jedediah and Memphis had me intrigued and fully engaged. These two sure had some undeniable hot chemistry!

As always, Lori had me at the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next. The characters in her books are always believable, strong, alpha and witty. Lori always keeps me wanting more and she does not disappoint!

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While I did enjoy this book, the suspense part of the story was a little predictable, in that I was able to guess who the bad guy was pretty quickly. I didn't feel like it was quite up to par with many of Ms. Foster's other romantic suspense stories, as far as how "meaty" the storyline was, when it came to the suspense. I think there was some missed potential with Memphis and the "why" of him wanting to own the campsite. And with Diah and her past, there was just something missing there for me as well.

The romance between Diah and Memphis was sweet, if not the typical instalove I've come to expect from Ms. Foster. There was some back and forth as these two tried to learn to trust each other, but thankfully no real drama or angst. I liked how Memphis gave Diah space- he could tell she didn't trust easily and I appreciated how he handled things with her. Diah didn't have a lot of good men in her life so it took her a bit to warm up to Memphis, but once she did, she was all in.

I'm not sure if this is the last book in this series, since there are no other brothers, but I do wonder if there's going to be a book featuring a couple of character from this one, or if what we got in this book is it for them. We shall see!

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“….your eyes are incredible, but they’re just a reflection of you,”

Memphis Osborn is a very smart man. So when Diah Stephens arrives at his campgrounds looking for a job, he can see right through her. Diah has her reasons for insisting that Memphis hire her. Although she starts off being a woman of mystery, apparently being all alone in the world, she did not show up at Memphis’s campgrounds by happenstance. She is there for a reason, but Memphis does not let that get in the way of growing quite fond of her.

Diah isn’t alone. She is there with her faithful dog Tuff, and he has been a strong source of comfort to her. It doesn’t take Diah long to see that her relationship with Memphis can be more than employer and employee. However, her guard is up, and hiding behind her sunglasses throws a shield between her and anyone she comes across. However, Memphis just has to look into Diah’s eyes to see what an amazingly warm woman she is.

This may be a romance, but Lori Foster has an incredible way of making the story personal. She really pulled at my heartstrings when it came to Diah. While thoroughly engaged with regard to the romance between Memphis and Diah, I loved the sense of intrigue as it increased as the book was reaching its stunning climax. I am loving this Osborn Brothers series and cannot wait tofor the next book.

Many thanks to HQN Books and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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I cannot pass up any book by this author and finding out Memphis was "starring" in this one (Hunter, his brother was in the first book) sold me on it. Memphis has bought the local campground and the last thing he wants is the woman who shows up and interrupts his outdoor shower. Jedidiah Stephens and her dog, Tuff, walked their way onto the campground after asking around town about him and getting the attention of Hunter and his wife jodi (we met them in book 1). They sent Diah to the campground for a job but didn't let Memphis know first. Diah is really looking for evidence of her parents death. What she finds is so much more. She finds love and acceptance. This book was so good. Hang on to your seat because there is still something going on in the Rockies that shouldn't be happening and maybe we will get to see more in the future.

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