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I've been wanting & hoping to get Memphis' story after reading book 1 in the series and this book did not disappoint! I loved how Jedidiah was stubborn and determined to figure out what happened to her family. Because she had been relentless in her pursuit to find out the truth and go anywhere she could go to dig up clues made her a target. Memphis was a great guy to team up with her & help her out. He's as wonderful in this book as he was in The Dangerous One. This story had the perfect amount of suspense, romance and fun banter. It was fun seeing everyone from the previous book as well.

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I was so excited to read Memphis' story! It didn't disappoint! Full of action and mystery from the very beginning! It pulls you in and keeps you there.
The chemistry between Memphis and Diah is electric, even though they try to ignore it. Memphis shows Diah how to trust and promises to always keep her safe *sigh*. Who doesn't want that in their alpha male?
Lori writes the most intriguing characters and they have so much depth. We also get to see some past players pop into the mayhem.
I also want to say REMMY! I like the road he's taken and of course we can't forget Tuff. This book has all the feels and it's a must read, as all of Lori's books are. I received an advanced copy and this is my honest and unsolicited opinion.

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The characters in this series are the best! Memphis and Diah's story was so good, and I loved seeing Jodi and Madison again. There's never a dull moment when those two are around. Lol. I'm loving this series and really hope Remmy and Lane get their own story!

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Memphis and Diah made a great team once they got through to the heart of the matter. Diah’s past made it hard to connect, but Memphis was determined. I love these guys, fighting for Justice!

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Another great story by Lori Foster.
What a great story.
I loved it very much.
It's hard to put away, you want to read it at once.
Enjoyed very much

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Since I absolutely loved the first book in Lori Foster's Osborn Brothers series, The Dangerous One, I expected to like this second book in the series just as much, and while The Fearless One was a good read, it just didn't grab me the way The Dangerous One did, which is one of the main reasons for my 3-star rating.

My first issue was that it took more than the first third of the novel for the plot of this novel to really get going, but once it did, although there was a lot of time spent on character development, the rather confusing and mystery-laden plot had too many holes in it that the author simply didn't fill.

Second, the female lead, Jedediah (aka Diah), and we're given no explanation for her ridiculous first name, if that even is her real name, turns up out of nowhere at a run-down campground asking for a temporary job. With no references and unable to offer any history to Memphis Osborn, the hunky new campground owner, he hires her anyway, primarily because he's intrigued by her eyes and her secrets.

The third issue is that there's no reason given for Memphis buying this campground, and yet he seems to have a reason for it, but it's a reason we never learn. He's certainly got money, but again, we've no idea how he earned it. He's also got some interesting connections. His BFF, Madison, who we don't meet until nearly the end of the novel, has extraordinary access to to classified computer data, and uses it to try and get some background on Diah, and some of the other other unsavory characters who appear at the campground. But how did these Madison and Memphis meet? Is Memphis undercover? Is he former or present day law enforcement, former military? Again, we never learn that about him.

It's only after we learn more about Diah, and she and Memphis begin to act on their attraction to one another that the suspense picks up. We eventually learn that there's something hidden somewhere at the campground that Diah is searching for, but even she doesn't know exactly what she's seeking, and, as a result, neither do we. We also know that she's been running from place to place for years, hiding her identity, and it takes quite a while to learn her reasons why.

It's only after other characters begin to appear at the campground that the plot moves from primarily background information into a truly suspenseful read, especially when Memphis begins to act on his attraction to Diah, and vice versa, and after attempts are made by some of the more shady characters, to get to Diah, and another new hire, Lane.

While the ending of this novel was surprising, suspenseful, and well-written, all things I've come to expect from Lori Foster's novels, I was still left with a number of unanswered questions. The Fearless One was a good read, but in this reader's opinion, not one of Ms. Foster's best novels.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions stated are my own.

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I liked story featuring dogs and humans and this one was a good one. The author did a good job in delivering this romantic suspence novel, there's a lot of chemistry between the characters and I loved the dog.
The first one I read in this series, it can be read as a stand-alone and it's a compelling novel.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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When Jedidiah finds herself and her dog Tuff at a campground, she hasn't prepared to find a naked man singing outside.
Memphis about had a heart attack when he saw this gal and her dog just staring at him.
Diah is there for a job and can do anything. Memphis is confused until he finds his brother Hunter has sent her for a job.
Diah is on run and has a tent, suitcase, and her dog.
Memphis agrees to give her a chance and a cabin. Diah hasn't felt this safe in over 2 years.
Memphis learns that she doesn't trust easily but can see she has secrets.
Diah is so afraid and kn hunt for some evidence but doesn't know what she is looking for.
When Memphis is afraid for Diah and Tuffs safety, he has them move into his house where he has security and his watchful eyes.
Memphis expresses how much he cares, and Diah admits she feels safe, unr things turn bad. Memphis and his friends and family are there to protect all.
What a great read... suspenseful and romantic.

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"The Fearless One" (Osborn Brothers Book 2) by Lori Foster was a terrific read. I loved Memphis and 'Diah' Jedidiah's story. This story had romance, passion, family, friends, action, suspense, twists, interesting and entertaining characters, and more. This was a fantastic addition to this series. I hope we'll be seeing more from these characters in the future. Highly recommend it to all fans of romance, action, suspense, family, and series.

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The Fearless One by Lori Foster
Osborn Brothers #2

Absolutely loved this book and am not a bit surprised because Lori Foster is an author guaranteed to provide a story that I will become immersed and enmeshed in with characters I won’t want to say goodbye to, and this book was another one that had all that I could hope for.

What I liked:
* Jedidiah “Diah” Stephens: difficult backstory, skilled jill of all trades, looking for answers about her past, difficult childhood and past, has secrets, needs a job, finds work at a campground being refurbished
* Memphis Osborn: tech savvy, bright, younger brother, wicked sense of humor, good friend, has a secret plan, protective of those he cares for, really like him
* The meet cute: it is making me smile and fan myself as I think of Diah’s first glimpse of Memphis
* Tuff: Diah’s canine companion and a good friend as well as protective
* Getting to see Hunter and Jodi from the previous book along with Madison from the MacKenzie family of a previous series
* Remy: once a bad guy with a conscience that was in the previous book and I wanted to know more about – still want to know more and hope he has a book, too, that perhaps has Lane in it, too
* Lane: a woman on the run from a bad guy that finds a safe place to land at the campground
* Glover: a man that gave up everything to keep Diah safe as long as he could
* That the characters are people I would love to be friends with and spend time with
* That the bad guys were easy to dislike

What I didn’t like:
* Who and what I was meant not to like
* Thinking about how evil Otto was and how easy it was for him to do despicable things

Did I like this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Definitely!

Thank you to NetGalley and Canary Street Press (HQN) for the ARC – This is my honest review.

5 Stars

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Action-packed and sexy romance!

If you want to read a good suspense then Lori Foster’s book The Fearless One, will be perfect for you. It has all the ingredients to keep your mind intrigue. Action! Action in each chapter, twists, and turns, all in a captivating suspense. We follow Memphis Osborn and Jedediah Stephens in a story filled with a touch of romance. I was hooked from the first chapter. You'll want to find out what's coming next.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book from Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Note: I have read this book but had forgotten to post my review here!

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When Memphis buys an old campground, he has plans to take down the bad boys. He isn’t expecting a fiery women like Diah to enter his life. Diah and Memphis are both tough on the outside, but yearn for love. Working together, they will solve a mystery from Diah’s past, while bringing them closer to a happy future.

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Osborn Brothers, Book 2
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1335517135
December 26, 2023
Romantic Suspense

Colorado Rockies – Present Day

Jedidiah “Diah” Stephens ended up at Memphis Osborn’s isolated campground to search for clues to her mother and stepfather’s deaths. Eight years ago, a friend of the family pulled her from the fire that killed her family and whisked her away, keeping their whereabouts unknown to authorities. The man is now dead, and she wants answers. Diah can’t ask the authorities because she knows there had been some illegal stuff going on. She angles for a job at the campground and arrives unannounced to discover a singing—and very wet—man in an outdoor shower. This is her introduction to her would-be boss. Memphis isn’t exactly open to the idea of hiring Diah, but he must see something in her because not only does she get the job, but he also offers her the use of a cabin across from his to live in. Now that she’s here, she can search the cabins for clues.

Memphis is suspicious of Diah, but something about her draws him to her. He did a background check, but it has missing pieces. What is she hiding? Diah is certainly self-sufficient, and she has a dog named Tuff by her side for protection. Yet she is as skittish as a cat at the sign of potential trouble. Memphis offers Diah friendship and lets her know that she can count on him should trouble arise. Soon, that comes in handy when strange men who look shifty show up. It appears they are looking for something too. Is it the same thing that Diah wants? Will they kill to prevent her or anyone else from getting it before them?

Readers will be curious about Diah from the first page of THE FEARLESS ONE. She is not afraid of fighting back, though spiders give her the shivers. She trusts no one, though Memphis soon wins it by his trust in her. He knows that she is hiding something, but he doesn’t press her. Of course, he doesn’t know at first that she’s looking for something on his property. She sneaks around and checks out the rundown cabins. The excuse is that they need to be ready for the upcoming camping season. The campground is isolated and has a bad history of illegal activities which is why Memphis bought it and is going to turn it into something good and profitable. Meanwhile, his curiosity about Diah grows every day.

The first part of THE FEARLESS ONE revolves around Memphis and Diah getting to know one another. We don’t know her whole story, but we can sense it is a sad and sympathetic one. Memphis is a good guy and has some friends who can delve into anyone’s background, legal or not. It doesn’t take long before Memphis will do anything to protect Diah, even as he also wants her in his bed. He isn’t going to push her because he knows that he must win her trust. But danger lurks, and it is about to descend upon them. The sizzling attraction between Memphis and Diah will have readers rooting them on to make a future together.

THE FEARLESS ONE is an enjoyable character-driven tale with a punch of suspense. Both Memphis and Diah are likable, and you know that by the end, the good guys will win. Don’t miss THE FEARLESS ONE.

Patti Fischer
Romance Reviews Today

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Sexy and edgy, this book is a winner! Fast paced romantic suspense at its best...I loved this book!

The characters were complex and filled with heart. Diah's backstory was particularly interesting and engaging.

The author made the characters come to life on the page, making me feel like I was right there as their story unfolded.

This book is a must read for fans of the genre. The author is on my must read authors' list.

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I really enjoyed this book. It was romantic and had a lot of suspense to it. I loved the characters especially the dog. I loved how they all got together to save Diah. The ending was really good, it was better than I expected.

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The Fearless One, is the story of Jedidiah and Memphis. Jedidah is on a mission to uncover the truth about the fire that killed her family. She believes a clue has been left behind at a campsite she went too as a little girl. Memphis is the owner of the campsite in the Colorado Rockies.The last thing Jedidah needs is an attraction to her boss. The characters were likeable and the dog Tuff is cute.
I did find the story a little dragging in places. I just wanted to find out how it ended.

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Who knew a suspenseful romance was just what I needed this week?

I enjoy the way Lori Foster writes her characters. There’s no annoying traits that drive me insane. While there are occasional secrets, these are adults, so they’re acting as such and childish behaviors are kept to the children, or dogs. Plus these interconnected standalones are perfect if you read them out of order. Each book has its own couple and set of issues.

Watching Diah come out of her shell was fun experience. She was definitely more nervous and jumpy, and with very good reason, but being around Memphis, and even Remmy, helped her work through them and gave her reasons to stick around.

Of course all the side characters make this even more enjoyable. I’ll definitely be finding Madison’s book and I look forward to reading Remmy’s, cuz you KNOW he has to have one.

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I was given an early copy of this book in exchange for a review.

In this second book in the Osborn Brothers series, we find Memphis opening a run down campground. He hopes to stop criminal activities which either take place at the isolated campground or get information about such activity from meetings that take place at the campground. Enter Jedidiah Stephens, Diah to her friends. She's a girl on the run who wants a job at the campground. Sparks fly between Memphis and Diah from the beginning. Read this one to find out why Diah is really at the campground and the trouble that ultimately finds her there.

Another great read from Lori FOster! I personally enjoyed this book even more than the first book in the series. I really liked the characters and especially Tuff the dog! I found it hard to put down!

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Diah is the fearless one. She doesn't know that, but she is. Memphis recognizes it right away, but she has had a lifetime of being beat down and doesn't realize just how strong she is. Diah just knows that she needs to find something at the campground. She doesn't know where it is or how to get it, but she will find it. Memphis doesn't want anyone sticking their nose into his business. He is setting up this old campground to catch some people and he doesn't need an innocent person nosing around. Memphis knows that Diah is hiding so many things, but he has to be patient so she will trust him. Tuff is such a cutie and is so protective of Diah. When the danger comes to the campground, Memphis is ready, but he didn't know that Diah's danger and the person he is after are the same. When confronted, Diah realizes that she really is strong. Will she take a chance on a life with Memphis?

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I really enjoyed this book. I really like Diah and Memphis both as characters. Diah shows up to the campground that Memphis owns to try to figure out what happened to her family years ago. They both have some secrets and don’t trust each other when they first meet. It is fun watching them learn to trust and care about each other. We also have the great addition of her dog Tuff. He adds a lot of light moments to this book. Lori foster gives us a wonderful addition to the Osborn Brothers series.

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