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Our anti hero Ren is back, thrown into the world she wanted to be a part of with stronger feelings developing for Theo. As much as I wanted to dislike her after the conclusion of the first novel, she is still a well written character who leaves me wanting to turn the page. In comparison, this one started off much slower than the previous, focusing more on developing the new characters rather than the story. It left me missing the fantasy world that we were vastly dropped into with the first of the duology.

For a second part of a series, I felt there was too much set up. About half way through, I was ready for an adventure much like the first one and felt myself wanting to skip ahead. So my main thought or complaint about this one, would probably be wishing it was formatted much more like the first one. But glad to read it. I did enjoy the multiple points of view, just to take a break from the repetition of Ren’s narrative. Overall, be patient. The last third of the book picks up a bit.

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I am so excited about this book! Prepare for the rave because this 5star YA book blew me away! It’s even better than the first book! (Which I also enjoyed!) The first book, A Door in the Dark, is a Barnes & Noble pick this month, so if you haven’t read the first, now is the time and then you’ll be ready for this one on a couple weeks!

The first book is an unexpected survival adventure when magic goes wrong and a group of teens have trek across the continent, fighting their way through it.

The second book introduces some new characters, who become very important and I was instantly rooting for them, as they team up with the enemy of their enemy. I loved the multiple POVs because there was a lot of action. We also get to see more of the continent in this book and the world building is so well done and I hope to get even more in the last book of the trilogy! The magic system is unique not only to the world, but how each character is able to use it and every way was fascinating. The relationships between the characters deepen as well and this is really such an amazing extension of this YA series!

Thank you NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for an advance digital copy! Thank you Simon and Schuster and Scott Reintgen for the advance physical copy! All opinions are mine.

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A Whisper in the Walls is a fantastic sequel that expands on the world of A Door in the Dark, while also being a completely different experience. 4.25/5 stars (meaning I really, really liked it!)

While A Door in the Dark was a horror-adjacent, magical survival story, A Whisper in the Walls is a strategic chess match. Ren has made it into the inner circle of the ruling families, but she is still viewed as an outsider, and Theo's family will do anything to break their bond. However, this position allows Ren to work toward her true goal of revenge. When she hears of siblings who might share her goal, she begins to form alliances and a plan.

I enjoyed the addition of the new characters. Dahvid and Nevelyn were fun to follow, and I especially liked how Reintgen used them to expand the magic system and the world beyond Kathor. They kept the reader guessing and wondering if Ren can trust them, all while pulling you into their lives.

Readers who like fast pacing will love this. As a fan of slower pacing myself, while it certainly kept me hooked and turning the pages because there was always something happening, I did wish it would slow down for a bit to allow for some introspection and character and relationship development.

I'm usually not a fan of when authors leave out details of a plan that characters know, but it mostly worked here. I personally would have liked it better if we had known the plan, with one or two surprise reveals left for the end. That's a pretty minor complaint though, especially since one of the twists truly shocked me, and I couldn't put the book down in the last 25%!

Overall, I highly recommend, especially if you love:
-YA fantasy
-Strategic plotting
-Fast pacing
-Smart, capable main characters

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"A Whisper in the Walls" is an intense and gripping sequel! Ren Monroe's quest for revenge and justice is taken to new heights as she navigates the complex world of Kathor. Her intellect and cunning are put to the test as she faces challenges, betrayal, and the need for allies. The introduction of House Tin'Vori and their unique abilities adds an exciting dynamic to the story. Ren is faced with difficult choices that could have far-reaching consequences. 📚😮

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5/5 Stars Thank you to the publisher and author for sending me an early copy.

I went into this knowing it was going to be a lot different than the first book. They were out in the wild in the first book with different characters, but now Ren is trying to enact her plan.

My favorite part of this series is the different types of magic, how magic is distributed, etc. And there is a huge expansion in this book. We have new characters that have different types of magic. We have the bond Ren shares with Theo and some new magic with that.

Now, we actually know this time Ren has a plan and she finds someone to help her with it. Then they create a plan and we get glimpses of what that plan includes, but never whole plan until the big reveal in the end. And of course new twists.

Everything that I wanted more of, I got. And I cannot wait to see how this series ends with all the twists I've seen in it so far. Highly recommend!

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I have been waiting for this book for almost a year and it did not disappoint! So easy to read, that I cruised through it in a little over a day.

Highly recommend for anyone looking for something fast-paced with complex world building, multiple POV, a hard-to-like (but you still do) protagonist.

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Ren Monroe's plan to end the Broods is going well, but faces derailment when Theo is exhiled to Nostra. Ren connects with the siblings of a House that the Broods destroyed years ago and joins her plan with theirs. Who will be victorious, and who will be lost in the battle? Will Ren's bond with Theo go further than either of them expect?

I never expected the ending. I want more!

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I was worried that what drew me to book one in this series, A Door in the Dark, would be lacking in the sequel. After all, the main premise of book one was about the characters surviving in the wilderness, using magic and their own dark secrets to fight monsters and find a way home. While Ren and Theo have returned home, they still find themselves playing another game of survival. This time, the monsters come from within their own families.

What I enjoyed the most about the sequel is how it expanded the world and the magic. New places are introduced, new aspects of the magic system are given room to grow. Scott has created a fantastic world that deserves every opportunity to continue to thrive.

With this expansion comes new characters, some that I liked more than others, and the continuation of the revenge plot that Ren begins in book one. I like how the different characters help shape the plan to take down the Broods. Like book one, there are a lot of great twists and turns that help shake up the storyline, including the epilogue that hints at future books in this world.

While I wish we had more Ren-Theo moments in this book (their relationship felt skipped over instead of allowing it to continue to unfold like in book one), I like how they work together and how their bond gives the revenge plot an extra layer of tension.

A Whisper in the Walls is a solid sequel that wraps up the revenge plot and takes the story a step further.

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I loved the first book in the series so much that it was just chosen as one of the summer reading books we give our high school students the option to read. It was so good I was worried to know if Scott Reintgen could write a sequel that lived up to the first book. I think he did just that. I don't think it is as good as A Door in the Dark - but it is very, very close. I think the first book's premise allowed for a slightly more compelling narrative than the revenge premise of this book. Having said that, this is a book readers will fly through, eager to discover the final outcome. Plus... that epilogue! I don't want to say anything else - but THAT EPILOGUE!
Scott Reintgen created another winner in this book. I look forward to seeing what he writes next.

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A Whisper in the Walls is the sequel to A Door in the Dark, and picks up where the previous book left off. Ren Monroe is now bonded to Theo Brood, the youngest son of the influential Brood family - the family that Ren has sworn revenge against for engineering the death of her father a decade before, a key piece in her plan, which has now been modified because Theo, it seems, truly cares about her. In addition to Ren, another family, the Tin'Vori, have been plotting their revenge against the Broods, because of the way in which Theo's older brother, Thugar, humiliated and then killed their oldest brother. Their plans intermesh, although their goals are not quite the same; the Tin'Vori want to destroy the entire Brood family, while Ren has come to actually care for Theo, and wants to save him, believing his transformation from a cold, uncaring clod in the first volume to a more empathetic and reasonable person to be genuine.

The novel is told from various points of view of the characters who wish destruction to the Brood family. Generally, this is well done, and gives the reader insight into the motivations of the various characters, including the different goals of Ren and the Tin"vori siblings; sometimes, however, it can be hard to track the interwoven strands. Still, this is a fast-paced and engaging book, and I look forward to the next volume, which was foreshadowed in the epilog.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Book 2 in this series did not disappoint. While I was hoping for a duology, it looks there's many roads this can continue to travel on and I'll be reading them,

Ren and Theo now have an alliance after they make it out of the wilderness and Ren seems to get her wish as a member of House Brood. But you instantly get the feeling achieving her goal is going to be difficult if not impossible. I enjoyed Ren's point of view and her internal battle with the past and present possibilities with Theo, but the new characters were also so engaging and different, so much flavor was added to this installment, and once the action started it never stopped.

I will be foisting this series on all my fantasy readers immediately.
Thanks to NetGalley, publisher, and author (who I hope to be lucky enough to get an author visit from at my high school one day) this is my honest review.

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What a sequel! A Whisper in the Walls definitely does not suffer from second book syndrome. This story was full of action and character development the whole time. Ren continues to be morally gray, while taking a back seat to other characters in this book. I enjoyed seeing how the plot came together without ever being explicitly told the details. The last few pages definitely left me wanting to know what comes next. 4.25 stars

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A great follow up to A Door in the Dark, as Ren sets into motion her plans for revenge on House Brood for what they did to her father. Ren had laid the groundwork in book one which resulted in her bond to Theo Brood and now she's establishing allies with House Tin’Vori, who suffered major losses years previously because of the Broods. Many new characters are introduced as well as further descriptions of the political machinations of the world and the magical possibilities. Overall, a fantastic and intricately plotted sequel with so many twists and turns as Ren gets closer to her goal. Looking forward to the results in book three.

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Installment 2 of the Waxways Series -

After narrowly escaping with her life, Ren is now one step closer to getting her revenge on the Brood family. Her bond to Theo has put her in range of her goal, but it will take all of her skill to navigate the dangers and come out on top. When she discovers that there are survivors of the Tin'Vori family line, she seeks them out, knowing they have a shared enemy. Working together may just be the key to take the Brood family down for good.

This is a great follow-up to book 1. Ren and Theo's relationship continues to grow and change, and the plot to take down the oppressors is riddled with intrigue and cunning. There's plenty of magic to go around, and adding Dahvid's powers and personal journey to the end goal helps bring it all together and make it work as a whole, though not without great personal loss.

Overall, a fantastic second book, and can't wait to see what they get up to next as they work for the final push to overturn the ruling families.

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Another winner by Reintgen. I am hungry for book 3. More twists and turns just like book one. Twists I wasn't expecting at all. Loved the writing style and the show not tell aspect Scott brought to the story. Fell in love with the characters even more than I did in book 1. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Thank you Simon and Schuster and Netgalley for this eARC, these opinions are my own. Another fast paced thrill Ride from Scott Reintgen! Ren’s plan succeeded in putting her in the House of Brood family. She and Theo are bonded and now her work can begin. The only problem is not everyone in the Brood family is happy to have her there. As a result Theo is shipped off to a remote watchtower that hasn’t been needed in a long time. With these changes Ren will need help if she plans to take the House Brood down. Luckily she learns of a different House all but extinct also due to House Brood. Dahvid and Nevelyn Tin’Vori have been biding their time to get their revenge on House Brood. And Ren Monroe just might be the piece they need. But it’ll all fall apart if Ren can’t get Theo on her side. And what happens when Ren’s feelings start to become real? Will she be able to do what needs to be done? All three have their roles to play. And if done correctly they may finally get the revenge their owed. I loved all three protagonists and each piece of the puzzle they were working on had me enthralled! Each time a chapter ended I didn’t want to switch to a new character but I knew their story would be just as exciting! Plus the ending! I have to know what’s coming next! It’s unputdownable! Highly recommend!

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🪄A Whisper in the Walls🪄
Author: Scott Reintgen
Pub Date: April 23, 2025

A very special thank you @reintgen @ssedlib @simonkids for reaching out to offer me a copy of this book! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

This book is the 2nd book in the Waxways series and you do need to read A Door in the Dark before A Whisper in the Walls. Don’t you fret my friends, these are both 5 stars for me so I am happy to recommend getting immersed into this magical world!

In this book Ren, the badass that she is, is on a mission to take down the House of Brood and avenge her father’s death. She’s a schemer, she’s devious and has the perfect amount of craftiness to get it done! She has patiently waited and plotted for the exact moment to attack. Using her magic she has come up with the most creative and effective strategy to defeat her enemies! And don’t worry, the ending leaves you wanting more!

Thoughts: First let’s talk about how obsessed I am with this cover art. I will absolutely be buying this hard cover as it’s just as gorgeous as A Door in the Dark! That alone would make me buy it 😂 Dare I say I liked this one more?! Don’t get me wrong A Door in the Dark was 5 star for me but I just lived Ren and her tenacity and determination in this one! She is such a uniquely complex character and I find myself easily rooting for her! I flew through this book as it is packed full of action with intense battle scenes and sneakily plotting revenge. The addition of new characters was perfectly integrated and drew me into the storyline even more. There is simply nothing I don’t love about this book! I am completely entranced by this creative and magical world Scott has brought to life and am anxiously and maybe not so patiently waiting for the 3rd! 👀

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This is the sequel to Scott Reintgen's "A Door in the Dark". In this book, we follow Ren and Theo as they try to settle into a bonded life together following the harrowing experience of getting lost in the Waxways. Ren's goal is to take down House Brood, and she hopes Theo will become an ally. She discovers that there are others out there who share the same enemy. With the use of powerful magic and clever maneuvers, Ren makes a complex plan to demolish the leader of House Brood.

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A Door in the Dark was one of my favorite releases of this year, and this sequel doesn't disappoint! I was engaged from the very start.

Ren and Theo are back in the city of Ravinia and Ren continues to plot the revenge of her father against her enemy Landwin Brood. Two more character POVs are introduced, and there is new magic to discover.

I loved this! It's fast paced, easy reading, and just an overall fun time.

Content includes mild violence, mild language, and closed door, but noisy romance.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an advanced reader copy to read for review

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review,

If the first book in this series was a survivalist story, this book is definitely more of a war story - lots of intriguing and planning and then the big battle at the end. The new characters introduced in this book - the Tin'Vori family- were a good addition to the story, and their magic (especially Dahvid's) was very fun in the way it differed from other magic in this world. I was so hoping this was going to be a duology, but quickly realized as I was nearing the end that that was certainly not going to be the case, but this installment sets some very interesting wheels in motion and I look forward to seeing how that plays out in the next entry to this series. Overall, this was a fun, engaging read that lovers of fantasy with lots of action in it will adore.

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