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A cosy small town mystery, A Cover for Murder is the 4th book in a series about a writer who also owns a struggling bookstore. Times are about to get even tougher for Jen, when she finds out that a rival bookstore is about to open in town, and that rival is found murdered…and she is in the frame for it. With Detective Havermayer breathing down her neck, and a severe case of writer’s block, it’s not looking promising for Jen.

This book was an enjoyable and easy read. Although you don’t need to have read the series, I think it would have helped to know a bit of the backstory on the characters. The character of Jen is a little frustrating at times, as she often does things that you just want to scream at her for. The best part of the book is the setting (love a bookstore in a small town).

Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for the copy.
3.5 stars

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A Cover for Murder is an interesting cozy mystery. Jen's bookshop is struggling to become a town institution but then a rival bookshop is planned to open. Jen hopes that she can dissuade the woman planning to open the shop to sell something else that the small town needs. Her hope is that they can both be successful.
When that fails, Jen is naturally upset and has words with the woman, Maura. Unfortunately Maura has clearly upset someone else because she is found dead -- Jen is the one to find her and is immediately the suspect.

So, Jen tries to clear her name, write a new book=with a deadline looming, ---and make the bookshop a success. But it seems that the police investigator has decided she is guilty.

Can Jen find her way out of this dilemma or will she lose everything including her writing career?

I enjoyed the characters in this book, but I had an issue with a plot point that was never resolved/explained. There were some fun twists and turns in the plot that kept the suspense going.

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Book 4 in the series, but don't let that stop you. Author and bookstore owner Jen is trying to keep her head above water financially when she has the worst day ever! Enjoy the story as she works to sort a murder, writers block and more - all with the help of a wonderful group of friends.

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Jen is an author and while she loves to delve into the latest mystery, the last thing she wants or expects is to find herself, once again, within another murder mystery.

When a new bookshop threatens her business, Jen goes to talk to the owner to see if they’ll reconsider their choice of shop. Being a small town, there’s not room for two bookshops and with Ravenous Readers struggling already she can only hope the newcomer will have a change of heart. Unfortunately though, Jen leaves disappointed. Determined to change her mind and win her round, Jen decides to try again but instead finds her dead. Unfortunately for Jen, the police arrive before she’s had chance to call them and she is suspect number one.

Can Jen find the real killer before she is locked up? Or will Havermayer finally get her way?

I recently read the previous book in this series and quite enjoyed it. It’s a cosy crime book that is centred around Jen and her bookshop. With familiar characters popping up it was easy to get into and held my attention throughout. It was an enjoyable book and I didn’t guess the murderer so it’s a win from me.

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A Cover for Murder by Sue Minix is a fun cozy book with a solid mystery and charming characters.

Just as Jen gets to work on her next book, the owner of the town’s rival bookstore is found murdered, and suspicions turn to Jen. Time is ticking for Jen to both clear her name and write her new book before the store closes forever.

On the cover, the German shepherd, Savannah, drew me to the book, then the premise. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and the atmospheric locale.

A Cover for Murder included a good plot, twists, and an exciting ending. This book is a great weekend read. I will check out more books by this author.

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Jennifer Dawson is once again hoping to be writing up a storm as she begins the third book in her best selling mystery series but, with Christmas out of the way, business at her store isn't good and she has financial as well as plot problems to deal with. When relatives of the late owner of Riddleton's only posh restaurant arrive to reopen Antonio's Jen is keen to welcome them but to her dismay discovers instead that they also plan to set up a rival bookstore to her very own Ravenous Readers!

Desperate to make the newcomers understand why their new hometown isn't large enough to support two similar businesses, Jen instead becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation when a dead body is found! With boyfriend Eric unable to work the case and her stress induced writer's block preventing any progress on her novel, Jen knows she has to concentrate on clearing her name instead. Unfortunately her nemesis, Detective Havermayer, can finally see a chance to put her behind bars; has Jen reached the final chapter of her time as a Riddleton resident, or does she have more story left to write?

Sue Minix's fourth book in a series I always look forward to was as brilliantly written as the previous three. With compelling new characters as well as familiar recurring protagonists, antagonists, and, of course, Jen's loyal canine companion, Savannah it was a pleasure to return to Riddleton once again. There is a fifth installment being released towards the end of May which I have already pre-ordered.

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, Avon Books UK, but the opinions expressed are my own. I loved this. Highly recommended.

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