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The Human Body

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A very cartoonish look at human biology, from how we get to digest, to how we can repair broken bones. I wouldn't have minded it at all, but what I saw had an awkward font where the full stops kept disappearing, and sometimes the reading order was ridiculously baffling. The two alien characters tasked with showing us around are far too interchangeable, and it's awkward how they know what is happening to the exterior of the body they're within, as well as the interior around them. All that aside, the knowledge is sound and not too far off an ideal young primary book. I'm sure better volumes are out there, however, leaving this at three and a half stars.

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Thanks to Netgalley and Mayo Clinic Press for the ARC of this!

A cute look at how the human body looks with some silly alien guides. My kids (10 and 7) both enjoyed reading this.

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This guide is written from the perspective of aliens discovering the human body. There are two aliens. One has 3 eyes, 4 arms, and the stereotypical teardrop shaped head, and the other has just one eye and octopus-style tentacles. These two join the reader as we learn more about the human body.

The graphics are comic book style with panels of text and angled lines separating images. In some places, it looks as though the aliens are reading a textbook and showing us the information. The text is mostly presented in comic book style boxes and bubbles and in all caps. I don't like the all caps writing, especially sans serif. I find it hard to read. The pages are also pretty cluttered, with abundant text, cartoon body images, and alien antics vying for space.

This book would appeal to children, especially boys, who want to learn more about the human body in a silly way.

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC.

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Phenomenal! Absolutely phenomenal! My boys are going to love this book. There is so much to learn and the format of learning is so fun. This reminds me of one of my favorite Magic School Bus episodes with aliens instead and it works! The author has created an instant addition to our human body studies.

Also, I love a good index and glossary!

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This book is divided by each system of the body. It is nonfiction, but written in graphic format. It would be good for reluctant readers, both in format and how the explanation is written.

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This is Magic School Bus for 2023! A great combination of info and graphic novel format. It feels a bit contrived sometimes, but I think that's because I'm not a second grader. Great job, Mayo Clinic!

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This graphic/comic book is one of the best when it comes to fun, interactive storytelling about scientific facts. I love the way the author/artist uses minimal artwork and more focus is given on the brief descriptions of the different parts of the body along with their most important functions.

The reading can never be dull or boring from the way the dialogues have been written. Lots of action and lots of entertainment I can guarantee you. And you know that’s the perfect example of fun learning!

Just go for this one if you feel like the kids are not enthusiastic about learning their body and you feel confused about where to start with.

Thank you, Mayo Clinic Press Kids, for the advance reading copy.

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This book is a children’s book about the human body. We follow two aliens as they “travel” through the different body systems and learn about them.

I enjoyed this book! The information was useful and presented in a fun way. The pictures were nice to look at and i think kids will enjoy them. I’m assuming this is in color but my kindle it was black and white so i feel like i missed out just a bit on the color. That being said, i think the pictures will look really good in color!

Thanks so much to netgalley and Mayo Clinic press kids for the arc of this book! I work in the children’s department at a library so i will recommend this book to kids interested in the human body!

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