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One Moment was gut wrenchingly sad from the start. Make sure you have your tissues as you cry (but still smile!) when you realize The One might not be a romantic love, but a best friend love. The one whose soul speaks to your own.

This book was hauntingly beautiful and demonstrated how happiness and grief can coexist. While Evie lost her best friend, hope for moving forward builds the more time she spends with Nate. I loved how patient Nate was with Evie, pushing her out of both her grief boundaries and self imposed physical boundaries thanks to her MS. The horse riding moment (one moment!) was perfection.

I loved that the book was from Scarlett’s perspective. Despite no longer being physically present, she could still keep up with Evie’s life and know that her best friend will be okay. Give your bestie a call (or better yet, a huge hug!) after finishing this beautiful book.

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It was nice to have a story focus on someone with a disease that was not cancer, leukemia, ADHD, etc. Not many people are aware of the horrors and day-to-day struggles of someone living with Multiple Sclerosis. I am not sure if the author has MS or knows someone close to her that does. With that being said, the author does a lot of harping about the protagonist who has MS and it was to the point where I wanted to say, "ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Geez! We get it!"

I was annoyed when the plot twists were predictable. Very irritating.

There were a lot of similarities to Scarlett's afterlife as there were to Susie Salmon's life in "The Lovely Bones." Scarlett and Susie were just watching their loved ones struggle without them and to look for answers and closures for their deaths. This part I kind of liked.

The cover was cute but I just felt this book was mediocre at best. It was not a unique story.

Thanks to Netgalley, Becky Hunter and Grand Central Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Available: 3/12/24

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Becky Hunter’s debut is a sweet, lovely story of friendship, love, loss, grief, and courage. I loved the unique perspective Scarlett brought to the story.

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4.5 stars!!
I was intrigued with how the story was told and point of view from the very first chapter, as I have never read a book from this type of viewpoint. Further, the alternating points of view kept the story fast paced, although it was a little slow for me in the beginning but really picked up about 30 percent through. I enjoyed the fore shadowing throughout the book. The story is beautiful, it's delicate, it's thought provoking. Plus, That ending!! Ugh this journey was so beautiful and by the end had my heart racing. You never know who you may fall in love with and when. The decisions we make could change the course of our lives and there is beauty in knowing that. Such a good read!! Thank you Becky Hunter, Forever publishing, and Netgalley for allowing me an #arc of One Moment.

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It is so true that life can change in a moment. Scarlet's impulsive decision to help a stranger leads to a string of events impacting the lives of those she cares about, especially her best friend Evie. Evie is already grieving and trying to cope with the loss of her musical career due to a diagnosis of MS, and now she no longer has the support of her best friend. It is no surprise this is a very emotional story, but the character Astrid/Anna manages to add a humorous touch. Thanks so much to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for an advance copy to read and review.

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What an emotional and inspiring read. The story and plot was sad but at the same time it felt an awakening for both of the characters. I was glad to see the growth in the characters. Thank you so much for the ARC!

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A heartbreaking beautiful novel of a sisters-like friendship that tragically ends. One woman struggles with grief and a debilitating illness. The deceased woman drifts in and out of the present and past memories causing her to reflect on her life. Her running commentary on her friend’s life is insightful as she deals with her life and progression after death.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This book was right up my alley! Though a tragic accident leaves Scarlett dead, she is somehow still present. Given a chance to see the impact of her death on those around her, it's a beautiful story of friendship (and romance) that transcends time.

Left behind is Evie, Scarlett's best friend, who is struggling with a semi-recent MS diagnosis. And also Nate, the stranger who Scarlett blames for her death. I loved the way this played into the ripple effect of a single moment. It's an incredibly sad situation, yes, but it wasn't overpowering. There's a hopeful tone throughout, a collection of happy connections created by this one tragedy.

And what a clever concept to have Scarlett, now a ghost, experience her own journey of self-discovery. I loved the added flashbacks, seeing her acknowledge her mistakes, and ultimately ending in a very heartfelt yet bittersweet conclusion. Happy tears!

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4.5/5 stars

This one had all the feels…dealing with a debilitating illness, grief, forgiveness, resilience and finally finding joy and determination to live again and to the fullest.

Scarlett and Evie have been best friends since the age of seven…more like sisters and have grown up championing each other’s goals and dreams. After a devastating accident, Evie is left alone to deal with not only crippling grief but also a crippling disease that has caused her to give up her dream and retreat from the world around her.

Nate, a travel journalist, is dealing with his own pain over the accident and the lasting effects of his brother’s suicide when Nate was just 15.

Evie and Nate are drawn together as they learn to forgive and slowly move forward with their lives.

This book is a tearjerker but also a revelatory story for all three mains, Scarlett, who is caught in limbo as she watches and cheers on Evie (as well as seeing herself in new lights), Evie, as she begins to see herself living without the sister of her heart and Nate, as he faces insights into why he has always felt the need to move rather than stay.

It’s a very well-done story of friendship, growth and ultimately joy. Recommended.

My sincere thanks to the author, NetGalley and Forever/Grand Central Publishing for providing the free arc of One Moment for review. The opinions are strictly my own.

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Absolutely beautiful novel. Poured through it!! Very unique plot premise and appreciated the POV of Scarlett as another way to understand our heroine. Thank you so much NetGalley for the opportunity. Will be autobuying this author!!

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In one moment ANYTHING can happen and your life can change in an instant! What a debut this was!! Loved all the characters and how it was so well written! I really enjoyed it. Books NEVER make me shed even the smallest tear, but this one did at the end. Loved the ending!!Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this advance copy in exchange for my honest review. To be published March 2024.

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I don’t even know where to begin. This was one of the most moving and beautifully written stories I’ve ever read. I loved getting the perspectives of both Evie and Scarlett throughout, and seeing how they each navigated, but also flourished, through their grief.

This book had me sobbing, laughing, gasping in shock, and giggling and kicking my feet with excitement. This story was such a reminder of how even the slightest, most seemingly insignificant moments and decisions in our lives, have such a profound ripple effect. Even the most devastating experiences can lead to something beautiful. It was so moving to see each character on their own healing journey post-loss, and how deeply they’ve been affected, but ultimately are able to find the silver lining.

If you were given the chance to change even the smallest decisions you’ve ever made, would you? Do you think you’d still be exactly where you are today?

This is an absolute must read for anyone that has dealt with loss, grief, heartbreak, or has ever questioned their decisions or path in life.

Thank you NetGalley and Forever Publishing for this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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WOW! What a fabulous book about love, family, friendship and loss. About how one moment can be viewed in many ways and how one moment can change everything. I loved this book! Thanks #NetGalley #GrandCentralPublishing #BeckyHunter

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Becky Hunter has given us a book that explores friendship, love, loss, profound grief, the transformative power of hope, and the impact of one single moment.

Evie and Scarlett have been best friends since childhood. Now approaching their 30th birthdays they find themselves at a crossroads. Scarlett is on the cusp of realizing her professional dream while Evie deals with a devastating medical diagnosis. In a single moment everything changes when Scarlett is tragically killed. We watch the fallout through the eyes of very much alive Evie and recently deceased Scarlett.

There is a great deal of heaviness in this book, but it’s balanced by the deep love between Evie and Scarlett. One Moment reminds us of the interconnectedness of life and the reverberations of a single decision.

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever for access to this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.

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What a wonderful book!! I read it in one sitting from start to finish in only a few hours. I COULD NOT put it down.

The idea that “one moment” has the potential to change your life was the perfect theme for this book. I’m blown away at how much I loved the plot, the character development, and the beautiful writing!

The friendship between Evie and Scarlett was everything. This book had a slight magical realism element in that Scarlett is viewing the aftermath of her accident and reacting to how people move on after her death. There were also flashbacks to their lives before her death. The dual narratives worked extremely well in this book.

One Moment was poignant, moving, emotional, yet hopeful. I loved every bit of reading it!!

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One Moment is so much more than a romance. Yes, there is a burgeoning love between Evie and Nate, but the real love story here is the friendship between Scarlett and Evie. It is a deep exploration of grief, both for loved ones, and the reality of loss and change that accompanies living with an invisible illness. Evie and Nate are complex characters, and as a reader, you’re not always certain that they will (or should) end up together. Scarlett’s beyond the grave narration is a clever plot device, allowing for flashbacks and perspective that add depth to the overall plot.

Thanks to #Netgalley and #Forever for my gifted ARC

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okay hear me out. i really wanted to like this book. but unfortunately, it just did not work for me. which is okay. you should still check it out and thank you so much to netgalley!!!!

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I loved this book! It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. A touching tale of friendship, love, family, grief, loss and so much more! I loved every single character. Each one brought something different to the story. The reader learns so much about the lives and friendship of Evie and Scarlett, as it was told seamlessly in the dual narratives of both main characters.

It is a thought-provoking story that I'm certain will stay with me for a long time. One moment truly can make a difference. Thank you to Net Galley for the opportunity to read the ARC. I can't wait to read Becky Hunter's next book!

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The day Scarlett dies was supposed to be one of the biggest days of her life. The story then continues with Scarlett watching the ripple effect of her death on the lives of those she loved the most, mainly her best friend and roommate Evie. Evie will never be able to forgive the man who is responsible for Scarlett's death. Except he keeps showing up unexpectedly into Evie's life.

One Moment has an interesting premise and one that is unique to any other stories I've read before. It truly begs the question of fate. There is a budding romance storyline, but it's also about the love and closeness of friendship. Scarlett realizes that she could go back and change the course of the event that caused her to die, but then that would change the future for her friend. It shows the beautiful love and sacrifice that Scarlett has for her friend Evie.

Thanks to Netgalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing), Forever for a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I was so glad that I was selected on NetGalley to get an ARC of this book.
I loved it from the second that I started the book. The dynamic between Scarlett and Evie was just such friendship goals, there for the good and the bad.
It was such a good read and a book that had me laughing, smiling and crying all in one book, so incredible and so thought provoking, covering topics from friendship, to health to family and death.
It is still early in 2024 but I know this book will be on the top of my list by the end, I just wanted to stay in it and know what was happening next, I couldn't put it down, I was so invested in these characters.

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