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“I call it the missing white woman search syndrome. If there is a missing white woman, you’re going to cover that every day.”

This is such a solid thriller. I really liked Bree; she’s really complex and easy to relate to. Nothing in her life has gone how she planned, and now she’s at the center of a murder investigation. She feels like everything is getting worse until she starts putting the pieces together on her own.

I think this book does such a great job commenting on how viral a missing white woman goes in the world of social media. We’ve all seen how quickly something can go viral, but also how that affects the case as a whole. Bree finds herself accused of a crime through social media and pulled so deeply into the case that she needs to do whatever she can to figure it all out. I thought the mixed media that included the TikToks was really clever. It felt incredibly realistic, since it's something we see in real life all the time.

It's also a really great mystery. So much happens in a short period of time that as a reader you feel a bit disoriented. You're right with Bree as she investigates and you feel like you're figuring it out right along with her. I think the commentary on missing white woman syndrome is timely and relevant. It's a great character-driven story that has your mind spinning.

It was a little slow to get into, but once I did the pace picked up and the ending is really great. I recommend keeping an eye out for this one!

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The tension is high with this thriller that captures racism, classism, and influencer culture; and turns it into a twisty little story.

We all know that when a young attractive white woman goes missing, the news cycles pay attention. Everyone from local residents to strangers on the internet have theories and believe that they can do a better job than the police. When Bree and her boyfriend Ty plan a weekend getaway just outside of New York City the last thing she thought was going to happen was to have a local young attractive dog walker go missing from the area a few days before her trip. Sucked into the drama through the social media hashtag #Justice4Janelle, Bree spends her time watching a social media influencer’s plea for information and doing romantic things with her boyfriend Ty. When Bree wakes up on the last day of her trip Ty is gone and there is a dead woman in the foyer. Suddenly thrust into the crime scene Bree is forced to reckon with her complicated past and fight for her future. With the social media mob growing daily she must work undercover to find out what happened that night.
I had a lot of fun with this thriller. It was easy to put yourself into Bree’s shoes and feel all the tension and pain that she was feeling. Kellye Garrett wrote amazing characters full of heart, but still flawed. I don’t think anyone in this situation would have behaved better than Bree did. The ripped from the headlines plot was fun but it still made you think about the dark side of social media and influencer culture. If I didn’t have to work and do life things, I would have read this book in one sitting (which is a feeling I look for in mystery/thrillers). This book is perfect for people who love to watch 20/20 and other missing person/murder type shows.

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This kept me on my toes!

Slow burn murder mystery.

Bree goes on a little vacation with her boyfriend to an Airbnb in Jersey City. He ends up having to work more than he said he would so they extend their trip by a day but when Bree gets up to start the day she finds a dead lady in their Airbnb and her boyfriend is MIA.

I don’t always love a social media presence in a thriller but this one WORKED. I really enjoyed how it all unfolded and the slow burn to it gave me low key anxiety.
Overall a very fun thriller.

Thanks to NetGalley and Mulholland Books for an eARC.

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Ummm yeah no. This book was highly unsatisfying. From the obvious plot devices to the way it ended... It began so promising, but it felt like the entire plot was zigzagging for the sake appearing interesting. It was just disappointing. I'm glad other people liked it though.

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A slow burning murder mystery with so many twists and turns that I couldn’t put it down!

Breanna was so looking forward to a romantic weekend away in New York with her boyfriend Ty. He seems preoccupied with work and on his phone all the time. One morning she wakes late, Ty is nowhere to been seen and there is a dead woman in their Air BNB…. And the nightmare begins.

I don’t want to say too much more about the story as it is best just to go with it. It covers themes of racism, social media influence, friendship and so much more. I was so caught up in the story and the situations the characters were in that I lost track of time.

Thanks so much to Mullholland Books for my advanced copy of this book to read. Published on April 30th.

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This was a little slow in the beginning but it picked up. I liked how not only was it a mystery, but it was also a commentary on today's media and who is given attention, and who is not given attention.

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Riveting, haunting, and twisty from start to incredible finish. The title is perfect; you'll absolutely devour this one!

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Thank you to Novel Suspects and the publishing team for a review copy of Missing White Woman. This is a well done slow burn mystery with a stand out focus on race and suspicion as well as a strong exmaination of how social media is woven more and more into true crime investigations, themes on amateur sleuthing and other social media impacts of investigations are really well done. Garrett's writing is strong and engaging, I appreciated the more character driven focus of the story and the chance to be more in that mindset when mysteries are often plot driven. There are a few places where pacing/engagement for me lagged a bit, not uncommon for me with slow burn character driven books, but overall a strong story with great themes worthy for a book club discussion.

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Thanks to Mulholland Books for the early copy.
I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't one that throws many sudden twists at you, but is more character based and about the experience Bree is going through by no fault of her own. The way she has to be so careful about how she's received by others, the suspicion and hate thrown at her for being black and existing near a crime. I did want a bit more at the end, some characters I didn't feel had a full conclusion. Overall I was invested in the story and Bree, it kept me hooked the whole time.

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Breanna is expecting a romantic weekend getaway with her new boyfriend Ty, and although he's distracted with work, the weekend goes well, until Bree heads downstairs on their final morning in their vacation rental and finds a woman she's never seen before lying dead on the floor and her boyfriend nowhere to be found. Because Ty is missing, he quickly becomes the police's number one suspect and, due to her previous experience with less than honest cops, Bree decides she's not going to wait around for the justice system to fail her again. With the help of her ex-best friend Adore, who is a lawyer, Bree starts investigating. But she's not the only one--a beauty influencer's social media accounts start to blow up as online amateur sleuths start to pick up on the narrative, and soon it's clear Bree may be in over her head.

This was a solid suspense novel with some interesting commentary on how social media fuels interest in true crime and how that affects police investigations. The social media aspect was definitely the most intriguing part of this. I did feel like some of Bree's actions and her amateur sleuthing were a bit implausible and unrealistic, and I wished we got to see more of Adore, who was a really interesting and complex character who wasn't explored much. The writing was solid, though, and the book was pretty fast-paced with enough twists to keep me reading until the end. I'm not sorry I read it at all, but I also wouldn't call it a "must read."

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy. I enjoyed Like A Sister, so I was sure I would enjoy this book as well. I definitely appreciate Garrett’s writing style. She does a slow burn thriller really well. This book had a lot to say about social media, the justice system, and who those constructs are designed to protect. I also enjoyed the friendship story between Bree and Adore and I’m glad they found their way back to each other in the end. I think the book went a bit off the rails towards the end with Bree taking everything into her own hands and the case being tied up neatly. Overall, I would recommend this one and will pick up Garrett’s future novels.

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I try to read my ARCs in order of when they are released, I guess its the OCD in me. At least I usually do, the description of this book was so good, it jumped to the top of my TBR

I will start out, by saying (as a white woman) I couldn't even image what a POC goes through (on a daily basis). It's dark out and someone holds their purse a little tighter, moves a little faster... I felt the anxiety Bree felt throughout this book. Their was so much real life (and the absurdity of it) in this book.

I loved the way the author wrote these characters, as well as the feelings she was able to make me feel whole reading it. Not many authors are able to exude that level or storytelling using only words.

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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What happens when a romantic getaway with your boyfriend turns into a murder investigation? Bree soon finds out as day 2 she finds a dead body lying in the foyer and her boyfriend is long gone. Working against the clock, Bree turns to the only person she knows can help, her lawyer ex-best friend.
The premise of the story was good with characters you can’t help but like. The pace of the book was slow and often kept me wanting to quit reading.
Thank you NetGalley and Mulholland Books for my ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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A weekend in the city away with a new boyfriend. Spending time getting to know each other better. What could go about waking up on the last morning to find a dead woman on the floor of your rental and your boyfriend missing. To make matters worse since you're a black woman alone no one seems to believe anything you say. You're told you can't go back home and then your boyfriend is found dead. All you can do is trust your former best friend and yourself to prove your boyfriend wasn't a murderer and the dead woman isn't the missing person who has been all over the internet for days, but is really someone who was trying to save themselves but couldn't.

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I was given the Advanced Reader Copy and for as much as I wanted to love this book, there were too many “loose ends” and story gaps that didn’t support the ending. The pacing and plot were excellent until maybe 60% into the book and then it felt rushed, missing necessary details to complete the story.

Bree and her boyfriend Ty are on a weekend getaway in Jersey City when a White Woman mysteriously disappears from her local neighborhood. It just so happens that it’s the same neighborhood they’re staying in and the news puts Bree on edge.

The fairly new couple takes in the city sights and tries their best to enjoy their time together when Ty isn’t called into work at all hours of the day. On what’s supposed to be her last day, Bree wakes up to find Ty missing and the Missing White Woman dead in the hallway of their Airbnb.

Bree struggles to find the truth, clear her name, and find some form of justice in the midst of being in the middle of a major murder investigation.

Again, this story had so much potential but towards the end, nothing made sense. I ended the book with so many questions. I think there could have been more story development around Ty’s character and a better explanation of what was at stake and how all the parties involved were truly connected- not just in theory.

Thank you to NetGalley for the Advance Reader Copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

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The synopsis drew me in, but it just fell a bit flat for me. It felt like the pacing was off a bit. I was not bad, I just wanted a bit more character development. Thanks to NetGalley and Mulholland Books for the advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Bree’s first weekend getaway with her boyfriend Ty comes to an abrupt end. She wakes to find a dead body in the foyer of their beautiful row house Airbnb and Ty missing. The dead woman is Janelle Beckett, the missing woman everyone has been looking for. Did Ty kill Janelle? Can Bree figure out what really happened that night?

This fast-paced story with its many twists kept me until the final reveal. I enjoy every minute of this wild ride! With her mix of naivete and past challenges, Bree made the perfect narrator for this story.

I liked the way thought provoking, timely real issues like racism and trust were weaved in. The inclusion of the TikTok Lives and the overall impact of social media on the trajectory of the missing person case added depth to the story. Both made the story more intriguing.

Missing White Woman raises questions to consider long after finishing the book. I will recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a twisty crime thriller.

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I DNFd this one.
I'm so sorry to say it. I really wanted to like it and yet, I'm still thankful to the publisher and the author for granting me advanced digital and physical access to this one before publication day.

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Book Review!

Missing White Woman by @kellyekell
Pub Date: 4/30/24
Rating: fiiiiveeee stars!

Thank you @netgalley & @mulhollandbooks for this ARC!

Yaaaaall ! This book had me on the edge of my seat alllll day. We follow Breanna and her boo Ty as they go on a little baecation in New York. On the last day of the trip she gets up and finds a body in the living room?!? & her boo is nowhere to be found! 🙃🙂 On top of that the body is of the missing white woman that has been posted on every news network and social media platform.

I ateeee this on UPPP! Suspenseful, left you wanting more anddd a nice epilogue to give you even more closure 😅🤭 If you’re into thrillers or like who done it books, this is for you!

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Really drawn to the premise of Missing White Woman and also loved the setting being in Jersey City and seeing familiar places. I was all in for the beginning - but unfortunately it lost me a bit after that. The pacing felt off to me - dragged for a while in the middle and then when I saw I was 95% in I didn’t understand how it could possibly wrap up that quickly. Unfortunately this is one that won’t stick with me but I’m still excited to try future books by the author. Thank you to the publisher for the free ebook to review.

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