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This book is exactly what I was expecting and nothing of what I was hoping. It...yeah, it did not remotely work for me, but that's on me, as it very much does what it says on the label. The edition is going to be beautiful, though.

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Now is the perfect time to pick up the hauntingly beautiful Gothikana.

Indulge in this ethereal mystery with a dark forbidden romance at its center that will leave you mesmerized.

The author does an impeccable job of creating an atmospheric read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is both thrilling and suspenseful, and the character development is top-notch. Overall, "Gothikana" is a must-read for anyone who loves dark academia and a teacher-student relationship.

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RuNyx is one of my fav authors now for sure! And dark gothic academia romance has become my fav book genre! Loved this masterpiece, wholeheartedly!

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“he had loved his melancholy until she had touched him with her magic"

I had no idea what to expect with this one, but I was intrigued by by this gothic romance. think: Wednesday meets Crimson Peak with hints of Hunting Prince Dracula and a splash of Lovecraft Country. Gothikana is so spooky and lush and possessive. I really felt like I was living in this haunted castle on top of a dark mountain.

the biggest “issue” I had was the insta-love between Corvina and Vad. they were obsessed with each other after barely any interaction, and it was so intense. they say “when you know, you know” so it’s not unbelievable, but I would have enjoyed a bit more of a build. also, I wasn’t a fan of the clear power imbalance that existed between the two of them.

read if you like:

♡ dark academia
♡ dual pov
♡ tarot
♡ gothic castles
♡ Wednesday + Crimson Peakvibes
♡ unexpected twists
♡ horror
♡ haunting elements
♡ tortured boy loves tortured girl
♡ spooky mountains
♡ secret tunnels
♡ forbidden lakes
♡ dark forests

trigger warnings:

☞ loss of loved one
☞ suicide
☞ murder
☞ power imbalance
☞ schizophrenia
☞ human sacrifice
☞ explicit sexual content

note: I read this book after it had been picked up by Bramble (Tor) and re-edited. I can’t speak to the content/editing of the book prior to the Bramble edition I read in October 2023.

thank you Bramble for sending me a copy of this book.

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4.25 ⭐️.

Such a perfect dark, fall read. The beginning took a little bit to get into, but once you’re in.. you are SUCKED into this world. The plot twist had my jaw on the floor! Such a twisted, eerily romantic read that is simply perfect for all of the people wanting to read about morally black characters that will make you fall in love <3

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I feel neutral about this book. It wasn't for me, but it wasn't bad. I just don't think the dynamic between the main characters was my cup of tea. It's taboo, dark, and a little cringy IMO. There was a lot of time spent describing the main character's outfits, and illustrating how she "wasn't like other girls." It felt young in a lot of ways, but then had a lot of explicit scenes that didn't fit with the rest of the writing style.

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Holy cow! Dark academia - check! Spicy - check! Shades of gothic romances - check! I NEED more books like this! This had it all and I was 1) late for work and 2) opened another browser AT work to finish reading it today. I need MORE!!! (Not asking for a sequel, I hate those, but I loved everything about this book!!)

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This book is as delicious as it is haunting— and I want to drown in it.

Gothikana tells an erotic tale of gothic mystery: one with a beauty, a beast and a castle on a hill, rife with student disappearances and ghastly figures within its ancient walls. Corvina Clemm arrives at Verenmore, ready to find her people. She isn't expecting the castle to provoke her inner demons nor a professor and notorious rogue to possess her body and soul. And the possession is divine and unrelenting, my friends. Like Corvina, we lust for Vad in his shade of moral greys. He speaks from both sides of his mouth, a constant contradiction— but Corvina is unrelenting in her open criticism. Our little crow is no simpering heroine; she tells you like it is, and we love her all the more for it.

As Corvina and Vad learn to dance to their own rhythm, the mangled darkness of Verenmore consumes them. The mystery haunting the school is one only Corvina can answer, but will she survive it?

Gothikana is deep, dark, delicious, and in a genre all its own. You will revel in its gothic mystery and passionate romance. So take a trip to Verenmore, but remember, it may choose to keep you.

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This was such a spooky and atmospheric read and perfect for the spooky season. Nothing like a creepy school with creepy woods on top of a mountain to put you in the spooky mood! It had the dark academia vibes, a little bit of forbidden romance as this was student/teacher and was an all round good time to read! Definitely recommend picking this up.

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Everything about the setup for this novel is exactly why I gravitated toward it. I love a dark romance theme in a dark setting, especially on a school campus! But most importantly, the romance is why I was so excited to read this book. I felt that it did fall short for me. I wasn't as invested in the couple, which ultimately, had the book falling short for me too. I didn't understand the lead up to their romance and I think in a setting like this and the trope, teacher x student, you need to have build up and angst. Not just falls fast and first, all mysteriously and in denial.

I did love the couple for each other but I definitely was expecting more! It is a perfect fall read!

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to read this book early! I really enjoyed it. I thought the writing was very well done, and the story kept me interested. Even though the characters were dark, we love a good dark romance and this did not disappoint!

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