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Kiki Finds Her Voice

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So… I wasn't expecting this book to be about God, to be honest. (I didn't read what it was about before reading it so that's why I was surprised, and, to be completely honest, slightly disappointed, as it's not my kind of books.)

I was a little confused with the messages at first, but ended up agreeing with (at least a part of) them—it's important to stand for yourself and your ideas, and to be proud of what makes you different, and not to try to fit in by all means.


I'm not really sure who the audience of this book is supposed to be. I thought it was a middle grade novel but it's actually a 32-page picture book. However the characters don't look like children at all. That, too, felt a little confusing.

I don't know who I would recommend this book to.

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This book invites readers into a compelling story of self-discovery, where Kiki's journey unfolds as a poignant exploration of finding one's unique path amid societal expectations. This narrative delves into the universal struggle of wanting to fit in while remaining true to oneself, a theme that resonates with readers of all ages.

I enjoyed the way the story portrayed Kiki's desire to shed her "churchy girl" label by singing with friends at the school Talent Show, yet concealing the song choice from her family. The familiar complications arise, prompting Kiki's mom to guide her towards a different song, a turning point in her quest for authenticity.

What captivated me most was the genuine struggle depicted—the delicate balance between conformity and staying true to one's beliefs. Kiki's transformative moment, choosing a song that reflects her true self, leads to a remarkable performance that connects with the audience. This story stands as a compelling encouragement for those who may feel like outsiders, urging them to embrace self-confidence and trust in their unique journey.

Sheard-Kelly's storytelling prowess is complemented by illustrations that skilfully capture a spectrum of emotions, creating a vivid and immersive reading experience. The synergy between narrative and visuals makes this a heartwarming and empowering journey for readers, leaving a lasting impression.

A good bedtime read for children.

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I really enjoyed reading Kiki Finds Her Voice. Many of the situations that Kiki faced in this story made me remember how many times I had felt almost the same exact way. This book tackles many situations that can be challenging if left to deal with all on your own. KiKi's family values kept her on a path to make her shine. I loved the message behind this book. You can tell the author was passionate about telling this story. Young and old will benefit reading and talking about the beautiful messages held within - Be true to your heart and hopefully shine as brightly Kiki did.

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This is a story about a girl who auditions with the cool kids for a spot in the talent show and why her mom doesn’t like the song. The illustrations are beautiful. I recommend this book.

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A lovely, positive message about self esteem, standing up for your beliefs and not compromising yourself for others.

Great for younger children age 4-8 with a strong sense of faith.

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Loved it! The perfect children's read that shows kids why it's ok to be different when living for God. I really enjoyed this book. Can't wait to read it to my kids.

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"Kiki Finds Her Voice" by Kierra Sheard-Kelly deserves a solid 5-star rating. This heartwarming and empowering picture book beautifully conveys an essential message for children about staying true to themselves and embracing their God-given gifts.

The illustrations in this book are simply outstanding, capturing the essence of the story with vivid and engaging visuals that draw young readers into Kiki's world. The combination of the written narrative and the artistic interpretation is truly on point.

The story itself, based on a true experience from the life of Grammy-nominated singer and actress Kierra Sheard-Kelly, is both relatable and inspirational. It tackles the challenges that children often face in wanting to fit in and make friends while remaining authentic to their values and beliefs. Kiki's journey teaches kids the valuable lesson of standing up to peer pressure and staying true to themselves.

This book is not just a story about peer pressure; it also encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and love what makes them special. It demonstrates how faith can play a significant role in their everyday lives and decisions, making it an excellent resource for character development and faith building.

This book is versatile, making it an ideal gift for various occasions, including birthdays, back-to-school, Christmas, and holidays. It's perfect for bedtime and storytime reading, offering valuable lessons while entertaining young readers. "Kiki Finds Her Voice" is a must-read for parents and educators who want to instill confidence, character, and faith in the young hearts and minds of children. It's a five-star book that truly stands out in its ability to inspire and empower.

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Kiki Finds Her Voice tells the story of Kiki as she decides to share her passion for church and god in her school's talent show after being told by her parents she cannot sing a song with her friends about love. I really enjoyed this book and the overall message of being true to yourself and your passions.
The illustrations throughout this book are gorgeous and I loved the different characteristics held by each individual.

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As a girl who comes from a Christian background, is not white and also happens to be plus size, Kiki has not always found it easy to fit in at school. But she does love to sing, and she is good at it. So when three of the popular girls ask her to join them onstage for the school talent show, Kiki is happy to do so.

Unfortunately, the song chosen by the girls has somewhat adult lyrics, so Kiki's parents will not allow her to perform it. instead, they suggest that she choses something more suited to her own beliefs and preferences.

But the other girls aren't interested in singing the song that she chooses. So Kiki goes ahead and sings by herself. And she wins the talent contest!

The book carries an overt Christian message, but the underlying messages about being true to yourself and not giving in to peer pressure have far wider relevance.

Based on a true story from the childhood of a Grammy nominated musician, this book is simple, wholesome, well-illustrated and full of heart. It gets 3.5 stars.

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The illustrations in this amazing story are beautiful! The story was well paced and there were not too many words per page. It is a great story time or bedtime book.

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Although a little heavy handed, I do love the message that this very nicely done picture book is sending. That you have to do what you feel most comfortable doing, not what your friends are doing, or what your friends *expect* you to do.

Kiki wants to sing the very adult love song that her friends want to do for the school talent show. But when her mother finds out, she has to find something else to sing, a spiritual that the other girls don’t know. And because they dont’ know it, she does it on her own. And wins.

Although the book is saying to follow and use the gifts that G*d has given you, I do like that Kiki does what feels right, and lets her voice bloom. Good simple story about not giving into peer pressure to be liked.

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Kiki is a young girl that loves to sing. She enters a talent competition with her three new friends singing a romance song and is accepted. Her mother finds out and is less-than-thrilled about the choice of song and tells Kiki that she's not allowed to sing it, and should instead choose a song from church. Kiki feels very upset because she feels like she has a very hard time fitting in already and that this will only increase the gap between her and the other girls. Her parents explain to her that she should not have to compromise her beliefs to make friends and that by being true to herself and her belief in God, she will always persevere.

This is a wonderfully illustrated book that features a main character that is both a person of color as well as a plus-sized person. I feel the representation is very important for children so they can either see a character they can relate to or if not, have a more normalized view of the diverse sizes and colors that all people can come in. The book carries a religious overtone, but I feel that even if a person is not Christian, they can still enjoy the story in the book and the message to children to always be themselves.

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Kiki Finds her Voice is about a Christian girl who wants to fit in. She decides to sing a song with some popular girls for the talent show, but her parents convince her to sing a song that's more appropriate for herself. She chooses an inspirational song that is more suited to her faith and to who she is, and she knocks it out of the park! This is a wonderful story to show kids that they should be confident in who they are. Stand up and stand out! Wonderful illustrations and wonderful message. ❤️

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