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The spice was spicing, the sex was sexing, and the chili peppers were at a 4/5.

Side note: Any man in real life that would tell me to "crawl" would be on all fours for me but in this book? When Jasper says it? Mmmmkay.

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4 stars!

I LOVE Elsie Silver's Chestnut Springs series! Although "Powerless" is my least favorite entry this far, I still really enjoyed this book! I am not typically a huge fan of friends-to-lovers, Elsie Silver can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. Whenever she writes a book, I simply cannot put it down, and "Powerless" is no different. The long-running story of Jasper and Sloane is unraveled in a slow but sexy manner featuring an age gap x grumpy/sunshine dynamic, only one bed, a hefty side of hockey, a road trip, a bride escaping her wedding, and cameos from Silver's other characters. As we see flashbacks of Sloan and Jasper's evolving friendship, it's obvious they have both loved each other from afar, they just didn't realize it or tell each other. Unfortunately, it all feels a little long in the tooth. We know exactly where their story is going to go as soon as Sloane leaves her wedding. This is usually my critique of friends-to-lovers... it's so predictable, and there's not a lot of tension to back it up. It's just a matter of how long is it going to take for them to divulge their true feelings for one another, and in this case, the answer is... a long time. Still, reading Silver's words always puts me in a good mood no matter how predictable the story might be. All of this comes (heh) along with Elsie Silver's signature spicy content that's sure to keep your pages turning fast and furiously. This is a great book, though as I mentioned, I did love the other entries in the series a lot more. I can't wait to see where the series goes from here!

Thank you to NetGalley, Elsie Silver, and SOURCEBOOKS Bloom Books for the complimentary ARC of this book. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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Powerless by Elsie Silver is the third book in the Chestnut Springs series. It follows Jasper and Sloane on their way to help family after salone walks away from her fiancé the day of her wedding. However the road trip may not go as smoothly as they had both hoped as they keep their secrets even closer while stuck in tight quarters for awhile.

My likes: I really liked the main characters in the chestnut springs series. Sloane is finally finding her courage to stand up to her parents. I liked seeing her growth and strength change through the book. And when it came to Jasper I found his character to be just the right amount of cocky but also caring for Sloane. The story was overall pretty good I definitely will check out the rest of them after reading this one.

The only major flaw I found with powerless is the plot to spice was a little too far on the spice side. It feels like once the spice scenes started the plot was lost. It felt like that's all that was happening in the book now. Then it started getting back to the story but I didn't find it drew me in as much as it did before. I'm more in to my spice sprinkled throughout.

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Ah it feels SOO nice to be back in the world of chestnut springs! I’m so excited to have finally read Jasper’s book. We get so many snippets of him in the past books, but he was still such a mystery. Overall I really enjoyed this book! I love that it’s a sport romance on both sides she’s a ballerina & he plays hockey. It’s also childhood friends to lovers! One thing I always love about childhood friends to lovers is that it has so much heart because the characters have cared about each other for a really long time but in this book sometimes I felt like we were just waiting for them to get together because it’s so clear from the beginning how much they already care about each other. I liked how the plot wasn't so heavy even though it dealt with the loss and trauma of losing a loved one. Also it was amazing to see how Elsie described Jasper's trauma and grief and how he dealt with it rather than just making the whole story about his traumatized past.

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This series is just so good! I’m sad I only have one left (yes I read them out of order, oops). Anyways, I was so excited for this one after getting little glimpses of Jasper in the previous two books. Oooo mama, I was not prepared for him! He is damaged and vulnerable but sexy and surprisingly bossy, which I was really here for. I obviously knew he was a hockey player and I’m all for a hockey romance, but surprisingly I loved that hockey was a small part of this one. My favorite thing about series like these is that we get so much insight into new couples while still getting little bits from previous (and future) characters. The found family/friendship group in this one was such a highlight for me. It took a little bit for Sloane to grow on me but by the end I really loved her a lot and really enjoyed her character growth. As always though, Harvey is my absolute fav. If you’re looking for a feel good romance series of romance where each book feels very different, this is the one I recommend!

“When it comes to you, I’m powerless”

The rest of the series:
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-small town
-childhood friends to lovers
-hockey player
-found family

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I love Elsie Silvers bookable and this series has me in a strong hold. I loved this it was the perfect addition to the series!! I had been waiting what seemed like forever to get my hands on this one! Love love love!! 5 star read!!!
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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy. I really enjoyed this and will be getting copies for my shop.

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Elsie Silvers delivers an entertaining, swoon worthy romance with Powerless. Her books are hard to pur down because the characters and the plots are so engaging. Well written, well developed characters that are relatable. Checks the boxes for chemistry and steam

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It's like she and I are tethered together, but she's the strong one. The pillar. And when troubled waters wash me downstream, all I have to do is follow the rope that ties me back to her.
It always leads me back to her."

When Sloane Winthrop is ready to make an escape at her wedding, Jasper Gervais is there to help her. He's always been there, just like she's always been there for him. Sloane is done living her life on everyone else's terms and trying to make everyone happy at her expense.

She's back at Wishing Well Ranch, spending all her time with Jasper. Who so happens to be her childhood best friend, her long time unrequited love, and the man that's suddenly looking at her like he's never looked at her before. When everything around them is crashing down, the line between friendship and more is getting blurry.


Elsie Silver stole my heart in December when I picked up Flawless and I swear it felt like an eternity between then and release date for Jasper's book. My heart is so full with this book.

Childhood friends to lovers will always be elite. The flashbacks to the vulnerable moments when they were younger? The first time they saw each other? The long history and deep understand of who each other really is?! Elsie DELIVEREDDDD. I love the sweet moments we got of them on the roof together at kids where we see the tender, sweet sides of young Jasper.

There's so much pain and heartache in this book, from every single angle...their pasts, their present, their families. I love that no matter the distance, which they do discuss, they're still each other's rocks and biggest supporters. Part of what makes this friends to lovers story so believable is that they're feelings that we saw were always there, and seeing Jasper come out of his shell and see Sloane as more is soooo f* satisfying. These two were truly made for each other.

I love how complex these characters are individually as well. Jasper's past and trauma explains so much of why he's so closed off and guarded and my heart HURT finding out what his history is. Sloane was a perfect balance for him. Seeing her learn how to stand up for herself was everything. I wanted to fight her ex and her dad. But Jasper's final blow to them?! I was screamingggg!!

This book has all the best tropes of course. Childhood best friends to lovers, one bed, tortured grumpy mc, sports romance but the best with this book, and honestly all of them in this series, is the Eaton family. I looooove Rhett, Summer, Cade, Willa, Luke, Harvey, Beau, Winter and literally all of them there. I love the dynamic between all the characters and my heart is with all of them at Wishing Well Ranch. I might actually explode waiting for the next book.

- 5 stars

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Receiving an advanced copy was a delightful surprise. I believe both existing fans and newcomers will find it equally enjoyable.

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I absolutely adore this series, but im not sure who i felt about this book. It was good, but not the best.

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Ah it feels so nice to be back in the world of chestnut springs! I’m so excited to have finally read Jasper’s book. We get so many snippets of him in the past books, but he was still such a mystery. Overall I really enjoyed this book! I love that it’s a sport romance on both sides (she’s a ballerina & he plays hockey).

It’s also childhood friends to lovers! One thing I always love about childhood friends to lovers is that it has so much heart because the characters have cared about each other for a really long time. BUT in this book sometimes I felt like we were just waiting for them to get together because it’s so clear from the beginning how much they already care about each other.

There’s SO many elements I love about this book: the road trip, the depth of their feelings for each other, unraveling jaspers childhood, and sloane standing up to her family. Overall my least fav in the series thus far but still loved it sm!!!

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After really enjoying the first books in this series, I was disappointed by Powerless. The friends-to-lovers setup was a little hard to believe. There was no significant conflict keeping them apart other than their own failure to have an honest conversation about their feelings. Both Sloane and Jasper have no personality and I didn't care about them as a couple. They are really immature and a lot of the more serious moments in the book came across as cringe.

I was also really weirded out by the "not really cousins" dyanmic between them. It felt like the author kept bringing it up to give the book slight forbidden romance vibes. But it just made me uncomfortable; especially because they were basically raised as cousins and he thinks of the Eaton boys as his brothers.

This is my third book by this author and I'm really noticing her fixation on age-gaps and lips in these books. It didnt bother me in the first books but the writing and characters are starting to feel repetitive.

Without the tension of the romance, the book felt like it went on forever. The plot was really predictable and dull. Honestly, the best part of the book is the small moments we get of the other couples in this series.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC! I love the Chestnut Springs series and this is the spiciest one yet! A hockey romance (unexpected in this cowboy romance series), this was my favorite of the series so far! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series and then whatever Elsie Silver has for us next!

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Powerless is another amazing installment in the Chestnut Springs series! Jasper stole my heart with his back story and I just wanted to grab this boy with the heart of gold and hug him! Sloane was absolutely precious and I was rooting for her along the way. My heart broke for her and they manipulation she has had to endure. I love that these two saw each other for who they were and the strength that they were able to provide each other. The chemistry and tension between these two was perfect. The sweet things Jasper does for Sloane with and without her knowing melted my heart. He is so swoon! I, loved his possessive and protective side, then his use of "mine." The friends-to-lovers connection between Jasper and Sloane is portrayed with tender hesitation and undeniable chemistry. Their relationship transforms as they embark on an impromptu road trip, and the narrative unfolds into an epic love story. I cannot recommend this story and series enough.

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When I tell you this book had me in a chokehold, I couldn't be more honest. I could NOT put this book down! It had all the right tropes, friends to lovers, one bed, both of them in denial of their feelings, or thinking the other person couldn't possibly feeling the same way, when really, they were truly meant to be together. I've come to find out I'm a hopeless romantic, so I am a huge sucker for soulmates and truly believing there is one person out there for you, just like Sloan and Jasper were meant for each other.

This book was amazing, and I definitely made me weak in the knees with Jasper's demands, and Sloan's never-ending willingness to comply. The possessiveness of that man, and his ability to let Sloan also be independent. I was in love; Jasper is 100% my book boyfriend. (Sorry Sloan)

The book was definitely worth the read, and I would strongly suggest you give it a try, even if you didn't like the first book.

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Elsie Silver is a new to me author; I think I found her after seeing other authors sharing some of her work and I thought I'd give Powerless a try.

The first few chapters had me interested in the story of Sloane and Jasper, but if I'm being honest, there was a little bit of a drag after I got to know them and what their story was about and when things picked up for me. I think it was just a little too much of them in their heads about each other, when it was clear to everyone that they were both pining for each other...and yet they continued to deny it for what sometimes felt like forever. That being said, I still found their love story interesting with all of the side characters and subplots that were involved and that kept things moving for me and then things got moving for Sloane and Jasper and once that happened, the novel picked up steam and I flew through the rest of the pages.

I enjoyed how sweet both Sloane and Jasper were and I also appreciated that they both were strong and weak and that when needed, they had each other's back. I loved the whole family aspect of the novel and am definitely curious about the other siblings and their books. So even though there were parts that were a smidge slow for me, I'm glad I stuck with it because it ended up being a solid 3.5 read.

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Elsie SIlver continuously delivers amazing stories and characters you can't help but feel for. Jasper is especially easy to get lost in and following the journey between him and Sloane was enjoyable from start to finish!

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Back to chestnut springs we go, with some time in Calgary. Jasper and Sloane have been best friends since Jasper came into the family. 20 years later things finally and I mean FINALLY start to move in the right direction. Sloane runs away from her wedding- thank god and her and Jasper go on a road trip that has snow- one bed- pool- bad beer- and feelings coming out! Also, get ready for HOLY SHIT HOT HOT steam- dirty talk! Jasper has to work through his childhood and Sloane learns about her horrible dad. There are some gems of lines as well - so get ready!
We also got a Gold Rush Ranch camo and it was just perfect also! Harvey is perfect and adorable and you want him as a second dad as well. We also get all the Eatons and how their lives are.

With all that hype I will say- WTF why not say something to each other at some point - sure the first decade but not the last 5 years?? You are a professional hockey player! Also, I really hated that she kept wearing the ring for way too long.

Hockey player/Ballerina
Childhood Friends
Road Trip- One Bed
Friends to Lovers
Age Gap
Ranch/ Small town/ Calgary
runaway bride

4/5 stars
4.5/5 spicy
⅖ lol
⅗ badass FMC

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This was a fun and spicy small town friends-to-lovers story, and I am here for it. There is plenty of character development, and best of all, there’s no major third-act drama. I highly recommend this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley. This is my honest review.

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