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Elsie Silver does not miss. This series is such a pleasure to read. Although not my favourite in the series, Jasper has such emotional depth and an interesting past. Love reading about the friendships and this group of friends and family.

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Powerless re-releases November 7, 2023

- childhood friends
- ballerina x nhl hockey player
- runaway bride
- road trip
- unrequited love
- chosen family
- rooftop hangouts

Powerless starts off eventful when Sloane is sent an anonymous video mere minutes before walking down the aisle of her fiancé cheating on her. While this news stings, it’s also the perfect way to get out of her marriage with Sterling since it was more for the sake of her family’s business than a love match.

Compared to the rest of the series, this installment definitely has more of a somber and melancholic undertone with lots of angst, past trauma, and sad/tortured character vibes which is amplified with the current situation of Beau being missing in action while on deployment.

Sloane and Jasper are undoubtedly each other’s person and they have this quiet companionship where words aren’t always necessary to have a conversation, though I would have liked more in terms of seeing them work through Jasper’s barriers and improving their communication.

I did feel like Elsie or the editors glossed over a lot of details. For example, there’s no way they’d swim of their own volition for as long as they did in a glacial lake, in their underwear, in late November, in Western Canada, with a heavy snowfall the following day, without getting hypothermic?
Or the fact that it was written multiple times that Jasper kissed Sloane’s neck hard enough to leave a mark, yet none of their friends or family mentioned that, even though the the group of girls were having a lengthy discussion about their intimacy?
I also found it weird how Sloane was so reluctant to take off her engagement ring for literal weeks when Jasper has been “the one” for her since she was 10, and she really had no emotional ties to Sterling.

Nearly half of this book felt like set up for Beau and Theo’s stories as well as incorporating character appearances from Elsie’s other small town series, Gold Rush Ranch, or Willa’s incessant need to know Jasper’s dick size…

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We love a good friends to lovers trope.
Especially when it’s a grumpy/ sunshine one!

Overall it was such a fun read and I really enjoyed the dual pov. It was great seeing their internal thoughts about each other beforehand 😭🤌🏻

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okay i gotta get the rest of this series because this so so good! Childhood friends to lovers is really one of the best tropes!! The writing pulled me in and the romance had me swooning!

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3️⃣Powerless: the third book in the Chesnut Springs series. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I loved being back in Chestnut Springs w/ the Eaton family!! In powerless you get:

Jasper & Sloane
Found family
Forced proximity
Road Trip tension
Witty banter
Forbidden Love
Alternating POV
Famous hockey player and Ballerina (the tattoos in this one were literally my favorite thing ever)
“Sonny” nickname -- heck yes!!!

They've known each other forever and they both wanting something MORE but haven't told each other. what will it take?!

I'm giving this 5 stars because i absolutely loved it -- my only complaint is that i think the miscommunication/not just telling each other how they felt lasted a little too long.

I will be recommending this series to everyone i know! so so good and Elsie has outdone herself!

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This left me utterly captivated from the very first page. This novel, with its beautiful narrative, creates a heartwarming story of two childhood friends and their journey of love, redemption, and self-discovery.

Sloane and Jasper, the main characters, are not like your typical romance novel characters. They are flawed, multi-dimensional and very relatable. I feel like the storytelling allows the reader to connect deeply with the complex emotions and personal struggles that the characters experience. The story is a rollercoaster of emotions that range from laughter to tears and absolutely everything in between.

Sloane's unwavering love for Jasper, (who is a character that is beautifully broken), adds a layer of depth to the story that is touching and poignant. The nuances of their relationship is beautifully captured and made me feel like I was there with them for every step of their journey.

The character development and the growth of their relationship that feels authentic. This felt like a reminder that no matter how broken we may be, love has the power to heal and make us whole again.

So far Elsie Silver has not disappointed and this book was no exception; it definitely delivered and I would 100% recommend. 5/5 stars

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Absolutely loved this book from Elsie Silver. Jasper and Sloane were everything! It has such wonderful tropes such as Childhood friends to lovers and forced proximity. I was obsessed with the dynamics of the two of them from the start. This book was also quite spicy and I loved every minute of it! He said "crawl"
and I was a blubbering mess! So so good!

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I adored Jasper and Sloane’s story the first time, the second time made me never want their road trip to end.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…
Characters: I love both Sloane and Jasper so much. When we meet Sloane she is about to embark on a trainwreck of a marriage to a man that would make her father happy but not herself. She’s been in love with Jasper since they met as kids and she’s learned to hide not just her feelings for him but just about all her other complexities from her family. This book is as much a journey for Sloane’s character as it is for her romance with Jasper. She learns that she does not have to settle or keep her fierce kindness and loyalty stuffed inside herself. Jasper is such a great hero too. He’s a hockey goalie in the NHL an elite athlete at the top of his game, while also still being that shy boy the Eatons adopted as their own. Jasper’s deep brothership with Beau and the other Eaton boys, and his father-son relationship with Harvey are some of the shining gems of this book.
Setting: The story begins in Chestnut Springs, with Jasper and Sloane almost hiding at the Wishing Well ranch once she has gone full-on runaway bride. Then the two of them are presented with the chance to go on a road trip and who does not love this trope in a romance?! So many nights at hotels, that have only one room left with only one bed in them! Also Elsie Silver I see the Rose Hill cameo and of course, they go to Ruby Creek and visit Gold Rush Ranch. I found this part even more compelling in my second read-through, so much so that after this I went and binged the entire Gold Rush Ranch series.
Pacing: This book is just so easy to get lost in, maybe it is the road trip vibes but this is one of Elsie’s easiest books to read in just a few sittings. I also find this one of her least rushed endings, which is a problem I usually run into with some of her books.
Romance: Sloane and Jasper will melt your heart with their adorable friends finally telling each other that they have had deep romantic feelings for each other for years! For years without telling the other person. So when that combo hits you get toe-curling good smut, thanks again to the only one-bed trope. But the way they support each other against everything the world is throwing at them, you cannot help but feel so heartwarmed by this couple.

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SO GOOD! So good people!! The books in this series just keep getting better and better and better! I’m hard to impress, and this book is UNREAL!!!! I received an arc, but immediately purchased the paperback after reading this.

Jasper and Sloan have been friends since they were children. When she leaves her cheating fiancé at the alter, Jasper is there to swoop in and be the support she needs. Their friends to lovers relationship was so much fun to read. They characters are so well written and you can feel their love for each other. They support each other in different ways and you can’t help but fall in love with them too. The pining, the spice (“crawl to me🥵”) , and the hilarious moments had me just absolutely loving this book!
Someone said that it is a privilege to read Elsie Silver’s books, and that is the most perfect way to describe how I feel. She writes the most beautiful love stories. I will always read her books. Always. They take you away and give you all the emotions!

📘: Powerless by Elsie Silver
🗓️: November 7, 2023

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One of my favorites out of the Chestnut Springs series! Jasper and Sloane pulled at my heartstrings and brought the fire. Such a fun couple and all the inside/family jokes really sold the novel. I loved this and it was one of my favorite reads of the year!

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If it is friends to lovers I am going to eat. it. up. and Powerless was no exception. Jasper was previously this brooding, man of few words mystery prior to this and I loved getting into his head. Right off the bat you know Sloane is perfect for him and vice versa so it's just a really fun ride to see how exactly they are going to get there.

The runaway bride vibes are a tad understated and not in a bad way, there's enough drama prior to the main event that make up for it and build the tension. There was a surprising premise that got Sloane and Jasper then stuck together and it did have a bit of an overarching sad vibe to this book compared to the rest (well I guess except for Reckless, nothing can top that). I was a little caught off guard by that so I did enjoy this more on the reread. I will also say for people who don't like friends to lovers because you feel like it moves too slowly and people don't say what they really want to say.. this is in line with that. I know Elsie Silver typically flips tropes on their heads and makes you like tropes you may not normally like, but the use of FTL in this is pretty straight forward and even as a lover of the genre I was a bit like come onnnn. Not quite miscommunication territory but still a bit slow.

But, once they really collided it was ON and the rest of this book more than made up for the stagnation. Like I mentioned before they are just perfect for each other and I loved every bit of that. There's some external conflict in this that keeps things interesting as well. Spice on point.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bloom books for this ARC! I highly recommend this one.

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Jasper and Sloane are absolutely my favourite couple in this series, I adore their journey and their love story. The spice is excellent, the writing is great, and I think the author has done a great job of making the plot flow well without any weird or unnecessary twists. She has also struck a great balance between plot and tropes, which can be really hard to do! I was rooting for Sloane and Jasper so hard, and I'm so glad they are getting their HEA

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Jasper and Sloane are the perfect childhood friends-to-lovers. This makes me nostalgic for the crushes I used to get at summer camp, only to think about them all year, wondering if they were thinking about me. But instead of kids my age, my crush was on the boy's camp counselor.... that's what Sloane and Jasper are. A little age gap that makes a huge difference when one's a pre-teen and one's a young adult, but without the ick that comes with an older guy crushing on a younger girl, because Jasper held fast and hard to his boundaries, until you didn't. And let me tell you, when that guy finally let himself feel something for Sloane, it was beautiful and deep and soul crushing and no one would doubt they are soulmates.

Jasper's his own person, which I love so much. Sloane's living her life for everyone but herself, until Jasper helps her shed those expectations.

This book is so different than the others in Chestnut Springs but I'm still obsessed. First, Sloane's marrying another man. Then Beau's missing, and that puts a whole *mood* over the remaining chapters of the book. Then they're on a road trip. And then they're home, but life hasn't gone back to normal life yet. And in between, there's flashbacks to Sloane and Jasper during their childhood on Wishing Well Ranch. That's the most time we get with the other characters, through flashbacks. No spoilers, but this one didn't have that same communal feeling that the other books did. Not a big deal, just a heads up.

When Sloane finally confronts her family, it brought tears to my eyes. Not only did she realize her worth, with clear eyes on how her father had treated her, but she also felt the support that she needed, and the gestures from Jasper that follow are *chef's kiss* perfection.

Jasper won't be everyone's cup of tea, but he is mine.

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Powerless by Elsie Silver
Re-release Date: 11/7/23
Format: audio/ebook tandem
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Elsie Silver is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors and Book 3 in the Chestnut Springs series did not disappoint!

This book was AMAZING and I read it in one afternoon. We have a ballerina and NHL player who have been secretly pining over each other for a decade, a possessive MMC who also inspires the FMC to be independent and take ownership of her life, and a fiery FMC who is getting her life back!

The spice in this book is some of the best I’ve read in quite some time and not cringe at all. So many tender moments too! I absolutely loved it. Cannot recommend this series enough!

Thank you so much to @netgalley for the arc in exchange for my honest opinion!

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Every time I read one of these books, I think that one is my favorite. I never expected to love Jasper and Sloane’s story like I did. I don’t always love childhood friends to lovers but this was more soulmates. Two people made for one another. They may have taken awhile to get there but they made it anyhow. So freaking GOOD.

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Elsie Silver's books are always a hit for me and Powerless is no different! This book is a bit different from the rest of the series because it's not about an Easton brother and nobody is in the ranching/cowboy/bull rider business. Instead, it's more of a sports romance because Jasper is a professional hockey player but don't worrry-- all the Easton boys are still involved heavily in the story since Jasper is their best friend and Sloane, the female love interest, is their cousin. There is a ton of: sexual tension, mutual pining, flashbacks to childhood (when the MCs knew each other), and of course a wonderful HEA. I cannot get enough of this series!

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This series keeps getting better as the books go on. I think this has been my favorite book so far, especially because I love the trope. I love the I've loved you forever trope. Also, the Runaway bride aspect in the beginning makes the drama from the beginning so your intrigued from 1st page. I can't wait to continue reading on and hope Beau's story is next.

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The third book in the Chestnut Springs series nearly checked every box for me!

“Powerless” follows Sloane Winthrop, a prima ballerina whose life comes crashing down on her wedding day. Luckily, Jasper Gervais, her childhood best friend and star hockey player is there to swoop in and save her just as she has done for him. The two go on an impromptu road-trip to escape everything, but the more time they spend alone together, the more they begin to view each other as more than friends.

This book has a completely different feel to it than the other books in the series and I really enjoyed it! The tension and pining that built up throughout the duration of the novel were wonderfully drawn out. The “will they or won’t they” movements further sucked me into the story as I eagerly awaited Sloane and Jasper to cross the line between friend and lover.

When their romantic relationship began to finally take off, I felt as though the steamy moments were too numerous. As a reader, I wanted more regarding their actual friendship. There was a period when they weren’t a constant in each other’s lives and I was more so interested in them reacquainting themselves with each other emotionally before exploring each other physically.

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Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Publication date: November 7, 2023

Powerless is the 3rd book in the Chestnut Springs series but my second book from the author. Elsie Silver is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors! I absolutely love that this series takes place in Canada too!

Powerless is the story of Sloane the quiet cousin and Jasper the broody professional hockey player. Jasper Gervais has also become one of my favourite book boyfriends!

Sloane has been in love with Jasper for almost two decades. Sloane spent a month every summer at her cousins Violets Ranch. Violet has three brothers and the year Sloane was 11, there was a new boy at the Ranch. Jasper had a very rough family life including an unspeakable tragedy and went to live with the Eatons.

Sloane was crushing hard and it quickly became more than a crush over the years. Jasper never seemed to be interested in Sloane so eventually she gave up and settled for Jasper being one of her closest friends.

About to marry the jerk her father set her up with to make a favourable business transaction, Sloane accepts that this is what her life is meant to be. Except on her wedding day she get an anonymous text message showing a video of her fiancé having sex with a stripper.

Jasper breaks her out of what is sure to be a loveless marriage and takes her on a road trip meant for friends. Until it’s not friendly at all. There is no denying the connection Jasper and Sloane have but the timing has never been right for them. Is it worth ruining a lifetime of friendship?

I loved Jasper and Sloane’s story so much. This is a 5 star read for me and I will definitely be reading the rest of this series!

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Sloane has been in love with Jasper since she first laid eyes on him at 10 years old. Unfortunately he’s only ever seen her as a friend. On the day of her wedding to another man who was more concerned with controlling her, Sloane flees— and Jasper is right there to help her get away from it all. He brings her back to Chestnut Springs, where she spent every summer with her cousins and Jasper.

This was actually my first book of Elsie Silver’s and I enjoyed the writing and story a ton! Unfortunately at times it felt like the MMC was way too possessive for my liking and also seemed to lack a lot of the depth I usually hope for in a “darker” backstory.

Also there were a bunch of incest jokes due to Jasper being taken in by Sloane’s uncle/cousins family as a teen. Obviously they’re not blood related but these jokes made the whole situation even more uncomfy to read about.

I am interested in reading the other books in this series though, especially since many have said this is their least favorite.

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