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15-Minute Drawing: One-Line Drawing

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One line art, what a unique and fun concept.

What I found so appealing is that this book is pitched as 15 minute sketches and it delivers.

The book begins talking about simple materials - all you really need is a piece of paper and some sort of utensil - and then it goes into the practice.

The book begins with steps of warming up to loosen your wrist and then teaches you a simple, yet elegant one line rose.

From there, the book is broken up into sections such as flowers, other plants, people, and even some cute cups and animals.

Each doodle has step by steps on how to draw it in clear and concise language.

This book is literally for anyone who wants to draw and can be a fun practice for those who have zero skills and even those who have ample skills.

The book ends with a nice section on keeping a sketchbook practice.

Overall, this book is fantastic and would make a great gift for ones’ self or anyone else.

Happy drawing!

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I think this book is beautiful, creative and honestly suitable for all ages! The doodles and sketches are pretty, and the instructions are clear as well. There are so many beautiful designs, and. I think it’s great that all the drawings were explained through step by step sketches. There is a variety of subjects to draw, from portraits to food, and from animals to plants. This book is simplistic, but beautiful, and it provides an easy and calming outlet for artists to learn new sketches,

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for provoking me with the opportunity to read this lovely book.

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What a fantastic, stress relief book! I absolutely love drawing (even if I can't draw to save my life) so this was right up my alley!

The book contains an introduction, a description of one line drawing, a key to explain the level of difficulty and even the tools you can or could use.

It then starts you on a warm up, having a go a what I'm going to call squiggles, to simply warm up your wrists to get ready for the drawing.

It includes flowers, leaves, plants, faces (which you can add abstract or a bohemian style) and even a postured person. It then moves to every day items, cups, books and food. It also includes still life, celebrations and details on keeping a scetchbook.

Each and every drawing is beautiful and very well done with an easy to follow step-by-step. Highly recommended for anyone attempting to draw or even professionals.

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I love this book! I tried to make draw some of the flowers and cannot wait to try some of the harder drawings.

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THIS IS MY KIND OF ART! From my favourite doodling patterns to my best art ever (just kidding not!), I find my best art teacher here in this compilation!

Best guide book ever! Who would have thought that guidebooks like this would ever exist?!

I am so glad Quarto Publishing Group is covering all kinds of art styles and art forms year after year. I never expected one like drawing art guidebook ever but now it’s happening and it’s the absolute best!


It feels like home. No complications. Just simple one like art. In all its utter glory.

Thank you, Walter Foster/Quarto Publishing Group, for the advance reading copy.

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What a cool book! I love art and love these 15 minute drawing as a stress relief. Also great for children!

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This kind of art is so esthetic and beautiful!
I was a fan of it since the first time I saw it! 😍

15-Minute Drawing : One-Line Drawing by Heinke Nied is great book with easy step-by-step descriptions.
The whole book is so pretty! OMG! I really can't wait to try out all the different things!
You've got different categories likes fruits or plants or celebrations.
Totally brings you into the drawing mood!

Thank you so much to Quarto Publishing Group - Walter Foster for this ARC via NetGalley.
This is my honest review in my own words.

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