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It's so exciting to see this Webtoon become more widely published! I absolutely love Rose's story as she navigates her late twenties and the start of her thirties. We get to follow Rose through changes in relationships and navigating a new job that will create opportunities she never expected to be a part of. When Rose takes on an assistant job she ends up working for a young billionaire named Daniel, who isolates himself and has a hard time trusting people. Rose has such a fun personality and it's hilarious to watch her chip away at Daniel's stern exterior. The art is beautiful and the side characters are also hilarious. I definitely would recommend it!

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"Age Matters: Volume One" is an irresistible manga that sweeps you off your feet with its heartwarming romance and captivating artwork. From the tender moments of affection to the exhilarating twists of fate, this story has it all. The characters are deeply relatable, and their emotional journey resonates long after the final page. Whether you're a die-hard manga fan or new to the genre, "Love in Ink" is a must-read that earns every one of its five stars!

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The whole thing was nice enough. The design of the characters is interesting, the drawings are dynamic and I appreciated the colors. The story started a bit chaotic but was a good build. It definitely explored a couple interesting themes that I could also relate to, being similar in age to the main character.

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This is a great start to the series! The artwork is beautiful and detailed. The story is easy to follow and the characters are incredibly easy to love. I'm so glad to see this webtoon getting turned into a printed comic book!

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I remember reading this one as it was publishing episode by episode on WEBTOON and loving it! I was so happy to see it’s being officially published! It’s been a little while so it was like reading it for the first time, and I got to fall in love with the story all over again. The story does jump around a bit but if you pay attention to the color of the bubbles you’ll follow it pretty well. I love the grumpy/sunshine of these two (it’s one of my favorite tropes) and how Rose is trying to get him to lighten up. He’s not bad guy—- a lot of Daniel’s “rudeness” comes from being used for his billionaire status and from my perspective, not being able to socialize properly because of it since he became a tech mogul at such a young age. In this, he’s 23, but Lime is celebrating its 4th anniversary. So really he was just a kid when it all began. Rose is a few years older than him, but also trying to find her way in the world still and I think these two will be good for each other.
I can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you Wattpad WEBTOON Book Group for the arc!

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I haven't read the webtoon, but I liked the premise, so I gave this a try -- but after the first few pages, I don't care about the characters, and I'm turned off by the art. It looks like it's been put together from anime screen caps. The images don't flow together to tell the story -- and what I get through the dialogue is much too cliched. (I also find someone complaining about how old they are at 30 awfully silly.)

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I love this story because I read it before in its entirety, but I’m a little disappointed in my reread and it’s ONLY because I feel like there’s not enough in this book to intrigue the reader to move further.

I love Daniel and Rosie. The beginning of their friendship is a lot of fun, but I think I was looking forward to more of an actual story. We have some caring for each other, we have a fun new job, but I wanted more to bring the reader in right away.

I do love the way Rosie is showcased as a character, and her worries about growing older. She is a strong and fun, matter of fact type character, and I love that she jumps right in to everything when given an opportunity. I think if people give this a chance they will love it…

I just hope the readers will come back for more after this installment!!

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This is a Korean-favourite: rich billionaire male lead with poor female lead romance story. Rose finds herself filling in for a friends as a maid of Daniel, a young and overworked billionaire CEO. Both are young professionals who struggle with work-life balance, with Rose being a couple years older. Originally unaware of his identity and told not to make eye contact with him, their relationship starts off on the wrong foot. After a series of mishaps, Daniel and Rose's relationship grows warmer and friendlier. This first volume has a slow start in order to set up the story and characters. I personally don't feel this first volume was unique enough to catch my attention as a new reader of the series. I feel like the side characters, Rose's friend and Daniel's assistant, have more character than the lead couple. I will definitely read the second volume when it comes out because I'm curious to see how Rose and Daniel's relationship evolves, but I wish this first volume could've had a stronger impact on me as a reader.

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Age Matters by Enjelicious is a popular Webtoon that is being released physically on 01/30.

29-year-old Rose Choi is trying to pick up her life after her ex-boyfriend cheated on and then dumped her. In need of employment, she takes over her best friend's odd job to cook and deliver meals to a mysterious boss. This boss turns out to be the 23-year-old CEO of Lime, Daniel Yoon. But in this first volume, it seems she still hasn't figured out that Daniel is a rich CEO yet. So this makes Rose a great candidate to replace his secretary, who we are told is a woman who "betrayed" him. While he finds her desperate and annoying, she is multi-talented at cooking, cleaning, and helping with his reports. So, by the end of this volume, he is offering her the job.
Rose finds Daniel to be an abrasive workaholic who is afraid of everything. She doesn't understand why he lives the way he does, isolating himself and working so much. She feels much older and wiser than him, and she wants to help.
Eventually, they begin to get along with each other more, and you can see a very funny friendship growing. I can tell they will fall for each other. It is just going to be a very slow burn.
I really like the art. The characters are so expressive and make lots of funny faces. I think the dynamic between the MCs makes me want to come back, and see where this relationship goes. They both really offer the other something they need emotionally, and I can't wait to see some growth.
The story feels a little disjointed in the beginning, making it a little confusing. It probably worked better as an episodic release and just needs a little clean-up to be published in a book. Just stick with it, and once the main characters start interacting, you're hooked.

A huge thank you to @netgalley and @wattpadbooks for the ARC.

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Really loved the premise of this primarily light-hearted webcomic read! I will say, the title and cover art are what first caught my eye for this book. Overall, the story's execution and illustration style weren't my favorite personally, but I did enjoy aspects of Rose & Daniel's banter and budding relationship a lot. Aspects of the story felt a little all over the place to me, but it is only the first volume so it's definitely working to set things up for the future. I think some of what might have contributed to why I felt like it was a bit scattered was due in part to the actual formatting when they worked to translate the work from it's original, WEBTOON scrolling format. It felt like there could have been improvement there, for sure. Additionally, the dialogue felt a little choppy at parts (just a warning).

I will definitely continue on reading this series despite some of the details I pointed out that held me back from giving it 5 stars. Really cute set up for more antics from Rose & Daniel, I'm sure!

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I don't really have strong feelings about this book one way or another. I think I liked the premise more than the execution. Our main character, Rose, is mildly annoying, and so is her (future) love interest, Daniel, but not in an unforgivable way. I often didn't understand the reactions either of them had to the situations they were in, but in that regard, I feel I am just the wrong audience for this book.

I was expecting more romance out of a book whose summary includes the plot point of them falling for each other. This isn't an enemies-to-lovers story, because they're not enemies, but they certainly don't like each other, and I feel like the story doesn't give me a good enough reason for why these people who don't like each other keep spending time together. They both could just... not be around each other any more, and I feel like the only reason they're still spending time together is so they can have that romance later, not for any in-story reason.

Now for my issues on the technical side of the book. This is a webtoon-turned-graphic-novel (and I love that, truly), but it seems like a lot of the end-of-chapter things that would make sense in a format of a webtoon, where new chapters are coming out weekly, don't make sense in a continuously read story without chapter breaks. It's like watching episodes of a show back to back, where the end of the previous episode is played at the beginning of the next episode to catch you, the audience, up to speed. Only. There were not any of those breaks, so I'd periodically just see the same scene play out twice back-to-back. There were also several word bubbles that were pointing to the person who wasn't talking, or word bubbles that repeated the dialogue of the same bubble next to it. None of these things are deal-breakers at all, and they didn't take away from the plot of the story, but they were a smidge annoying to deal with.

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This was cute. A good opener for a new series. I was pulled in enough that I would like to read the rest. The characters are well created and though we don't know a lot about them yet they have plenty of depth to make the story interesting and plenty of room to grow. Recommend for anyone looking for a sweet story about a working relationship that could turn into something more.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Webtoon, and Enjelicious for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required.

I enjoyed <i>Age Matters </i>Volume One. The art was well-done (if not particularly original), clear and not overly "pretty". I really liked the plot line. It is clear that some thawing between the characters is beginning, but there's no quick jump to infatuation: instead, Rose and Daniel have a slow-burn friendship growing. I also appreciated that Rose's competency at the business-related tasks is appreciated just as much as her cooking skills. (I could have done without the inclusion - and personification! - of the cockroach, but, whatever.) I'm guessing that the story will end up with some sort of relationship between Rose and Daniel but tbh I would be OK with a solid friendship - which it seems like both of them really need - if a romance doesn't work out.

I didn't particularly understand the role of Andrew - assistant? coworker? - and I wasn't real clear on why, if Yura is such a good friend, she thought it would be cool to get Rose drunk and have her sign an employment contract covering for Yura's several-months-long vacation. #Plotdevice I guess. But what really was irritating was the voluminous watermarking over every page, every cell. I can understand Webtoon's desire to prevent piracy but it made reading the book VERY difficult. I had to zoom in all the way frequently to be able to decipher the words through the watermarking obfuscating them.

Nonetheless this was fun and I would certainly be happy to read Volume Two whenever it's available. Maybe Rose will finally catch the bug. lol

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It’s so nice how many Webtoons are getting traditionally published. This was a cute intro to the story and I’m excited to read more.

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*A big thanks to NetGalley and WEBTOON Unscrolled for the ARC!*

Age Matters is primarily a lighthearted and comedic story about Rose Choi, a 29-year-old woman that has felt the hardships of life. She has no job and was recently dumped by her cheating boyfriend through text. After a drunken night with friends, she wakes up to realize that she has agreed to take over her best friend’s job of cooking and cleaning for a mysterious man. It is later revealed that the “mysterious boss” is actually young billionaire Daniel Yoon.

If that premise sounds a bit wacky, don’t worry, it gets better.

Though much of this volume is spent introducing the characters and dynamics they have with each other, it was very enjoyable to read! The art was nice, and the story was easy to follow along. I got to say, it is interesting to see how the author incorporates ageism into their story. After all, Rose is constantly judged for being a 29-year-old woman with no prospects while Daniel is constantly praised for achieving so much at his young age. You couldn’t put any more different characters in the same room with each other. And yet, I can see the potential for growth on both sides, with Daniel learning how to live life and be comfortable with others while Rose can… gain financial stability.


A bit of a warning though, the format was slightly funky. And I mean slightly. I understand that this book came straight out of WEBTOON, but I still think the formatting could have been nicer. For the most part, the transition from WEBTOON to book format seemed seamless; unless one read the actual WEBTOON and knew which panels corresponded to which chapters, it was hard to tell. However, in WEBTOONs, since new chapters tend to be uploaded weekly, sometimes a chapter will include a small recap of the previous chapter’s ending panels. This happened to one of the sections in this story in which the dialogue between two characters was repeated twice, only because on the second time, there were a couple of new panels added, showing that one of the characters was driving. In cases like those, it would make the story more run more fluidly if it was edited so no panels or dialogue was repeated.

All in all, if you’re looking for good art and an interesting comedy story, give Age Matters a shot!

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I originally read this on webtoons, Really love the characters and the story of this graphic novel. It follows a woman that thinks she's too old. She ends up taking a job over for her friend and a lot of unexpected things happen between her and her boss. Can't wait to see what happens next with this story. It was written very well and the Art is amazing.

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I like the illustrations. But , the story not for me. I couldnt get into it. The dialogue was a bit of a struggle on my part.

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I'm not certain this is a title we will add to our library collection, but after the popularity and success of Lore Olympus, it may be worth a shot. The dialogue is choppy at times, but the illustrations are crisp and easy to follow.

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Feisty heroine Rose Choi is fast approaching 30 without having accomplished much and cut adrift after a breakup with her boyfriend. A chance to housesit for a friend and take on her housekeeping/cooking job puts her on a collision course with her friend's employer, Yoon Daniel, a reclusive 23 year old billionaire and social media magnate.

Age Matters is not without charm, and it's nice to see 20-30 something adult romantic protagonists in the familiar enemies-to-lovers formula in this Webtoon collection from Enjelicious. It's entirely pleasant and follows a familiar trajectory with art and humor similar to other web-to-professional comics projects that were clearly produced under a crunch (I'm looking at you, Romantic Killer) but it's low-stakes storytelling doesn't suggest the emotional resonance or comic genius of say, Akiko Higashimura's Tokyo Tarareba Girls, which has a similar plot (and even character designs).

Still, it's a fun and lighthearted normal-girl-meets-fussy-billionaire romance that had good comic beats, with stronger pacing towards the end of the first volume. Light and fun, and easy to recommend for someone looking for some romantic escapism.

Opions are my own and do not reflect the institution I work for.

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Thank you so much to Netgalley for a free copy of this manga in exchange for an honest review!

I really loved this graphic novel and one of my favorites when it first came out on webtoons. I am so glad that more people are able to read this!

I love age gap romance novels and this also has an office romance vibe to it and not to mention it started off with the characters having a quite a misunderstanding and being "enemies"

This is such a cute read! i hope people enjoy it as much as I did!

Looking forward for more reads!

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