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Thank you to Netgalley and Compathy Press for this ARC of ‘Ripple Effect’ by Amy Rivers.

This book will stay with me forever, I just know it. I initially requested this because I was intrigued as to how Human trafficking was portrayed in this. The author portrayed it so well and handled it with such compassion. I don’t want to say too much and spoil it but it’s definitely a must read.

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Thank you so much for giving me the third book in the series.
As the others, this was an excellent read, a great mystery and very thought-provoking - couldn't put it down.
I have read the other books in the series, and this was just as good.
Keep writing Amy!

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I didn’t realize this was apart of a series. It was very interesting and very informative that I really didn’t need to read the first 2. I did go back and read them tho. It is really a terrific series.

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What an amazing story of the love between two sisters, the men that adore them, the strength and courage to fight against evil, a teenager forced to grow up too fast having experienced a traumatic event, and all those they are trying to save by bringing down a sex trafficking operation. Written with incredible sensitivity, the author takes on a dark and dangerous world that ultimately leads the reader to a greater understanding of the process and the need to be vigilant in the efforts to bring these criminals to justice and bring dignity and hope to those who suffered at their hands. This novel is one I will be thinking about for a long time and while there are trigger warnings to be aware of I feel the author showed compassion in her narrative on such a difficult topic.

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This story takes us on a suspenseful journey into the harrowing world of human trafficking. Psychologist Kate Medina is determined to dismantle the pervasive trafficking ring that has plagued her hometown for decades. Frustrated by the lack of concrete evidence, Kate shifts her focus to community education, aiming to expose the abusers who hide in plain sight.

As Kate's investigation progresses and leads to several arrests, the traffickers become increasingly desperate, resorting to heightened violence and brutality. The stakes rise dramatically when Kate's sister Tilly is abducted, and a potential ally is murdered, pushing Kate to seek help from someone she knows to be complicit in the abuse.

The final installment of the series is a race against time, with Tilly's life hanging in the balance. As Kate delves deeper into the dark secrets of the trafficking ring, the narrative unfolds with suspense and urgency. Will Kate uncover the truth in time to rescue her sister?

This book combines elements of crime, suspense, and social justice, creating a compelling narrative that not only entertains but also sheds light on the grim realities of human trafficking. The tension builds to a gripping climax as Kate faces moral dilemmas and makes tough choices in her quest for justice.

Readers who appreciate thrilling and socially relevant fiction will find this conclusion to the "A Legacy of Silence" series both impactful and satisfying. It delivers a powerful narrative that explores the depths of human resilience and the fight against insidious crimes hidden within communities.

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Amy Rivers writes psychology thrillers including a series staring Kate Medina. Kate is a psychologist and is a champion for victims of sexual assault. Her sister Tilly is a nurse trained to help victims of sexual assault. Together these women tell the story in alternating chapters. This is the final book in a trilogy and can be read as a standalone. It’s the first book I’ve read by the author and I will be reading the rest of the series because I loved the book so much. One of my favorite scenes is near the front of the book when Tilly confronts a man in a dinner after he harasses the waitress. This told me everything I needed to know about Tilly!!!

If you enjoy crime thrillers and strong women you will love this book!

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC.

A thought-provoking, captivating mystery, that had me on the edge of my seat.

I ran out to buy a copy of the author's first book in this series as soon as I read the last page! A gutsy powerful thriller.

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Ripple Effect
by Amy Rivers
Pub Date 24 Oct 2023
Compathy Press, LLC
General Fiction \(Adult\)| Mystery & Thrillers

I am reviewing a copy of Ripple Effect through Company Press, LLC and Netgalley:

The thrilling conclusion to Amy Rivers' award-winning psychological suspense series.

Psychotherapist Kate Medina is on a mission to dismantle the human trafficking ring that has plagued her hometown for decades. Kate is frustrated by a lack of hard evidence, so she focuses on community education in order to prevent the abusers from hiding in plain sight.

After several arrests have been made, the traffickers become more desperate, escalating their violence and brutality. She seeks assistance from a person she knows to be complicit in the abuse when the ring abducts her sister Tilly and murders a potential ally.

In this final installment of A Legacy of Silence, Tilly's life is at stake. Can Kate uncover the truth behind the trafficking ring in time to save her sister?

I give Ripple Effect four out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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This was a heavy read. It starts right off with a sad situation and goes deeper into the world of depravity. I didn’t read the first books in the series, but I didn’t need to. I got it. The best part is it is not hard to side with the MC and everything she is trying to do.

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What a good book! Wow! I didn't realize it was a part of a series when I started it but there were enough details so that I didn't need to have read the first books in order to understand the plot. Although, now that I have finished it, I will be reading those too!

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Thank you NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this book ahead of time in exchange for a review. It didn't disappoint! Must read!!

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Ok, I got this book and realized it was the 3rd book in a series, so I had to go and download the first 2 books…. I absolutely Loved this series. Kate and Tilly have been through so much in their lives and seeing how far they’ve come and reading about their healing journey, together and separately was awe inspiring… I also loved the mystery that surrounded this series, the who done it..The plot was good and the ending of this book wrapped up all 3 beautifully. I hope to read more from this author and see where she takes Tilly and Kate. I will definitely be buying hard copies of this series so they will have a spot on my book shelf!

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