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Two former coworkers break out and start their own PR firm. The catch? Their secret feelings for each other. Things get tense when they take a work trip to the City of Love!

I really enjoyed the author's sophomore novel. I can't wait for book three in this series.

Recommended if you enjoy:
-workplace trope
-friends to lovers
-open door
-slow burn
-golden retriever, rugby playing, baking MMC

A strong 4 stars!

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This was a very sweet, sexy, friends to lovers (they are co-workers) read. He falls first and when I tell you that he does is because he is LITERALLY secretly in love with her. The slow burn is 🔥🫢 I was going crazy waiting for something to happen and when it did I was giggling ✨

The spice was SPICING 🌶️ but I did love them together and their relationship, especially after leaving both of their previous relationships.

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this story follows miles and riley, former coworkers who start building a business together and get the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to paris on an all-expenses paid trip with a new client. the catch is miles has been in love with riley for years but cannot bring himself to reveal his true feelings and riley is still finding a way to reclaim her life after leaving an abusive marriage. two weeks in paris tests their resolve as they discover the boundaries of their relationship and more...

miles and riley were both well-developed characters with their own backgrounds and struggles that influenced their actions throughout the book. the relationship between the two was so sweet and you could just tell how much miles cared for riley. this was definitely a major 'friends-to-lovers' story as we see the two try and figure out how to juggle their feelings for one another and traverse the complicated line of being friends and business partners to being in a relationship.

there were, however, a few things that took away from the story for me a bit, including the slow burn and miscommunication. the dual POV was lots of fun but it was frustrating at times to see their inner thoughts line up and them not be able to communicate properly despite being adults. and while I know that they were both working through their own issues and pasts, I just wish they would have come to a resolution a bit earlier. the pacing also threw me off a bit as I would have liked to see more of their friendship from the beginning and honestly hear a bit more about their business that they were creating together.

overall, this was definitely a fun read with a wonderful setting (paris!) I would recommend it if you are a fan of forced proximity, workplace romance, friends to lovers, and slow burn contemporary romances!

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I really enjoyed this one!! The way this man is so obsessed had me GIGGLING. i love a forced proximity book, coupled with the fact that it’s in PARIS of all places. couldn’t be better. i loved her healing journey, it was truly so admirable, and she was so independent and a bad a**. they were so HOT the tension i cannot handle it!!!

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FROM PARIS, IN LOVE brings together so many things I love both in life (wine, travelling, ridiculously happy and loveable doggos) and books (strong characters, emotional and engaging writing, loots of tension), how could I not love it?!

Dual POV romances can be hit or miss for me, but hats off to Elodie for writing two complex and compelling characters in a way where both feel truly distinct and you can feel the tension building in both POVs.

Riley and Miles are both dynamic characters. I appreciated how they each had been through difficult situations in their pasts, were making efforts to grow and heal, but at the same time, still encountered very realistic moments of struggle where they fell back into old patterns.

The romance itself is a slow burn filled with lots of pining. It takes a while for Riley and Miles to give into their attraction, but once they do 🥵🥵🥵. The chemistry between them is excellent and although they both frustrated me at different points, their actions felt very real to what I knew of them each as characters.

Romance aside, what also stood out to me is how FROM PARIS, WITH LOVE touches on a range of more serious topics (domestic abuse, infertility, workplace harassments) in a skillful way with compassion and care.

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There was just an overwhelming collective of so much that I love mentioned in FPIL that I couldn’t help but grin- giddy in love from beginning to end. Miles and Riley stole my heart, I loved the sweet buildup from business partners to friends to lovers, I loved the baking, the awkward exchanges (bebes 😭😭) the references to Taylor Swift, Timbits, Lake Ontario, the wholesome sibling dynamics, and just overall their whole dynamic 🥹 but not only was it sweet and wholesome and just all the feels, it also delves into some heavy topics (spousal abuse/infertility) that I found were handled really well! I also just have the BIGGEST soft spot for a man who cooks/bakes (my love language) so if that sounds like your thing as well then definitely pick up From Paris, in Love 🥰

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My first book by Elodie but certainly not my last! I enjoyed this so much. It’s cozy and feel good with the amount of depth I enjoy in stories. And the setting was everything. I know this is new, but I already can’t wait for what’s next!

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This one was just as cute as the first! Definitely one of my most anticipated for 2023! Cant wait to see what the author is cooking up next!

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I love finding new and refreshing reads.

This book hit all my wants, foreign city, languages, food and love.

I loved it overall and would be a great pick for someone who wants a cozy, enjoyable read. I just wanted a little more but I know I’ll be getting another book from Elodie in the future.

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a friends to lovers story with depth and lots of love. I loved Miles and Riley so much, and I'm always a sucker for he falls first!

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The complete definition of he falls first AND harder 😫
This book has everything I adore: he cooks for her, (not) romantic work trips to Paris, slowburn workplace romances and women being absolute BADASSES. Like I want to be Riley when I grow up.
And Miles 😫 Sweet, sweet Miles. He’s so patient and understanding. The way he was all in with Riley and her ideas to start her own business made my heart flutter. 🥰😫

And this spice was just the perfect balance to all the sweet! Secret rendezvous in gardens? Helloooooo. 🫣🥵

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Really enjoyed it!! Blair was a badass even though she drove me nuts sometimes with how sensitive she could get but also coming out of the relationship she was in with Sean, I get how she was like that. Miles wanted what he wanted and I commend him for that. Way steamier than I was expecting; it was a nice unexpected surprise.

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i loved this book SO much. i haven't stopped thinking about miles & riley!!
riley is an incredibly well rounded, well written, and beautiful character. strong, independent, funny, kind, powerful. she's relatable and she's genuine. her story was heartbreaking, but getting to see her grow from it, succeed, and find her strength again was so beautiful! i LOVE her. she was so comforting, i admired her character so much!!
MILES.. what. a. man. i LOVE him. so well rounded & well written. he was everything and more: kind, caring, protective, funny, strong. his story made my heart hurt, but i loved getting to see him find what he's always wanted in the end. he is such a special character. just like riley, he was so comforting & i admired him soso much. I LOVE HIM DEARLY.
the writing in this book is so good, i was immediately in love with it from the very first page. elodie does such an incredible job at portraying the evolution of miles & riley's love story. i felt all the emotions, swooned, giggled, squealed. i fell in love with them immediately, it was all just SO SPECIAL
the mutual pining, the banter, the tension & chemistry, the friendship, communication, and ALL THE LOVE!!
this is a slow burn workplace, friends to lovers romance, with international travel & a man obsessed might i add! there are themes of abuse & infertility rep, so please check TWs just incase!
this book was everything to me. i love miles & riley SO much. their relationship from beginning to end was so beautiful & special. the writing is beautiful & engaging & fun. i refuse to shut up about this book!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 4.5/5
🌶️🌶️🌶️ 3/5

Yet another banger from Elodie Colliard with a book boyfriend I can’t get enough of! Folks, Miles Clark is HOT! 📣

Workplace romances are one of my favorite tropes. Throw in the “we can’t be together, it’s unprofessional” micro trope and I’m hooked! The tension between Miles and Riley is electric and the author does an amazing job of keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, craving the moment they finally get together! Within the story, the two find themselves in the most romantic city on the world - Paris, an almost one bed situation (ugh!), and while in regency garb, a promiscuous garden romp! 🥵

This is the second book in the It’s Always Been You series, so be sure to check out the first book, The Last Encore, that came out in 2022!

Thank you to Elodie Colliard and NetGalley for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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First things first, How ADORABLE is this cover? I love this depiction of the two main characters.
I loved this book. The two main characters, Riley and Miles, are complex and well thought out. I loved their character arcs and how they flawlessly developed alongside one another throughout the novel as their relationship grows from coworkers to friends to lovers.

Right off the bat, Riley is shown returning from her abusive relationship, which was toxic professionally and personally. Her actions at the beginning of starting her own business, creating direct competition for her ex, set up her character for the book. Throughout the book, Riley is shown finding and creating her happiness, even if she sometimes acts rashly.

Miles is definitely such a sweetheart. His character tackles ideas of infertility and how that can cause strains in relationships, followed by trust issues when entering a new relationship. Miles supports Riley and does a great job of being exactly what she needs while pushing for his feelings.

This book is a "can't miss" for anyone looking to read a romance that tackles tough subjects while still including all the sweet and spicy moments that all good romance novels have.

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4.25 stars - Elodie’s sophomore book was a delight! It was incredible to see the growth in her writing in this book. I felt the longing, loved the pacing of the book. Loved our MCs, Riley and Miles. They loved to their very core, I really enjoyed their friendship blossoming into a relationship!

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First of all, whoever designed the cover art for this book needs to be given a raise immediately. It perfectly encapsulates the main characters and was the reason I requested this book.

After years in a toxic marriage, Riley leaves her ex-husband and the workplace they both share, determined to reclaim her life. When Riley decides to start her own company, she asks bearded baker Miles for help. Miles and Riley worked together for years and have developed a strong camaraderie, so the decision to become his own boss is an easy one for Miles. The pair work well together and their business should see easy success, if Miles’ years-long crush on Riley doesn’t get in the way.

I really enjoyed From Paris in Love. The two main characters were fantastically and realistically written. They both had their own obstacles to overcome and the reader got to see on page how difficult certain issues were like Miles’ struggle with infertility. Riley was such a strong heroine, which I always appreciate and the friends to lovers trope was beautifully executed here. While Elodie Colliard is a new to me author, From Paris in Love will not be my last read from her!

*Thank you to Victory Editing NetgalleyCo-Op & Netgalley for providing this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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This sweet, entertaining, a bit slow-burn friends-to-lovers story kept me reading just to see what would happen next. I enjoyed doing that. The narrative was good for my taste and I will look up the author's other works to read. Did I mention that I like the cover very much?

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"Every atom in my body belongs to you. I never stood a chance, don't you understand?"

Read if you like:
🇫🇷 Travel abroad
👥 Forced proximity
📱Text messages
🚪Open-door steam
🗃️ Workplace romance
🥐 A man who loves to cook
🗓️ 'I've loved you for years'
⚽ The Long Game by Elena Armas

Elodie Colliard's sophomore novel is adventurous, passionate, and absolutely magnetic. Believe me when I tell you I could not wait a SECOND longer to get my hands on this book, and wow, was it worth the wait! I fell in love with Elo after reading her debut novel, The Last Encore, and that most certainly has not changed since reading this book.

"My heart belongs in the palm of her hands. Truth is, she's been holding it all along."

After recently leaving their old jobs at the same PR firm, Miles and Riley start their own firm -- Flecher & Clark. When one of their new clients asks them to do business with him in Paris for two weeks, they can't refuse. Miles, who's spent the past several years of his life pinning after Riley, is nervous about their shared time together. But when she reciprocates his feelings, well...I guess you'll just have to read for yourself!

"She's magnetic, and I'm stuck in her orbit."

🩵 Miles -- I'm obsessed. What's NOT to love about a businessman who bakes French pastries in his free time, plays recreational rugby, and whose dog is named Happy! Miles treats Riley like a queen, with such tenderness and care, patience and love. He is (no pun intended) *chef's kiss*
🩵 The tension and the passion between these two is INSANE in the best way possible. Both Miles and Riley are a bit older than your typical main characters of contemporary romance, which adds to the hot hot steam and angst of this book.
🩵 There are so many wonderful scenes in this book, I have such a hard time choosing a favorite -- the calendar, the boat, the ball, Riley's surprise for Miles😭 These two were SO much fun to spend time with; I didn't want to leave them!
🩵 This book is a slow, slow burn in the best way possible. The push and pull of their romance was SO SO worth the wait. If you loved The Long Game by Elena Armas, I am more that certain you will love this book as well!

“One day, love, I will tell you how long I’ve been in love with you. I’ll explain to you everything that I’ve felt all these years, how excruciating it was to not hold you close to me just as I do now, how my hands knew what you felt like without haven’t even touched you yet, how my body was certain you’d fit against it perfectly without haven’t held you yet. And you’ll see then, and understand, that I was made for you, and you were made for me. And I have never known anything to be more true.”

Why are you still reading my review and not on your way to buy this book? Jokes aside, this was such a sweet romance, and I cannot wait for whatever Elo has in store next.

Thank you so much NetGalley and Elo for sending me an ARC of this wonderful story🩵

While there are trigger warnings, please note that this book considers themes of domestic abuse. Also, note that this book is #2 in the It's Always Been You series and while you may read this as a standalone, I HIGHLY recommend that you begin with the first book for a more well-rounded reading experience (and because TLE is somewhere in my top 20 anyway so...)

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From Paris, in Love was a cute, sweet romantic story about second chances, Parisian escapes and good food.

This book was a fun, light romance! I loved the idea of sweet pining and the build up of all the angst! The backdrop of Paris with its sparkling lights and whimsical vibes added to the overall romantic ambiance of the novel.

*Thank you to NetGalley and the author for sending me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.*

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