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I loved Elodie Colliard’s last book so I was definitely anticipating this release. I loved From Paris, in Love even more. Another great book! The couple was hot and I liked them both as characters a lot.

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this was a really cute read. this is my first elodie colliard book and i’ll definitely be picking up more by her in the future.

💌 friends to lovers
💌 he falls first
💌 strong fmc
💌 workplace (partners)
💌 forced proximity
💌 lots of pining

first of all, the cover is stunning, that’s what caught my attention and made me want to read it.

the book is about miles and riley who agree to be partners and start up their own pr firm after being colleagues at riley’s ex husbands firm.

i just want to say, miles. where do i find a miles of my own? the vibes, the tension, the pining, the spice, the chemistry… it was all so good. i’m usually not a big friends to lovers lover but i liked this a lot. the slow burn was slow burning and i was here for it!!

the book covered some heavier topics (verbal domestic abuse & male infertility) it was done well and it added a bit more depth to the story.

i only with i felt like i’d gotten to know the characters more in depth. there were times i felt like i knew them at only surface level.

it was a sweet read, would recommend.

thank you to netgalley and elodie colliard for the e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

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From Paris, In Love by Elodie Collard 🥐

After a rocky marriage and resulting divorce, Riley is done with being walked all over. She decides to start her own business and ends up partnering with her friend Miles who used to work at her old firm with her. Riley tells herself she needs to ignore her attraction to him and focus on her company. Meanwhile, Miles is dealing with fighting his own attraction to Riley. When they are offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris it's an opportunity too good to pass up. Now they get to spend two weeks in the most romantic city in the world, putting them both to the test. They have to decide if they can move past their past fears and admit how they feel to each other.

I enjoyed this one. The setting was really fun with it being set in Paris and of course the forced proximity the trip brought. This one is a bit of a slow burn but that's what is needed for Miles and Riley's story as they both had a bit of growing and pains from the past to work through before they could be ready to admit how they feel to the other.

Riley had to deal with her jerk of an ex that would demean her any chance he could. I admired how she built back up her confidence and wouldn't back down. Meanwhile Miles is dealing with accepting his infertility and how it impacted his past relationship. I felt for them both and glad they had each other to support.

I wish we could have gotten a little more pre-business partner interactions, getting to see Miles fall for Riley versus being told he has been pining after her for awhile now and is too nervous to act on it. Similar to when it switched to Riley's POV it seemed like she had been pining after him for awhile instead of her slowly realizing she was into him like I was expecting. The flow on some things were a little bit off for me to be fully rooting for them, some moments too fast and others too slow.

Looking forward to seeing what Elodie writes in the future!

💻 workplace romance
🤍 he falls first
👥 forced proximity
🫶🏻 friends to lovers
🇫🇷 travel
🥹 big time pining

dual POV
3.5/5 stars ⭐️
2/5 spice level 🌶️

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From Paris in Love🧁🇫🇷

Rating: 4.75⭐️

Read FPIL if you enjoy:
👨🏻‍💻 workplace romance (they open a firm together)
🇫🇷 Paris and Aquitaine
🧔🏻‍♂️ bearded mmc who plays rugby and bakes pastries in his free time
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 grumpy x sunshine
❤️‍🩹 he’s been pining for her for years

I absolutely loved this book! The main characters were introduced in the author’s previous novel “The last encore” and i’ve been curious to read about them since then.
Miles and Riley are two faces of the same medal, they complete each other in such a beautiful way! I loved how they were both so patient, witty and careful with each other.
Miles is the grumpy one in the relationship and goes absolutely feral (maybe sometimes ✨a tad too much✨) when it comes to protecting Ry from her as**ole of an ex husband.
Riley on the other hand, is doing her best to take the reins of her own life and i’m glad that we get to see her learning that being in a healthy relationship with a man doesn’t affect your strength❣️

There’s a lot of focus on women’s empowerment and on the abuse that women are subjected to very often in the workplace, topic handled respectfully and with depth.
Plus, a good part of the book takes place in Paris, the author is french so there are not weird stereotypes luckily!

Lastly a praise for the much awaited s*x scenes (Versailles, i’m talking about you😖), that were super hot imo😜

I would have easily given a full 5 stars rating had it not been for a little bit of miscommunication towards the end😅, even though the characters’ motivations were pretty valid!

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This book was so sweet from start to finish- I loved the undeniable chemistry between Riley and Miles from the jump. Seeing them succeed professionally and get closer and closer as the story progressed and seeing their dual POV pining made the ending that much better. I loved the Paris setting for so much of the action- peak romance! The side characters made the world feel real and the writing was really lovely! Definitely worth picking up!

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Thank you Netgalley and Elodie Colliard for the gifted digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Read this if you love:

Strong independent female MCs
Men who cook
Happily ever afters that don’t follow the traditional path

Short synopsis (in my words):

From Paris, In Love follows the journey of Riley and Miles (Avery’s brother from TLE) as they launch a company together, go on a business trip to Paris and try to heal the wounds from their past all while falling in love with each other somewhere along the way.

My Thoughts:

I felt like I got to know the main characters very well and their relationship just seemed so real. I liked that each of them had to deal with something from their past and had to heal before finding the love meant for them.

A big round of applause for Elodie for writing such a complex and strong female main character! I loved Riley’s strength to start over, create a business from scratch and be brave enough to not only give love a go again, but also to stand her ground in front of the person who put her through hell and show him the new Ry.

I loved that this love story didn’t have a traditional happily ever after. I can’t explain what I’m referring to exactly without giving spoilers, but I think it’s beautiful when writers highlight the fact that every love story is different and that some people don’t need to check all the usual boxes in order to have a happy lasting relationship.

The setting of the book was adorable! I loved ‘traveling’ to Paris with Ry and Miles and it definitely made me crave all the delicious French desserts, hence the homemade French crepes in this picture.

All in all, this is an amazing romance that will for sure give you all the feels, will inspire you and will help you escape real life for a very charming Paris, in love. Grab your copy now!

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Short synopsis: After her recent divorce and abusive relationship with Sean, Riley decides to start her own PR firm with a co-worker Miles. Their first big client Peter wants to take them to Paris to jump start his winery. The problem is Peter was Sean’s client first.

My thoughts: The way I got so excited as soon as I saw this was available! I loved Elodie’s debut The Last Encore and couldn’t wait to see what she came up with next.

Miles and Riley are completely different from each other but their personalities compliment the other so well. Watching their relationship unfold and find honesty with each other from past pain was so sweet and tender.

And can we talk about the Paris setting, it made me long for a lovely vacation to get lost in the culture and history! One day I will make it there and try all the delightful pastries.

Read if you love
- Romance after heartache
- Friends to lovers/workplace romance
- Paris setting
- Pastries
- Playlists
- Pop culture references

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What a wonderful love story. I picked up Elodie Colliard’s first book based on a recommendation from author Ashley Winstead and as soon as I saw the second book in the series, I knew I had to read it.

This book has a few tropes: Friends to lovers and workplace romance. While these are definitely favorites of mine, what I loved most is what I’m calling sub-tropes: Smart men and emotionally secure MMCs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - SO often we read about the journey of the MMC and how it affects the FMC, but we never get her story. This book is 100% HER story. We see the good, bad, ugly, processing, and then the beautiful.

I shared a passage of this book with a friend who recently left a long term relationship and was nearly brought to tears when sending it. This book is a great reminder that everyone deserves a happy ending… even if it takes awhile to get there.

This is a straightforward romance in a beautiful setting and an easy YES recommendation!

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I adored this book!! It was just what I needed right now.
From Paris, in Love by Elodie Colliard was cute, witty, and delightfully romantic!
I loved Rylie and Miles! Their relationship and connection felt so real.
I could feel every single emotion. It was truly remarkable.
I adored everything about this contemporary romance. Both Rylie and Miles are wonderful characters with real development throughout the story both individually and as a couple. I was rooting so hard for these characters and so invested in them that I just couldn't bring myself to stop reading the entire time. It's a really well-written book, the pacing is structured beautifully and the ending was amazing.
I loved the writing. It was catchy, fast paced and full of wonderfully funny and touching scenes.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You NetGalley and Victory Editing for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!

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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STORY! I loved this book so much and the romcom/spice ratio was perfect. I'm posting a full review to my instagram soon :)

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How could I possibly put into words how much I absolutely adore this book? I read Elodie’s debut novel, The Last Encore, last year and it very quickly became one of my favorite books of 2022. I was so honored and excited to get my hands on an early copy of her sophomore novel, From Paris, In Love.

This book made me feel all the emotions — there’s just something about Elodie’s words that give me warm and fuzzy feelings in a way few books can. Miles and Riley were characters that were so likable from the very beginning. I appreciated that they were characters that were older — they are establishing themselves in their careers, they are confident and they know what they want from life (especially Riley 🤎).

Their relationship dynamic was just so good. The tension, the banter, and honestly? Just reading about their friendship was so special too.

Elodie, once again, incorporates very real and very important topics in her novels — in From Paris, In Love, infertility is something that is talked about. Elodie writes about it with such grace, and it allows doors to be opened for conversation surrounding infertility.

Congratulations on book number two, Elodie 🥹 it’s such a joy to watch you grow as a writer!

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From Paris, in Love

✍️: Eloide Colliard
📖: Contemporary Romance
⭐️: 3.5/5

"From Paris, in Love" is a charming slow-burn romance that mixes adorable and steamy moments between friends turned colleagues turned lovers. The characters, in their 30s, are super relatable, making the whole story endearing and authentic. It delves into some deep themes and the baggage of the past, offering a meaningful exploration of personal growth and healing for both the female and male leads. What's really cool is how it shines a light on mature characters and career-driven women – a great shoutout to much-needed representation. Kudos to the author for that!

But, let's talk about the third act drama for a sec. The FMC's actions felt a bit out of character, getting a bit selfish, which not only strained their relationship but also put the company's future on the line. It was a hiccup in the story, taking away some of the maturity we'd come to love throughout the book. Also, the trend of poking fun at EU countries for not having basics like water, air conditioning, and having cars that could pass as antiques felt more awkward than funny. And showing the French way of greeting as 'SH' seemed a bit unnecessary, right?

All in all, I'm giving this one a 3.5, rounding up.

Thank you NetGalley and Eloide Colliard for giving me this ARC!

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This book was charming and light-hearted! It had a great balance of sweet and heartwarming moments that was just adorable. I appreciated Miles the most because he was incredibly patient and open in his communication, and he wasn't afraid to express his feelings towards Ry. It was refreshing to see such a positive and healthy portrayal of friendship and into love. It was definitely amusing when they went to Paris and had to deal with all the cultural differences. a bit cliché at times but still funny. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a cute and easy read. Especially if you are a fan of Melanie Harlow's books!
thank you, NetGalley, the author and the publisher, for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review!

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I wanted to like this book so bad. The premise and the setting had so much potential. I adore dual pov and a man that cooks is always a win! I just couldn't get through this book. This may be a me problem -- slow burn seems to really work for me or really not. I was really struggling to get through this book.

The actual writing style was extremely well done. I really do believe that other people would enjoy this book. It sadly just wasn't for me.

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*thank you to netgalley and the author for an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review!

This was a sweet and quick romance with some of my favorite tropes: friends to lovers and he falls first! I loved the workplace romance & all the Paris vibes in the book. LOTS of sexual tension between the two MCs (Riley and Miles) and the slow burn was burning haha 🥵

I thought that Elodie did an amazing job covering the more serious subject matters (domestic violence and infertility) with care. It was great to see the way Riley and Miles both had character growth throughout the book & how they helped each other along the way.

The playlist that went along with this book was 👩🏻‍🍳💋 definitely recommend listening to the corresponding song with each chapter!!!

I think there were a lot of great ideas and subplots within this book, but I sometimes it seemed like they didn’t really flow well together. Overall, a cute romance & definitely recommend for those wanting a sweet escape to Paris!

Read if you like:
👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 friends to lovers
🙋🏻‍♂️ he falls first
💼 workplace romance
👥 dual POV
🌶️ spice
🇫🇷 Paris setting
🔥 slow burn

I can’t wait to read the last book in this series!!! 🩵

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”I want to kiss her so deeply she forgets her worries and gives me her tomorrows.”

Okay so at first I tho ght this book is going to be a lighthearted rom com but it touched a lot of sensitive things. I felt like I could connect with Miles more than Riley though. His issues were carefully handled and while Riley was in an abusive relationship, her stupid actions made me feel disconnected with her. She was strong and smart and her chemistry with Miles was palpable but I just couldn't get over how she abandoned Miles in Paris after spending all those blissful days together without considering his feelings. It was obvious that Miles was obsessed with her in the beginning itself and I loved how soft he turned whenever he talked to Riley. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. It was my first time reading anything written by this author and I was not disappointed.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review

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Those who have been following me for a while might remember my post raving about The Last Encore and I’m so happy to be back with an ARC review of the sequel. I was so excited when I received an advanced copy of From Paris, In Love since I loved Miles in the first book. I thought that the cameos of Avery and Josh were so cute.

For those of you who haven’t read Elodie’s debut, definitely do so, but that won’t stop you from enjoying Miles and Riley in From Paris, In Love. There’s a friends to lovers and pining with really strong leads and multiple compelling storylines (and he cooks!!!). It’s a great romance that I adored and I wish I could read it again for the first time.

Thank you to Elodie Colliard and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This book made me feel so emotional🥺 where do I start!!!

If you love friends to lovers, slow burn, he falls first, strong FMC, workplace romance and Paris (who doesn’t love Paris?), then this book is for you📔💛

Riley and Miles are one of the cutest friends to lovers I’ve ever read, and that’s my favorite trope so it says a lot🥹 it’s a slow burn romance, although you could tell from the start that there were feelings involved between them✨ they always respected each other’s times, which made it even more special🫶

It has so many layers aside from the romantic aspect and I’m so grateful for that, because it allows you to reflect on such important things that sometimes are not talked about enough, like domestic abuse and infertility… how Elodie described the character’s fears and their emotions was incredible, I really connected with them and empathized with their insecurities. I’ve never read a book that deals with infertility, and I was so amazed by how I could really feel the character’s feelings… both of them have lived through difficult situations, but managed to respect themselves and get over people who only wanted to see them suffer, although that healing journey has ups and downs and it’s never easy. I really loved Miles and Riley, they’re so brave and I only wish them the best🤧🤍

Riley is a badass and AHHH I’m so proud of everything she accomplishes in this men’s world. Being a business woman has led her to experience misoginy, discrimination and workplace harassment, but she’s done accepting what she knows no woman deserves. I loved seeing her embracing the girl boss she always was🫶 As you may guess, she’s my favorite character in this book😽🤍

Can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy, especially because the cover is *chef’s kiss*😮‍💨 I already ordered one🫡 It’s out september 26th!!

Thanks to Netgalley and Elodie Colliard for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review✨ This was my first ARC so it’ll always hold a very special place in my heart🥹🫶

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This is a new release by a wonderful indie author that reached out to me to read an arc copy! This book was SO good!! I truly fell in love with the writing style, the characters, and the storyline! These two characters have been fighting attraction to each other for years & now own a business together, which makes it harder for them to combat their feelings. I absolutely loved the friends to lovers in this one, it was done… so perfectly.

Miles and Riley both have gotten out of relationships that have made it hard for them to find love again. I think that this story easily depicts the process of learning to not only love someone else after a relationship, but also love yourself too. I loved how she was able to include justice for Riley after what she has went through, it was so amazing to have that moment in the story.

Additionally, the slowburn?? the tension?? it was amazing! This was overall a very fast paced read, but waiting for them to get together made it even better. The longing and the anticipation was killing me, but the reward was so worth it. The spice in this one was shocking, miles & riley have CHEMISTRY!!!

read if you love:
🥐friends to lovers
🥐international travel
🥐taking care of her when she’s sick

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I enjoyed this book a lot. I really liked the characters. Riley's story was beautiful and empowering. I was emotional for her so many times. She was an inspiration. Miles was also had a fantastic character development. I enjoyed his blend of sweet and kind with protective and masculine. The book did a great job of calling out gender stereotypes. It hid on some hard topics and handled them very well.

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