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That's it, Elodie is officially going on my auto-buy authors list.

I don't know when was the last time that I stayed up past midnight (on a workday!) to finish a book but it was definitely the case with From Paris, in Love.

I thought Josh and Avery couldn't be topped as my favorite couple in the It's Always Been You series. Well, I was proven wrong with this book.

Miles and Riley were funny, cute and tearing-my-hair-out stubborn together and I ate it up. They're far from perfect, they both have their past scars and baggages. Their previous experiences make them even more afraid to open up for the other and this made them so much more real for me.

Starting a firm together with your recently diverced office crush is a good idea, right? Add a business trip to Paris to the mix for good measure and see how long either of you'll stay sane in the most romantic city on Earth with your bottled up feelings.

And oh my gosh...the tension between these two? Even I was frustrated as they did the good old will-they-won't-they dance.
(And of course they will, it's a romance novel after all.😅)
At some point I was ready to combust after all the back and forth.

This is a place for a little disclaimer ‼️
There's a corset ripping scene...I repeat: THERE'S A CORSET RIPPING SCENE! 😈

The spice? 😏
It's a slow burn romance but when it finally burns...oh boy, it's so worth it. 😉

Miles is definitely the perfect book boyfriend material:
"Oh, love, trust me, you won't remember your name or what country we're in by the time I'm finished with you."

This man made my jaw drop to the floor.
He's tall, handsome, knows his way around the kitchen. He also plays rugby with his friends as a hobby, and has tattoos on his arm. Did I mention that he's a dog dad too?

So, if you want to have a good time and read a romance book that'll make you forget you're reading, you should definitely pick this one up!

I'd like to thank Netgalley and the author for the e-arc of this book.

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I just finished the first book in this series before I read this one, and I enjoyed both books.

Miles and Riley have worked together for years, and he has pined for her since the day that they met. The only problem was that she was married to their jerky boss! After Riley's divorce, both she and Miles agree to be partners in creating a new PR Firm. With all of their hours spent together, they have to fight their feelings for each other.

Miles and Riley have so much chemistry and tension- their story was such a slow burn!! They had so much cute flirty moments together- he cooks for her!, she invites him over to swim in her pool!, he knows her coffee order!, he comforts her!. I loved all of their little moments together and it led to such steamy, spicy scenes!

The slow burn paid off and then it sizzled! Wow! Miles and Riley's chemistry leapt off of the page.

The setting in Paris added to the romance of their story, and all of their tension, doubt and flirtations led to a beautiful love story.

Thanks to NetGalley and Victory Editing for an ARC of this book.

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I was given this ebook in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you to the author and NetGalley!

This was the first book by Elodie I have read and was very pleasantly surprised. Not only is she a Canadian girly, this book was soooo cute.

If you know me, I love a good romance novel, and this really lived up to the hype. Although it had a smidge too much work talk for me, the storyline was really great. I wish there would have been a bit more plot with Sean (the ex) there’s room for growth there for a bit more drama.

But our main characters; the sexual tension. The forbidden love at first, the restraint to not break that professional bond. Very very spicy. I loved the spicy scenes, the dirty talk, the connection everything was perfect. Through the whole book you could feel the tension between them. They both wanted each other just as much as the other.

And how can you not fall in love in Paris?! The scene was built perfectly. The side characters were just as cute. I really enjoyed this and I can’t wait for the next book. I’m very excited to get to know Charlee more! And her love story!

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From Paris, in Love is book 2 of the It’s Always Been You series by Elodie Colliard.

Miles and Riley work together and are close friends. Miles has his own past relationship traumas and Riley experiences an awful divorce that in involves domestic abuse. Riley is the girl Miles adores but when they join forces professionally to start a new firm, he knows boundaries must be kept. A last minute business trip to Paris opens the door to new opportunities - professionally and personally for the pair.

Miles is tall, dark, and handsome with a very masculine and protective energy. However, he’s also very in touch with his emotions and an excellent communicator. Riley is a very strong woman who is healing and working to find her own voice and power.

Sometimes in romcoms you don’t get great depth of character. Riley and Miles are such dynamic characters that both have experienced really difficult relationships issues. You really get the feel for who they are and see their growth in being open to finding love again. Elodie handles the topics of infertility and domestic abuse with such sensitivity and care.

This book finds the perfect balance of a fun, angsty, and a bit spicy along with addressing real and meaningful topics.

If you like a sexy, bossy man who can bake French pastries like no other and is obsessed with his dog and a gorgeous, confident woman who learns to take what she wants from life you will love this story.

Thank you Elodie Colliard and NetGalley for the e-arc. All opinions are my own.

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From Paris, In Love tells a beautiful love story between Rylie and Miles. Both main characters have past relationship trauma they are actively working through (see trigger warnings). I love that they were in each other's lives as coworkers first. There was a solid foundation to their relationship that felt deep and meaningful. This workplace romance was refreshing to read as there was little angst between them. Most workplace romances often deal with the power dynamic or work adversaries. This was just two people who admire and respect each other, and it was so lovely to read! I love that their new partnership took them on a Paris adventure where they were able to build their bond more. There were so many memorable and swoony moments! The author, Elodie Colliard, did a wonderful job tackling difficult topics, such as manipulative and abusive relationships as well as infertility. She seamlessly delivered a romance that is both tender and steamy! I can’t say enough good things about this book and I am so sad to be leaving these characters behind.

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After reading Elodie's debut novel, The Last Encore, I knew that she was an instant read author for me. That book had everything that you could possibly want in a romance novel and From Paris, in Love is no different. Riley and Miles had tension so thick I thought I was going to suffocate. I love when characters have chemistry so strong that it practically jumps off the page. Miles and his pining for Riley squeezed my heart and Riley's past marriage and her trauma makes her a character you not only root for but care for deeply. Their love story is one that I simply couldn't put down. I devoured this book in 1 day because Elodie Colliard's writing is addictive. I hope everyone who picks up this book has the same heart racing experience that I had.

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3.5 Stars From Paris, in Love was such a sweet friends/coworkers to lovers romance! There was a good bit of secret pining and he definitely fell first.

Riley Fletcher is striking out on her own after leaving her old PR firm and divorcing her abusive husband, who is also her ex-boss. Along with her friend and former coworker, Miles Clark, they partner up to open a competing firm. Miles has loved Riley from afar for years and now he finally feels like he has a shot to show her the kind of love she deserves, though he is worried about the risk to their friendship and business partnership. When a new client sends them both to Paris for work, Miles knows this is his chance. What better place to woo a woman than in the most romantic city in the world?

While this seems like a cute rom com on the surface, it’s definitely more than that. Both main characters are working through the lasting impacts of their previous relationships and what their futures will look like as a result. Their happy ending is well deserved and I’m excited to go back and read the first book in this series about Miles’s sister.

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I’ve been loving a lot of Pris themed novels especially since EmilynIn Paris and I’m so excited for Rilryband Miles story. I will be sharing a full review and thoughts soon, but I just also wanted to mention how gorgeous and eye catching the cover is as well. I know a lot of our readers will be snapping this one right up! I also love the theme it’s not too late to find love no matter what circumstances where thrown your way before

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