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The minute Lucy meets Henry there is an instant attraction. She is drawn to him and is not sure how to handle it. Everyone knows that you should not date your flatmate and her new room in the warehouse where her best friend lives is a great landing spot for Lucy. The truly unique situation is that Henry only lives there one weekend a month. The rest of the time he is a traveling photographer. When he comes home, the eight residents have a celebratory weekend. A slow build romance that includes misunderstandings, miscommunication, and a lot of tension. This is a closed door romance and is safe for most reading tastes. This is author Alexandra Paige's debate novel and I look forward to what she releases next.

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3.5 rounded to 4

"Weekends With You" is Alexandra Paige's debut novel. It is centered around Lucy Bernstein. Lucy lives in a flat with seven others, and each month, one of the roommates organizes a group outing that brings everyone together. Lucy, of course, gets involved with one of the roommates who is NEVER home (and she can do better) because he is a traveling photographer. The book is told in months and shows how she navigates the complexities of their long-distance, on-again-off-again relationship while also struggling to keep her flower shop thriving.

Forced proximity
Second Chance
Found family
Friends to lovers
Long distance relationship
Florist x photographer

Arc received from the publisher; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Happy Pub Day to @alexandrapaigewrites!! I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this one (thanks @prbookgirl!!) and what a delightful debut!! I’m about halfway through and it has been the perfect escape.

Lucy is a twenty something florist in London and she’s floundering a bit - the flower shop where she works is barely hanging on, and she just found out she has to move. When we meet her she’s moving into a unique living situation - a flat with seven others. Once a month the roommates commit to spending the weekend together.

I love stories that are told in a unique way - and this is done by visiting our characters that one weekend each month. We learn the nuances of each - especially Henry who is only in London that one weekend each month. He and Lucy seemingly hit it off right away, but his work travels makes things difficult.

This is such a sweet story of finding yourself and dealing with the twists and turns of life. I can’t wait to finish it tonight!!

Congrats, @alexandrapaigewrites!!! May this be the first of many wonderful stories you share with the world!

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This is a debut novel. It's set over the course of a year. Each chapter is a different month. It was really cute and authentic. the Love story between Henry and Lucy was remarkable.

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The cover of this one is what drew me in and I ended up what more of the flower shop and its goings-on than I did about the characters. Which, speaking of, there were too many and I struggled to keep them all straight. For me, a strong romance needs to have a lot of chemistry which Lucy and Henry didn't have any of. This could have been more believable if it was more of a cozy read with the romance aspect being a side story. As a rom come this just lacked a lot of the rom.

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Personally, Avon is an automatic *add to cart* and this was no exception! Great debut novel that kept me engaged from start to finish! Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books for the advanced copy. Publication date April 9, 2024.

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I liked the plot line of this book from the start. It seemed fun and had a lot of potential. I also enjoyed getting to know the characters who reminded me a bit of the combination of people in the TV show, "Friends". I rooted for the match up of Lucy and Henry who were roommates along with six other young singles sharing a warehouse apartment.
Lucy, the new roommate at the warehouse, is instantly attracted to Henry, and it would seem he feels the same. The real problem is that Henry travels for his photography job and is only at the apartment one weekend a month making it hard for any real relationship to develop between the two of them. Still the spark is there.
On Henry's weekend home, one of the roomies plans weekend activities for the group. These "warehouse weekends" are high priority as well as a social time for the group to share together. Lucy and Henry deepen their attraction as they are brought together each month. They seem like a good match in spite of the fact that they lead different lives. Henry seems to back away after several months and his mixed signals confuse Lucy. This continues to be a theme for Henry, and I found myself along with Lucy, not really trusting him. The magnetism doesn't seem enough to sustain their relationship beyond these on and off weekend flirtations. This theme continues through several cycles, and I found myself liking Henry less and less as the story went on.
I'll leave other readers to form their own opinions, but I was left confused and conflicted by the lack of communication and directness of his character. With this exception, I did enjoy most of the story and found the writing to be quite good. I just wish Henry had ultimately been a better explained character and more trustworthy in the end.
My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.

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Thank you @netgalley for the Advanced Reader Copy of Weekends with You by Alexandra Paige. Lucy is a struggling London florist, who moves into a flat with 7 other roommates to save money. Of course, one of the other flat mates is an attractive available man, but he travels all the time for his job as a photographer. He is there once a month, and when he is, the group does a fun group activity, chronicled in each chapter. Cute story, would be a good summer read. #weekendswithyou #alexandrapaige #bookstagram #lovetoread #advancedreadercopy #netgalley #booksbooksbooks #readersofinstagram #bookloversofinstagram #romance

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A fun sweet read! Highly recommend.

Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for my ARC.

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Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books for a review copy of Weekends with You in exchange for my honest opinion.
This is a debut romance novel which centers around a young florist in London who is having trouble making ends meet, so she moves into a warehouse apartment with a bunch of roommates. They get together once a month to do a roommate-bonding type of activity, with a different roommate in charge of planning each month. Each chapter of the book skips to the next month, as we see a year pass over the course of the book. Lucy, the main character, develops feelings for one of her new roommates, Henry, who travels all but one weekend each month. Luckily, his weekend at home coincides with the weekend the roommates spend their time together. Can Lucy balance her flower shop and her crush on a housemate?

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Weekends With You
Author: Alexandra Paige

I requested a digital advanced readers copy from NetGalley and Avon Books and providing my opinion voluntarily and unbiased.

Synopsis: Flowers have always been the best communicators. They’ve mastered falling over one another in the perfect way to announce exactly what they need: sunlight, water, space. They do not rush. They do not bloom before their time. They do not take without giving in return…

They are nothing like the rest of London.

Between trying to keep her north London flower shop, The Lotus, afloat and falling for a flatmate, Lucy Bernstein is going to have to rethink everything she knows about “creative arrangements.”

Unwillingly becoming one of eight flatmates in a quirky warehouse conversion would have been difficult enough without any romantic entanglements, but when Lucy lays eyes on Henry Baker, the traveling photographer who only comes home twelve weekends a year, she knows her hands will be full with more than just posies. As each weekend progresses, Lucy also finds herself unexpectedly falling for all her new flatmates, along with this bustling but ultimately sweeter home.

Can Lucy learn from the flowers she tends to and bravely reach for all that she needs to bloom?

My Thoughts: This was a contemporary new adult romance with emphasis on friendship building as well. I like a good YA or New Adult, even though I am approaching 50, and to not be where a new adult is in the dating world is such a relief and to have my spouse of almost 30 years by my side is a godsend. Lucy loves flowers and how they communicate things to the world, the simplicity behind a rose, a tulip, a carnation, give it care by water and sun, and it will bring you joy and fragrance. She moved out of her apartment and into a shared warehouse flat that is shared with 8 roommates. Her best friend lives here, as well as Henry Baker. Henry is a traveling photographer whom is only home for one weekend a month. The weekend he is home is the same weekend they have planned activities for all the roommates. She would like to get to know him better, as their chemistry has been interesting. Lucy finds herself falling for her flatmates, especially Henry. Can Lucy take lessons from her flowers and be brave?

There was a lot of angst and tension playing side by side with on and off again. I understand lack of communication and miscommunication tropes and even like them to a degree, but the lack of communication here was really severe and unnecessary. Lucy was balancing building her career through her flower shop and put relationships on the back burner so there was a love v career dilemma occurring. I loved the unique premise of the flatmates doing something fun in London every month and I was excited to see where their adventures would take them. I really enjoyed watching the flatmates go from strangers to found family. I wish the budding relationship between Lucy and Henry was stronger, I felt like he messed up a lot, even for a book boyfriend, and Lucy continued to forgive him, almost to a toxic level. It is almost as Henry is not ready to commit, where Lucy is absolutely ready for a long-term relationship.

Lucy is smart, optimistic, caring, and loves to make others happy through flowers. Henry is kind of aloof, charming, a bit on the immature side, and noncommittal. The characters were well developed with witty banter, some chemistry, creative, and intriguing. The supporting characters were absolutely amazing and really elevated the story to another level. The author’s writing style was complex, funny, heartfelt, magical, and engaging. Paige really knocked it out of the park with the London setting, the details provided were so descriptive that I felt like I was there in London with these flatmates, riding along on the adventures. The author builds up the characters in a slow burn fashion, the plot is delivered throughout the storyline, and the ending was fantastic.

This was Paige’s debut novel. For a debut novel, it was fantastic and I know we are going to see amazing things from this author. My only con is Henry. I wish he was a more solid character instead of so fluid. With that being said, I still loved this story. It was sweet, heartfelt, funny, and beautifully written. I really enjoyed the message of this story though, to always find your own path and own it, stand in your truth. I would definitely recommend to other readers.

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Lucy is a florist that moves into a warehouse with 6 or 7 other flatmates when she's finding it hard to make ends meet. The steadfast rule of the roommates is that they have one weekend a month where they all come together and take turns planning group activities. On her first "warehouse Weekend" is when Lucy finally meets Henry who is a flatmate, but travels for his photography profession the majority of the month.

Sparks almost immediately fly between the two, but they really only see each other on these weekends although they try to make a long distance relationship work. That is until Lucy tries to surprise Henry and is made to feel as if she has made a huge mistake. Just when she thinks she is getting over him, he worms his way back into her heart.

Even though I loathe when there is miscommunication by lack of any communication at all, it was an otherwise good novel with likeable characters and great friendships.

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Thanks to Avon and Netgalley for this advanced copy!

This was a cute debut romance, the story of two people who only get to spend one weekend a month together as they try to understand their feelings and their future. I thought a lot about Lucy and Henry was cute, though at times it was hard to see what they saw in each other besides a general attraction. The book hints at interesting and incredible conversations, but since each chapter focuses on the weekend they see each other each month (the premise is actually pretty cute and not as tired as I thought it would be), its difficult to see things build between them. This is single POV and I think it would have been great to at least get one month with Henry to get some insight into his life, but either way this was a cute fast read and I can't wait to see what Paige writes next.

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Would recommend for fans of…
💐 Beth O’Leary
💐 Sophie Cousens
💐 Josie Silver

There’s just something about a British rom com that hits different! I don’t know if it's the setting or the cozy vibes but they are just some of my favorites.

Weekends With You absolutely fits that bill. In addition to the setting, the premise, which follows Lucy over the course of a year as photographer Henry drifts in and out of her life as she navigates job at a flower shop and her relationship with her eight flatmates. All of this gives the story a very early 2000s ensemble rom com feel, like if Love, Actually had been set in the spring, or if Bridget Jones had been a little less frazzled, with just one main love interest. I could only picture Henry as a young Hugh Grant when I was reading.

While the vibes were next level, I personally felt like the story overall could have used a bit more depth. I’m not sure if it was the “snapshot” structure of having each chapter cover selects events of one month, but I felt like a little more detail could have helped strengthen the connection between the reader and the characters.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted, closed door rom com that’s full of good vibes, Weekends With You is the perfect book for you!

Weekends With You is out now. Thanks to Avon and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I loved this book so much! I finished a few weeks ago and keep finding myself thinking about it! Can’t wait for more from Alexandra ♥️

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Set against the enchanting backdrop of modern-day London, Alexandra Paige's "Weekends with You" is an exquisitely heartwarming and romantic tale that unfolds over the course of a year, with each month marked by weekends that weave magic and love.

Lucy Bernstein, a flower shop enthusiast, dreams of more than just bouquets. When she becomes one of eight quirky flatmates in a warehouse conversion, her life takes an unexpected turn. Among them is Henry Baker, a traveling photographer who graces London with his presence only twelve weekends a year. Lucy’s heart is soon entangled not only with posies but also with newfound friendships and the promise of love. Alexandra Paige’s prose captures the essence of Lucy’s blossoming journey. The characters leap off the page, and the London setting feels like home. As Lucy navigates creative arrangements and heartfelt connections, readers will find themselves falling in love alongside her.

This spellbinding debut is a symphony of emotions that lingers long after the final page. If you’re seeking a story that combines humor, heartache, and sheer magic, look no further. Alexandra Paige has crafted a sweet story that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.

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Really fun debut with absolutely beautiful writing that will keep me coming back for more of her books! I think the MFC forgave a bit too easily but I love to hold a grudge lol soooo take that with a grain of salt 😂. MMC absolutely drove me bananas at times (and then enters easy forgiveness) butttt what's a HEA without hurdles to overcome?!

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I enjoyed this debut from Alexandra Paige and will be looking out for future novels from her.

The romance of this and overall plot was cute and reminded me of New Girl. I liked the found family aspects and overall friendships. I liked the main female character’s journey as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this and would recommend it.

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First time reading this author. Story of friendship and love told over the course of a year in monthly weekend installments .Lucy is an American living in the UK. She can't afford her rent increase and moves in with her best friend in a warehouse shared with six other people. The roommates have busy lives and agree to spend an entire weekend together 1 weekend a month. Generally they meet just one weekend a month because that's when their flat mate , Henry, is back in town after traveling the rest of the month for work. Lucy has an attraction to handsome and mysterious Henry . But she is also trying to live out her dream as a florist at a struggling flower shop. We learn about Lucy in the book but the remaining characters are not well developed and I found it hard to keep track of them . I felt the book could have flowed better. The writing did not pull me in to get invested in trying to learn about the multitude of characters.

Thanks for the ARC. 2.75 stars.

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I loved the authors writing style. I’ll definitely read more books by her.
The summary made me so excited to read this book. However, I really didn’t like Henry. He was annoying and unlikable and it made the book hard to read. I usually love the roommate trope but this one wasn’t it for me.

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