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The problem with a relationship that develops over one weekend a month - There's just so much other time where that isn't happening. Lucy and Henry are part of an octet of roommates whose schedules only align one weekend a month, and there's an activity that one roommates plans for that time together. During those weekends, Lucy and Henry start to develop a thing. For me, what was hard is I wanted their connection to be stronger and deeper than it appeared to be. I love reading about love, and I just wanted more of that romance and falling in love, and the weekends just didn't quite get there. Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this April 2024 release.

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I really enjoyed Paige's debut romance! The only thing that would have given it 5 stars for me - one sex scene. I know that's not essential for all romance readers. : ) I did find it odd that the owning florist was 74 years old and didn't at least have a part time working plan.... Make her 65 - that's more realistic that she'd be struggling with letting go of her career. She's got grandkids!

Thanks for the chance to read this one well ahead of the pub date!!!!

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Light and sweet and a great setting in London! This was an easy book to get lost in. I appreciate the ARC from NetGalley. Getting lost in heartfelt stories like this one take me away from the day to days of my life. When a book can do that, the author has done their job!

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BOOK REVIEW: Weekends With you by #alexandrapaige

Pub Date: April 9th 2024.
Publisher: @Avon Books


Im obsessed this story was such a great read i really enjoyed it I cant wait to read more by this author!!

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Thank you NetGalley and the Publisher for an advance copy of Weekends with You by Alexandra Paige in exchange of an honest review.

"Indulge in the delightful world of 'Weekends with You' by Alexandra Paige, a captivating romcom that will sweep you off your feet. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of London, the vivid descriptions transport you to the streets of London, immersing you in its bustling atmosphere. The unique system of roommates embarking on shared adventures adds a charming twist to the story, creating a beautiful sense of found family. Lucy, our relatable protagonist, goes through a journey of self-discovery alongside the enigmatic Henry, whose flaws and complexities make him all the more endearing. As their relationship unfolds, expect moments of joy, drama, and everything in between. 'Weekends with You' is a solid romcom that will appeal to every romance reader, especially those who adore the gratification of found family and roommate tropes. Grab a cup of tea, settle into your favorite reading spot, and prepare for a delightful, heartwarming escape!"

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Florist Lucy Bernstein is trying to keep her flower shop afloat. With her limited funds, she has no choice but to move into a warehouse with seven roommates. However, she discovers that her roommates are more than just cohabitants—they become her makeshift family.

One of Lucy's roommates is a traveling photographer, Henry Baker. He only returns home on weekends. Lucy finds herself increasingly drawn to him. Their weekends together are the perfect opportunity to explore their undeniable attraction. Yet, deep down, Lucy knows that their different paths could lead to heartbreak.

Amidst the formation of new friendships and her unique situation with Henry, Lucy questions whether she should risk her heart with someone who is rarely present.

Will she be able to put her guard down and reach out for everything she deserves?

Thank you NetGalley, Avon and Harper Voyager for providing me with the ARC of Weekends With Me by Alexandra Paige.

This was a delightful read that held my attention from beginning to end. It reminded me of the dynamic found in "The Flatshare." The author skillfully painted vivid descriptions of London, immersing me in the city's atmosphere. I loved the unique system the roommates had in place, allowing them to bond and explore the country together.

Lucy, as a character, was incredibly relatable, and her relationship with Henry had its fair share of ups and downs. I couldn't fault Henry entirely as they were both in the midst of discovering themselves.

Overall, this is a solid romcom that will appeal to every romance reader, especially those who enjoy found family and roommate tropes.

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There was so much that I enjoyed about this book! I thought it had a great premise, I loved the London setting, thought the main character Lucy was really likable, and the friendship between the roommates was so well-developed and fun to read about. However, I did feel like the romance aspect fell a little flat, and I couldn't get fully invested in Lucy and Henry's relationship. I found myself wishing we could see a different side to their dynamic, or that Lucy's relationship with Oliver had been given more depth. Still, I liked the author's writing style a lot, so I would be interested in reading more of her works in the future! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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Absolutely fantastic plot! Could not put the book down once I began reading it. Cannot wait for it to be released. I will recommend it to everyone I know!

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Here's the thing – concept, great! Background characters were well developed and each had a voice unique enough to identify them, which isn't always the case, especially with so many floating around. I really loved the will they/won't they of our main characters because it did feel very real – dude is immature, underwhelming, but says the right things so girl takes him back over and over. It was terrible that she ended up with him at the end, and personally I don't see any world in which Henry doesn't later resent her and ruin their relationship over having to live in one place but I'm not the author. I loved the writing style enough to pick up future works, but ugh, that dude was infuriating.

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The concept of this book was good, but I started hating it after the 50% ish mark? MMC basically just strung along the FMC for an entire book, I just wanted her to dump him and not take him back, which she was doing again and again and again every time he disappointed her and came back with a half assed apology 😐

-- ty to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for an advanced copy.

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The story of Lucy, a florist who moves in with her best friend and her 6 roommates to save money starts out great. The tension between Lucy and Henry, a roommate, builds well in the beginning. Through the hilarious conversations between all eight roommates, the supporting characters come to life and are well developed. I loved them.

The struggle I have with the book is Lucy’s relationship with Henry. Time and time again he disappoints her but she takes him back. Henry is very immature, not ready for the relationship that Lucy is. And while they definitely are attracted to each other, I have to believe that she wouldn’t end up with him. She is smart, successful and has great friends. She could do better than Henry.

I really wanted to like this story more. I think it had great potential.

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really good romance about room mates who become more and that he is only in town for a weekend a month and the issues and communication that comes along with that . Loved the room mates and their group activities and that they all worked together and dreams happened.

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Thanks to NetGalley I received an advanced electronic copy of the book to read and provide a review.

I really liked the premise of the book and LOVED the author’s writing style. Her writing flowed nicely and was enjoyable. However, I found Henry to be insufferable and it made the overall dynamic between the main characters hard to enjoy.

What was supposed to be tension felt like an immature guy who wasn’t ready to commit but still wanted to leave his options open. He strung her along for an entire year!

If there was an epilogue for this book, Henry is the kind of dude who would have resentment toward Lucy for making him feel like he had to choose London over Amsterdam.

I really wish Henry had more redeeming qualities or they further explored the relationship with Oliver. I know there was supposed to be a spark with Lucy and Henry but I didn’t feel it. I wish I did! However, the roommate/friend dynamics and adventures were a ton of fun to read.

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