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Thank you, MichaelBrent Collings and NetGalley, for the ARC. I leave this review voluntarily and happily. Also, thank you publishers for your hard work!

This was an enjoyable read. It's definitely a different twist on the Grimms tales. It's not so dark you're looking away in terror but just enough to truly enjoy yourself and have your imagination go wild. This definitely is suitable for young adults and older if they are interested in such things. This has futuristic themes and a different yet refreshing take on the Grimms tale Hansel and Gretal.

You don't have to worry about gore, blood, or anything too much along those lines. It's more towards imagination and visualizing what's happening. The writing is wonderfully done, and the use of words certainly is great. Certainly, has you looking yhem up if you don't understand them.

This book had me rooting for the main characters and booing the evil characters. In the end, you wish for more. I hope to see more from this. It does leave off with a cliffhanger.

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Read together with my son. He was drawn to it initially by the cover but he absolutely loved the story too!

It's easy to follow and understand for older children but a great read for adults too

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The middle grade adventures coming out this fall are FIRE and this one adds a lot of fuel. I was completely taken in by the imaginative blend of 21st century science and traditional Grimm fairytales in this fast-paced and fascinating mystery-adventure. The modern day Grimms, Willow and Jake, are as appealing a set of characters as I’ve come across. They display the best and worst of sibling rivalry and support - very real life. The theme of family devotion and strength runs throughout the story, leading up to an ending that points to more adventures to come.

Well done!

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