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This was such a good sexy enemies to lovers romance and I couldn’t get enough. I loved the characters and the spice was so good! I definitely plan to read other books by this author because this one really hooked me in.

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Norma’s one minute book review:

Super fun setting of movie location shoot/Hollywood.
Hunky cinnamon roll of a MMC.
Steamy scenes will get you hot under the collar. I never knew getting it on in a maintenance closet could be so hot!

MFC comes off as immature and not ready for a relationship, even by the end of the book.
Discussions of grief (cw: parental death in past) seem too trivial and shallow.

Overall, this is a fun look into the behind the scenes of a movie shoot. If you want all the feels of a Hallmark movie, this book is for you.

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I received an e-copy of this book from Net Galley. My review is objective and not in exchange for this copy.

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This was a really fun Hollywood enemies-to-lovers/second chance romance. There was great banter between the MCs (a screenwriter and actor). Lots of chemistry despite not liking each other which made for an interesting story. Secondary characters were also great! Perfect book to take to the beach!

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Right on Cue
Author: Falon Ballard

I requested a digital advanced readers copy from NetGalley and Penguin Group and providing my opinion voluntarily and unbiased.

Synopsis: Hollywood darling Emmy Harper is considered the queen of writing romantic comedies. That is, until tragedy struck and she swore she’d never write another happy ending again. After some time away, and lots of encouragement from family and friends, Emmy is finally ready to dive back into the genre with her latest project. But more is riding on this movie than just her return to the big screen. This time, Emmy’s also been convinced to star as the lead, dusting off acting skills she hasn’t used in over a decade.

Emmy’s nervous, yet excited, to give performing another shot, until a last-minute injury benches her trusted co-star. With filming about to start, there’s only one other actor available on such short Grayson West. A blockbuster action star known for his mega-watt smile and impossible abs, Grayson is anyone’s dream of a romantic lead. Anyone except Emmy that is, who still blames him for her disastrous first movie and the early end to her acting career.

As filming begins, the friction between Emmy and Grayson is palpable and it’s anyone’s guess if it’s unresolved awkwardness or simmering sexual tension. The two are pushed to get their acts together—and quickly—or they risk tanking the entire movie, but if working things out leads to sizzling chemistry on screen, what might happen when the cameras stop rolling?

My Thoughts: I have read all of Ballard’s novels and just love her writing style. Ballard really brought her mad romance writing skills to this novel and elevated into another sphere from her last novel, which I enjoyed as well. Emmy Harper was the queen author of romcoms until tragedy struck and she stepped back for a while. Finally, she writes an epic screenplay and her friend convinces her to star the female lead and she agrees knowing who her costar will be. However, a late injury sidelines the costar and the only other person that is available for the male lead is no other than Grayson West, Emmy’s arch nemesis, whom she despises. When filming begins, the chemistry is palpable, and not in a good way. They are at each other throats, to the extent that it is affecting everyone else and if they do not get it together, it will risk tanking the entire movie. Will they be able to move past their feelings or will they embrace their feelings? This follows the tropes of enemies to lovers (like arch nemesis), second chance romance, and celebrity romance.

There is a definite immaturity at times but I think it works for the storyline. Emmy had her heart broken as a teen actor and never tried it again, stayed behind the scenes just writing for a while, then took a period off. Emmy was independent, passionate, and caring. Grayson comes off as a dick to start off with, but when they connect, his character starts to really shine through. I loved how the plot played out in this storyline. The angst and tension is palpable between our MCs, and even when it changes, you can still feel it in a different way. The supporting characters elevate the storyline, especially Liz. The characters were well developed with depth, witty banter, chemistry, and creatively curated. The author’s writing style was complex, spicy/steamy, heartfelt, and engaging. The challenge was the miscommunication but I also think that was a strength, as that is where the MCs tension was derived from.

This novel was just amazing. I cannot wait of the next one that releases the fall of this year. My only con would be the third act breakup, I think that could have been avoided and it would have made this five stars for me. Even with that, I still really enjoyed this novel. I would highly recommend to other readers.

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Right on Cue was such a cute, fun but spicy read. This was the first book by Falon Ballard I have read, and I cannot wait to read more. This is a great second chance romance. Who doesn't love a good co-star romance. There were quite a few miscommunications, which drives me batty, but these were well done. Overall, would definitely recommend if you are looking for a light romcom. I was laughing and crying. Gave me all the feels.

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excellent book. was so excited to receive this ARC. it became one of my top favorite reads. cannot wait to read more from this author.

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Would recommend for fans of…
🎬 Hollywood love stories
🎬 Second chance romance
🎬 Enemies to lovers

I don’t know how she manages to do it, but Falon Ballard manages to write some of the most bingeable, funny, and relatable rom coms out there! Right on Cue is the second novel I’ve read by Ballard and I’m already counting down the days until her next book comes out.

Right on Cue follows Emmy, an award-winning screenwriter who finds herself starring opposite her sort-of enemy Grayson West in her latest film. As the camera starts rolling, the sparks start flying and Emmy and Grayson are drawn closer together.

This novel would be perfect for anyone who loves enemies to lovers type stories. While the conflict between them isn’t super intense, the banter between Emmy and Grayson is razor sharp (and super witty) and really adds a fun romantic tension to the story. And, as with any great romance, getting to see them put their differences aside and fall for one another was super sweet. I also enjoyed the “meta” aspects of the book (it’s a rom com about making a rom com!), and appreciated all of the ‘Hollywood’ moments Ballard incorporated throughout.

My only complaint with the story was that the conflict felt a tad juvenile, almost as if it would have been a better fit for a YA romance. The miscommunication aspects were also a bit cringey. While they didn’t detract from my enjoyment, if you’re not a fan of that trope you’ll probably have some issues with the central conflict.

Right on Cue is out now and is the perfect book to throw in your tote as we head towards beach and pool season! Thanks to Putnam and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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3.5 stars
An enemies to lovers story, Falon Ballard introduces the readers to Emmy and Grayson, actors who briefly worked together in their teens with disastrous results. When fate intervenes and they are forced to play the love interests in a new rom com (also written by Emmy), sparks and tensions fly. A quick read, the story mostly focuses on Emmy's point of view as the person wronged many years ago and not able to let go of a grudge, no matter how justified she is in being angry.

To make the new movie work, the two have to determine a solution to their dilemma, or they will have a second movie to flop, which will hurt both of their careers significantly. Readers will enjoy the dynamic between the two while also easily see the areas where Ballard sets up the miscommunications and fallout from it. With mostly every side story resolved, Right on Cue meets the requirements for a summer read with a little extra wisdom and introspection thrown in to balance it out.

(I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and have written an objective review)

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.

I’ll start off this review saying I love this author! Huge fan of “Lease on Love” and “Just My Type.” Maybe my hopes for this were too high because this one didn’t do it for me.

I liked the “right person wrong time” trope and the background for each of the main characters. The third act breakup felt so unnecessary and forced though. Kind of hated how she just ran away and didn’t even wait for an explanation. But the ending and epilogue were cute.

Definitely excited to read Falon Ballards next book though!!

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I have…..not great feelings about this book. I didn’t really like or connect with either character. The miscommunication trope is stronggg with this one. And frankly the 3rd act breakup made me want to throw my kindle across the room.

This was my first Falcon Ballard book and I have a couple mutuals who enjoy her writing, so hopefully this book was just an exception and I’ll enjoy others.

Thank you to NetGalley for the review copy. Decision to read/review was my own. Opinion is my own.

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I'm not always a fan of second chance romance but I really enjoyed this one. Falon Ballard always provides great stories and characters. I enjoyed the twist of this rom-com taking place in the filming of a rom-com.

My biggest issue was all the miscommunications between the Emmy and Grayson but it all worked out in the end. It was a little funny(ironic?) that Emmy was waiting for the other shoe to drop and let her guard down only to have the classic 3rd act breakup happen.

Thanks to NetGalley, Putnam Group, and Falon Ballard for the e-ARC of this book. This review is my own opinion.

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Another FB winner! I am obsessed with Falon’s work. I like the each book has had a different premise/relationship of the main characters, but the chemistry is tight in all of them.

I received an advance copy. All thoughts are my own!

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I love Falon Ballard and this book was no exception. I loved the behind the scenes glimpse into Hollywood and the chemistry between the characters. The only downside for me was there was a lot of the miscommunication trope used and that just happens to be my least favorite romance trope out there... so that lowered the rating a bit out of frustration!

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(Actual: 3.75⭐, rounded up) Very cute rom-com and the perfect read for my most recent weekend holiday! I've enjoyed all of Falon's previous works, so it's unsurprising to me that this one was also no exception. While it did take me a bit longer than usual to fully become invested in the story and relate in some way to most, if not all, of the ensemble cast (particularly both MCs, of course), by the end I was sold and thought it ended on a wonderful note! Would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves rom-coms and/or wants a quick beach/holiday read this upcoming season!

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🎬 Right on Cue by Falon Ballard 🎬

H’s Rating: ⭐️⭐️💫 2.5/5

💭 Thoughts:
Sadly, this book was not for me. It was full of miscommunication, which is one of my least favorite tropes. I also felt like the characters seemed immature, and the ending was rushed. The excessive use of a phrase gave me the ick, but the side characters were the highlight. I absolutely loved Ballard’s two other books, though, and I definitely recommend Lease on Love and Just My Type!

Thank you to Putnam Books, NetGalley, and Falon Ballard for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I absolutely adored this story! The tropes of this one was so fun. I always love enemies to lovers and second chance. I definitely enjoyed the premise as well because I love a good movie romance story. This one also really dug into how we can let other people’s views shape how we see ourselves and how dangerous that can be. I really really loved this one. This is my first by this author and I’m excited to read more!

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This one fell a little short for me. It took me a while to finish it. Something about the characters just irritated me. I’ve loved other books from Falon Ballard. I will continue to pick up her other books.

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This was really fun. If you enjoy celebrity romances, this is one to keep your eye on. I thought it was funny as well

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I love Falon Ballard and this one was a great addition to all her books. I love the angst on set and having to work through everything to make the movie work.

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Falon Ballard strikes again! This book was a fun fast read with one of the rare times a second chance is believable -- both in that what drove them apart was serious and had a good enough explanation to merit getting back together.

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