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This is a second-chance, enemies-to-lovers romance that follows Hollywood darling Emmy Harper and blockbuster action star Grayson West as they face their past and try to create an award-winning romance movie.
In this story, Emmy works to overcome her insecurities of being taken seriously as a Hollywood nepo-baby and Grayson is trying to solidify himself as a real actor and not just a pretty face. But their past as former co-stars and first crushes plagues the production of their newest movie together.
Ballard always creates quirky, loveable characters who have to learn to get out of their own way, open their hearts, and find love. She does it again with this wonderfully swoony book!
Fans of Elissa Sussman and Sarah Adams will love this book!

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This was a fun read from Falon Ballard! It was a second chance romance/enemies to lovers that took place on a movie set between two co-stars. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters! Would definitely recommend!

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I loved Falon Ballard's previous two books, and I'm a sucker for Hollywood romance stories, so I was thrilled to receive an ARC of RIGHT ON CUE!

RIGHT ON CUE follows Emmy Harper, a beloved romantic comedy writer who hasn't acted since her debut film was received poorly due to her lack of chemistry with her co-star, Grayson West. But when Emmy's newest project can't find their leading lady, it's clear that Emmy is the best person for the role. Emmy's job becomes even harder when her co-star is injured and replaced with Grayson West, and the pair have to work together to resolve their issues from when they were teenagers and discover there may be more complicated feelings involved.

This was a quick read for me--I flew through it in one sitting. Emmy and Grayson's banter was witty and fun, and their chemistry was undeniable. The Right Person, Wrong Time trope had my entire heart.

However, outside of those moments, the writing wasn't as strong as Ballard's previous books. The dialogue could be cringey and awkward when it wasn't meant to be, which took me out of the story.

Emmy was a bit frustrating as well, thinking that her performance was perfect and that Grayson was the sole problem while they were filming until they were forced to sit down and watch their scenes together and realized she was the problem too.

But the biggest problem for me was that the miscommunication trope was used twice. I'm already not a fan of this trope, but I think the use of it when they were teenagers was effective and believable. However, when it came up again for the third-act breakup, it felt childish how Emmy refused to tell Grayson what she overheard and give him a chance to explain, especially since she thought Grayson was "her person." Shutting him out and breaking up with him with no explanation didn't sit right with me.

From there, the ending was too quick for me. I wish the pair reuniting was expanded a bit and not rushed as much as it was.

In all, I will definitely continue reading Ballard's future books, but for now, LEASE ON LOVE remains my favorite.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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One thing about me? I LOVE a good celebrity romance book. I started ‘Right on Cue’ after a long fantasy streak and immediately after reading a thriller, so initially I wasn’t in the headspace for a romance at all. To the point that I even told my sister I was regretting choosing a romance to read next. Any doubts I had quickly disappeared as this book absolutely sucked me in by the end of the second chapter.

Emmy Harper’s acting career ended the same moment it started- and for that she blames Grayson West. Grayson may have been Emmy’s first kiss while they were filming their first movie together, but a teenage crush quickly became her first real heartbreak. Now, years later, Emmy finds old wounds are easily opened as she unexpectedly reunites with Grayson for her latest movie.

I made the mistake of reading at work and felt like I had to physically pry myself away. This story gives everything you could want it to and more- celebrity, small town, second chance, AND enemies to lovers. This book gave me butterflies, had me laughing out loud, and had me holding my breath with anticipation and anxiety. This may be the first work of Falon Ballard’s I have read but it certainly won’t be my last.

Right on Cue will be available February 27th, 2024.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam Publishing for sending me an advanced readers copy of this contemporary romance in exchange for an honest review.

I honest to goodness thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the characters, the plot, the drama. I rolled my eyes at the usual third act breakup that was because of miscommunication, and I think that's the big problem. I just hate miscommunication. Other than that, the book was really good. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for something like this.

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Emmy is the daughter of a beloved Hollywood couple and has just agreed to star in the movie of the screenplay she wrote. Unfortunately for her, an injury causes her costar to be replaced by Grayson, a handsome actor who has a history with Emmy. They can’t seem to stand each other, and it shows on screen. Their movie is in trouble, so they have to find a way to break the tension and have on screen chemistry.

I absolutely love Falon Ballard’s other two books, so I was very excited and grateful to receive an early copy of Right on Cue. I loved this book and devoured it in a day. The banter was on point, and the enemies to lovers set within a movie rom com was so much fun! Grayson is so lovable and such a perfect cinnamon roll MMC. I enjoyed the small town, wintery inn setting as well. This is the perfect read to cozy up next to the fire and enjoy as snow falls. The only thing keeping this from being a five star was the miscommunication trope at the end. I just wanted Emmy to talk to Grayson, it’s so frustrating when those fictional characters aren’t behaving the way we want them to! But in all seriousness, this is a lighthearted, sweet, and fun escape of a book that I’ll be recommending to everyone!

Thank you to Falon Ballard, GP Putnam’s Sons, and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

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*arc review*

I loved this! I enjoyed the hate-love/enemies to lovers trope especially at the beginning. However, I will say I wouldve loved to see more graysons POV and not such much emmys. I liked her dont get me wrong but I feel like it could’ve had so much potential if we got even a sneak peek of how he felt the whole time. Thanks so much for letting me read it ahead of time!

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Absolutely fantastic plot! Could not put the book down once I began reading it. Cannot wait for it to be released. I will recommend it to everyone I know!

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I enjoyed this! There was character development and the problems were realistic to the characters. I wish there was a bit more depth here, but overall I enjoyed and would recommend to others.

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Falon Ballard's 'Right on Cue' is a charming, celebrity romance with a bit of sass and some heartfelt moments.

Fresh off an Oscar for a darker film written in the aftermath of her grief, Hollywood nepo baby Emmy Harper returns to writing rom coms. After her director best friend finally convinces her to take the starring role, she's horrified to find her injured co-star's replacement is action hunk Grayson West, the man she blames for ruining her acting debut when they were teenagers.

There's some fantastic spark and banter between Emmy and Grayson. Both are dealing with the weight of expectations. For Emmy, being the daughter of a Hollywood IT couple whose love story (co-stars who met on-set and married) is the role model for her rom coms and her relationships. For Grayson, its to be seen as a serious actor because he'll never be good enough for his father.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I did have some authenticity issues regarding the filmmaking process. Ballard includes an intimacy coordinator, so why was the premiere several weeks after they wrapped, when usually its around a year afterwards? A longer break would've given the characters time to work on their issues and earn that HEA, especially Emmy's inability to communicate. Also, I found it hard to believe Emmy writes feminist Nora Ephron-inspired rom coms when the movie seemed like a typical small town Hallmark movie.

I would've loved further exploration into Emmy being a 'nepo baby' and Grayson's career regarding serious roles. I think this was a missed opportunity to make more than passing mention. In Grayson's case it seemed like he desired to act in different roles not just because of his dad, so why didn't it end with the two of them collaborating on a new project to showcase it?

The strengths of this book were the characters. Emmy could be frustrating at times regarding her stubborn refusal to communicate (props to her mum and Liz for calling her out), but it was understandable given her background and her longstanding hurt. I also adored Grayson, who was clearly gone for her, but nurturing his own hurt from their past. There was some beautiful, gentle swoony moments that kept me glued to the page.

Right on Cue sated my love for celebrity/Hollywood romance. As a fan of Ballard's first two books, I devoured this book and wasn't disappointed. Ballard writes in an engaging way with some fantastic characterisation, including secondary characters (any chance for a book featuring Liz?!). I highly recommend adding this to your pre-orders; I have.

Thanks to Putnam/Penguin Group and NetGalley for the ARC.

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Hallmark holiday movie vibes. Adversaries to lovers. Celebrity romance.

Emmy and Grayson met on set when they were teenagers and it didn’t end well. Years later, they are thrown together on another project and… well, there is definitely some rom and some com, but also some miscommunication thrown in.

Loved the setting and the secondary characters. I know the author hasn’t done any spin-off of books yet, but… maybe Liz’s story next?

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. Watch for Right On Cue to come out February 27, 2023.

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Every once in a while I stumble upon a book that reminds me all books are not written for me, and that is okay. Right on Cue was my most recent run in with this. I very much support an author who chooses to write a book that suits their heart and fully acknowledge the time and effort it took to do so. The writing of this book was not bad, but the story did not cling on to me like the author's others.

I found the main female character to be far too immature and quite honestly a bit ridiculous at times. To me she did not show any growth from her younger self through the end of the story. I can accept a small amount of miscommunication as long as growth is shown afterwards but in this case there was miscommunication experienced as teenagers, as well as in the final few chapters of the book!

The main male character was a bit more bearable than the FMC, though I do wish we saw his perspective on written page. With the way the FMC acted throughout the book, I honestly think Grayson deserves better. The third act breakup was predictable and once again immature on the FMCs part. I was happy when the MMC initially said he did not forgive her. It was a little abrupt when he went back on that decision a few weeks later because readers do not get to see inside his mind in his POV.

Additionally, Greyson's looks were described countless times ('wearing jeans' mentioned almost every single time). We don't get in depth descriptions of many other characters, which could just be because the book is in the POV of the FMC.

I can see certain people very much enjoying this book, even if I didn't LOVE it. I've realized I find it hard to connect to any book that includes a celebrity romance because they are simply not relatable to the general audience. That was my major issue with Right on Cue.

I will certainly continue reading Falon's books in the future and recommend the author to any readers I feel would enjoy!

Thanks to NetGalley, Putnam, and Falon Ballard for the ARC!

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Okay, so I've never been a big fan of celebrity romance stories, but if anyone can convince me it would be Falon Ballard. She's had me hooked on her stories since lease on love, in fact right on cue might even be better. This felt like a holiday hallmark rom com and I am so here for. I haven't read a lot of celebrity romances but I think this definitely felt like a new approach to it! The Sex scene they had to act out for the movie, actually felt so awkwardly intimate like it was a real sex scene which had me blushing and kicking my feet. I also absolutely adore the relationship between Emmy, her bestie and her mother! Such a nice addition to the story. I felt attached to all the characters, and really cared about what they were going through. The only negatives I noticed were how many times the MC said "Grayson fucking west" which I totally understand has a point behind it but I felt like I was too aware of the amount it was said. I also believe there were a few typos, but I couldn't tell you were lol. Overall, so happy I gave this a shot and I can't wait for it to be released in February!!! Thank you for approving me for this ARC!!!!!!

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This book is a heartwarming story that is told with sincerity. The author's writing style is smooth and descriptive, catering to visual readers like myself. this is definitely an emotional romance, and swooningly romantic. A second chance romance, a very satisfying comedy, witty fun bantering back and forth.,well-written. What’s amazing is not only are there plenty of laughs, but the characters have past hurts and fears they work to overcome. My only criticism is the miscommunication-conflict at the end, and the unnecessary need to tell the characters race or ethnicity. Bit predictable by still a cute read with an endearing story.

Thank you to NetGalley and G.P. Putnam's Sons for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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I really enjoy Falon Ballard’s storytelling. Her books are engaging and easy to devour in one sitting. Right on Cue was no different. It was a combination of several tropes, including my favorite: second chance romance (even if the first chance was burned relatively quickly.). Sweet love story, great characters, overall great read.

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Thanks to NetGalley I received an advanced electronic copy of the book to read and provide a review.

This was a cute read! The story is a bit predictable but Emmy and Grayson are adorable characters with an endearing story. All in all, it was a good enough read to finish and enjoy, but didn’t capture my whole heart.

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Fun, adorable, steamy - I loved it! Right on Cue is a charming and delightful read.

Emmy is a nepo baby beloved for her rom-com scripts and Oscar-winning foray into more “serious” subject matter. Grayson is Hollywood’s hottest action star and alleged himbo. But of course Emmy and Grayson are so much more than what meets the public’s eye. After filming one terrible movie together when their careers were first starting out 15 years ago, Emmy and Grayson have since avoided each other. When Grayson becomes a last-minute addition to a movie written by and starring Emmy, they are forced to play nice for the camera. And no one seems more surprised than Emmy when they start to play nice behind the scenes as well...

There is a lot to enjoy about the story - Emmy and Grayson complement each other well and have chemistry, the filmmaking takes place in a cute California town, and Emmy’s mother provides some comic relief. There are several tropes in the story including enemies-to-lovers, celebrity romance, forced proximity, and (unfortunately) miscommunication. The miscommunication element was the only drawback for me.

I love the author’s writing style and the way she creates warm and cozy environments for romance to develop (check out Lease on Love and Just My Type if you haven’t already). Recommended to anyone looking for a lovely, light rom-com with a swoon-worthy romantic hero. 4.5 stars.

Thank you very much to Putnam Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read a copy.

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Where do I begin with this swoon worthy book?

From the beloved author of Just My Type and Lease on Love comes a new romantic comedy in which a former actress-turned-screenwriter finds herself back in the spotlight, only for her romantic lead to be the one man she can’t stand.

Hollywood darling Emmy Harper is considered the queen of writing romantic comedies. That is, until tragedy struck and she swore she’d never write another happy ending again. After some time away, and lots of encouragement from family and friends, Emmy is finally ready to dive back into the genre with her latest project. But more is riding on this movie than just her return to the big screen. This time, Emmy’s also been convinced to star as the lead, dusting off acting skills she hasn’t used in over a decade.

Emmy’s nervous, yet excited, to give performing another shot, until a last-minute injury benches her trusted co-star. With filming about to start, there’s only one other actor available on such short notice: Grayson West. A blockbuster action star known for his mega-watt smile and impossible abs, Grayson is anyone’s dream of a romantic lead. Anyone except Emmy that is, who still blames him for her disastrous first movie and the early end to her acting career.

As filming begins, the friction between Emmy and Grayson is palpable and it’s anyone’s guess if it’s unresolved awkwardness or simmering sexual tension. The two are pushed to get their acts together—and quickly—or they risk tanking the entire movie, but if working things out leads to sizzling chemistry on screen, what might happen when the cameras stop rolling?

I loved Lease on Love and Just my Type. But this one is Fallon Ballard’s best yet. Emmy and Grayson had the perfect enemies to lovers vibes. The Hollywood movie back drop was fun and made this not feel like your typical Rom Com. I loved the supporting characters. Sam! Amanda! You have my heart. I devoured it in two sittings. Thank you Net Galley for the ARC. I can’t wait to buy a physical copy when it is released. This is one I will read over and over.

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I loved Falon Ballard's first two books, and I'm so grateful to get a chance to read this one early! This was a second chance romance that really worked for me, if you can classify it that way when the teenage time wasn't openly a first chance. I enjoyed the movie set setting and enemies to lovers story, definitely recommend!

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Synopsis: Screenwriter Emmy Harper is convinced to play the lead role in her newest romantic comedy movie after not having acted in over a decade. However, when the casted male lead had to back out last minute, Emmy is surprised to see Grayson West, the person she blames for ending her short-lived acting career, standing across from her. With unresolved tension and a whole lot of hate, will Emmy find a way to work with Grayson before jeopardizing her movie.

Thoughts: I love rom coms set in the celebrity world, so from the start, I knew this was going to be a win. From learning about the filming process to the scenes with the intimacy coordinator and the amazing small town location, I felt like I was part of the movie crew. All the articles and tabloids from the press were a great addition too! Enemies to lovers is never my favorite trope, but I think since this was more one-sided with Emmy versus both of them bickering, it was bearable. Still, I think the fact that Emmy was hating on Grayson for something that happened when they were kids was a bit immature, especially when it took her a good chunk of the book to get past it. To me, this definitely felt like one of Falon’s steamier books, which I guess comes with the coworkers with benefits trope, but I was all here for that.

Read if you like:
-Celebrity romance
-Costars with benefits
-Enemies to lovers
-Tabloids, articles and interviews from the press
-Learning more about intimacy scenes on set
-California Inn setting

Thank you Putnam for the ARC. Pub date 2/27.

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