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Ah, this one was fun. I am so thankful to Doubleday Books, Anoushka Warden, Netgalley, and PRHAudio for the #free audiobook, physical copy, and digital access before this baby hits shelves on April 30, 2024.

Our FMC loves to please her fanny, and she has a whole laundry list of men she's used to get her hots off with a ranking system and chock-full of notes on their performance and other factors. One day, sex with her boyfriend > fiancé > husband becomes too much to bear, and she begins to see a doctor to get to the bottom of it. It's nothing a few Kegels and pelvic floor exercises can't fix, and then she's back to her regular self, that is, until she finds out her man is cheating on her, and I mean she's cheating as well but holds back that fact.

What transpires next is a series of downward spirals and upward ticks, and our HBIC struggles to navigate her romantic partners and her self-worth. There is a plot at hand here, but this one is mostly full of feminist vibes and I couldn't get enough of our main character's reactions and actions as she comes to know and love herself more than ever before. This sex-positive literary read will have you chuckling and empathizing at the same time.

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I tried, I tried but I just found the narrator deeply annoying in a way I didn't expect, She's meant to be in her 30s but conveys as a 20 something and an immature one at that at times. There are flashes of humor and a few scenes made me nod in recognition but ultimately this wore out its welcome. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. Over to others.

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loved this romance and all of the lovers that she had and her relationship with the person now. loved how she told her past relationships.

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I'm no prude but I was turned off by the vulgar language in this book and the overuse of the word "fanny". The narrator seemed young, like someone in their early to mid 20s instead of their 30s and overall it just wasn't something I could relate to. It felt like reading an extremely juvenile version of a Dolly Alderton book which I unfortunately really struggled to get through. I really wanted to love this one but it really missed the mark.

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"I'm F*cking Amazing" feels like chatting with a close friend or peeking into someone's diary. I adore books featuring strong, relatable women who don't have perfect lives and aren't afraid to speak their minds. We follow the narrator through her relationships, the ups, downs, and all the juicy details in between. There's no fairy tale romance, but I enjoyed witnessing her growth through both good and bad decisions. The title alone is fantastic, and I found this book addictively engaging.

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Not a fan of this one.

The whole book is glamorizing cheating, it's okay to be with others if the guy isn't an appropriate number on the scale she created. Also, why so much about if her 'fanny' was pleased? Or that 'he touched a wet fanny' like it is just weird.

The slang is odd, weird texting like talking/details (using coz, instead of because..).

This seemed like the FMC should have been like 20 not in her thirties.

Thank you NetGalley for my E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Great for fans of Fleabag, The Freedom Clause, and Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up, I’m F*cking Amazing is a boldly written story of a woman not afraid to be real and who unapologetically insists upon living life on her own terms.

After a list-worth of amazing, humps, our narrator enters her thirties and settles down with serious boyfriend number three (aka The One). And then she runs into a problem. Sex hurts. Her once reliable fanny (not what Americans call it) has let her down. It’s broken. From doctors to drugs, she embarks on a journey to bring desire back to her relationship. But maybe desire and long-term love don’t work together. Is romantic love incompatible with sexual satisfaction?

Raw, explicit, and frank, I’m F*cking Amazing feels like a drunken chat with your best girlfriends where you let all your truths out. Though I found the book incredibly funny and well-written, I also found the MC to be immature and unlikeable, which led to its rating of 3 stars instead of 4. I look forward to seeing what else comes from this author. She’s definitely a writer to watch!

Thank you to @netgalley and @doubledaybooks for an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. #ImFckingAmazing #NetGalley.

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Entertaining but ultimately not for me. The humor was strong, but the story had a very meandering structure that didn't make me hurry to pick up the book, to flip the page, to get to the next chapter. Still, I think this book will find its niche audience. It's good for fans of Dolly Alderton or Coco Mellors, with a raunchy twist.

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Loved this! It is like reading an entry in my diary. We NEED more books like this. Brutally honest and funny women who don't give a f-ck. It's recommended for readers who love Fleabag and I totally agree with that sentiment. I can't wait to read more from the author. 10/10

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Tallying her orgasms and rating men throughout her life, she finds herself in her thirties settled down with boyfriend number Three. As things get serious, she begins to struggle with painful sex and vaginal dryness. Trying every remedy possible, she can’t seem to shake the feeling that maybe long-term love is the issue and that it may not be the problem.

This character was very juvenile and selfish, making me initially dislike her. While it was a silly book about a woman’s sexuality, I couldn’t understand the story and the challenges the main character was trying to overcome. It was basically about her lack of excitement in a monogamous relationship, and her need for sexual stimulation.

Overall, it is an entertaining read. It's just not one I would ever think of reading again.

The publisher provided ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I love books that center on strong, realistic women that maybe don't have a picture-perfect life and aren't afraid to throw some expletives your way. I'm F*cking Amazing nailed it. This read more like a conversation with a good friend or a look into someone's diary.

We follow our narrator's relationship journey - the highs, lows, and all the juicy details - with her third serious boyfriend (Three) and later on, her older partner, X. There's no fairytale romance here, but I loved reading about her good and bad decisions and her growth through it all.

I'm F*cking Amazing (which is truly the most amazing title) was addicting to read, and I can't wait to dig into the writer's other works.

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Once you figure out (hopefully on page one or two) that “fanny” in England is on the opposite side as “fanny” in the United States, you are good. Anoushka Warden has written a book unlike any other that I have ever read. It’s out there, funny, but serious and totally binge-worthy.

Our narrator is in a real spot. She has been married for a few years to Three, when her historically active fanny, stops working. Sex becomes painful. She goes to the NHS, which prescribes a series of pelvic expertises. Still, her fanny is on the bench. So starts a novel about a woman nearing 30 trying to figure out how to get her fanny and her brain on the same page. How to prioritize friendships when appropriate over what her fanny wants. How to stop lying and cheating. She’s a mess, but I sort of loved her.

Anoushka Warden has written a complicated woman who was relatable, yet somewhat horrible, yet lovable, who I wanted to watch grow through life experience, self-reflection and therapy.

If fanny talk is not for you, move on. If you can handle it, you are in for a real treat.

4.25 stars

Thank you @netgalley and @doubleday for an advanced e-arc in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are honest and my own.

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If you're an adult female, you need this book in your life.
This book reads like a conversation with your best girlfriend - so much so that I often forgot I wasn't reading someone's memoir. Warden's writing provides us with the most realistic representation of a woman's journey through intimacy (both emotional and physical) in each of her relationships and how what she's seeking and finding change as she ages. Our main character lives her life by lists. In what's sure to be a reader favorite, she even classifies the men she's been with throughout her life on "Top Hump" lists which she uses to classify and compare them. They make for hilarious little moments that are thrown into her life story. Our heroine is bold, driven and she knows what she wants out of life. She's searching for the perfect combination of mental and physical love and refuses to settle. Following her relationships, we (as readers) can see reflections of our own in how they start off so passionate but, over time, evolve through different phases. I'm F*cking Amazing is the perfect look into a realistic portrayal of the pain we feel as women (inner vs physical) in our relationships and the different challenges of trying to find that one ideal mate without losing ourselves along the way.

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I seriously felt like this book was something that I was experiencing with the FMC. It was the funniest, truest, and realest thing that made me feel like my struggles were truly understood and I wasn't alone. The FMC is pretty much my unicorn BFF. lol But the most important takeaway from this story for me was how it resonated with my past and current self.

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From the opening pages I was drawn in by the lead characters voice.Raw intimate,,honest and open.I felt like I was in a conversation with my close girlfriends .There were moments I laughed out loud and could not stop.Will be recommending wonderful writing an author to follow.#netgalley #doubleday

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I’m F*cking Amazing feels like conversations with a best friend over wine and small plates that then leads to a drunken meal of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and shots back at home. Raw, authentic, hilarious and honest…and although this book is fiction I almost wish it wasn’t because I very much would like to be friends with our main character. This book is for people who know how complex relationships can be, and although you don’t always want to, you’ll be cheering our complicated girl on till the very last page. Warden, I read this in one sitting, so well done.

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Funny, timely, and relatable. A recommended purchase for collections where snarky women's fiction is popular.

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