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The Magnificent Mischief of Tad Lincoln

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Everyone thinks they know all about Abraham Lincoln's tenure in the Executive Mansion. This tale tells about 1863, and the bond between the President and his only surviving son, Tad. Few may know that Tad is the reason the President pardons a turkey on Thanksgiving.

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This was such an enlightening, sweet story. The author narrates the book and was outstanding. This was my first book by this author and it won’t be the last. The author has a great insight as to what children can do for us. Tad was indeed mischievous and fun loving. Quite sensitive with an adventurous nature. The time setting of this book is during Mr. Lincoln’s presidency. Due to Tad’s antics, it brought periods of normalcy to President and Mrs. Lincoln after Willy’s (their other son) death and the Civil War. It made me really like President Lincoln even more, getting this glimpse of him as a Father. There were several times I laughed out loud. I’m 65 and I enjoy history books for the younger ones. Listen to the author’s notes as they were enlightening as well. This author views his books as family books. Books to be read and shared by the entire family. He is quite right.

I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for graciously providing me with the audio version of this book to review. My review is unbiased and my own opinion.

If you enjoy history, I highly. recommend this book, regardless of your age.

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Ah Ted :)
Little Ted grieves over a loss, but still manages to befriend a turkey and accept is a friend and partner in crime.
Children, with their mild and good hearts sometimes should guide adults in their actions. We have so much to learn from the unprejudiced way a child's mind works.
The history side of the book is a jewel, I never knew of the origin of the Thanksgiving Day. This was precious information.

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This short and cute story centres on young Tad Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln, known in the white House for his many pranks and mischief. When Tad tragically loses his brother Willie, he forms an unlikely friendship with a Thanksgiving turkey. This friendship leads to the historical tradition of pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys. The story explores themes of grief, innocence and mercy and is perfect for young readers.

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Short, cute and festive!

Following the life of our young Lincoln - Tad, this is a story of joyful moments of life. When Tad becomes too attached to a Turkey, it's impossible to fathom its death on the coming Thanksgiving. Hence, it's of dire importance to him that his life be spared.

It also had a glimpse of actual history and the role of Abraham Lincoln in establishing a specific date for Thanksgiving. As much as this book is apt for children, the author's interview part will be equally fascinating for adults. Personally, I loved the idea of listening to this short story and having access to a back story of what made the author write this book, his thought processes and the historical significance of it.

Totally worth purchasing... and rereading. It is a good tale to be shared on Thanksgiving.

Thankyou @netgalley @zonderkidz @realraymondarroyo for the Audio ARC

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Rating: 5/5 ⭐️

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Tad Lincoln and his brother Willie were inseparable. They ran through the White House, having fun, and even begging their father to pardon their soldier doll, Jack.
After the death of Willie, Tad and his father grew closer. It was a special relationship that would see the president through some of the darkest days of the war. Tad became his father's shadow, even falling asleep on the floor of his office as he worked late.

I enjoyed this book! It was a super fun read, and full of great information. I look forward to seeing this one in print!

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An interesting perspective on a very famous time in history. A perfect read for children of all ages as they see President Lincoln from the view of his child.

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