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Tales of the Celestial Kingdom

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Considering the length of the two other books in this universe, I really thought this was going to be longer. It's 9 short stories, and none of them feel particularly fleshed out to me. My favorite ones were the first two, that focused mainly on the relationship between Chang'e and Houyi. They were such an interesting couple from the original books, and I really wanted to see more of them. I think that's why I wanted this book to be longer and was expecting it to me. This probably would have been better suited as a bunch of smaller stories posted on the authors website, as I've seen others do before.

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3.5 ⭐️ rounded up

First of all you definitely DO NOT want to read this before you finish the Daughter of the Moon Goddess Duology. It is the equivalent to deleted scenes of your favorite movie, including a new epilogue to the Heart of the Sun Warrior. It was fun being back with these characters, and this world is just so beautiful it’s hard to not find joy just exploring it. That being said, I had hoped we would get to see more of the Celestial Kingdom, or in a different time period, but the stories we got here were fun little additional tidbits. That final epilogue alone was worth reading, and the art throughout is just stunning. If you have finished the DotMG and HotSW I would highly recommend reading this final slice of the Celestial Kingdom.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy to review via NetGalley!

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I really enjoyed reading the Celestial Kingdom duology, so it was definitely in my reading plans to pick up this story collection. And it was a lovely, quick (I finished this one in one sitting!) dip back into this world, reuniting readers with some beloved characters and giving extra tidbits (including some art!)... though it's not aboslutely necessary to read.

There is an author introduction at the start that advises that the reader is about to get stories from a variety of character perspectives. And while it does in fact technically show us scenes from alternate character perspectives, it honestly didn't feel like all the featured characters had very distinct voices. But since I mentally treated this one like an anime/manga (which is also how I felt about the duology), that didn't bother me overly much since I was more focused on the depicted scenes.

I will say, though I stand by this book being an extra and not strictly necessary, if you, like me, are a fan of the romance in the main series, you'll likely find that you enjoy this one...

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!

This book had me all over the place! I was so excited to get back to the world of the The Daughter of the Moon Goddess duology, however, I was a bit disappointed by the first half of the book. The chapters that took place before and during the events of the duology were a bit lacking to me, and did not add to the overall experience. There was no cohesion between the different stories. I was ready to give up until I got to the long awaited epilogue--and it did not disappoint! The character development for our 3 main characters was amazing and the resolution was perfect, I could not have asked for a better ending!

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I knew I found something special when I first read Daughter of the Moon Goddess as an arc. Sue Lynn Tan writes with such elegance, intelligent wit and heart. It was such a joy to return to the Celestial Kingdom in this collection of short stories. I really loved the different characters featured in this collection. The duology ties in so many memorable characters and their own stories, but I especially loved seeing pieces of the story from Chang'e and Houyi. Thank you for adding this collection to the duology!!

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Tales of the Celestial Kingdom takes us right back to the world of gods and goddesses that author Sue Lynn Tan created for her duology.

I enjoyed all of these snippets into the different characters lives, especially the epilogue to the duology.

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Tales from the celestial kingdom- 2.5⭐️ 1🌶️

Chinese mythology
Lyrical prose
Character chapters

This novella was a collection of chapters from different character’s povs from the daughter of the moon goddess duology.

Each chapter was a small extension into the duology’s world and reflecting characters from the story.

Some of the voices weren’t consistent with the duology’s tone. It was a nice snippet into other characters POV’s from the duology.

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If you loved Daughter of the Moon Goddess and Heart of the Sun Warrior, I highly recommend reading this addition to the world. It was such a joy to return to the Celestial Kingdom and some of our favorite characters. It helps further build out the world and answers lingering questions and hopes for the characters. This is a collection of 9 short stories, including an extended epilogue that I swooned for. I saw someone describe this as "a love letter to Sue Lynn Tan's fans" and that is such a good description of this book. Not to mention, the illustrations are stunning! I hope they do a special edition of this one for my shelves!

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No spoilers. This was a beautiful book that added richness to the first two books in the series and continued the story in a compelling and enriching way. The decisions she made in the book were heart wrenching but still true to the story in the duology. I loved being able to revisit the characters and see more of the story unfold.

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This was another great entry in this duology, it had everything that I was expecting from this world. The characters had a great overall feel to what I wanted. It uses the world perfectly and I was invested in what was happening. It had that charm that I was looking for in Sue Lynn Tan's writing. It had that magical element perfectly and I'm glad I got to read this.

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5 ⭐️

”I would move the stars for you.” I said quietly, as something shifted into place inside me. “I would defy them all.”

what else can i say besides absolutely enchanting! a beautiful way to tie up everything together but still leave some questions unanswered.

this short yet super exciting addition to the series delivers a satisfying conclusion to major story arcs while adding some surprises along the way.

the illustrations of the main characters were so stunning. it’s clear that the illustrator put a lot of effort into creating every single one and they were like a cherry on top.

it was such a heartwarming experience to dive back into the lives of xingyin, wenzhi and liwei and i still feel like i need and want more. i will never be satisfied.

thank you so much to NetGalley and Avon or Harper Voyager for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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i think about Daughter of the moon goddess and the world that Sue Lynn tan created on a weekly basis! so getting to read a bit more and revisit the characters i love so much was such a treat! I throughly enjoyed that this read like an extended epilogue split up into different short stories that focus on different points of view on events before, during and after the time period of the duology. This gave me everything I desperately wanted after finishing the series.

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Thoroughly enjoyable, a great way to revisit the lives of characters that I can't get enough of. This was a great read!

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Tales of the Celestial Kingdom is a stunning group of short stories split into three parts: Dusk, Twilight, and Dawn.

Dusk is the prequel and contains stories about Chang’e and Houyi. Twilight has stories that happened during Daughter of the Moon Goddess and Heart of the Sun Warrior. Here, we get POVs from Liwei, Wenzhi, and Shuxiao! Finally, Dawn is an epilogue to the duology and I’m so glad this was included because oh my gosh! The Xingyin story was so heartwarming! I continue to be in complete awe of the beauty of Sue Lynn Tan’s writing and her ability to make me feel completely immersed in the world she created.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon and Harper Voyager for the ARC!

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Loved this so much! The illustrations complimented the stories well and were beautifully drawn. I love that we were able to get more insight into characters/situations from the previous books all in one place. I would recommend anyone who read Daughter of the Moon Goddess and heart of the Sun Warrior to also read this for a complete understanding

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I loved being back in the celestial kingdom. Both works prior to this one had me utterly entranced and captivated.
I liked to get to see things from different povs and get an expansion on some of the details brought to life.
I love sues style of writing and I think she does a fabulous job crafting her stories.
Im sad to be leaving this realm but cannot wait to see what is next.

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I loved this novella. I love the world and the characters, the writing is beautiful. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC

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I had barely closed the book on Sue Lynn Tan's "Celestial Kingdom" duology when I found this one. I was so excited when I learned there was more to come - to know more about where it all began for Xingyin, Liwei, and Wenzhi. "Tales of the Celestial Kingdom" was a wonderful addition to a captivating story - the images created for this book were absolutely beautiful, too!


This section is essentially the "how it all started", featuring Houyi's legendary showdown with the ten sunbirds and Chang’e's rise to goddess status. If you've ever wondered about the bedrock of the duology, "Dusk" lays it all out. It’s like finally getting the backstory to your favorite superhero – except better, because there are gods and sunbirds and magic.


We're thrown into the thick of the duology, but this time through the eyes of Liwei, Wenzhi, and Shuxiao. It was really exciting to get these other perspectives in a story that I already loved. Wenzhi, in particular, gets a moment to shine here, adding layers to his character that I didn't I was missing from the duology.


Finally, "Dawn" serves as the cherry on top of this literary sundae. Acting as an extended epilogue, it ties up loose ends and gives us a glimpse into the 'what comes next' for Wenzhi and Xingyin. After all the battles and everything, it's comforting to see where they landed and what their lives might look like.

A Must-Read

Sue Lynn Tan’s "Tales of the Celestial Kingdom" really reads like a love letter to her fans. It’s a collection that not only expands on the universe of the "Celestial Kingdom" duology but does so with the same grace and artistry of the original series so that it feels like discovering the series all over again.

Coupled with Kelly Chong’s breathtaking illustrations, this book is an experience! I will definitely be buying a physical copy just for that reason.

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If you loved daughter of the moon goddess and wanted more after the duology, then this is perfect! It was beautifully written as expected with colorful and sweeping descriptions. I can tell the author loves writing these characters and their stories. It provided little snippets here and there that just added more to the story! I highly recommend!

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It feels so so good to be back in the DOTMG world!!! These stories were just as well written as the duology, and the cover is absolutely stunning. I will read anything she writes!

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