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I flew through this book, totally hooked on it. It's not the most lofty of writing, as it's full of cliché story elements and cringy behavior by the teen MC, but the story being told is solidly engaging. It's hard to read some of Dan's internal monolog and actions, but unfortunately, they're largely realistic for some people, although some readers might not relate. I can relate to a lot of his most cringy thoughts and deeds, ha.

I like where this series is going, and I'm very grateful to NetGalley and the publisher for having made advanced copies available, as that's how I found out about them. I look forward to continuing the story when the next one is out.

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I love Andrew Varga's creation.
I loved the start. It was very different to the previous two books. It held the same level of suspense, but in a different kind of scene. And the fact that the scene was mirrored at the end created a symmetry to which I am not used.

The story is mainly plot-driven, but that is OK. In fact, Dan and Sam follow the plot of history. And actually, they have a lot of agency to drive a few other sub-plots.

The side characters are lovely: well-rounded enough for us to know what their main traits are and to make us know what to expect.

The book stimulated an odd philosophical dilemma inside my head. I felt the book drew some parallels between the main antagonist of the series a great historical figure, violent, but also impressive in vision, strategy and accomplishments .

I predicted Dan's love life dilemma and it feels very realistic. Not necessarily because the characters are teenagers, but because I believe that is human nature.

I will say again what I said about the other two books. We cannot get time travel perfect because we have not achieved it! But Andrew Varga's imagination created a new and interesting take on something that has been a staple of literature and television for decades.

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oh wow the MC is strong attractive and doesn't know that chicks are into him until they basically confess crazyily AND he took out multiple men at once wow.

Personally everything was hyperbolic and overdramatic. I want to focus on the story shorten the dialogue pleaseee

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I have not finished the book yet I do plan on it but, it's a side of history that does not particularly entice me, the Mongolian empire is just not my Forte at the moment I go in phases, right now classical and the British empire is more my thing when I chose the book I did not think that would be an issue since Ive greatly enjoyed the first two novels but apparently it is, for me. What I've read so far I am enjoying but it doesn't hook me like the others novels did. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book I hope I can get through it soon to give a full review.

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Another great young adult historical fiction title from Andrew Varga!

As a homeschool parent, I love the blend of time-traveling excitement with a glimpse of how life was for a particular time period. For this one, the reader meets the young (age 17) Temüjin when he has rallied an army to rescue his kidnapped wife Börte. Dan and his time jumper partner Sam become part of that campaign trying to fix whatever time glitch may be threatening Temüjin's transformation into Genghis Khan.

Along with this is time spent in the present as Dan learns what Victor's plan is for world domination and he makes new connections that may be the friends he'll need for his campaign against Victor. And, he gets another look at a city visible when traveling through time without holding the time jumper rod.

While this is the third book in a series (and I've read the previous ones), you could read it as a standalone. Enough details of his past adventures are mentioned that you can make sense of everything.

Having finished this, I'm passing my Kindle to my 14-year-old son who has been eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

Thanks to NetGalley and Imbrifex Books for an advance reader copy of this title. All opinions are my own.

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This is the third book in the Jump in Time series. The series is moving along nicely and this is a satisfying addition. Dan, the son of a time traveler is continuing his father’s legacy by fixing glitches in time. Meanwhile he needs to figure out how to stop Victor, time traveler supreme, who is planning world domination. dan’s best friend and partner in time travel is Sam. She has kept him alive on past adventures and continues to do so. In this glitch Dan and Sam find themselves on the Mongol Plain helping their new friend Temujin recover his stolen bride. They need to fit into a history in which they are not well versed, figure out the glitch, fix it and stay alive. This makes for an exciting and informative story. Back in the 21st century Dan is making connections, He is finding a way to have a “normal” life while moving forward in his work to stop Victor.
Thanks to NetGalley for providing an eGalley of this title.

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In this third instalment of the A Jump in Time series, Dan and Sam travel to Mongolia where they meet Temujin, a fellow teen who is gathering an army to rescue his wife. By saving his life, Dan and Sam are invited to join and are under his protection. Dan later discovers that Temujin will become Genghis Khan in the future. In this book, Dan learns about being a leader and also learns much more about fellow time travellers in his own time and Victor’s evil plans for the world. On top of all this, Dan struggles with his romantic feelings and with dating.

I really enjoyed this storyline, especially Dan’s voyage of learning more about other travellers and about how he can take steps to try defeat Victor. Dan ‘s relationships with Sam and Jenna are quite puzzling for him and reflect the typical struggles of teenage boys to understand girls’ emotions and the world of budding relationships. This is another great book for learning about historic events, while also following a teenage boy’s adventures and challenges. I highly recommend it to the Ya audience.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this ARC.

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A fun & gripping story full of interesting characters both Fictional & also Historical & this gives History a whole new perspective especially for young readers. It also examines the frailties in Human Society & how the unscrupulous will try to manipulate Society to gain Power & dominate the world. #NetGalley, #GoodReads,, #FB, #Instagram, #<img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="200 Book Reviews" title="200 Book Reviews"/>, #<img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="Reviews Published" title="Reviews Published"/>, #<img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="Professional Reader" title="Professional Reader"/>.

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My 15 year old has read every book of this series, and was excited about the chance to read the third one. I will defer to him for the review: The first part of the book was the best of the series, and he loved the time travel part. The end of the book was a bit slower and he didn't enjoy that part as much. Overall, a solid book and he is looking forward to continuing in the series.

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A great blend of fiction, fantasy, and historic action. I loved the story and the characters. The author paints a vibrant picture through the battle scenes, buildup, and drama of the book.

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Did not start reading it, because after I got approved, I found out that this the Third book in a series, and I do not have time to get to those first. So yeah that was a bit of a bummer as I liked the Synopsis of this book.

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I found myself surprised that this novel is classified as middle grade. Typically, middle grade novels have the protagonist being at an age close to 13yrs, but Dan is 17yrs-he drives, he's worried about romance. While there are other considerations for making something middle grade, such as the maturity level, I was thrown by its suggested audience. With that said, I also understand why it might not appeal to a young adult audience. Despite its exciting moments of battle and high school concerns, there is a slowness to the book to make it easier to follow and it has a great deal of repetition. So I would suggest this book to more of an avid reader than just the average middle schooler.
As for the novel itself, I enjoyed it. I appreciate all the historical facts that were woven into the story. I like the historical notes at the end that really highlights how much of the truth was kept in the story. I know this book is part of a series, and while I did not read the previous two books, there were enough references to the previous novels that I did not have any trouble following along with the overarching plot line. As a fan of history, I love to learn new things, and this book certainly taught me something new about the Mongols.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this book.

This book wasn't really my cup of tea. I thought I would give it a try as I have been trying.different gonre and liked the descri, but could just not get into the book. It fell flat for me.

That is not to say others would not like it. For me, it was a ho hum three stars.

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Review: Aw shucks, the reluctant hero with a heart of gold. At 17 YO can take out 5 guys with his martial arts skills and kill known criminals (in self-defense of course). All the girls want to bang him but he walks around clueless until they jump in his lap. His demeanor and abilities shift around to fit the current story line. When he needs information he is suddenly and easily kidnapped and acts like a whipped puppy. He either is a badass or not, but using the MC as a plot device is never a good way to write.

Despite the MC being written as a total asshat, the story line and movement are really good. The historical world building is, as far as my limited education in history allows, very expansive. I think the author does a great job with world building and SHE should be principle to the series. Just kill off dumbass and let her take over the MC role.

I still had a great time reading this.

Rating: 4.4/5

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My thanks to Imbrifex books and NetGalley for the ARC. This book takes the reader in a different direction with the time travelers Dan and Sam encountering Genghis Khan. Life in the modern world also does not disappoint as more about Dan’s life and the plans Victor has come to light. The third book in this series does not disappoint leaving Dan bolder than ever. I cannot wait for the next book. Well done!

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In this third offering in the Jump in Time series, Dan Renfrew takes on bullies at school, finds some local friends at his high school and in his hometown, and, along with Sam, visits the Mongol Empire and meets Genghis Khan.

He is still trying to find a way to stop Victor, who is intent on ruling the world using time jumping. As usual, Sam and Dan risk their lives repeatedly when they find themselves part of Temujin's forces in his attempt to recapture his kidnapped wife, Borte, from another tribe. This adventure was the start of his ascent to power.

Dan was seriously injured and had to jump back to the present for help where he confirmed that Temujin was indeed Genghis Khan. Returning to 1100's, he found Sam very upset with him.

The two finally manage to complete their mission and return to the present, where they still have issues to work out.

Fans of the series for younger students, The Time Warp Trio, will love this series as well as history buffs.

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Dan is a young high school student with a strange ability. He belongs to a group that can skip back and forth in time with the use of a strange transmitter. His goal is to correct glitches in time that may alter the future by altering the past. He and his friend Sam (Samantha) have the same devices and travel together. The device also assists in adjusting speech and other communications into understandable language.

He learns to defend himself at the hands of Roman Gladiators.

A time glitch has occurred during the 5th to 7th centuries and he and Sam decide to go back to save humanity and fix the glitch. The issue is: will they die trying or will they actually meet the group they need to help?

This particular glitch centers around Genghis Khan! Gengis is considered one of the premier historical figures of all time. As history tells us, Genghis spent his life in battles; both in Asia and in Europe. Can a teenager from the 21st Century become one of the Khan’s trusted allies?

This book moves well and seems historically accurate. I warn every reader to be sure they have time to devote to the book. You won’t want to put it down! 4.5 stars – CE Williams

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Another Varga time travel book that completely captivated me! To be frank, I was uncertain how much I’d like reading about Genghis Khan. However, it didn't take many pages at all before I could not put it down. Now I can’t stop thinking about how charming, inspirational, and loyal he is portrayed in this book. Then there’s Dan’s development in current times with other time jumpers, Victor’s plot to take over the world, and why is Victor almost obsessed with Sam. So many knots to unravel.

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This book - another time jump novel. I absolutely fell in love with this series and have not been disappointed yet again. I think Andrew Varga has done something great with this series. It was one of my favourite reads last year - and this addition to the series has become one of my favourites of this year. I hope to see more from Varga!!

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Thank you to Net Galley for the ARC

This was a very enjoyable historical fiction. I can see young readers enjoying this as an introduction to the Mongol empire. It is a great vessel to make people interested in history without being boring, and the author has done his homework. This was obviously very well researched from the historical characters, to the setting, to what Mongols liked to eat and drink. I appreciate the attention to detail and it makes the reader feel as though they are right there with our time traveling protagonist.
Speaking of, Dan is a great character to see this world through. I think that young readers in particular (but honestly everyone) will be able to identify with his struggle of having this huge responsibility and trying to be a normal teenager at the same time. It is a difficult thing to juggle. I have not read any of the other books in this series (I was unaware that it was a series when I requested it) but that did not hinder my enjoyment of the book. The basic premise and plot that seems to be present in all the books was very easy to pick up on in this one and I did not feel like I was behind at all.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this and will be recommending it to some family members who I also think would enjoy it.

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