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Illustrazioni spettacolari per una storia complessa, forse troppo per dei bambini: di ribaltamento in ribaltamento, si scopre come i nemici nascano da incomprensione e dal proprio senso di colpa. Esteticamente stupendo.

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The book is beautiful.
I'm literally in love.

The story involves us and the illustrations transport us into the story.
And it's wonderful the different styles for the different parts of the story, and even the font differs for different things!
It is a book full of magnificent details.

Simply a book in which we get lost with the puppy wolf.
Was really an experience.

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This is an absolutely lovely retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, but with an interesting difference and a play on the way stories can change depending on who tells them.

As we follow our little red wolf as he frolics through the forest and gets himself into trouble, the art lays out a beautiful landscape. Truly, every page is stylized and stunning, a feast for the eyes. The character designs are beautiful and haunting, and the muted color palette really works for the story being told.

A great picture book for children, but maybe for older children; the topics are a bit deep and can lead to some great conversation about grief and right vs wrong if taken seriously.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Oni Press for the opportunity to read this!

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What if we heard the story from the other side? The little wolf here was warned, as he was going to his grandmother, by the hunter and his daughter, that they were bad and would kill wolves. And of course, as usual, the little wolf would reach the hunter and his daughter, and she would begin to sing to him a song about the suffering that the wolves had caused them, and because of that, they deserve what they are doing to them.
After a while, the wolf is rescued, and we hear a song that contradicts the first song, explaining the truth that the hunter hid from his daughter, which is his feeling of guilt that developed inside him a stupid urge to take revenge on himself on other creatures who are not guilty.
We can consider that the story here is not about the hunter and the wolf as much as it is about strange human feelings and how he can turn himself from an executioner into a victim and vice versa.
The story is very beautiful and the drawings are very distinctive. I also liked that there is a type of book like this that was directed to children

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This was a dark retelling of Charles Perrault classic tale Little Red Riding Hood. I liked it and the illustrations were amazing and beautiful. However, I won't be recommending this graphic novel to kids for I don't want to be responsible for the nightmares or the bad feelings that might cause them.

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Let me start off by saying that the art in this book is gorgeous. I love the little wolf, he's a very relatable character. But I was also a little confused about the story. I'm assuming this book is directed at children? Since it's a picture book. But the story is much darker than I'd expected. In all fairness, Little Red Riding Hood is also pretty dark when you think about it. I did feel that the message of the book should've been clearer, especially with a book directed at a younger audience.

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Oh my heart ❤️
Twisty spin on a classic ✔️
Haunting and cute forest creatures ✔️
Fairytale autumn vibes ✔️

In this heartwarming yet gothic tale, Amélie Fléchais (author & artist) weaves a magical and intensely absorbing story of danger, deception and folklore.
The illustrations are beyond beautiful; I am considering ordering a physical copy to frame the beautifully crafted scenes for my library wall.

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This spin on Little Red Riding Hood centers a little wolf pup in a red hood cape as the main character. Dark and detailed illustrations carry us through multiple chapters and quite a few pages for a children's book. There are some images that may scare younger readers, but the telling and illustrations felt very theatrical and comic-like at times; you can see the action and movement in the illustrations. Overall, I thought the story was good but not great!

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This graphic novel had some of the most eerie yet beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen. And I suppose that’s also a great way to describe the story too!

This was a very intriguing twist on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, and I also found the way this story developed to be so intriguing with the twists and turns.

I was pretty shocked at how sinister it became and in many ways I appreciated that it didn’t shy away from the darker moments, but I also loved how this showed the different sides to the story.

No matter what though, the illustrations were the absolute highlight of this graphic novel, and every time I looked at a page I found something new to focus on.

(Thank you so much to Oni Press, the author and NetGalley for providing me with an arc of this story in exchange for an honest review).

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Breathtakingly beautiful and enchanting artwork! So many little details on every page, that it took me a long time to turn them. And when I finished it, I flipped through it again to admire the artwork once more.

The story is freely inspired by the tale Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault. It has elements from this tale but the story is completely different.

I loved how this started of too cute!!! And that we got to follow a little wolf pup with a red cape, bringing a rabbit to its grandma, But then the story got evil hehe. And there was an old story (with two different sides) inside this story, that I really loved! Does it end well? I highly recommend picking this up and discover for yourself!

I only have 1 negative comment and that’s the sudden ending. Too sudden. It did not feel like it should’ve ended there.

Thank you NetGalley, for providing me with an ARC of this beautiful little book, in exchange for my honest review.

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I was quickly impressed by the gorgeous illustrations and really drawn to the story adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. As I continued reading I felt that I was a little scared of this version. I do not know how it will be perceived by younger children. I think although the beginning is familiar to The Little Red Riding Hood story, the ending is not similar at all. I do think it will be enjoyable to read to those who do not compare the two stories.

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Little Red Riding Hood is a very popular fairytale, that has been both adapted and retold multiple times, but I was curious to see this version in which the main character is a little red wolf, something I had not seen before.

The illustrations are beautiful and captivating, weaving nicely into the story, so the art is very colourful at the beginning but it starts to get darker as the story progresses, which I thought was a nice touch and added to the story; you can see different colour schemes depending on what chapter you're on.

I appreciated the book starting with a message that said it was inspired by the original story, because even though it seems clear it is not the same as Little Red Riding Hood, some people might be confused or just not pay that much attention and get the book upon seeing the cover or title. And, just as that warning states, it does not follow the same path as the original tale, it has a lot of similarities, but we do follow a different protagonist, and the story is quite different. Of course, as it is inspired by it, you can see many nods and similar structures, but also very different situations. There were some panels in which I saw different fairytales (not sure if it was done on purpose or not), but it was also fun to see and guess where the story would go, knowing what the original narrative is.

Even though it is a bit dark for kids, I can totally see children, both familiar with Little Red Riding Hood and others that are not, interested in this tale. I can see parents reading this with their kids, and readers like me, whio love tales, enjoying this reimagination of such a popular story.

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A beautifully illustrated retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. This is a twisted and somewhat dark little tale but I just loved it. Highly recommend!!

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This book is gorgeous. The illustrations are captivating and the story turns old tales on their head. I love the idea that there is always another side to any story.

I was fully immersed in the tale and drawings and loved experiencing an old fairytale from a different and beautiful perspective.

Highly recommended.

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Little Wolf needs to go through the forest to bring his grandmother some food. He is warned to stay on the path and away from humans, But little wolf soon gets distracted, wanders where he shouldn't, and gets lost. He meets a little girl and she promises to help him, but she is not what she seems.
This is a new twist on the classic story, with grief being a driving factor. The illustrations are gorgeous.

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This Little Red Riding Hood children’s retelling is told from the perspective of a young wolf on his way to deliver a rabbit to his aging grandmother. As he sets out, his mother warns him to stay far away from the humans.

First thing’s first: the art in this book is breathtaking, and it’s worth paging through for that alone. If I were judging only the art, this book would be five stars.
But this book also has, you know, writing in it, so we have to talk about that, too. I adore the flip-flopped premise of this story; unfortunately, I just don’t think the follow through is there. It feels like the story doesn’t know what it’s doing thematically and the ending is very abrupt. I do actually really like how dark this story is and that it doesn’t pull punches just because it’s for kids (the dead rabbit Little Red is bringing to his grandmother is pictured on every page through the beginning of the book, and the end—implicitly but quite obviously—indicates a really horrible bit of violence). Admittedly, I know little about children, but I remember being one and I think children of a certain age and disposition would be fine with the content of this book. My bigger problem is with the prose, which, for a story like this, I would want to be beautiful and to feel like a fairy tale, but it’s quite simplistic and even awkward in places (though that could be a result of the translation from the French).

Overall, this story had a lot of potential but missed the mark for me. Boy, I loved that art, though.

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What if "Little Red Riding Hood" was about a wolf in a red cape instead of a little girl? What if this Little Red Riding Wolf was carrying a dead, stinking, rotting rabbit corpse through the woods, gnawing on it all the way to his grandmother's house? What if he ran into some EVIL HUMANS WHO TOLD HIM HE WAS A SOULLESS BEAST UNWORTHY OF LIFE ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH?!

What then, I ask you? It may help to know going into this graphic novel from Oni that it's actually a French children's book, and if you're a connoisseur of twisted French children's books, there's much to admire here from the gorgeous artwork to the bat$#!t insanity that generally pervades French children's books.

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“The Little Red Wolf” by Amélie Fléchais - (4.5 Stars) (Pub Date:10/17/23) is a faintly dark, pointedly visceral, re-telling of The Little Red Riding Hood story, inspired by Charles Perrault where the Wolf is not cuddly but is loveable, the little girl is beautiful but is unsettling, and the facts are dependent on a full recounting of what REALLY happened.

Positives: The digital art is phenomenal, and embodies everything that e-books should strive to be. The art is what tells most of the story, sets the ‘faintly dark’ tone, and gut-punches some of the more complex emotions. This means that every reader will meet the story where they are capable of meeting it. My 12 year old daughter’s feedback is that she loved the twist on Little Red’s identity, and that the ending shows that ‘you can’t know what’s real, until you hear both sides of a story”. Final take - GORGEOUS. READ IT.

Wish List: For the format, I wish the text had been larger and more bold. But I’m old and have, what my optometrist calls, ‘mutli-focal contact needs’. For the story, I wanted a tiny bit less “rabbit nomming”, and a little more “dark-creepy-little-girl”. 12 yo - no wish list. She loved it.

As always, I appreciate the opportunity afforded me to have an early read by netgalley and Oni Press. The opinions in this review are expressly those of ButIDigressBookClub and are intended for use by my followers and friends when choosing their next book. #butidigress #butidigressbookclub #thelittleredwolf #littlered #flippedfairytales #littleredridinghood #netgalley #netgalleyreviewer #onipress #amelieflechais #arc #arcs @onipress

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I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. I absolutely loved this book, it shows that there’s two sides to every story and not everyone’s the monster they are made out to be. It also warns against blind rage or fear as we find out that is what caused this situation to begin with. The illustrations are also really impressive and help immerse us in the story.

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This was a sweet illustrated reimagining of 'Little Red Riding Hood' that centred the wolf in the tale and altered the roles of hero and villain.

I adored the gorgeous colours and full page natural imagery that accompanied the limited wording. I especially appreciated how the colours darkened and the contents became starker as the tale turned bleaker and more grim.

The contents were suitable for all ages and would make a gorgeous story for little ones to listen to and follow along with in the illustrations, and could also be enjoyed by the reader as well.

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