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I absolutely LOVED this book!

The cover artwork, the Blurb, the format... everything!

The story follows two Penpals - Luca and Naomi. Two individuals thrown together by fate as Penpals while I'm school... although rather than the kind and considerate mail you'd expect between Penpals, these two like to write the meanest, vilest messages they can to each other for fun!

Naomi is a fantastic female main character. She is warm, bubbly, funny and has a similar talent to me (I can't reveal what that is because it would ruin the story!)

Luca... Now Luca is book boyfriend material. Originally nonchalant about writing to Naomi, it was fun to read his letters to Naomi as he showed how in actual fact she was beginning to grow on him.

The plot in very unique and not something I've seen before. Yes, it is a romance BUT how we get to the ending takes a very different road to other romances!

I think Donna has done an amazing job with this one as I still think about this book now ❤️.

If you like romance with a side order of sass then this is the book for you!

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Pen pals since the fifth grade, although pen enemies would actually be the right choice of word, because the letters were never friendly, they always wrote to each other but then Luca disappears and Naomi doesn't know how to deal with it.

But suddenly letters appear again and she goes looking for Luca, but there is also Jake, her new neighbor to whom she feels attracted, but her heart actually beats for Luca, despite the hostility.
Will she find him? and what happened?

Have fun reading for yourself!

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Hate Mail is penpals turned friends turned lovers. It's truly the perfect love story everyone will enjoy. While the writing was ok, everything else was just ok. It wasn't groundbreaking and that's ok. I wish they didn't have as much drama as they had.

It's still a lovely book. A great mindless read.

Thank you to Netgalley for this read

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Enemies to Lovers with a twist. These two are penemies(pen-pal enemies). If you like stories told through letters, this is your jam. This story takes place over 20 years of these two writing hate mail to each other and slowly forming a relationship!

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Marchetti's storytelling is both captivating and poignant. She seamlessly weaves together the lives of her characters, each grappling with their own struggles and insecurities. What I found most refreshing was the authenticity of their emotions; they felt like real people dealing with real issues, which made their journey all the more relatable.

The book is also very unpredictable making it a joy for me to read from start to finish. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of a thought-provoking and uplifting read.

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Rating: 3 stars ⭐️

This wasn’t for me personally but I advise you read it for yourself.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for providing me with this copy. All opinions are my own.

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This book was 100% not advertised as a love triangle and I think that really sucks. The whole time I thought the guy in the letters and the guy in real life were the same, which you know, would be the norm in a romcom. I think it just left me disappointed. If it had been marketed differently then I might have enjoyed how it played with the stereotypical plot, but it mostly left me yearning for something I didnt get. also, wow those letters were HORRID to read.

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Hate Mail has the cutest cover, and letters I love when there's additional media in books it causes it to be so much more interesting. Unfortunately the letters did start getting old and the miscommunication in this one was over the top. It was enjoyable but not my favorite.

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Hate Mail was so funny and cute! J absolutely loved reading the letters Luca and Naomi sent to eachother, it made me fall so in love with their characters. This was the perfect light romance book and I was very pleasantly surprised.

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the cover is about ten times cuter than the book itself.

the more romances I read, the pickier I become with what I actually enjoy. sadly, this was not a book that I enjoyed. I think I need to start staying away from books that have a lot of movie inspiration.

the characters lacked a believable connection (with me and amongst themselves), and I just found myself bored.

would probably be a good palette cleanser book if you really needed one, though.

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I'm gonna be honest. I read this and forgot to write a review after, so I'm gonna do my best!

I remember enjoying the beginning of this book! I thought the letters between Naomi and Luca were fun, I cackled out loud with some!
I realized the plot twist early on, and that made me annoyed a bit. I don't like it when characters don't talk and things keep being hidden until it's 'too late'.

Overall fun read and would recommend!

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Cutecutecute 🥰 The premise of this was just too enticing - pen pals that have never met each other send each other letters over 20 years. Swoon. Except they’re not really pen pals, they’re “penemies.” Naomi and Luca have been writing mean letters to each other since they were given pen pals at school from another state. They can’t seem to quit keeping in touch and even though they are mean to each other, they still form a bond. When their correspondence suddenly stops, Naomi can’t help but still think about him and miss him - until he sees her on TV as a weather girl and finally sends her another letter to her work. Their game is on again, but this time Naomi is determined to meet Luca.

Did I know where this book was going? Absolutely. Did I love it any less because of this? Absolutely not. The. Anticipation. Beautifully excruciating. Their letters were so funny and their chemistry was always 🔥. And that epilogue? 🙃 I needed more. Couldn’t get enough of Naomi and Luca.

What to expect:

- pen pals
- from childhood to adulthood
- slow burn
- enemies to lovers
- lil spicy

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When Nica and Luca are paired as pen pals in elementary school, Luca absolutely does not want any part in it. Sending an awful letter back in response to Nica's excited one, he thinks that he's done with it. But when Nica sends one back just as mean, they end up as hate pen pals for years. Through moves and schooling, Nica and Luca write to one another but one day the letters stop.

Starting her role as weather girl at the local news station, Nica receives her first fan mail and who could it be from but Luca, but this time without a return address. As Nica tries to find where Luca is, she balances work and dates with the hot neighbor in her apartment. Only time will tell where Luca is and how she can get the last word in.

Maybe it's controversial to say but I really fucking loved this book. It was so entertaining and silly and still found a way to really give me a happy ending I liked and loathed even though in the past, I've hated a mistaken identity trope!! which is rare because i absolutely hate that trope.

Nica and Luca were such great characters with such great banter!! I really loved this relationship and I found myself laughing so many times at some of their letters. It just was so funny to think a 10 year old could be writing something so mean and they found friendship through that. i was engaged the whole time with this book and it was even hard to put down (I read it in 1 day).

i really look forward to other books Donna Marchetti will write because this was full of banter that I just couldn't get enough of! A wonderful debut and 5 stars from me!

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Book Review:


Donna Marchetti’s novel Hate Mail follows Naomi and Luca’s journey as pen pals. After randomly being assigned to write to one another in the fifth grade, they developed a unique relationship. For almost two decades they have filled their letters with insults, threats, and verbal sparring. But when the letters suddenly stop, Naomi realizes she has come to count on their interactions. Just as quickly as the letters stop, they start back up again. However, this time they arrive with no return address. Desperate to locate and finally meet the man that has evaded her for too long, Naomi sets out on a wild goose chase. Will she locate Luca’s place of residence, or are they bound to lose touch for good?

This is a hard one for me to review. When I reread the description, it clearly advertised that Naomi and Luca have a tumultuous relationship. I guess I thought it would be more flirty banter and less abuse. While the letters were written in a sarcastic tone and both main characters have a dry sense of humor, it got to be too much.

With that being said, I loved the parts of the story where Naomi and Luca showed their softer side. The heart of their relationship was tender and sweet. The last chapters, especially the epilogue, really saved the book for me.

Adding a bit of mystery to the book also helped to lighten things up. While I was able to figure out the plot pretty early on, it was a fun element. I enjoyed how the story unfolded.

Special thanks to Netgalley, Harper Collins UK (One More Chapter), and Donna Marchetti for allowing me to read the book in exchange for my honest review.

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I do not have nearly enough words to express how much I <i>loved</i> Donna Marchetti’s <i>Hate Mail</i>.

It seemed like a kind of silly premise, these two characters having sent each other rude and insulting letters back and forth from the time they were kids thanks to a pen pal program at their schools. Silly, but fun. What was even better was that these letters were such brilliant comedy throughout the course of the novel that I found myself laughing out loud multiple times as I read them. I don’t think it’s particularly easy to get readers to laugh at kids (and later adults) insulting each other via letter in all of these different ways, so that alone was impressive.

What’s even more impressive was the fact that it was <i>quite</i> obvious where the plot was headed after a while, yet you still found yourself second guessing it a little bit? Marchetti’s plot left you feeling confident and impressed all at the same time. After a while, I was 99% certain of the twist, yet utterly baffled as to how she was going to pull it off without the story becoming at least partially cringe-worthy. I was genuinely wracking my brain for ideas as to how she was going to tie it all together and eventually settled on the fact that the resolution was likely going to result in me docking a star for something I was certain I would find problematic, despite loving the story so much.

My goodness, when I say I did not see this twist coming a mile away…

Oftentimes when it happens with a book that I don’t see the twist until shortly before it comes, it’s usually due to a lack of foreshadowing. Fortunately, that’s not the case with <i>Hate Mail</i>. You’re getting little hints here and there <i>constantly</i>. I burst out laughing when I realized what was going to happen, loving the completely reasonable explanation that fortunately removed all concerns I had about potential problematic behavior.

Now, one thing I want to note is that this twist and plot does use a little bit of miscommunication to achieve its goal. Miscommunication—or lack of communication—is a story trope I, and many others, vehemently hate. But the important thing about this plot point in <i>Hate Mail</i> is that it works. This isn’t pointless miscommunication that only exists because the characters don’t talk to each other. It’s not keeping secrets for dumb reasons and having misunderstandings because the characters just don’t want to sit down and have an honest conversation. We’re not seeing these characters not understand the situation because they’re leaving out important context on purpose. It’s not willful.

It’s beautiful, perfectly understandable, hilarious, and believable miscommunication. It’s an honest, albeit hilarious, mistake.

And I love it. I love it <i>so</i> much.

<i>Hate Mail</i> is hands down the best book I’ve read so far this year. It’s definitely being added to my list of all-time favorites.

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I was totally drawn in by the premise of school pen pals who write hate letters to each other, continuing well into adulthood. When Naomi stops hearing from Luka years later, she feels a bit desperate to know what happened. It's through the book we find out how things really happened. After the first chapters, though, most of the story is told in Naomi's point of view with Luka finally returning towards the end. I believe this is done under the assumption that readers have figured out one of the "secrets" along the way and we don't really need his point of view.

To be honest, this story didn't work well for me. I found the hate in the letters never leant itself to more feelings between them. It's almost like they were both stubborn about quitting the letters and so tried to on up each other on the nasty things they wrote. I'd have liked the tone of the letters to have changed and become more mature, but it mostly just seemed like more grown up childishness than anything. In the end, I just didn't feel any chemistry between the two. I also felt really uncomfortable with some of the deceptions carried by both of them. After all, Naomi was dating and enjoying time with Jake while still longing for Luka at the same time. At the very least I'd have like the big revelation to come out earlier than it did. Also, there were too many pure coincidences occurring than I find believable.

I actually found a bit more of a draw on Anne and her budding relationships and she's only a side character.

Overall, I rate this 2.5 stars. While the writing was fine, I just didn't feel the story worked very well. I thank Netgalley and One more Chapter for giving me an advanced reader copy for free. I have provided this review voluntarily.

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This book left me truly amazed. It had me hooked from the start, finished it in a day, and left me contemplating its beauty long after. The letters between Naomi and Luca, their past and present perspectives, and the captivating characters, especially Jake, made "Hate Mail" unforgettable. Donna Marchetti's book is a heartwarming, charming story that I recommend to everyone seeking a feel-good read. It's a delightful mix of humor, romance, and subtle intimacy that will keep you eagerly turning pages.

Thank you to the publisher and the author for allowing me to arc read this book in exchange for my honest review

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Loved this book. Easy to get into and a great story. I loved the idea of the letters and how they started off as pen pals. Great rom com with a classic happy ending.

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"Naomi and Luca have been pen-pals since fifth-grade. Well, more like bitter rivals caught in an epic battle of insults and verbal jousting."

“And then I met you in person, and it turns out I was right. Everything that I thought I felt was real. I fell in love with you all over again.”

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for letting me read & review this advanced copy of Hate Mail by Donna Marchetti. This novel was such a great four star romance read. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Luca and Naomi I could just tell there would be hilarious banter between these two. The author Donna Marchetti wrote this with great humor, banter, heartfelt moments and a lovable romance that have the audience of readers rooting for the main characters from the very start. This story is about two people (Luca and Naomi) starting from when they were in fifth grade when their teachers assign them as penpals to one another. They both end up penpals and writing to each other for about fifteen years but it comes crashing down abruptly when one stops sending the other or responding to the letters. Years go by when out of the blue Luca reaches out to Naomi randomly. If you love book tropes like enemies to lovers and strangers to lovers then you will enjoy reading Hate Mail by Donna Marchetti.

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It wasn't catching my attention enough to finish. I really wanted to love it but maybe another time.

Thank you for this arc!

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