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Heart Gear, Vol. 2

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Volume 2 of Heart Gear allows us to travel closer to Roue and Chrome's goal of reaching Heaven Land. They meet other gears who they wouldn't have normally ever met. Roue is able to continue going unnoticed as a human. I am excited to see where we go in volume 3

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Vol 2 continues the world building and the relationships of our main lead and it's one hell of a ride.

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This one didn't work for me as much as the first volume did. The female gears in this were dressed, or not dressed, in such a male-gazy, over-sexualized way that it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Also, the storyline seemed to falter a tad, as I knew they wanted to get to Heaven Land, but for the life of me, I couldn't recall WHY and it wasn't really clear/given in context clues until the very end.

The Big Bad is REALLY bad and I don't know how the "good guys" are going to survive TBH, as they are both very young and naive and don't know enough to know more than "This doesn't feel right," but not know how to not just be swept away by what's being planned around them.

I read a spoiler for the next volume and wow...I just don't want to read about things getting even darker for our MCs. I'm really waffling on what to rate this. It's 2.5, but no half star option, so what will it be? I think I'm going to round down, as the only female character we have been shown in the last two books so far who isn't dressed provocatively is the 11 year old girl and I dread what is going to happen next. This took a TURN from the first volume and I'm not sure I can handle it. Also, it's difficult for me to follow what is happening with the artwork. It could be due to me reading on a smaller screen and old lady eyes, so take that for what it's worth.

If you like dystopians with hope being slowly snuffed out, this is the series for you.

2, I was expecting something different and got this instead, stars.

My thanks to NetGalley and VIZ Media LLC for an eARC of this book to read and review.

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This book was highly entertaining. The characters were quite engaging and I was really invested in the sweet relationships between the gears and humans. It did not feel like a ton of plot happened in this volume, but nevertheless I couldn't stop reading.

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This is quickly becoming one of my favorite manga series, and I hate having to wait for each volume! I don’t want to get into the second volume too much, in case you haven’t read 1 yet, but the premise of Roue being the only human left of a post apocalyptic world overrun with gear with only her protector Chrome there to keep her safe is just so much fun to read!

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In the second volume of the Heart Gear series we pick up right where we left off in volume one with Chrome fighting a pretty big gear that is guarding a bridge that they need to cross. After overcoming that little speed bump they journey on their way to try and find Heaven Land so that Roue can fix Uncle Zett. Along the way they meet a few new characters such as a cosmotology robot that does Roue's hair and a bunch of fighting robots at an arena called Valhalla. If they want info from the gear that runs Vahalla, Chrome will have to fight his way to the knowledge.

This was a really great volume. I like that we are learing more about the different gears and getting some more backstory on Roue and Zett. I will defintely be continuing this series, I'm really enjoying it.

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This is a great second volume to the debut of 'Heart Gear,' and I love how much emotional depth and character work goes on in this ostensibly battle-shonen-adjacent series. Robots with feelings is one of my favorite sub-sub-genres/tropes, so I'm still eating this up.

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Heart Gear continues to be an interesting robot-centered sci-fi story that blends action and heart well. One of my favorite aspects is how the various robots react to the one human girl we know of. A chapter about getting a haircut had some very interesting things to say from the robotic cast. This volume also highlighted the clear and present danger of this world. Not all of the bots are friendly, and that should make for an interesting conflict going forward. If you like Asimov's Robot stories or the Mega Man franchise, keep an eye on this one, so far, it's solid!

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