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I really enjoy this series and I think this one is my favorite one. It is so good. The right amoutbof steam and spice and romance mixed together. I loved it. 5 stars.
I just reviewed Reckless by Elsie Silver. #NetGalley
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Oh boy, where do I start? I have really enjoyed all the books in this series but once I knew the main trope of this book was <spoiler> surprise pregnancy/baby</spoiler> and we already had a similar "accident" happen in the second book, then I just start to get annoyed.

Those tropes are probably the most hated collectively and TWO of FIVE books had to have it in there? Why?

So we started off on a bad note already...

Let's continue with the problems I had and then we'll get to the things I loved!

First off was a major character inconsistency in Rhett - the MMC from book one. It's clear that after Winter moves to Chestnut Springs she's surrounded by love of her sister and friends and really makes a home for herself there. So you mean to tell me that after 18 MONTHS Rhett is still warning people about Winter and how she's an ice queen? He had plenty of time to warm to her by then, given that Summer was totally on board with building back their relationships. Huge issues with Rhett in this book.

Then we have Theo. Lovely, perfect, exceptional Theo. This man has written by a woman on him in SPADES. So much so that it was too cringe. He was too eager from the bat to parent, too good at parenting from the beginning, and just too perfect all the way around. It was impossible to believe this man was supposed to be the same guy we met in Flawless. There is no character arc for him at all. And I feel like him struggling just a teeny bit would have felt more real. So he unfortunately fell really flat for me. This is a bull rider after all, where is the GRIT?

Also that epilogue? Straight to jail.

Now for the parts I did like.

The spice was spicy! Theo has a dirty mouth, and that saved his character a little for me. :P Sure, he's a little too perfect, but at least he likes to eat pu$$y.

I LOVED Winter's evolution. Honestly these were the best parts of the story for me. I loved her finding her found family, I loved her relationships with the women around her, and her relationship with Harvey. Winter had my heart in her hands and even though I could never imagine being happy with that kind of surprise, I'm glad SHE was happy.

This book was a mixed bag for me because I can't stand the trope it centered around, and some of the characters were all wrong. But at times I was so overwhelmed with the happy swoony moments it wasn't a complete miss.

Thanks to Netgalley for the E-copy of this book.
I also paired with the audio version which was good as well.

I think a fair 3 stars for this one.

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Elsie Silver has a very wonderful way with words! Let me tell you, this series, aside from the weird premise of the first book has had me hooked! From the second I start reading the books I struggle to put them down wholeheartedly! I have only ever thought about her characters as a book boyfriend and i wouldn't want it any other way. This is easily my second favorite book in the series, and the family dynamic and the daddy that Theo became was 1 million percent swoon worthy! Although definitely no Jasper who still holds spot one in my heart. Seeing Winter completely become an independent woman, fully girl boss her way into motherhood, and apologize, and fix all her relationships is so worthy f attention, and worth the read. It's truly beautiful seeing the family dynamic that exists in these books. Seeing Theo papa bear out and wink at Winter and Rob leaving the courthouse got me. And when Theo's mom questioned whether the dog was named after Theo's package, I literally cackled. Definitely worth the 4hrs I spent reading 400+ pages.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Receiving an advanced copy was a delightful surprise. I believe both existing fans and newcomers will find it equally enjoyable.

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I couldn't put this book down. There is something about Elsie Silver's writing that is so captivating, I lose track of time. I really enjoyed getting to follow the characters throughout this series. I always love watching the characters grow throughout the book. Winter and Theo's chemistry was fantastic. They were so good for each other.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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This was not good. Repetitive. Boring. Stakes weren't there. Just not good. However, it's a popular title. We don't own the original covers, but are purchasing these special covers

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I thought this was Elsie Silver's best yet, definitely the strongest in the Chestnut Springs series thus far. I am usually not a fan of accidentally pregnancy in Romance but I thought this was well done. Theo is such an endearing MMC, and I LOVE Winter. As a prickly girl myself, I can relate!

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If you're looking for the perfect grumpy/sunshine when the FMC is the grumpy this is for you! This was the first book I read in the Chestnut Spring series, and I would say it could be read as a stand alone (might give away the ending of some of the previous books). Winter, the walking definition of Daddy issues, is running away from her POS husband and decides to reach out to her estranged sister, where she meets Theo the Bull rider playboy.

"What's happening is miss independent met the treat her like a princess guy, and she's freaking out"
" You were what I've always needed and never had"

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Chestnut Springs never disappoints! I love a "secret" baby trope. I use quotations because Winter tries to tell Theo, but gotta read it! I was unsure if I would enjoy this one, but it ended up being one of my faves!

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not my favorite of the series but I like seeing Winter become more human from her sisters book

But the accidental pregnancy trope is annoying and this series already has Willa pregnant so thats enough for me

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This was really good! Fast-paced and emotional with lots of chemistry. Elsie Silver writes with lots of tension without making things overly dramatic.

I read this as a standalone, which worked out completely fine. I'm looking forward to reading the other titles in the series!

Thank you to NetGally & the publisher for providing an eARC for review.

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Winter is on the cusp of escaping an awful marriage. While attempting to reconnect with her younger sister, she meets Theo - a bull rider with a devilish streak and a great sense of humor. Before they know it, one thing leads to another, and they spend a night together. When Winter finds out she's pregnant, she tries to get in touch, but she believes Theo has left her on her own. A year later, Theo rides back into town and is shocked to discover that little Vivi has arrived. Winter and Theo take on co-parenting, but can't ignore that the sparks are flying. Will these two let a surprise pregnancy bring them back together - for good?

Fourth in a series, but can definitely be read as a standalone. The story is well crafted, the characters are compelling, and the romance scenes are spicy. This will definitely be a favorite for contemporary romance readers!

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I really enjoyed this book. Elsie Silver has a way of making you so invested in these characters lives’.

I LOVE a good small town romance. Everyone is in the know, full of busybodies. This books takes that and turns it into a secretive romance that will make you blush!

I’m not usually a fan of the secret baby trope, I find the miscommunication to be overdone and could easily have been fixed with a conversation. But I didn’t have that issue here, it truly seemed like a genuine miscommunication that they were able to work through well.

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THEO "WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH WHEN YOU'RE TALKING TO THE MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN" SILVA oh this is just everything you want from a romance!!! a man who puts in the effort, silly, goofy, over protective all the while seeing the heroine for who she truly is and loving her for it!!! AGH such a good series!

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spicy and sweet! author never fails to disappoint with a romance full of angst, feels, and heartbreak

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Ughhhh Theo Silva was so swoon worthy this whole book even when he messed up,because knew immediately he did so. Also the way he loved his mom, Winter, and Vivi just class! Glad to see more to Winter this book and she really is a remarkable woman!! Normally surprise kid isn't my jam but this one I'll read all day and I did!

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God I hate accidental pregnancy tropes. It was moving so fast anyway and then BAM! Pregnant! Just not my cup of tea I fear.

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I’ve been hearing the name “Theo Silva” on bookish social media for so long. I was excited to dive into this book and see what all the fuss was about. Yes, Theo is great. Unfortunately, the unplanned pregnancy trope is not for me. I’m not saying it wasn’t written well, but it’s a trope I don’t enjoy. But I’ll be kind with my rating because I know that’s a me problem.

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Winter's book! I've been waiting to read this book ever since I read about her in Flawless - I wanted her redemption arc, and I wanted to see her get a hea, coz she went through almost the same traumatic past as Summer in Flawless.
And this book DELIVERED.

Theo and Winter were a delight to read, their banter was so engaging, and every scene with their kid was so frickin cute. I also loved seeing their individual character growths, this book was perfect 🥲

Also! This book finally shows Winter and Summer sister bonding (the sister in me is crying happy tears), AND them both taking the steps to get justice wrt what a certain ex did to them (Flawless has the whole sad story 💔). It was wholesome af.

-- ty to the author the publisher and Netgalley for an advanced copy!

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Loveddd this book probably my favorite one so far in the series. THEO FREAKING SILVA ugh what a guy🩷 honestly him and Winter are perfect for each other and there relationship was written out beautifully in this book. This book has:
- dual provs
- grumpy/ sunshine
- pregnancy trope
I know people can get weird about pregnancies in books but I loved it. Winter has a lot of family issues and feel isolated a lot and I really resonated with her story and though Elsie did a great job of explaining it. Highly recommend this book.

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