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I am a huge fan of Jennifer Page, her writing just warms my soul, theres something about that is really feel good and comforting. It ticks all the boxes for me so to be able to read this was a delight and it was just another hit.

So we meet Scrabble fan Jo who has not long moved to Hebbleswick after a disastrous marriage, and is now ready to set out in the world of dating once again. Seen as the typical ways were not working for her she decides to only date those whos names would score high in Scrabble. So when she meets a man who pushes her out of her comfort zone but his name is low scoring, its not really a problem when she doesnt hear from him anymore.

So when the very same man a doctor called Ras asks for her help in organizing a Scrabble festival, there is no reason to say no. There friends and nothing more after all. Yet the pair seem to have something simmering underneath.

I honestly loved this like i stated in the intro of the review, Jennifer creates characters that have such personality that you feel like you know them, settings that you can picture. With gentle nods to her previous book as well - you are left with a real sense of community. I cant wait for more from Jennifer.

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I was very disappointed with this book, unfortunately. The author really surprised me with the first book in the series and really raised the bar, only for this one to be just okay. The premise of the story is excellent, the problem is that the beginning of the book was very boring and half the book could have been shortened. I wanted to see more about Jo and Razz because frankly they won my heart, but I wanted to see more. We waited until the last few pages for a kiss between the two, and we waited for one of them to make the first move.

Razz is the kind of character who is very cute, aka cinnamon roll or golden retriever. Jo is a very insecure person, but she has extraordinary strength. I loved seeing the evolution of Jo's character, but I thought the author would focus more on the romance. Unfortunately, that's not what happened. On the other hand, once you're 20 per cent through the book, I promise it gets better!

Something I also really wish the author had done was to show us a bit about the characters from the first book. We only got a few snippets, but I'd have liked to see more.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to reading the next book, because the synopsis has won me over. Also, this book is great for Scrabble fans as there are lots of references to the game. And the descriptions of the small town are great. It's a great book for spring 😍

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There are times you hear certain people gushing about books and you find yourself sitting up a little bit straighter and thinking ‘ooh I’ve got to get to this one!’

I had started The Little Board Game Cafe by this author some time ago and due to me leaving my Kindle out in the rain overnight (fyi it doesn’t kill your Kindle but my god it messes you about a lot!!) horrifically I didn’t get back to it (I will obviously!). Then I heard more gushing from the people about bookland, this time about Jennifer Paige’s second book and so I sat down one night with it, really looking forward to something vivid and sparkly.

Oh my days, what a book! The second I met Jo and was introduced to her extraordinary way of thinking- how she loved scrabble so much that she would randomly calculate word scores for exceptional word, unusual, special words that sometimes made you feel like you were watching an episode of QI! (I might bring it to your attention that I do enjoy scrabble but my vocabulary disintegrates the second I start playing! It is great for getting kids away from screens though!)

But, sorry, where was I? Yes, Jo, bruised emotionally after a relationship with He Who thinks He is The greatest (my name for him!), heads out dating and decides to choose men on the basis of the score of their name! All doesn’t quite go to plan though …

A smart, vivid, vibrant, warm, beautiful, romantic, emotional book that had me curled up on the couch seeking out every- single- word. Wow. Just wow. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC of this book, all opinions are my own.
Rating: 5/5

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Whilst this is primarily a romance, and I did really enjoy that part of the book, my favourite part of this book was seeing the character growth of Jo. It was heartwarming to see her get back on her feet and meet new people after her divorce. I loved that even through her toxic marriage, she still held on to her love for scrabble and her idea to date people based on their high scoring name was something I've never seen in a romance before.

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I want to read relaxing and cute story and this is the right type of story. Escapism at high level, small town vibes, cute characters and a fun.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Jennifer Page crafts a charming and witty tale that combines the whimsy of Scrabble with the trials and tribulations of modern dating. Protagonist Jo's quirky decision to only date men whose names score highly in her beloved word game leads her to the charming but low-scoring Ras. As they collaborate on a Scrabble festival, Jo grapples with her self-imposed rules and the possibility of true love. The novel is a delightful blend of romance, humour, and wordplay, perfect for fans of both Scrabble and heartwarming love stories.

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Despite this being the second installment in a series you can read this as a standalone book! I throughly enjoyed this book and if you want an easy feel good and entertaining read then this is definitely a go to book in my opinion!

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This book is a follow on from The Board Game Cafe book, but it can also be read as a standalone novel.
I absolutely loved this book, it is an enjoyable and entertaining read. If you want to read an easy and feel-good book, then this is an excellent choice.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.

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This was my first book by this author and won’t be my last. It was a lovely read and can be read as a standalone which is how I read it although it is the second book in the little board game cafe series which I have since gone in to download to read.

I loved how this book included lots of relatable and engaging characters and was about making new friends and learning to love yourself again. And most of all that it featured around the scenario of a scrabble club as this is one bird game that I absolutely adore and have many happy memories of playing with family and reading this brought these memories back and put a smile on my face

I hope that there are more books in this series as would love to see how the inhabitants of love heart lanes lives develop.

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This was a lovely follow up from Jennifer Pages’ previous novel. Although the two storylines weren’t related in any way, there were some references that were mentioned that were in the first book, however you can completely understand this novel on its own.

Jo was a bubbly, lovely character - if a bit of a pushover. And I loved Razz. He seemed like such a lovely person and perfect for Jo.

This book is a great read, although I will say some parts did drag a little bit it was still a really enjoyable storyline and completely unique to what I’ve read before.

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I was completely charmed by Jennifer Page’s enchanting new novel, Love Letters on Hazel Lane.

Jo might be an absolute whiz when it comes to her beloved Scrabble, but when it comes to romance she always seems to be off her game. Picking the wrong guys seems to be a bit of a specialty for Jo and giving up men seems like a logical solution after her string of romantic disasters – until she moves to the Yorkshire village of Hebblewick and decides to get back into the dating game. Will her quest for love finally be a success? Or is she doomed for disappointment?

Jo decides that she will only date men whose names would score highly in her beloved word game. Unfortunately while Tarquin would score her 16 points, it is immediately clear that he is far from Jo’s Prince Charming. Doctor Ras is a non-starter due to his low-scoring name. His name immediately rules him out of the running, but when he asks Jo to organise a Scrabble tournament, she finds herself unable to say no to Ras.

As the tournament draws closer and Jo and Ras find themselves falling for one another, will a triple word score lead to their happy ending? Or will Jo’s rules end up costing her the chance to be truly happy?

I adored Jennifer Page’s Love Letters on Hazel Lane. Clever, funny and simply delightful, this winning romantic read had me smiling from ear to ear as I found myself completely caught up in this uplifting and immensely enjoyable page-turner.

Perfect for Scrabble fans and romantics everywhere, Love Letters on Hazel Lane has propelled Jennifer Page to the very top of my must-buy list.

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Thanks to Rachel's Radom Resources and Bold Wood Books for my arc copy here's my honest review from the heart. We are following Jo on her dating journey in a feel-good book. We witness Jo going on a few dates with men who are not the right match for her, and her criteria involves a high score in Scrabble words. One date she didn't expect was with a man named Ras, a local doctor who had a low Scrabble score of 3 points. Despite her rules that prevent her from dating him, she couldn't resist his invitation to organize a Scrabble festival with him, after being disappointed by another man named Tarquin, who had a higher score of 16 points. The Scrabble festival really made me want to go and play with others. I love how Ras and Jo organized it and got the local community involved. I haven't read the first book in the series, but I will be going back and reading more from this author as it's a laugh-out-loud moment. It has some really sweet moments, and dealing with dating in a different way is fun. #romance #booktour #womensfiction

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I'm not going to lie, it was the cover that attracted me to this book. This was a fun and entertaining read. I particularly enjoyed the use of scrabble scoring for words that was peppered throughout the story. Everyone needs feel-good reads like this and this one didn't disappoint.

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I enjoyed this author’s first book and this one doesn’t disappoint. It can be read as a stand alone but I would strongly recommend reading both as they are delightful. Scrabble loving Jo is fed up of internet dating as she never seems to meet the one, let alone the right one! She decides to rate the men using scrabble tiles with hilarious results!

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Jennjfer Page - Love Letters On Hazel Lane.

This is the second, feel good novel from Jennifer Page.
Love Letters On Hazel Lane is a completely stand alone story, but it does contain some lovely connections to her first book, The Board Game Cafe.

I will confess to being a big Scrabble fan, so the premise of this book captured my interest immediately.
The story is fresh, fun and well written.

Jo is a likeable character, and I did feel for her as she settled into her new life.
Her decision to only date men whose names scored highly on a scrabble board, is a brave move, that may or may not pay off.

#LoveLettersOnHazelLane is a gentle and enjoyable read. It’s a letter - led romp through the world of dating.
You won’t fail to be charmed by this sweet and funny read.

With thanks to NetGalley and Rachel’s Random Resources for a digital arc of this title.

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I really enjoyed this book, a gentle romantic dance between Ras and Jo.

Jo has been unlucky in the past, when it comes to relationships. She gives online dating a go but it is not proving to be working out too well either. On top of that, she has a job where she is taken for granted, time and time again. Something needs to change.....

Scrabble is just a game for a lot of people, but not for Jo. She loves the game and has done since she was a small child. There are not all that many people in the world that are as obsessed with the game as Jo, but Ras turns out to be one of them.

There is a lot going on in this book and it is a real feel-good story, without being sappy.

4.5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Head of Zeus.

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I was thrilled when this dropped in my inbox because I loved Jennifer’s debut novel The Little Board Game Café.

Jo’s biggest love is Scrabble, and it is what she finds comfort in whilst trying to date (unsuccessfully) and settle in to a new village where she doesn’t know anyone. With her last attempt at dating, she decides to include her love for Scrabble and judge potential dates on how highly their name would score. When even that seems to fail she meets Ras (a low scorer) who asks her to help a Scrabble festival in her new home. The two become closer through the love of the game, but will Jo take a chance and ignore the rule she set herself.

This book certainly lived up to expectations. Set in the next village along from that of The Little Board Game Café meant that there was some cross over with Jo visiting the café as well as characters from the first book appearing here too.

Jo and Ras are both lovable characters and relatable as unlucky in love. For Jo in particular you are rooting for her to stand up for herself and to overcome the set backs that are facing her from her past. And with characters like Ras, her new friend Kate and Gemma in her corner you knew she had the right people around her to do so.

With this book, although it is a standalone and can certainly be read without reading The Little Board Game Café, for me it felt like a continuation from that. Although it was set in the next village and there were new leading characters it felt like I was jumping back into that world. I love how Jennifer’s writing transports you into the characters lives and how it is easy to imagine being a part of it, whether that’s being part of the Scrabble club or visiting the Little Board Game Café,

I can’t wait to read what Jennifer brings out next in the meantime I’m off to get my board games back out.

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Jo moved to Hebbleswick when her best friends went to live with her boyfriend. She is new, she doesn't have any friends, she feels lonely, and when the men she meets on a dating app made her feel dejected, she tries a Scrabble club. Will she finally find her tribe? Or will she keep feeling and outsider?

Jo resonated with me since the beginning, her loneliness is a common feeling for a lot of people. I've envied how she doesn't allow herself to feel too bad for her circumstance and she tries to overcome her social difficulties with a little bit of initiative and kindness.

This is the first novel I read by Jennifer Page and it won't be the last because the storyline was catching, and her characters were well depicted, especially Jo that I found relatable.

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Love Letters on Hazel Lane is the second novel by Jennifer Page and is set within the same fictional world, in the next village to the setting for the first book, The Little Board Game Cafe. Although a few of the characters from the first book make an appearance, it could still work as a standalone novel.

I loved Jo’s adventurous spirit even though she is not normally the sort of person who would be considered adventurous. She really learned through the book to put her needs first, and to love herself. Her love of Scrabble and her organisational skills lead to her joining the local Scrabble club, and organising a Scrabble festival, which seriously sounded like so much fun.

I must confess to having a tiny crush on Rasmus because he was smart, low maintenance, and was oblivious to just how attractive he was.

There was a little intrigue in addition to the main storyline, which was centered around the ‘will they? won’t they?’ element of whether romance was going to bloom between Jo and Rasmus.

If you have a secret hankering for a decent game of Scrabble, a delightful romance and a sprinkle of dastardly deeds, this book should make you smile as much as I did!

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I absolutely love playing modern board games, which is one of the reasons why I chose to read this book. Although I’ll be honest and say that Scrabble is not one of my favourites but that’s simple because I’m not very good at it lols.

Anyway this story, Love Letters on Hazel Lane, has been a delightful read from start to finish. There was so much going on, and I really enjoyed getting to know all of the characters especially Jo and Razz. I felt like I related a little bit to Jo, in that she wasn’t very good at standing up for herself. I’ve a tendency to suffer from that, so know how hard it can be in overcoming in.

I loved the community spirit, of the scrabble club and the school, how they all came together to ensure the success of the festival.

There really is so much to enjoy whilst reading this story, lots of drama, some emotional moments as well as plenty of laugh out loud moments. It was all so very well written too.

I literally can’t wait for Jennifer next book, although I’m hoping it’ll feature modern board games like her first book did rather than classic board games, but either way I’ll still read it lols.

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