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The Prospects by K. T. Hoffman is a smile-inducing, heartwarming sports romance between two surprisingly different teammates, the reserved grump along with the ever optimistic & energetic sunshine. This book felt like drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate whilst eating two cinnamon rolls to give you that achingly sweet & gooey feeling. I was giddy in glee while all up in my feels. This was a refreshing story of optimism, hope, an epic sports novel with the right amount of emotions, steam & the sweet feeling of falling in love.

The Prospects is great for readers looking for…
⚾️ Baseball Romance
⚾️ Mental Health Representation (& Service Dog)
⚾️ Forced Proximity (Teammates)

If you’ve ever watched a sports movie that ends with a triumphant win after unfathomable obstacles that then leaves you with a relentless optimistic & energized feeling, this book will give you that plus a heartwarming love story all wrapped in one. There’s also a bonus reminder of coming into oneself & loving thyself as well as healing from past hurts & the reminder of hope & dreams.

I am always grateful for mental health representation & as someone with both ADHD & anxiety, I thought they were done well. I would love to see this made as a TV series.

I am excited to see what this author writes next!

If you are looking for an enthralling sports romance full of sweet & steamy that will leave you full of hope & feels, I highly recommend reading The Prospects!

Massive thanks to NetGalley & Dial Press Trade Paperback for the gifted copy, which I voluntarily read & reviewed.

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I read this book while out in The Wild and amidst the hours of freezing cold rain, lack of pillow, and (shudder) uninterrupted time with my family, it kept me tethered to reality. Or rather, the beautiful ideal version of it, where the jerk you used to be friends with on your college baseball team is actually a big-eared romance guy with a propensity for building IKEA furniture.

When Luis gets traded to Gene's minor league team, Gene is a near to devastated as he is to annoyed. Not only did Luis dip on him when he got drafted, he's shunting him from shortstop to second base. But as the season stretches out in front of them, ice-cold interactions turn into extra practices, and before long they're hurtling toward a romance that I crossed my fingers would last through the playoff race (spoiler alert, it does ).I loved this book. It's tender and funny and romantic, and I want everyone I know to read it immediately.

Here's a very truncated list of the things I loved about The Prospects:
The Kyles Making an extra bagel for your LI
How can you not be romantic about (minor league) baseball
Home is where as many mugs as you want are

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A cute hopeful story that is meant for romance readers who also love the sport of baseball. Gene is a great character than radiates hope and I really enjoyed the relationship that unfolded with Luis. I also liked the extra touches at the end like Gene’s bagel recipe and the playlists.

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<b>It’s a lot of pressure, doing something people don’t want someone who looks like you to do.</b>

I’m genuinely impressed that a book could make me care about baseball this much. This book was incredible and I loved every minute of it. I was wary of Luis at first, but he really grew on me and he and Gene are so cute together. Vince did annoy me a little at times, but Gene and Luis were so adorable that I forgot how annoying he was being. The trans representation in this was also really refreshing and well done!!

<b>He wants to hold Luis’s hand and play a little to his left; he wants Luis Estrada, Baseball Player, to bat him home, and then he wants Luis Estrada, the person, to take him home.</b>

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This book was honestly SO GOOD. I was in a reading slump for a while and decided I would read one of my NetGalley approvals, and this did not disappoint!

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I read this during Pride month and absolutely loved it. While I explicitly focus on Queer and LGBTQIA+ books during Pride month, don't forget to read queer all year.

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thanks to netgalley for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for a review!

i am a sucker for a sports romance, so i knew that this one was going to be up my alley. and boy was i correct! i loved gene from the start, and i found his relationship with luis so so sweet. it was kind of a slow burn at first, which i found held up because there was actual plot going on aside from the romance. this is a standout for me, highly recommend to anyone looking for a sports or queer romance.

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amazing!! this was excellent representation of trans & lgbtq issues! the characters were fleshed out as was the writing & plot development & pacing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is the summer of gay baseball books and I couldn't be happier about it. This has easily sailed right into my top ten favorite books of all time. I love sports books, I love trans representation, I love queer romances. There was even a super casual comment about the MC being Jewish somewhere in the middle that I almost screamed about because truly I couldn't believe I'd managed to stumble upon something that managed to tick all of my boxes.

I could barely put this down once I started. If I could have, I would have happily read the whole thing in one sitting. This was equal parts joyous and triumphant in a way I feel only queer sports like this can be. Gene is such a relentless wave of positivity that more than balanced out the moments of transphobia and disappointment. Because ultimately this is a story about trans joy and triumph.

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This book started out slowly for me but picked up steam about 25% in. At first, i was thrown by all the names of the characters. The main character is called Gene, Ianescu, and Nes all in the same context. It was hard to keep track that that is all the same person. Once I got used to that, I enjoyed the banter. I adore baseball and love the setting of the minor league teams with their fun quirks and silly traditions. I also love the trans rep and queer joy! Overall I would recommend this book!

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Had to restart this book multiple times over the past several months. Will still recommend to readers of queer romance but it was too long and the writing and characters didn’t grip me like I had hoped for in a contemporary romance.
What worked:
-Trans rep
-Found family elements
-Working on self improvement in addition to the relationship
What didn’t:
-Writing style
-Lack of engagement and investment in the relationship and stakes

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Thank you to the publisher for the gifted copy.

I purposely saved this book for Pride Month, and I'm so glad I did. Gene is the first openly trans man in minor league baseball, and a self proclaimed optimist. He knows there's not really a chance to make the majors, but that's ok - he loves his life and career. Until Luis Estrada gets traded to his team. Luis is a former college teammate and for whatever reason, him and Gene can't even have a conversation now. The problem is that's translating to their performance on the field, and the team can't win a game. Their manager forces them to share a room, and they decide to start extra workouts together to try to fix their on field issues. While doing this, they become closer, and in addition to becoming better teammates, they start to become friends, plus something more.

The chemistry between Gene and Luis was pretty great, and I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom. I definitely think having an understanding of the actual game of baseball made me like this book even more, because the on field chemistry between a shortstop and 2B is so important, and the author really zeroed in on that and the nuances of the game well.

I did think the third act breakup was a bit frustrating, but I understand that it's necessary for the plot. It was all worked out well in the end though.

I like that at the beginning, the author put a disclaimer about the sex scenes in the book, and noted that trans people are comfortable with sex in different ways, and have their own preferred terms for their genitalia. The way it's all written is specific to this book and how Gene feels and refers to his body.

Overall a fun read. I. will definitely read more from this author.

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I loved this book despite not really understanding baseball even a little bit. Gene is such a delight and I was almost immediately endeared by him and his singular joyful voice. Sometimes a protagonist feels like your friend and Gene was very much that for me.

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This was fun and sweet! I love a baseball themed romance! I wish there was a bit more nuance and grit. It felt a little too "perfect"/stiff. I wanted to see more depth and realness to the characters.

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This one was the perfect spring time / summer time read. The character development was like no other! The trans, gay, lesbian, and anxiety representation was flawless. I loved Dodger most of all.

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This was such a tender and hopeful read! I loved Gene as a character - his struggles navigating identity as both a trans person and as an athlete really resonated with me, and I enjoyed that aspect even more than the romance. I found myself rooting for the Beavers, and looking up the rules of baseball so I could understand how the team was doing - something I never thought I'd do as a die-hard hockey fan who resolutely believed baseball was the most boring sport on planet earth. And, KT's writing is so smooth and fluid - I flew through the book in an afternoon.

The only reason I didn't rate this higher is because the romance felt a little too easy for me. There were no real stakes, and any conflict was resolved pretty quickly. But, sometimes a sappy happily-ever-after is exactly what you need, and I still had a lot of fun reading this.

Thank you for the advanced copy!

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Overall this is a thoughtful book and well written. The main characters are very likable and the romance is easy to root for. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the book because there was a lot of explaining how professional baseball works at the beginning. I was trying to get hooked and invested in the beginning but I just felt like it was a baseball lesson with information I already knew. First person is also my preference in romance.

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I got an ARC of this book.

When the author bio includes a mention of “trans joy”, I knew I needed this book. Trans joy is something I need desperately.

This book is full of trans joy. The transphobia level was pretty low. It was not a plot. It was more people not knowing what to do. It was more people trying their best. I felt safe reading this. I didn’t have that gut wrenching panic that can come from reading cis people write trans characters. I have no idea if Hoffman is trans, but based on this book I would not be surprised if he was. Gene is too human and the plot is so mildly trans that I thought a few times throughout the book that Hoffman probably was.

The sex. Oh god. The sex.

The baseball aspects were legit. This was not a book that has the idea of baseball like a lot of sports romances. Instead baseball was an integral part of the story. You don’t need to know the rules to really understand what is happening. There is some stats talk that will make more sense if you have some basics. But without it, you will be ok. It is more about the feeling of doing something that feels so freeing and so intensely you that the details are just icing on the emotional cake.

Gene was wonderful. He was a bit of a ham. He was a golden retreiver boyfriend in the best ways. He was supportive, he was eager, he was adorable. I was all for Gene and Luis getting together. The backstory at first made me concerned, but it grew on me. The few offhand comments that come from that were so affirming for me as a trans guy. Luis’s sister had one of the best lines and I am here for that family. This book could easily have a sequel of the men later in life. It doesn’t feel like a spoiler for a romance that there is an at least HFN ending.

Luis. Luis. Luis. I wanted to hug him so tight. He was such an anxious guy and even had an ESA. I was so excited. I wanted Gene to win him over with his golden retreiver energy and help Luis feel safe. It just really felt like it was meant to be.

I really enjoyed this book. I am pretty skeptical of sports romances, so this one stands out in a lot of ways.

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This was a very well-written book with really lovely main characters! I loved the romance and the mental health rep. Overall I thought it was an excellent book, I just don’t think baseball/sports romances are for me!

🌈Queer rep: Gay trans man, gay cis man. MM main relationship. Secondary gay male characters, lesbian character, MM couples, FF couple.

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This book was really sweet and I absolutely loved the premise of it! Nes and Nada were very complex and loveable characters, and I enjoyed how the conflict at the beginning was resolved and their relationship progressed naturally alongside the plot. At times, the writing style was a little bit annoying because it felt a bit unfinished and backstory elements were randomly inserted to serve the specific plot moment rather than being naturally integrated, but it didn’t hinder the reading experience too much. I didn’t know I needed a trans baseball book until now, but it was wonderful and I will be recommending it to others!

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